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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Exhausting week. I felt out of sorts and just like I shouldn't be doing anything that day. Since I had a GREAT workout on Sunday, I took my time and kept thinking about getting going on my day (my day off, so no need to get ready for work). Later on that day, I found out why I felt like that, got a call from my son that his wife's water broke, and they were in the hospital. They are about an hour and a half from me, so I went ahead and got ready and packed a bag for just in case I needed to stay down there and got my daughter to pack a bag and bring her school stuff (she goes to a virtual public school which is all on the computer) and laptop. We get down there about 4 in the morning, she was only dilated to about 4, so we went to their condo (about 5 mins from the hospital) to take care of their dog. I also cleaned up stuff (they hadn't cleaned up after dinner yet when all this happened) just waiting for that call when she was closer. I finally went to the hospital around 7 and waited, and waited, and waited. My granddaughter, Paisley Brielle, was born at 11:17 a.m. on January 29, 2013, weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces and 22 inches long!! After lots of pictures and holding and oohing and ahing by all her grandparents and aunts and uncles, I finally made it back to their condo about 4 and crashed since I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before. Yesterday I spent the day down there visiting some more and getting to feed her and finally came back yesterday and had to work last night. Now today is my birthday, and my other son and daughter are taking me out for dinner.

I've been eating okay since I haven't been eating much (just LOTS of coffee), but my workouts have been nonexistent. I was planning on taking today off anyway since it's my birthday, so I will stay with that and just pickup with my workout schedule tomorrow and do the last half a week of the january challenge.

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HWNHMMBRD 1/31/2013 7:52PM

    emoticon on the new granddaughter!

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Only 1 cookie.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I started November with a goal to work out every day, even if it was just 10 minutes. I joined the 28-day bootcamp challenge and got started. I wasn't perfect by any means and had more than 1 day that I just didn't get a workout in. I made up for it the next day (or even the day after that) and still managed to get in at least 5 days a week of some kind of cardio (even if it was just marching in place during my work breaks along with a couple of minutes of stretching). I finished this about a week later than planned because I just ran out of time to get anything done (and admittedly got VERY LAZY) during Thanksgiving. By that time, I was so far behind, I would have had to do a week's worth of videos in 2 days including doing some of them more than once (per week 4 guidelines). Starting week 4 on the day I got back on track worked really well for me, and I was able to get it done yesterday.

My goal for the challenge was to lose 5 pounds by the end of November. I weigh in once a month because I don't want to be tied to that number on the scale. My feeling is that number is just a small part of my overall health, and I don't want to become obsessed by it and have my day ruined by a number I don't like.

Well, by the time I stepped on the scale on December 1st, I was only down 1 pound - that's for the whole month of November!! I was very upset. All my reasoning for not being obsessed with the scale were completely forgotten about! I was ready to cry and throw in the towel. My daughter asked me why I was upset. I told her, and my son commented "but you've been working out so much," and my daughter reminded me that the week before was a holiday. Both of these things reminded me to calm down and evaluate my month.

First, I have been working out and adding strength training to my routine. As we all know, muscle weighs more than fat, so an initial slow loss will end up being a much bigger loss over time. Second, my eating the week before was definitely not ideal (neither was the Buffalo Wild Wings we had for dinner a few days before).

My takeaway for this month is a reminder to not let the scale influence my feelings. Yes, it is only down 1 pound, but my clothes are really loose, so much so that my fashionista daughter is going shopping with me over Christmas break so I can get some new clothes because everything else is WAY too big! Another thing I am taking away from this month is that you only get out of it what you put into it. Bad eating continually will not be made up for by working out diligently. For me, I need both, though not so great eating once in a while won't completely derail me. It's all about moderation.

Ok, here's to a better December, and my mantra is going to be "only 1 cookie, only 1 cookie, only 1 cookie!!"

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SOTM121097 12/4/2012 4:37PM

    You are doing great. It is so hard to let it get you down, but remember you have to always see the overall picture. To even maintain during this season is a great thing, and you even lost a pound!

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Need to stay motivated

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

This was my original entry when I joined spark people back in 2009. I haven't been active until the last few weeks but still over that time, I have managed to lose 40 pounds and am halfway to my ultimate goal. I'm so happy with how much has changed in these last 3 years and now that I'm staying active here and really tracking my workouts (and being consistent with them) and tracking what I eat, I know I can accomplish so much more.

I had always been a health weight until I get pregnant with my oldest child. With etch subsequent child, I continued to balloon up. I did join WW with a friend quite a few years ago and managed to loose 70 pounds and become a lifetime member. Now here I am years later at 20 pounds more than I started at when I first joined WW. I've had lots of stress and change in my life in the years since then. Things seem to have calmed down somewhat since I only have 1 child at home now, but now I am taking classes and working full time. I'm studying a health care field, and it is making me pay more attention to my body and how out of shape and overweight I have gotten since I haven't been taking time for me. I realize I need to get in gear now or I won't be able to enjoy my new career I'm studying for. I'm looking forward to checking in every day and keeping myself motivated and making new friends.

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ELISOS 11/6/2012 11:59PM


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NOMORENOMORE 11/6/2012 6:19PM

    I relate to what you're saying about losing weight and gaining it back.

Congratulations on taking time for you!

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CAROL494 11/6/2012 6:13PM

  emoticon emoticon

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