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Surgery's over...

Friday, March 16, 2007

So I had my gallbladder removal surgery on Feb. 14th and am now pretty much healed. It's been a little over 4 weeks and the doc said it'd probably take about 6-8 weeks to feel completely back to normal, so I think I'm pretty much on the right track now. It's still really hard for me to exercise :( This week, I tried to get on the elliptical and managed to pound out a whole 17 minutes... :-/ It made my side hurt after a while, so I gave up and haven't been back in it since because my stomach ended up hurting for a couple of days. My bf and I have been walking as an alternative, so that is helping me stay at least a little active. I just wish I could do my crunches!

I've somehow managed to keep losing weight though... I'm not really on track to get to my goal weight by my goal date, but I'm losing and that's enough for me at this point! As of today (since August '06) I've lost 30 pounds, so I think that's pretty good! :) That's all for now...



Friday, February 09, 2007

My gallbladder removal surgery is next Wednesday (about 5 days away)... I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and they walked me through everything. The only thing that sucks is that they said I should get up and move around as much as possible a few days after the surgery, but it's FREEZING here in Toledo, and I only have an elliptical, no treadmill! I'll have to stick with walking around my house all day until my boyfriend gets off work to take me somewhere like the mall since I won't be able to drive alone for a couple days. Oh well... I really hate that I can't exercise during that time!!! Especially my crunches :( I'm so used to doing 60 a night and now I won't be able to do even one for about 2 weeks! My diet will also be very limited (or so I'm told) so hopefully it will all just balance out during this little hiatus. Anyhoo, enough worrying for now... it's bedtime. G'night!


And the sickness continues...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

As if the gallstone thing wasn't enough... I now have bronchitis. I've had a bad cough for about 2 weeks (since Christmas eve) and today it was much worse, so I went to an urgent care facility, since my doc couldn't see me until tomorrow evening... I was scared it might be pneumonia. They did x-rays and listened to my breathing and said it's bronchitis. :( I feel all achy and gross, it sucks... My workouts have diminished quite a bit over the last two weeks, because of business and gallstone attacks and now this makes it even worse! They got me prescriptions for antibiotics and cough/congestion meds, so hopefully I'll finally start feeling better. The wheezing and coughing totally suck though. Oh well, can't get any worse for me, right?!



Friday, December 22, 2006

So I went to the hospital today for an ultrasound on my gallbladder and liver and found out that my stupid gallbladder is full of gallstones! :( I really don't wanna have surgery but my doc says that's the only way to treat them. They cause me a lot of pain, which happens every couple of days and lasts for about 30 minutes each attack! This same pain kept happening to me about 3 years ago and then went away completely and never happened again until last weekend. I'm really bummed... She says it happens a lot in people who are losing weight, so I guess the news is kinda bittersweet... ah well. I'll post again when I have the surgery, I guess! Wish me luck!


Christmas time!

Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm such a sucker for Christmas... ugh. I always get all pissed off when people start to decorate in like October/November, but what did the BF and I do this year??? Put up the dang tree and decor the Saturday after Thanksgiving... I guess I'm just in an extra festive mood this year! Maybe that's a good thing...

I live w/ my parents for now (don't want to move in w/ the BF just yet... I'm waiting for that ring!!! - and it's pointless to get an apartment and waste money when I don't have rent/utilities now and will probably move in w/ him while we're engaged) and they're building a new house out in the country. We've lived in this house my whole life, so it's kinda sad this year that this will be our last Christmas here. My parents decided that this year will probably be that last year that my brother and I get to give Christmas lists to them (of stuff to get us) because we're getting "too old" for that kinda stuff, lol. Hey, I'll take one more year of lotsa presents anytime! :)

My list this year includes a few DVD's (as if I don't have enough), a portable DVD player (to play my millions of DVD's on during trips), a mini-fridge for my office at work, a step workout system (I'm tired of using the basement steps as my location), and a few other misc. things. I hope they don't turn it all down! :-P

I was going to ask my parents for a body fat monitor for Christmas... Just to see if I could track another "progress" besides weight and inches, but I decided to take it off of my wish list. I think I might buy one someday, but for now, I'm just going to stick to my original goals....

Anyhoo - Happy Holidays!!!


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