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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Via the Flylady site I heard about a new book by Pam Young "the mouth trap" and I listened to the free introduction and read Flylady's e-mails about it.
For me it was an eyeopener... what struck me is that my snacking is my "inner brat" asking for treats and I should be the adult and say no. It has led to some interesting conversations in my head LOL.
Yesterday I was getting groceries and my inner brat asked to stock up on my(her) favorite toffees: toffees last longer than chocolate, bla bla bla... After a short "discussion" it ended in a firm NO and I bypassed the candy aisle emoticon I know there will times I give in but for now I have the upper hand.

The last 3 days have been much better, the gum has helped too and as a results this morning my weight was down by nearly 2 pounds from 3 days ago!! It is still above my "panic point" but now only by less than a pound :)

The last 10 days have been stressful but also brought many blessings and a thorough review of our life. We're still making adjustments but the good news not as drastic as we first thought.
A friend just came to the door with 3 pounds of freshly caught yellow tail! Yum.

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ABIGAILSING 1/28/2011 12:45AM


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HEART_N_GRACE 1/27/2011 6:00PM

    Yum is right! emoticon

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LINDA! 1/27/2011 3:25PM

    Oh yes, I need to say NO more often to that INNER BRAT!

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TWOTIMESS 1/27/2011 11:53AM

My inner brat has (hopefully) grown up and left home. She comes home for a visit from time to time but I don't make her feel too welcome.
Yellowtail... Say no more!

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REJOHNSON3 1/27/2011 11:50AM

    Okay, okay, cut out the candy. There are no free calories, you know. When you enter toffee on your nutrition chart how many calories does it come up with? Think about it. Drink the water; exercise at least three days a week if not more, and keep track of what you are consuming and this will work. It will work. It certainly has for me.

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SDAVIS278 1/27/2011 11:46AM


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READNKNIT 1/27/2011 11:41AM

    I'm glad things are going better for you!

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MELTEAGUE 1/27/2011 11:35AM

    WOw, that fish sounds delicious, I am definitely going to try that INNER BRAT thing....( now I will know what my mother went through with me, I was a real brat! lol)

take care and so glad things are going better! emoticon

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Spark mails ~ food comparison...WTH???

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today's e-mail was "Which doughnut won't ruin your diet"

WTH???? This site is supposed to be about healthy eating and it compares DOUGHNUTS????
Excuse my outrage but everyone knows that doughnuts have no place in a healthy life style on a regular basis - so why bother compare them? If your are going to have one on the very, very odd occasion (in my case I had the first one in 4 years last November and none since - they're not worth it) does it really mater how bad you "sin"???
Previous e-mails have compared junk food as well.... why??? The whole point about eating better is to avoid junk, not "talk it good".
(Jumping off my soapbox and ducking for cover)

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HEALTHYME47 1/27/2011 12:01PM

    I completely agree. I unsubscribed from the "food showdown" emails because it was always about junk food. That's not the message that I need to be hearing right now! (Or ever!) Sure, there are going to be times when you need to choose the lesser of two evils, but it is usually when you are already at a particular restaurant, not when you are trying to choose between the Jumbo Jack and the Big Mac. emoticon

Comment edited on: 1/27/2011 12:01:59 PM

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MELTEAGUE 1/27/2011 10:28AM

    I really don't like doughnuts at all, they just don't appeal to me at all...
there was an article yesterday in the paper about a guy who lost 30 lbs eating twinkies and pre packaged/tinned food.....weird but true.( link below)

I read this and just shook my head......
I can live without twinkies or doughnuts! ( one thing I CAN resist! YAY! )

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CELLO23 1/27/2011 9:56AM

    I agree - the thing with even healthy sweet things is that they taste so nice, you NEVER eat just one. emoticon So I don't even keep them in the house...

PS - WOW! what a glorious sunset!

Comment edited on: 1/27/2011 9:56:40 AM

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ABIGAILSING 1/26/2011 10:04PM

    I'm kind of in the same boat as MANDABEAR11 and agree, Kudos to those who are able to forgo all such foods. I don't mind at all your soap boxes as they challenge me to think things through more and make wiser choices wherever I am able, and I am getting better. So thanks!

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SSOLLIE 1/26/2011 2:45PM

    I agree. Why not come up with a healthy alternative? Or maybe compare how much of something healthy you could have for the nutritional (ha!) values of the junk we are supposed to be leaving behind. There is no 'good' junk food. If you're going to eat it, all you really have to know is it IS bad for you and then get over it.

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TERESA159 1/26/2011 2:36PM

    You are so right! They either compare junk food, total trash food (the donuts) or it's some prepackaged crap. Why not compare bad food with HEALTHY food? That would be way more useful.

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MANDABEAR11 1/26/2011 2:27PM

    I'm one of the sparkers that, although I'm onto almost 60 days without sugar, will always have to eat "real everyday food" within my ranges, I know it's all bad for you in certain amounts but I'll still have McDonalds once in a blue moon, hubby and I have pizza dates and I would miss them if I didn't get them as my treat. I totally respect the people who can ditch this food all together, that takes great strength, but for me I appreciate getting the comparison so if I AM going to go for a donut, I know which is the lesser of two evils. Hope this doesn't make me seem evil emoticon

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VENISEW1 1/26/2011 1:47PM

    I also hate the cookie ads too! C'mon we don't need any added temptations!

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READNKNIT 1/26/2011 1:46PM

    I thought much the same. I clicked on it, got the extra point, didn't even read the comparison. We don't have doughnut shops where we live anyway. So it's just not a tempting factor.

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TWOTIMESS 1/26/2011 12:00PM

    Quite right - fast food comparisons lead us to believe the junk is 'safe' to eat.

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Counting my blessings.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last week we had a beautiful sunrise I'd like to share with all of you!

I reminds me that when there are clouds in the sky it creates beauty.
Having had an upset last week, we have experienced numerous unexpected blessings. People being helpful and kind, friendships deepened and renewed contact with family members.
It shows that even an adverse situation creates blessings.
I am very thankful for many things and my list keeps growing.

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ABIGAILSING 1/26/2011 10:05PM

    AMEN! Continuing in prayer with gratitude for answers.

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READNKNIT 1/25/2011 6:16PM

    What happened last week? I'll check your other blogs. I don't know anything about it. I was awol. I'm sorry!

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MELTEAGUE 1/25/2011 1:25PM

    So beautiful! and so true!
Thanks for being a great friend!

Hope this week settles down to be a really good week for you both!

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HEALTHYME47 1/25/2011 11:47AM

    Great perspective! Ah, what a gorgeous sunrise (and good for you for being up early enough to see it!)

emoticon emoticon

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HEART_N_GRACE 1/25/2011 11:27AM

    Thanks for sharing that beaufitful picture and reminder to consider our blessings!

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TWOTIMESS 1/25/2011 11:15AM

So true!

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JENNIFER@TOPS 1/25/2011 11:06AM

    I always say count your blessings and not your problems

Your Friend,


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Chicken curry

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yesterday we had the chicken curry our friend brought over for lunch. It is always interesting to try someone elses cooking :) This was delicious and DH will enjoy the leftovers for lunch today.

We are blessed with friends who support us and help us. It was really nice to have a prepared lunch - all I had to do was cook the rice!

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MELTEAGUE 1/25/2011 8:43AM

    that looks delicious, so glad you have someone close!
too bad I live a little too far away!

Have a great day today, remember, only one day at a time!


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SHANNOND5 1/24/2011 6:58PM

    I have been craving chicken curry. I used to eat once a week when I lived in England many, many years ago.

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TWOTIMESS 1/24/2011 12:12PM

    I love the smell of curry! The taste usually improves the next day.

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Breakfast on the deck

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yesterday late afternoon some friends came over bearing chicken curry for our lunch today. They stayed for about an hour and we chatted over a bottle of wine.
This morning DH was feeling much better and fancied a croissant for breakfast from the little breakfast place we go to now and then. He wasn't quite up to eating out yet, so I ran out and go some to go.
Croissant with bacon, tomato and swiss cheese - DH's favorite :)

We had it with coffee outside on the deck, watching the boats go by in the bay. We're going to have a quiet day today, enjoying the sunshine

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ABIGAILSING 1/23/2011 5:35PM

    Yum. Looks good.

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MELTEAGUE 1/23/2011 1:50PM

    What a wonderful time together! That is what I call LIVING IN THE MOMENT! ENJOY!
Blessings to you both!

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TWOTIMESS 1/23/2011 12:26PM

I'm happy to hear your hubby's a bit better. The croissant looks delish. Enjoy your day!

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