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Checking back in

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So I've been absent for a few weeks. Over Lent it was basically just too hard, and my husband has been doing a lot of the cooking recently, and not necessarily weighing for me as he goes.

I haven't been doing too badly though, more or less losing weight slowly, although this last week being the first week after Easter, I've been celebrating like a good Orthodox gal ought, with lots of yummy food! But now that week is over, I've got to get back into being healthy again.

Tomorrow was my original goal weight day. And I got to 2 kg out from it, but have gone up a little in the last couple of days. So I'm back. And I've reset everything, to get me doing it properly again from the start.

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LIS0707 5/10/2012 11:59PM

    Thanks Ladies :-)

I'm doing ok at tracking for some of the day, but often not making it through the whole day of tracking... but I'm so much better at understanding what I'm eating now that I'm still slowly getting there. I guess I can't expect to loose those last 2 kilos easily!

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MAGNOLIA416 5/10/2012 9:06PM

    Keep on keepin' on!

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GORIANA 4/25/2012 2:22PM

    Welcome back, and good luck on your path. emoticon

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Working on that hill

Monday, February 20, 2012

Whoops - I missed blogging last week.

This last week hasn't been spectacular - I didn't track a few days, because of events, and I didn't get all the exercise I should have either (actually, I did make my minutes goal, just it wasn't spread out through the week).

But I haven't gained, not beyond my normal patterns anyway, and I'm back on track now. In fact, despite having had pizza for dinner, I'm going to have to go have a (fat-free) snack, as somehow I haven't hit 1200 calories for the day.

On the up side, the tape measure hase been steadily showing smaller measurements over the last week or two, and suddenly trousers that were a borderline fit just a couple of weeks ago are really loose.

In fitness news, the last couple of times I've done squats on the bosu, I've seen skinny thighs peeking back at me from the mirror - I can actually see that they're getting much more toned. I've invested in a smaller pair of running tights, ones with a waist tie, so hopefully they won't keep sliding down my hips like my older ones do! I'm allowed to start trying to run again, in tiny bursts, so I'll get to test them out soon.

I'm also getting better at cycling up my hill. Today I decided to be brave and bike up the road instead of the footpath, which is a) the legal way of doing it, and b) actually easier, because there's not all the extra ups at the edge of everyone's driveways. I did it in 4 sections, I think I could have almost done it in 3 bar traffic at lane-change time. I only took very short breaks too, only about a minute for each of them. I am so looking forward to the day when I make it all the way up the hill. And then I will tackle the drive-way (which is even steeper than the road!).

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention! I've lost pretty much all the 10 kg that I put on over the course of 2 years at my previous job. I've lost between 4 - 5 kilos so far this year, so I'm pretty stoked overall. Now I just have to keep at it. 5 more to go until I have to work out how to maintain it.


I'm starting to notice a pattern

Sunday, February 05, 2012

I could never be one of those people who manages to only weigh themselves once a week. Ok, I tell a lie, sometimes I am one of those people - I might even go longer - but it generally ends in weight gain.

I've noticed a pattern over the last 3 weeks. I'll drop some, and then I'll jump up again, and then I'll drop again to a little less than the previous low. So overall, it's a downwards trend. But if I was only measuring once a week, and hit the up rather than the low, it would all be rather discouraging. Most of this week I would have thought that I was totally failing, and had had my first goal achievement rescinded. At least this way I'm starting to learn that it is about things evening out over time.

I'm noticing another pattern as well. When I'm trying to eat healthily, I quite often struggle to reach the lower end of my daily calorie goals. If I'm tracking, I know that I need to make sure I get there (even if it does mean having to have a glass of wine. Oh the hardship). But what I've noticed is that if I'm consistently at the lower end, I'm not dropping. If I raise it up to around the middle of the range, then I seem to drop. Which means tracking is useful for me. Because in the past what I would have done is tried to eat really "healthily" for a few days, and then end up having several not so good days, when I would have to have a red bull and scone and maybe some other snacks just to get enough energy to make it through the day. And that is not how I want to be "making it through the day".

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I-CAN-DO-IT-2 6/25/2012 10:48AM

    Thanks for sharing so we can learn along with you.

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Water = good

Sunday, January 29, 2012

That's what I'm telling myself.

I don't really have a problem with drinking my 8 glasses a day (and I'm usually drinking out of a 400ml glass rather than a 250ml one, so I'm getting plenty). I was pretty pleased with myself because the weight was dropping - mid-week I was down to 66.3kg. Then I had a couple of meals out - nothing too OTT, just went over my allowance by 100 calories over those two days (in total, not each day), and I didn't get to the gym or do pilates for those two days either. Woomph, I shot up by a kilo yesterday. Sad face. That's come back down today to where I was this time last week (66.9). BUT, in the first couple of weeks my scales kept reporting my water levels as crazy low, and now they seem to have evened out to slightly low to normal, so I know that is better for me overall. I've also been pretty good at getting lots of exercise, so I would expect that I'm building muscle as well, which will make weight loss look slower - and that's what the tape measure is for. And looking in the mirror and noticing a hint of definition in the tummy and calves.

On the really up-side, apart from yesterday's anomaly, I've been not overweight for a week now!

And yes, I know I'm not *supposed* to weigh everyday, but it's part of how I keep myself motivated.


First acheivement unlocked!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

So, my first goal for myself was to get down to "not overweight", which for me is no more than 67kg. I've been at this a little over week now, and most of last week hovered slightly above 67.5. So it was pretty exciting when I woke up on Sunday and it said 67 (actually, it said 66.9, and then I tried again, and it said 67.2, and then I tried again... you get the picture, but I think I've finally worked out exactly where to stand on my scales for consistency).

I thought I might have blown it last night, as I did nibble a little bit as I was dividing up the extra portions of roast chicken to freeze for later. Including on the skin (why does it have to taste so good???). But this morning those scales said 66.8, so I'm claiming victory. Now to make sure I manage to stay below 67 (preferably a little less) for the next week.

Next mini-goal. 65 kg. Reward for that is being allowed to open the bag of Green Onion chips that are sitting in the pantry, make up some onion dip, and eat some (not all) of them. Nom nom nom.

So 7 kg down from my heaviest ever mid-last year. Seven to go.


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