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One Year Later...

Monday, January 17, 2011

finds me having deja vu. I could almost just re-post the last blog entry. I am at about the same weight (up a few lbs. from holidays this year). I am freshly back on sparkpeople everyday, and I am training for the Eugene Marathon.

Difference is- this year I'm registered for it. Not wishy-washy, maybe I'll do it. The money is paid and May 1st will find me ready, or not. I am following a 16-week training program now, and feeling good so far.

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PLILLICOTCH 1/17/2011 1:45PM

    Great motivator. If keep in your mind that you will succeed then you WILL!

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Slow and Steady?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have kept up with my training runs, sort-of.
I have lowered the mileage a bit more than I thought I would need to for these first few weeks, so I don't end up injured... it seemed like the smarter way to go.
I think I'll still be on track to increase my mileage enough later to be prepared for May.

I got in 5 miles outside yesterday (okay, 4.8something actually), but close enough! :)

I am trying to start in with my Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred as well. She pretty much kicks my ass.


One Week Down. 16 to Go!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sundays are supposed to be cross-training for my training program. Since I missed a day this week, I might still go for a little run later because it's nice out.

But, I got myself up and to the gym this morning, walked a 15-min. mile warm-up waiting for the 'Bodyflow' (yoga/pilates/tai chi) class I wanted to try. It was a 45-minute class, and it was pretty good, I enjoyed it and didn't feel too lost. I am not as flexible as I used to be!!

I came home with lots of energy and got started on dishes, garbage, laundry, cleaning, etc... I could keep going all day and not be caught up, but at least I made a dent.

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TEACHANGELS 1/17/2010 1:21PM

    Way to go Linz! I am inspired by your determination. Thanks for leading our team.

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Upping the Ante

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Today I made my third visit to the gym this week. I am still feeling a little guilty about being one of the people that my 'gym friends' (people who visit a gym as part of a very regular routine) are fed up with and referring to as 'resolutionaries' (people who are clogging up the gym with their New Year's resolutions to work out and will disappear in another few weeks).

While I was there I decided to look into the promotion they are running right now the Body Success 2010 Challenge. 12 weeks- before and after pictures and body fat measurements- $500.00 winner. Today was the last day to sign up so.. I am going to do it. Obviously I don't have a ton of weight to lose, and Im not in it for the prize, but I must be at about the lowest muscle mass/ highest body fat percentage I've ever been at, simply from being sedentary for the last 3 months. SO... now I have one more reason to stick with my goals- there will be photographic evidence of the results.

I am also getting our school wellness challenge up and running this next week. There will be about a dozen people again, with a smaller group competing for money. I doubt I can talk them into before and after pictures... :)

Ran 3 miles today, in 29 minutes. Walked another 10. Feeling pretty good.


One run down... 17 weeks to go!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I had a successful treadmill run today. The weather was crap. Raining and gray and 36 degrees out, but it was probably a good thing to get back into the gym since I'm still paying every month whether I use my membership or not.
I think this totally makes me one of the people that the 'real' gym people strongly dislike... swelling their numbers after New Years... causing waits for equipment... determinedly pursuing resolutions for a month or so. I don't want to be one of those.

I ran 2 miles in just shy of 20 minutes, then walked the 3rd mile. I figured that was probably smarter than pushing it even though I felt good. No knee pain, Just not in good cardiovascular shape. :)
I figured that the more I could distract myself the better, so I had music on the ipod, and the TV on Jeopardy. I could read their lips well enough to confirm when I had the answer right, but it was really hard to make out what the right answer was if I didn't already know.

I found the coolest thing on here today.
In the fitness tracker, there is a function for mapping your own running/walking routes! It could have been there for a really long time and I just never noticed, but I am stoked! I mapped in 5 of the runs I used to do a lot, to see if I'd been estimating the distances right. I was close.
It figures out all the mileage for you, and you can put in how long it took you to do it, and your weight, and it will give you your pace, and calories burned.
I feel like I have cool Garmin or Nike+ capabilities... but for free!!

It's a good thing I am easily entertained, it seems I can use it for motivation.


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