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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well, it's the time change weekend, might be time to update a yearly blog?
Differences in the year would be learning the joys of juicing which I haven't done yet today though have a streak of 3 days going. Just finished a large tub of Blue Bunny ice cream after NOT doing much chocolate in February. Have also discovered Betty Crocker chocolate chip gluten free cookie mix which seems to be addictive.... Kombucha Tea is a new addition and I am learning to do continuous brewing, it seems to have many benefits since it is fermented. The crock pot is preparing pinto beans for chilli.

Finding my trips are curtailed to save gas, but, so far, there is fuel to attend Zumba functions :-) Have begun to not leave continuous food out for our dogs, just feeding them all they can eat at one time, once a day, anticipating good results with this.

February 29 a tornado made a path equal distance between our daughter's and son's dwellings by Branson, MO. Our farmhouse there is OK and would like to place it on the market, yet the time still doesn't seem beneficial (evidently) enough.... Here where we live, last month our next door neighbor's home was repossessed by a bank, there are for sale signs everywhere, everywhere....some are bargains, we have lost extremely much equity value in our place too.

Trying to eat organic foods and eager for the summer garden to bear. My husband, who seems to be slowing down a bit in many ways, is the gardener and paints fine watercolors plus plays harmonica. His hearing causes many confusions.... I feel that it is important to have any GMOs in foods labeled as such so that I can make a choice about purchasing/eating them. Europe has already outlawed GE/GMO foods/seeds, but the US is controlled by the corporation Monsanto......

Just about to successfully conclude a round of dental issues, I look all different, both better and yet different (worse).

Evidently I have stopped contra and line dancing, concentrating on Zumba. Was able to attend the ZUMBA 2011 ten year celebration convention in Orlando, FL, an excellent experience. Thinking it will cost too much to go this year plus other obligations. We have a new granddaughter, Katelyn Rose, whom I have not yet met.

Of all things there is trouble receiving mail here, including my Zumba training discs. Two have come cracked, been replaced but I haven't received the replacements in over a month, they are being sent a third time. Even packages of food have come here empty. We also have done yard care for the Branson PO and have not been paid for the last 2 months of 2011. To me, it would seem that the mail system is crumbling. Another bothersome thing is that two of our annuities which we relied on for income, had a lien put on them to meet the Pennsylvanian requirements of "safety"....remember, it has all been OUR money put into it to start with and it was just taken by the company and no longer available to us.....ever......until/if it is resolved. Annuities were supposed to be risk free......

Then there would be the difficulties of the US government to be worthwhile and the crazy talk of warring on and on and on, now it is Syria and Iran (neither of which has done harm to us) and the particular aggression of Israel which itself should relinquish its nuclear weapons, as well as the United States. Though, the US has been the only nation to use nuclear weapons on fellow human beings. Both the US and Israel are the worst terrorists/ war mongers on the planet.....what can be done? Obama should relinquish his Nobel Peace prize or live up to its hopes....though he has increased wars in Afghanistan and started about 6 more already. Force is NOT the answer, will we ever learn?

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LINEDANCEB 3/14/2012 12:04PM

    Just had a thought..... For a Spark Springfield activity, I could lead an hour of Zumba for us. Needing a location (church, gym, big room etc.) and time (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sat. afternoon, Sunday). What do you think? I would really enjoy it and it would add up LOTS of steps for all levels of exercisers!

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NICOLELOVESGOD 3/14/2012 11:26AM

    Good to see you post a blog. I'm always jealous of your Zumba teaching and traveling. I wish I could afford that! Have a great day!

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ASOBFALLS 3/12/2012 12:25PM

    You have covered a lot in this Blog... Hope you meet the new grand child soon! And yes, the housing market is still terrible!!

Joyce emoticon

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after the blizzards

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lots of potential, yet a bit of frustration. Planning to volunteer to teach Zumba Gold February 15th, have learned that all participants will be in chairs or using a chair for balance, yet there might be a few who want to do more "dance", so it will be a stretch to meet everyone's hopes for exercise. Where I am to volunteer is quite nice, and yet I am feeling a bit oppressed that it is necessary to run a back ground check/criminal check on me and I am to complete an on-line orientation program which I have 2 more hours to "learn", having completed 4 hours so far...... Seems complicated to volunteer to teach something good, an exercise class for seniors........ All seems a bit unbalanced. I chose this facility because a fellow Zumba classmate works for part of it, but I am guessing that many would be the4 same...... I have a playlist worked up, but not too much enthusiasm at the moment to practice it.....

And the teaching of my own Saturday Zumba Fitness classes in March? The studio owner and I seem to be having "artistic differences". She has kindly let me lead from 3 to 5 dances each hour of the two weekly classes she is letting me attend for free, and I have been available to substitute twice last year (one class had two attend and one had none....). She is a skilled ballroom dancer and I took Zumba Fitness classes from her years ago, before becoming licensed myself. Though Zumba encourages us to face our students, she feels it is too confusing to the class, so I am to relearn to do the routines with my back to them. Though I am called on to lead certain dances, she leads them with me at the same time and, has just now told me to not do any new ones until she has learned them, as it is too confusing to the students about whom to watch.......??????? These are workable, but our phillosophies really are different when it comes to how to "Ditch the workout and join the party". Our warm up is specific rib cage isolation exercises, rather than warm up for doing the dances which incorporate the moves and the cool down is crunches, leg splits, bicycles and other activities which I do not think have anything to do with Zumba moves.....we are NOT in a competition for limberness, but it is supposed to be fun. We each have our own flavor. One main instruction is to feel the music and it is all supposed to be fun.....not work..... The dances themselves are the exercises toning and the aerobic fun part. Never at any Zumba function nor on any Zumba DVD have we done such repetitive exercises, which I associate with a workout. I do attend other Zumba Fitness classes and know how fun it can be, and I am trying to incorporate the "best" of each class in my own routines. Sounds like it is time to branch out and find my own class to do...... I am grateful for the opportunity I have had at this studio though and, even now, think that maybe I can still teach a class once a week.


just lost 30 minutes of blogging.....

Sunday, March 07, 2010

I did try to share, then it was gone.........

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SEAWITCHBLUE 6/9/2010 11:39AM

    Its happened to us all emoticon
And its just tooo, tooo, too much effort to start all over again.
Hope you are well.

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in theory, still creating an exercise schedule

Friday, February 05, 2010

At 7:50 am Wednesday was able to keep an appointment with dermatologist that had been cancelled because of the birth of our grandson in early December. What I had thought was a minor, superficial procedure became a slightly "big deal", inner stitches, at least 6 outer ones on my front neck. Instructions to not stretch, not exercise for a week........... So, there goes zumba, weight lifting etc. Wake up nights and morning realizing that I've been in uncomfortable positions.... First dressing change tomorrow morning, stitches out next Wednesday and then back to normal.... I WILL attend contra dancing, weather permitting. It snowed and rained both off and on today...

So, watched a YouTube video by Norm Shealy about the benefits of bouncing for one minute each hour. Should be a good break from sitting at the computer :-) He suggests jumping, but that just the gentle bounce helps lymph system and everything also, and, it's good for all ages to do. So, I'm bouncing as tolerated....

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LINEDANCEB 2/12/2010 10:32PM

    Yes, Carol, pretty much back to normal. Zumba Thursday morning at St. John's and again tonight at the YMCA. Curves both days. I feel that my neck 1.5 inch scar looks awful, but improving bit by bit each day.... Right, no equipment needed to bounce. Thank you for stopping in for the blog. Happy bouncing!

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SEAWITCHBLUE 2/12/2010 12:41PM

    Hi Babs,
What a great way to keep fit! Bouncing!!!!
I assume no machines are involved?
Just caught up with this so everything now should be back to normal?
Is it?

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Catching up

Sunday, January 24, 2010

For two days have been installing Windows 7 on my husband's computer, getting it wirelessly connected to the Internet, installing antivirus program, other games and programs that he likes, even arranging for e-mail since Windows 7 doesn't contain an e-mail platform within it, such as Outlook.

Am enjoying a semi exercise routine of line dance classes on Monday mornings (not last week because of Martin Luther King Day closures), Zumba at James River...., Tuesday tried Zumba at the down town YMCA but there were a lot of us in a tiny space...., need something else for Tuesdays....., Wednesday Tone 2 the Max and Zumba at Pat Jones YMCA (may change Wednesdays choices)...., Thursday Zumba at St. John's Fitness for 75 minutes, line dancing to live band at Key Largo, Friday Zumba at Pat Jones YMCA. Made a list so my husband will know where I am :-) Contra dancing 2 Saturdays a month, though there have been mainly beginners which means more talking, less moving.... In February I'm hoping to attend 2 contra dance weekends which will be lots of fun steps. Wearing the pedometer, of course.

Sorting through tax papers, dance papers, food/recipe papers. Playing FarmTown and FishVille on Facebook. Have attained the highest level on FarmTown but am still enjoying it. I've farmed in Greece, Belgium, France and Hawaii lol.

Three children and families came together here January 2 for pot roast, presents, fellowship. Including spouses, 3 are unemployed as this is typed. One is planning to go back to school....

It has been bitterly cold this month, though milder now. Our electric bill was over $400, almost twice the highest ever.... Christmas decorations are slowly being sorted and put away.

My husband and I have chosen new health plans for 2010, which means new doctors etc.

A large pot of soup is simmering for supper and the aroma is wonderful!

That would be the news for now.

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SEAWITCHBLUE 1/25/2010 6:57AM

    Gosh! You have been busy!
I decided to wait a while to see how Win 7 settles - so far there have been good reviews. And clever you to be doing all that for your OH.
My OH has never touched my computer - he is totally uninterested!
And you've lots of activities going on - I wish I could find a Zumba class but there are none in this neck of the woods - I went to Keep Fit this morning but it is unbelievably BORING compared with Dancing.
I was on FarmVille for a time but when I found myself saying to friends I had to get home to harvest crops and milk the cow I decided that really life is too short for all that emoticon
Its been cold here too and I'm frightened to check the gas bill - no doubt it will be appearing quite soon.
Keep well,keep healthy and take care

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