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Starting 17 day diet again!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Well after many frustrations of trying to lose weight, I'm going to start the 17 day diet again. I originally did it in april 2011 and lost about 25 lbs. Unfortunately i was diagnosed with diverticulosis and had to go off as I was not getting enough fibre. I have been trying different things to lose weight but have been unsuccessful. I am currently seeing a dietician and we think I might be insulin resistant. So she agreed that it would be good to try the 17 day diet again but might have to add some grain if I get into problems. I'm pretty exicted about starting it as it was successful the last time. So day one is tomorrow, hoping it works again!

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DANCINCAJUN1 6/5/2012 10:06PM

    good luck... take care roc emoticon

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KTISFOCUSED 6/5/2012 7:11AM

    Good luck and welcome to the team. I am insulin resistant so my weight loss was slow but it is happening and that is what is important, 21 pounds since January 1 but most important, I feel so much better off that sugar/gluten; no more belly aches, mood swings, etc.

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RANDOM00B 6/4/2012 11:07PM

    Good Luck!!

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Baby steps to get back on track!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So after blogging and reading responses I decided it's time to start getting back to some me time. Today has been a good day as far as the diet goes. I should have got more water in (but I did get more then I have been lately). I had decided I would take my gym clothes with me to work and go straight to the gym after work. Of course while at work my daughter messages me and asks if I will take her somewhere when I got off...I normally would say yes and then end up not getting to the gym. Today I said no, we would have to do that tomorrow. I went to the gym, then came home and walked the dog and then made a good supper of fajitas (daughter had them in tortilla shells and i had mine in romaine lettuce wraps). I also find it helps when we don't eat until later because it reduces my bored evening eating. So it's only one day but it's a start. I will get myself back on track by allowing myself to put me first!

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IMJUSTFLUFFY 7/16/2011 12:31AM

    That sounds like the ticket! Good going!

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SHECHAM 7/15/2011 4:05AM

    Congratulations. I feel that when we preserve some me time, we have more of ourselves to give afterwards and it is a win win situation. Sounds like a good start. Keep it up!

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NEW-CAZ 7/15/2011 3:08AM

    one step at a'll get there emoticon

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DAISYBUG1972 7/14/2011 9:36PM

  Yay!! Good for you! Fajitas in lettuce wraps sound yummy!

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DANCINCAJUN1 7/14/2011 9:10PM

    Sounds like YOU have found the key .... it is YOU !! so proud that you are doing this for YOU and YOU are now number ONE !! Yes !!

You go girl !

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KIWINURSE 7/14/2011 8:19PM

    Sounds like you had a good day today! Baby steps are the key :)

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Inspiration/Motivation Needed

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ok I'm not sure what to do. I either need some major inspiration or motivation or the 17 day diet is just another diet I give up on.
I was so motivated at first and did well. but the last couple weeks I've actually put back ona couple pounds. I have nobody to blame but myself. Since I got sick my exercise has significantly decreased but I've also fallen off the diet and cheated...more then once. I found I'm back to my old ways of snacking at night and emotionally eating.
I was watching a show the other night about a guy who is a food addict. I feel like in some ways that's me. I eat for many reasons but often it seems to be to fill a void. I eat when I'm not even hungry...just mindless eating. Luckily I've only put on the couple pounds. I know it's mind over matter but I just can't seem to get myself going again.
I have been watching videos and it makes sense. I've let other people distract me from my goals. I've gone out for meals which aren't always appropriate because people want me to. I've not exercised because other people need my time.
I did some thinking last night...i've always tended to put other people and their needs first.I realize it's because I feel selfish if I put myself first. For some reason I feel like if I'm acting in a selfish way that people will be angry or not love me.(I even feel guilty if i head out to the gym and the dog has been alone all day while i was at work, feel like i should be home with him...i know ridiculous) I've always had an issue with self esteem and have had bad relationships in the past. Often felt like if I didn't do things for people then they would leave cause why else would they be with me.
I do not want to be like this...I need something to jump start me again. I need to organize and schedule my time so that I have some time to look after me. I can say that I will do this but quickly get sidetracked when someone needs me).
Something has to change...I know it's my attitude and thought process...just not sure how to do it.
I will keep trying...I really dont' want to give up on what has been working!

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IMJUSTFLUFFY 7/14/2011 1:17AM

    It is a lifetime change...your health is important...the older one gets the worse our bodies suffer from bad choices.
Joints suffer, especially knees, feet, ankles, heart, arteries and on and on!
Just ask me....I can attest to that!
Take care of are important. You are worth the time and effort you put into yourself.
So, don't happy!
Put yourself first.
Good luck getting the groove back!

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LINDA_Z 7/13/2011 8:06PM

    Thanks for all the encouragment and ideas. I just have to give myself a good smack and get back on track. Think due to health issues i will do cycle 2. I just have to remotivate myself. Thanks again!!!

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GABBY308 7/13/2011 5:42PM

    Have you checked out our topic on "Affirmations, Visualizations and meditation"? It's under General Discussion. Those techniques really do help. Self-hypnosis helps, as does hypnosis from a professional. I actually bought a weight loss CD from the self hypnosis network before I started this diet and I swear it worked. It got me in the right mind set to pick a diet and stay on it. I listened to the CD's for the first 2 weeks I was on this plan. Now I don't feel I need them. If the visualizations and self hypnosis aren't enough, I'll start listening to them again.

Under the topic "Articles, books etc.", scroll way down to the 2nd post from the bottom I described 3 books that also helped me. The Self-Compassion Diet by Jean Fain is probably the one I would recommend the most but all are good. emoticon

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JAHMS1970 7/13/2011 1:57PM

    I don't have any great advice. I wish I did!! Then I could use it on myself if and/or when I end up there again. Just know I'm rooting for you! You can hop right back on and "just say no" (like the no-drugs ads on tv! lol) to all the unhealthy stuff.


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DAISYBUG1972 7/13/2011 10:25AM

  Start telling yourself that if you take time for yourself it will make you happier and healthier and more able to help others. That's what I did and it helped tremendously. It stopped me from feeling selfish, and made me realize that if I get sick, run down, tired etc, I am no good to anyone else.

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BABYSOX 7/13/2011 8:23AM

    You hit the nail on the need to put yourself first this time. By making yourself a priority and being at your best, you will have more energy for others and will be able to give back so much more.
I watched the same show and saw parts of me in the food addict. It gave me a push to continue doing what I am doing.
Good luck with your journey!

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HUNGRYWOMAN2 7/13/2011 6:04AM

    Taking time for yourself is definitely not a selfish thing to do. For those who feel it necessry to take care of everything and everyone it is themselves they usually put last.This is an extremely difficult habit to break. However, not taking care of you will make it impossible to take care of all the other areas in your life. You deserve just as much care and attention. You are extremely insightful and strong. You have had many successes and each should be celebrated. You may try focusing on how far you have come. This journey is not always a smoothe one. You have found things which work for you. Keep with those, and know that you are definitely not alone. We are here for you. emoticon
On a personal note I would like to thank you for sharing. emoticon emoticon
I wish you the best as you continue your endeavors towards your goals.

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NEW-CAZ 7/13/2011 3:11AM

    Linda eating healthily and having time for yourself is not selfish it's essential.We all need some me time; be it our exercise session or just sitting and listening to music.
Be kind to yourself, you're doing well and 2 pounds here or there is not the end of the world- our weight does flucuate from week to week.
Lose your weight slowly and it'll stay off.
We all feel low when progress is halted but you'll get there! emoticon

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BENTONHEALTHY 7/12/2011 9:14PM

    Putting it down on paper, thinging about it is a good step. Now think about it while exercising :) I think I am a better person to others when I feel healthy and fit. Everyone benefits. If you keep towards your goal your self esteem will be boosted. I have to regroup many times over. Nothing wrong with that. You can do it and this is a life plan. I don't think we ever can stop but we can readjust. And yes I think I am a food addict or at least I leaned on food to handle problems. But honestly, it really never did, --it just created more problems. You can do this and I know you will!

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DANCINCAJUN1 7/12/2011 9:04PM

    You have lost a lot of weight .... and you have done well in maintaining ... look at all the positives ... you can do this ... maybe go back to the 1st phase and follow to see if you can get that momentum started up again ...

I really commend you if you only gained 2 pounds ... you MUST be doing something right so apparently you have learned a lot about eating to maintain.

I think we all get a little down a bit when we don't lose ... but we just cannot give up ... we must just dust off and go for it !! we feel better and we definitely look better ..

We're here for you ... hang in there with us !!

emoticon emoticon

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17 day diet-don't know what to do

Monday, July 04, 2011

Well I'm still sturggling with the 17 day diet. I'm upset by this because it started out so well. I ws diagnosed with diverticulosis at the end of cycle 3 so kind of got off track during round 2. I didnt' gain but didn't lose alot either. Now I'm on round 3...cycle one and I've had a flare up of the diverticulosis...i don't know if it's the really low cars that is doing it or if it's certain foods I'm eating that triggers it. I do know if I eat too many salads within a couple days I'm going to have problems.
I do not want to give up this diet because it has worked for me. But I'm starting to get frustrated and down over lack of weight loss and feeling like crap at times. I'm thinking maybe cycle one is not for me (except i was hoping to jump start things again). Maybe I need to stick to cycle 2 or 3 and just pick up the exercise more. tonight I attempted the gym but my abdominal pain was so bad that I could only stand 15 min on the bike.
I really need to figure something out...maybe i could do a combo cycle 1 and 2 and only have a carb in the mornings (i do need to eat a high fibre diet). Thought all the veggies were plenty but it's not.
I've been so frustrated that I've even avoided coming on spark for a few days....that's a big mistake! The ideas and success i see with other people is always encouraging for me.
So first things first, get back to daily reading of message boards and an occasional blog.

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LINJO66 7/5/2011 10:02PM

    I'm glad you were able to get to see the doctor about this. Diverticulitis is tough, my hubby has had a few episodes of it.
The thing with it is this too: you need to add fibre but not too seedy as it can get trapped in the diverticulae sacs. You need to find what works for you. Some say strawberry seeds are a problem, others it would be nuts. Depends upon your sensitivity.
Take it easy and get to know your tolerance for fibre. And don't forget about Benefibre as an option.
Good luck.

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LINDA_Z 7/5/2011 6:33PM

    thanks everyone. I did see my doctor today and it is just what i thought acute flare up. So back on 2 strong antibiotics I go. I know I don't have to go back to cycle 1 but wanted to because I still have quite a bit of weight to lose. I did ask the doctor to refer me to a dietician. I think I'm going to have to stick to cycle 2 or 3 so that i can keep up the fibre on my diet...just can't quite do it on cycle 1.

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JAHMS1970 7/5/2011 2:58PM

    Linda, I admire that you are not giving up on your health by throwing in the towel completely with diet and exercise! I know you are down and discouraged, but look at you!! Hanging in there!!!



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GABBY308 7/5/2011 7:35AM

    Linda you don't have to do C1 when you're done with C3. After the first round you can pick any cycle that you want. Which one works better C2 or C3? You can even stay on C3. Don't do C1 if it makes you sick - it's not necessary. Have you talked to a registered dietician about it yet? C3 is just healthy eating. Hope you find your answers emoticon

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REDSHOES2011 7/5/2011 3:32AM

    "Please" consult your doctor to make sure nothing is sinner wrong and read up about this condition..>Perhaps consult a dietitian- it may be the ticket to avoid more grief..

Comment edited on: 7/5/2011 3:33:59 AM

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NEW-CAZ 7/5/2011 2:54AM

    I agree with Roc Linda, if you have a medical issue best to play safe.
The other thing you could do is put a post on the message boards- it may get more sparkers reading it than just on your blog.
Head it up with the medical issue and explain the problem. There is bound to be someone in the same boat.
Good luck emoticon

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DANCINCAJUN1 7/4/2011 11:13PM

    Sounds like something you might want to discuss with your physician .... they should gve you guidance on your diet regimen and then maybe you could incorporate it into your meals.

Good luck.
emoticon emoticon

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17 day diet-struggling

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ok I need a good kick in the butt or something! I'm on round 2 of 17 day diet and on cycle 3...round 2 has not been good. Haven't really lost much weight this round. I know I can chalk it up to health issues throwing me off track but have to blame myself for not getting back on track after that. Although I am pretty good on the diet I have cheated...but still can't seem to get back into my routine of lemon water, water and exercise like i was doing.
I'm feeling very "blah"....that's the best way I can describe it. My work has been stressful, 19 yr old daughter has been having some issues which requires my suppport. I feel like all I do is work my 40 hr week, walk the dog, clean the house and run errands. I haven't really done much for me. I've been a single mom for a very long time, i was in another relationship until about 1 1/2 yrs ago and it was a very unhealthy relationship. Since then I have found out even more how unhealthy it was (full of lies etc). I've beat myself up about this lately. I'm feeling lonely but dont' get out and do alot. I knwo this is conritubing to my "blah" mood. Which in turn causes me to not push myself to do the best on the diet that I can. I've got to find my motivation again. I tend to always put everyone else first and know i need to do more for me. I'm feeling run down, not able to sleep very well, lower energy etc. When i first started the 17 day diet I couldnt' believe how well I felt..I slept better, had lots of energy, no headaches etc. I'm thinking of just starting everything over again and trying to get totally back on track cause I know this is the diet for me (good thing is I'm still down about 25 lbs). I never have gained and continue to lose but just very small amounts.
I'm on vacation next week, we aren't going very far, just a couple day trips so I'm hoping having some free time and being able to just relax will help.
Time for a good kick in the butt, cyc le 1 and reread the book....and of course continue to read posts and blogs on spark which are always a great inspiration.
here's hoping i can get my butt in gear again!!!

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LINDA_Z 6/16/2011 4:43PM

    Thanks for all the encouragment. I'm just in a bit of a rut and need to dust myself off and get out of it. I am very happy with how far I've come so far, just don't want to fall in the same old trap of diets before where I start giving up...I promise to myself I won't!

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LINJO66 6/16/2011 1:01PM

    You are not alone in this department. Some weeks I feel like I start over again daily!
Losing at a slow rate is healthy and yes, frustrating too. We are impatient, but the weight got on gradually (for most of us) so we need to be patient in getting rid of it. Our bodies revolt as if they have their own will and we have to make it do what we want.
Keep at it and never give up.

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HELEN_BRU 6/16/2011 11:24AM

    I agree - starting over is good advice and don't feel like you have failed, for heaven's sake! We are not all alike. So don't feel badly about it.

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NEW-CAZ 6/16/2011 10:20AM

    Sounds like you've talked yourself around to starting over emoticon but remember and celebrate how far you've come already and keep in mind losing weight slowly is a GOOD THING!
In fact it's better for you than yoyoing up and down or being unrealistic with unsustainable eating and exercise patterns.

Slow and sure wins the race!
Enjoy your holiday, keep sparking emoticon

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DANCINCAJUN1 6/15/2011 9:16PM

    Sounds like you already did that kicking you were talking about !!

What I would do is exactly what you said .... start all over ... it is for sure you will lose weight on the first 17 days . it is simple and easy to follow .... definitely will get you out of this "low" spot you seen to be in right now.

You have done wonderful .... don't despair ... you STILL have that weight off and that says something about YOU .....

Don't stress over getting OUT of a bad relationship ... I'd be smilin' and grinnin' every day that you did not get caught up in that loser for any permanency -- like getting married !!! saved yourself !! that's wonderful !!

Keep that smile on your face and get some sleep .... proven you LOSE weight the more hours you sleep .... now that is GOOD !!!

Good luck my Spark Friend !!

emoticon emoticon

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