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Body and Mind

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dear Journal,

The reflection today is regarding how the body affects the mind. If you have the flu, how it can affect how you diet. Try Fibromyalgia where everyday you are lucky if you just have flu symptoms. Try constant pain 24-7 with little let up. It is a hard struggle to lose weight and when youf ail, you can get really depressed. I am struggling with a regain right now, but I am determined I will get the weight back off and then more. I am determined..........


Three Nights of sleep

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I have been able to sleep forthe last 3 nights taking the Ambien. Another thing I have noticed is with the restful sleep, I am not getting as hungry and am able to stick to my diet. Hurrah. I feel pretty good about that. My back is flaring, but I can live with that as long as I don't want to eat.


Giving up on Desyrel

Monday, August 20, 2007

Dear Journal,

I have taken Ambien for the last two nights straight and I woke up this morning feeling 100% better. It seems that my body has to have that restorative sleep to fight the pain. It is rainy and high humidity here but other than a back ache at about level 4, I am feeling great. I also am more alert. I had talked to the Dr. and told him and he offered to give me another script for it when I was there the last time, so will get it filled this week. I am feeling good.


Best Nights Sleep?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dear Journal,

No, I am not getting quality sleep or even much sleep. I have had to cut back on theAmbien because it makes me walk in my sleep (rather stagger) and it scared my dh so I cut back. I am on another sleep pill (which due to Fibro fog, I can't remember the name of) and for the last 3 nights I have not gone to sleep before midnight or one a.m because the pills didn't work. I am very tired and have been struggling with fibro pain for a week. I thought at first it was from over-doing, but it just keeps lingering on. I will take an Ambien tonight as I have to sleep and teach SS tomorrow. I remembered itis Desyrel.


Getting specific with my goals

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dear Journal,

I think that goals are great but I have found that when I set a goal, something comes up to stop me. For example, this year my goal was to lose 26 pounds but the Dr. put me on some new medicine that has made me gain 16 pounds back leaving me with 42 pounds to lose and I have no idea when my body will adjust to this medicine and I can start losing. It is terribly frustrating and some days it just isn't worth it, but I stick to the program and am even walking 6 days a week for almost an hour and still I creep up the scales or stay the same. Just needed to vent a little. Thanks for listening.


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