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Day 3 or Santa Challenge and MRI results

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Yesterday I had two aerobic classes back to back taught by the same teacher. So we did a lot of kickboxing moves in both of them. Boy was that a workout! But Iím not as tired as I was the first day and come home feeling energized. No night class last night, which was good because I really was tired by then but from a lot of things. I had been trying to reach my nurse practitioner about my MRI results but sheís only in on Fridays. Thursday night she called me to say she would work me in yesterday and she would call me in the morning to let me know what time. So the office called and told me to be there at 1:15. But first of all, at 6:30 am I went for a 30 minute walk, which Iíd been missing. Just got home at 7 this morning and my ex-husband called to ask if I could go to breakfast with him this morning. He really is all alone and Iím really his only friend. Yesterday was his 69th birthday so I felt sorry for him and told him yes but I had to be somewhere at 9 am. So I rushed out to go meet him, ate breakfast. While there my daughter called to say that the kids missed the school bus and could I go take them to school before my class. She lives with me and doesnít have a car. So I rushed to go pick them up, got them to school just barely on time (finished my breakfast first) then went to class. Got there about 15 minutes early so sat and waited for them to open the door to the classroom at the gym. Hurry up and wait type of thing. Got out of the two classes at 11, hurried home to get some stuff for work done before a deadline today and got it out in time to get to my appt at 1:15. I only had to wait there about 10 minutes before they put my in a room, and about 2 minutes before she came in. I was prepared to wait more than that since they were working me in. She spent an hour going over with me the mri results, got a model of a spine and went over each one of the findings at different lumbar levels, talked about what to do next, figured out which medication to try me on for pain at night since they took Darvocet off the market mid-November which had been my standby for back pain since way back when I had a lot due to being so overweight. I was using it again because itís in a lower narcotic class than vicodin or percocet, which I donít like. For a while for the sciatica I was on it every 6 hours, but as the pain has decreased significantly I was mainly using it at night. When I lie on my right side, the pressure causes the sciatica nerve to hurt all the way down that leg. When I lie on my left side for long, I have a hard time getting comfortable because the nerve hurts in a little different way. Thatís the main time Iím having too much trouble anymore, unless I sit wrong which I try very hard not to do. Exercise does not bother it, and in fact seems to be helping it the more I do. Go figure. Anyway, the mri shows that there is some degenerative disk disease, which I had already been told about 12 or 13 years ago from an xray but itís probably changed some. Since I never had an mri done on that before there isnít a clear comparison. But there are bone spurs in the back of some vertebrae that are pushing on some nerves on both sides, although Iím only feeling pain on one side. And a little narrowing of disks between the vertebrae of the spinal column. This is all down in the lumbar area which is below the area where the spinal chord ends and nerves go out from there. So nothing is actually causing problems on the spinal cord itself. But there is a slight twist in the lower lumbar region of the spine. Sheís referring me to a neurologist whom I now have an appt with in Las Cruces next Wednesday. I did tell her what I was doing with the classes and she didnít say anything. But I told her that I have to sit in a slouched kind of position to keep from aggravating it. She took the spinal model and bent it a little, like when sitting slouched, and showed how it opens up the areas where the bones spurs are, actually drawing them away from the nerves. So when I do that then they arenít pressing on the nerves to irritate them. And to think that for all these years Iíve been told to sit up straight and donít slouch. Now it pays to slouch when sitting, at least in my case LOL.
Anyway, she didnít tell me not to do the fitness classes, and as long as my body tolerates it well I will continue. So that was a good thing. I was afraid sheíd tell me not to do them. However, if I get pain I will stop, competition or not.
So after I got out of there about 20 minutes to 3 I came home, worked some more, and then tried to catch up on my sparking. Then I was ready for bed!
Today just one class.
By the way I saw a news video clip that says Jennifer Grey, who won the Dancing With The Stars, is now going to have surgery for a disk she ruptured while doing the show. They said that the last night she actually danced with an ice pack on her back underneath her costume. I was glad she won, although I didnít really watch the show. But I loved her in Dirty Dancing. The famous line of Patrick Swayze to her the night of the talent show, when he said to her father ďNobody puts Baby in a cornerĒ and then they did their famous dance. Loved that movie.

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ASPENHUGGER 12/4/2010 12:15PM

    Yikes Linda! emoticon I'm sorry to hear about the stenosis -- I hope it doesn't give you too much trouble! And you have made me realize that I should have an x-ray or MRI for my back as well. It's been about 15 years since I've had one, & probably a new "road map" would help me figure out what to do to ease the pain.

I've heard so much about Zumba but am afraid to try it -- I don't catch on to dance moves easily, & I'm not very flexible. Although maybe the classes would help! I should look one up while this challenge is on, & go try it.

Let me know what the neurologist says. And did your doc say anything about how to handle the degenerative disc disease?

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LYNDALOVES2HIKE 12/4/2010 11:47AM

    I'm so sorry to hear about your spine troubles - ouch!! When you go to see the neurologist, ask about using an inversion table like Teeter Hang-Ups - there are problems with them, to be sure, but the upside-down position relieves the pressure in my back tremendously and might help you as well. Maybe you could get a prescription for one and have it covered, at least partially, by insurance. They are a little over $200 to $300 at Costco - just be careful about 'cheaper' brands because you don't want to get stuck hanging and unable to get out of it or have it drop you on your head, both of which have happened to friends of mine who got a 'discount' for an off-brand inversion table.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon and hope the neurologist comes up with a solution, preferably one that doesn't involve surgery!

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 12/4/2010 10:28AM

    I loved that movie too. I don't watch dancing with the stars either but was glad to read that she had won. Sorry that you're in pain but glad that you are still exercising and that you have an appointment to see a neurologist. I hope that they get your some pain relief soon. Love ya, Dawn emoticon

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STRINGI719 12/4/2010 9:35AM

    I realized during DWTS this season, as I was talking to Annalisa about Dirty Dancing, that I don't have that movie on video! I am amazed! I have the soundtrack on CD, but I guess I never bought the movie, go figure! Maybe I'll put in on my Christmas list!

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MIZCATHI 12/4/2010 8:28AM

    Wow, crazy day, I love the suspense you built before getting to your MRI results.

It sounds like you didn't really learn anything more drastic than you thought? But ouchie!

Exercise and losing weight seems to have done you wonders - and I'm glad you get to keep it up. But you are right, it's important to listen to your body. Still, I love hearing your awesome exercise tales... I live vicariously through you! Two back to back aerobic classes?

emoticon Cat

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SHELLEY147 12/4/2010 8:24AM

    so glad you found out so much information about your back...wishing you well for your neurologist appointment.

I LOVE Dirty Dancing! Best movie ever! :)

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PJSTIME 12/4/2010 6:58AM

    You had a busy day as usual. I am glad you talked to your doctor and she was able to explaing and demonstrate things to you.

Love Dirty Dancing too.

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DEVORA4 12/4/2010 5:44AM

  3 more things in common'

WE are feisty.

We love Dirty Dancing.

We love Zumba, Have a great weekend!~ debby emoticon

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Finished day 2 of Santa Challenge and Zumba

Friday, December 03, 2010

Wednesday I did 2 hour long cardio/body sculpt classes back to back, then a water arthritis exercise class in the evening. Yesterday I did a cardio/body sculpt class that was an hour and 15 minutes, then a water aerobic class at noon, then went to a Zumba class last night. I'd always wanted to try Zumba but there weren't any classes locally. Just a couple of weeks ago my gym started a class on Thursday nights. So since I'm doing this Santa Challenge thing to do as many fitness classes as I can between now and the 23rd, I had a choice between another water aerobics class and the Zumba class. Wednesday night I was really tired when I went to the water class and was so glad it is a really low key class. I've been to all of the water classes before. Last night I wasn't so tired when 5:30 came and so I opted for the Zumba class, although I have 2 left feet and was really worried about the high intensity and not running into someone. I found a corner and planted myself there, in the back of the room. I felt that way I could only run into people in front of me or on my right side, but no one was on my left or in back of me. The class got really full, but as people came in and headed for the back of the room like me, and I defended my corner because others wanted it too, I found out that for more than half the class it was our first time every trying it. Because its a new class the instructor went through each move before we did it. So much better than going into a well established class where most of the people know the routine. I had so much fun at it. I did not get every move but got quite a few of them. I managed to keep from running in to anyone. We really worked up a sweat and I was glad I had a big water bottle with me because I drank quite a bit during this workout, as did many others. The instructor even said to make sure to drink lots of water during the workout. I definitely want to go back to this class next Thursday. It's an hour long class, but when it was time for it to end the instructor asked if we wanted to go an extra 15 minutes. About a third of us left and the rest continued. I might have stayed but by then I was about at the end of my aerobic strength for the day, since it was the third class I'd done that day. And it was really hard trying to remember the moved. Another time I might stay. But I did tell her it was a lot of fun and I would be back.
So I've gotten in the max number of classes available in the last 2 days. Today I have 2 back to back classes this morning. There are no night classes on Friday. Then tomorrow is a class that is an hour and 15 minutes. Then Sunday there are none. It's tiring but it's fun. I think I'm the only one who is doing the water classes at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays when no other class is offered so that gives me an advantage. We'll see though because it's early and anything could happen. I really have to work these classes in around my job and so its challenging. I may have to end up missing classes somewhere along the line. Maybe I'll be the winner 2 years in a row. They just started this last year. Will I be undefeated? Time will tell! But I'm getting some awesome cross training and having fun.
I do see my doctor later this afternoon to find out the results of the mri on my back. She did tell me on the phone I "failed" the mri so we have to talk about what's next. My hip is still bothering me at night and when I sit certain ways. It has gotten better though, and I was concerned about the classes aggravating it but it hasn't at all. Last week I took a couple of the gym classes too, just to try it out. I'm actually taking less medication for pain the past couple of weeks. Now it's mainly at night. I haven't had a serious flare in a few weeks. It's so strange that it seems the more I move and exercise hard, the less problem I have. But I am being careful, and if I start having any problems from the classes I will drop them because winning the contest wouldn't be worth it. I would still do some of the water classes because I've been doing those all along.
Okay, enough rambling. Time to read some message boards and my e-mails before starting work. Thanks so much to everyone who's been cheering me on! I haven't had time to responds to all the comments on my blogs the past few days but really really do appreciate it!
Have a great day!

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LYNDALOVES2HIKE 12/3/2010 5:58PM

    All I can say is WOW!!


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PJSTIME 12/3/2010 4:12PM

    Way to go on the Zumba and holding your corner. How do you have time to do all those classes and work too. YOu are amazing. Don't overdue. DOes your doctor know about all these classes?

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 12/3/2010 12:57PM

    emoticon emoticon

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LILPAT3 12/3/2010 11:31AM

    You can do most anything you want if you listen to your body! Second opinions are often worth the effort as well. Good luck and have a great weekend!

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STRINGI719 12/3/2010 9:55AM

    You are such an amazing woman, Linda! I am so glad you went to Zumba and enjoyed yourself - I'd be willing to drive all the way up there every week, but Anthony doesn't usually get home on Thursdays until 7:00 - oh well.

However, I WAS up there last night. We had our Girl Scout cookie training up at the Bayard Community Center last night, so hubby had to get off early so I could attend.

Watch out, the cookies are coming!!!!!!! emoticon

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MIZCATHI 12/3/2010 9:48AM

    This is wonderful, I love reading these kinds of blogs - very inspirational, ESPECIALLY because you weren't quite sure if you were up for it! You definitely make me feel like I want to add more to my day! You go girl!

emoticon Cat

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Day 1 of Santa Challenge

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Today is the first day of the challenge at my gym for the holidays. Today I made it through 2 classes that each combine aerobic and body sculpting. Lots of lunges and squats in addition to work with hand held weights, abs, cardio, stretching. I came home sore and tired! Definitely working things I thought I was working but haven't been doing it apparently. Especially in my hamstrings and quads. Tonight there are 2 classes offered. I can't remember what one is but it's a tough gym class. The other option at the same time is a water arthritis class. Since they are both at the same time and I can choose either for points towards the Santa challenge I will go for the arthritis class! I'm not going to kill myself! Tomorrow is another class that combines cardio and strength, then a noon water aerobics class that is a workout because I've gone to this one quite a bit, then at 5:30 tomorrow I can choose between another water aerobics class with a different instructor that is also hard, or I can try the Zumba classes they've just barely started. I'll see how I feel tomorrow night! I really would like to try the Zumba. At least Friday there is only 2 gym classes and no water classes and Saturday is only one class available and Sunday there are none. Otherwise I would die I think!
It's challenging and it makes me tired but it's also fun. Last year I won it and felt so good that I was able to accomplish that. My running will be on kind of a back burner for the next 3 weeks, but I think all the leg work and cardio as well as core work will actually help when I start it back up again. Just have to get through the 23rd of this month! It's funny to be in the classes I haven't been to in a while and hear them talking about "the lady who did 50 classes last year" and tell them that was me.

Hope you are all having a great day!!!

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XENA1956 12/3/2010 12:31AM

    Made me tired out just reading all you are managing to do. Wow you will look wonderfully beautiful at the end of this challenge. Keep the great workouts but remember to eat too. Got to have fuel to lose weight when working out this hard!

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 12/2/2010 11:29PM

    emoticon I'm cheering for you honey! Love, Dawn emoticon

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DEVORA4 12/2/2010 6:02AM

  If anyone can do it, it's you! You go for it. Gotta wanna which will be the title of my next blog! And YOU WANNA! emoticon

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KARRYB1 12/1/2010 8:09PM

    Go Girl!! Enjoy your classes and the added benefits you will receive. emoticon

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LYNDALOVES2HIKE 12/1/2010 7:34PM

    Oh my goodness, I got tired just reading your blog - gotta go take a nap now - whew!!

Seriously, you are really going great guns there! Wow, very impressive! I know you'll be careful and avoid injury but don't get too carried away and forget you're human, haha - and good luck!


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MIZCATHI 12/1/2010 7:16PM

    Yayyy Linda! You go girlfriend! Arthritis class is a good bet for tonight!

emoticon Cat

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STRINGI719 12/1/2010 6:00PM

    That's amazing that you have a legacy from last year! Now that you've heard people talking about you, you KNOW you have to win it again this year, right?

I'd LOVE to do the Zumba, that's something I've always been interested in!

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-WISPY- 12/1/2010 5:39PM

    woo hoo, wtg Linda. Keep up the good work girl.

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TEMPEST272002 12/1/2010 4:28PM

    I'm glad you decided to join the challenge after all! I think you have a great attitude about participating without killing yourself. You're so inspiring with the exercise. I wish I had a Zumba class nearby to try.

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STIPER23 12/1/2010 4:05PM

    Very impressive!

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OGOODY 12/1/2010 3:32PM

    Awesome! You can win it again! I'm excited for you!

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KIMERZDE 12/1/2010 3:24PM

    Wow I'm so impressed. I hope you win again this year.

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ELLFIN3 12/1/2010 2:53PM

    Wow!!!! That is fabulous! You Go Girl!!! Be sure between classes to let me know how you are doing!!!! emoticon

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Getting back on track

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm slowly recovering from the holiday weekend. I ate too much on Thanksgiving and Friday. I ran on Thanksgiving and went to aerobics classes on Friday but then Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I couldn't get myself moving at all. I was so tired and yesterday I just didn't feel well at all. But today I went to the gym and spent an hour on the treadmill, including doing week 5 day 1 of the c25k program and some fast walking. Then I did about 20 minutes of stretches and physical therapy exercises. I've also stayed within my calorie range Sunday and yesterday and hoping to make it through today. It's 4 pm so hopefully I will do okay. Just gotta keep telling myself I can do this. My food has not been good for the past several weeks, with more days out of calories than in. Making it through today will be 3 days in a row and that's a great accomplishment for me. I would really really like to get below 160 before New Year's. I have 8 lbs to go. I can do this! I've been stuck bouncing up and down in the mid-160's for over 6 months now. I really want to get this scale going down again and the only way is if I really watch my food intake. I do a lot of exercise so the only thing I can blame is my eating. And only I can change that. I told my daughter (who lives with me) that if she sees me getting into something I should't be eating, like treats for the kids here, to tell me to get out of it. She said, she couldn't do that, it would be rude. I told her if I didn't ask her to do it, then it would be rude, but if I'm asking her to please help me with this then it's not rude it's helping me. She's still having a difficult time with that concept but I keep stressing to her that I need her to help me stay in line. Before they moved in, when it was just my son and me, there weren't many things in the house that I couldn't eat. But after they moved in late last spring there have been more temptations around. At first it didn't bother me but as time has gone on it's gotten easier to grab just a little of this or just a little of that. Gotta stop doing that. The kids are 3, 7 and 10 and although we keep a lot of fruits and healthy snacks, which they do eat, it's hard to eliminate all other stuff from the house. So it's up to me to get serious with myself. There will always be temptations, for the rest of my life. I have to ask myself why those temptations are so tempting to me and look at what's really going on inside. I will allow myself a treat or a splurge meal every once in a while, but I'm going to get the rest of the time back on track. Sometimes I wonder if the fact that I've gotten down into the 160's, which I've only been at once before in my adult life, going below that is totally uncharted territory and I wonder if there is something in me that has to get comfortable with the idea for me to really move on. Which is what I'm ready to do now. Examine what it is that's keeping me from achieving my goals and then going after them.
Tomorrrow starts the Santa Challenge at my gym and I still haven't decided if I'm going to go for it full force for 3 weeks of group classes but I am definitely planning on going after some of it and see how I do. That means 2 classes starting at 9 am tomorrow and then a night group water class. I'm ready for the two morning classes tomorrow anyway. I just hate going out in the cold in the evening! I will have to decide whether I really want to go for the 1st place prize of 4 months free gym membership or just attend some of the classes to shake up my routine which I found last week I needed to do when I was really sore after a couple days trying those classes out. I'll at least get the 6 classes total in 3 weeks to get the free t-shirt! Decisions, decisions. I'll have to get into it and see how my body handles it. Last year it was tough!
Hope everyone is having a great day today!

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STRINGI719 12/1/2010 5:58PM

    I think you can do it again this year! emoticon

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DEVORA4 12/1/2010 6:56AM

  I knew what would happen if I overate and so I didn't. Good luck emoticon

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XENA1956 11/30/2010 10:25PM

    Yeah I over indulged too. I have gotten back on track as of yesterday after being over my calories most of the last couple of weeks. My DH always wants stuff for him and my son that I don't want around. I just have to buck up and not have any. I end up buying Skinny Cow products or something like that so I don't feel left out when they have their hugh bowls of ice cream. I think you are doing great at the gym, I haven't been to my gym since Sept. or maybe the end of Aug. I have been doing my workouts at home or hiking. I am going to kick myself in the butt to get to the gym like you do.

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CYNTHIAMINUS40 11/30/2010 9:16PM

    My husband buys giant boxes of really junky food to have in the house "for our granddaughter." But, alas, we usually eat most of it. It's hard. I understand what you're dealing with. And, like you, I exercise plenty - which feels great - but I eat more calories than my body uses so my weight barely creeps downward. I know there's really wonderful muscle tone under this layer of excess.

All it will take is for your daughter to remind you one time and you to have a "thank you" and a smile and she'll know that it truly is ok to help you keep your eating in check.

Best of luck!

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MIZCATHI 11/30/2010 8:14PM

    What a quandary you are in, but you know you can get there, that's why you're blogging about it. Sometimes I think we stay in a certain weight zone for awhile because it's important to learn how to live with it, even if it's not at goal yet. Compared to sooooo many people, you are really doing quite well, you know that?

Yes, I'm sure it's tougher to have those foods in the house. Sometimes when I want something sweet or creamy, I don't have it because it's not in the house! Maybe your daughter can keep some of this stuff in her room?

You do sound tired mentally, but maybe that challenge is just what you need right now to perk you up.

Just sayin'

emoticon Cat

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 11/30/2010 8:03PM

    emoticon You continue to amaze me DAILY! Love ya, Dawn emoticon

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PJSTIME 11/30/2010 7:38PM

    I think I could see myself in your blog tonight. I have also been stuck and overate over the Thanksgiving holiday. It seems temptations are much easier to give in to now than they were a year ago when I had started. I am in a weight that I haven't been down to in many many many years and then only for a short time before it went back up again.

Your daughter should not feel like she is being rude she would be helping you especially if you are reaching out to her for the help.

We can and will succeed at this and it will last a lifetime.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've been really busy and haven't had time or energy to post about my 5k on Thanksgiving. I had a good time and was really pleased with my results. I did the 3.1 miles in 38 min 35 seconds, which was a couple of minutes off my last 5k in Albuquerque last month.
This was held in Deming, about an hour from me. I left town about 20 after 6 after grabbing my coffee at the Snappy Mart for the Road. I got there a little before 7:30 and got my race packet. It was cold out there! I can't remember what the temperature was but I think it was around 35 degrees. I know some people run much colder than that but I'm not a cold weather person, nor a hot weather person either. I'm happiest about mid 50's to low 70's. However I don't live in a perfect world. I was just so grateful for my gloves. It was a small local event, with probably two or three hundred people there for the 1 mile kids race the 2 mile walk and the 5k run. It was held at the golf course in Deming and was on dirt paths. It was an out and back race, with turn around points for the kids race, the 2 mile, and the 5k. I walked this one last year in the 2 mile, and as I've said many times before it was my first ever timed event and got me started on the fun of doing timed events.
Also running this year was my friend STRINGI719 and her husband, and a friend of hers named Caroline. We didn't stay together but each went a t our own pace. When Colleen (STRINGI719) and I did the Whole Enchilada 5k in Las Cruces in September she beat me by a couple of minutes. This time I beat her by a couple of minutes. Who knows what will happen next time. We are both newbies at running.
The race raised money to help a local marine U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Juan Dominguez who was injured in October in Afghanistan and lost both legs above the knees and his right arm at the elbow. Other events have been done to help him also. This event raised $3500 that was presented to his family just before the race started. He's still in the hospital and couldn't be there. They also had a Marine flag for anyone to sign who wanted to and wish him well and thank him for his service. This was very special to me because I have such deep respect and appreciation for our men and women in uniform. They also asked for donations of canned food for the local food bank.
When the race started I took off at a slow paced jog and didn't get caught up in trying to keep up with the pack like I have done at times before. I did have to take walk breaks a number of times, most of them probably 60 to 90 seconds although I didn't time them. Then I went back to my jog. I can see myself improving as I keep working on the c25k program, although I'm only halfway through it and have been taking it slow. I had to laugh after the 3-mile turn around on the way back because there was this young guy probably 18 to 20 years old. He was walking. I slow-jogged past him. I guess it bothered him that this old lady passed him by. He came running up hard and passed me, but a little bit ahead of me he slowed to a walk again. I ended up catching up and jogging past him again. Again he sped up real fast and then dropped to a walk before long. For a third time I passed him. I never saw him pass me after that. On the one hand, I was glad he was out there doing something, even if he had to walk, while on the other hand I think it's sad that at his young age he isn't in better shape, like so many of our young people. I had to laugh though because he kept making the mistake so many do of trying to run too hard and too fast and running out of steam instead of pacing himself. Passing such a young guy was a first for me! There was also this lady that was just ahead of me most of the first half that was going along at her own slow jog and keeping it up, which was good. But I was amazed at her because with each step she crossed one foot in front of the other and I was amazed she could do that without tripping as I would have. But everyone has their own running style and I did eventually get ahead of her but I don't think by much. Good for her for being out there.

Here's a couple of pics of me, STRINGI719, and her friend Caroline.

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LLGALLAGHER 11/30/2010 4:30PM


I'm hoping to be reading for a New Year's 5K...

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ASPENHUGGER 11/30/2010 12:10PM

    You & I sure share temperature preference! I'm happiest in the late fall, winter & early spring -- anything above 70 is not my cuppa tea, and when it climbs past 80 .... ugh!

Congratulations on completing this run! 5K is hard for me to walk -- and it takes me so long to do it that I'm embarrassed to even mention my time. You are doing so amazingly well! My hat's off to you!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SHELLEY147 11/28/2010 10:42AM

    emoticon Great job!! I'm so thrilled for you for beating your last time! Thanks for stopping by my page this was so nice to see a warm greeting from a great friend! ~hugs~

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STRINGI719 11/28/2010 9:56AM

    It was so nice to see you there! I am glad I improved my time since the Enchilada 5K, but I haven't been working on my running at all. Now that I don't have to train for the 3-Day anymore, I think I need to get out to the high school track and work on the C25K program. I'd love to shave a few minutes off my time before the Cupid's Chase in February. Thanks for sharing the pix!

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DAWNWATERWOMAN 11/28/2010 8:53AM

    Love the pix! Great job! I am so proud of YOU!!! Keep up the good work my friend. You're AWESOME! Love, Dawn emoticon

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DESERTDREAMERS 11/28/2010 4:34AM

    Yeah - go, grrl! I'm proud of you

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DEVORA4 11/28/2010 3:50AM

  You ran for a totally worthy cause. There is no one I admire more than our soldiers! emoticonon bettering your time too! emoticon

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LYNDALOVES2HIKE 11/28/2010 2:24AM

    Good for you - I was in a Turkey Trot, too, but did much more walking than jogging - well, at least there's plenty of room for improvement, haha!

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STIPER23 11/27/2010 3:56PM

    There was a teenager at my first 5k that I passed as we could see the finish line and I could see her trying to catch up as we got close to the finish. LOL. Congrats on the great time!

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PLAYBLUES22 11/27/2010 3:27PM

    Sweetie, now you see why i admire you so very much, you are awesome emoticon

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HABITATPAT 11/27/2010 3:14PM


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ELSCO55 11/27/2010 3:08PM


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PJSTIME 11/27/2010 2:20PM

    Some of us old ladies can run circles around some of the younger ones. You are doing a fantastic job in your running.

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MIZCATHI 11/27/2010 1:47PM

    You are awesome old lady! Haha, passing up that guy... teehee.

Your adventures are an inspiration.

emoticon Hug

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