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Just shaking my head...........

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quit and started once again to lose this damn weight again. I've been talking about doing it for quite awhile now, but have been under SO much stress that the thought of getting up and working out was making me want to gag. I made myself get up and start once again today because I'm not happy where I'm at right now. I have lost some weight, but not a whole lot because I haven't been trying my hardest. Plus, it's been so hard finding the time lately what with dealing with all the unnecessary stress from the kids' dad (my ex) and looking after 3 kids by myself. I have cut down a lot on my eating, but I could still be making much better choices about what I out in my mouth.
I did 25 minutes of the Wii Active Personal Trainer 30 day challenge on medium intensity. Since I was too cheap to buy an actual Wii Fit Board I went and found a cheapy version at Big Lots which cost ONLY TWENTY DOLLARS!!! I was so excited when I found that because I've been wanting one for quite awhile but haven't wanted to fork out $99 for one.
I have also been downloading a bunch of Zumba, P90X, and Insanity workouts. I did an Insanity warm up for about 3 minutes and I thought I was going to die HAHA! So I think I'm going to work my way up to that :)

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TCMAKEUP 2/27/2013 4:07PM

  When my kids were little we did Elmosize and you would be amazed at the workout it gave me.

I have graduated to walk away the pounds and am doing the 4 miles.

Good luck with the working out and I hope your stress level goes down.

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Day 4....Where in the world is my motivation?!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Weekends are especially hard for me to get up and get moving with the workouts because I spend so much time on my feet during the week doing housework and taking care of 3 kids that all I want to do is rest. I need to get myself into the habit of making Sundays my rest day or something.
I did great on my eating yesterday because I didn't feel that great and everything I ate upset my stomach so I just settled for drinking tea and water to make sure I stayed hydrated. I was able to eat a little bit in the evening without feeling sick. Doing horrible on my eating today because it's after 1pm and all I've had is a cup of coffee. No wait....I had a sweet and salty almond bar. I should have eaten a little more than that to jump start my metabolism.
I don't want to fail at this again.


Day #2 of Diet Journey the Second......

Thursday, January 03, 2013

I could have done a lot better with my eating today. I only went over my carbs by 1 point so I wasn't too hard on myself about it. I shouldn't have had that Papa John's pizza and chicken poppers for supper. It's way too early for me to be "treating" myself for a job well done. I could have passed and said no I will just have a salad or something. There is pizza left over, but I WILL NOT touch it. Got a lot of walking done around the house again today from doing housework. Would love to be able to get outside and walk around the yard, but it's been 15 degrees out with 5 inches of snow on the ground. Tomorrow I really need to get started on my cardio and all that good stuff. Walking can only get you so far and I want to get way farther than what it can take me.


Offical Day #1

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I did excellent on my eating today. I decided to start a weight loss journal in addition to doing everything I can on here to help motivate me even more. I wrote down every little thing I at and drank and what I did for exercise. I didn't get a chance to do any cardio today, but I figured it was ok because I was technically on my feet ALL day doing housework until about 4pm. I'm really hoping I can stick to it this time and lose the weight for good. I did it once before and I can do it again!
I can't wait until it gets warm enough again to actually get outside. The low is suppose to be 11 here tonight. BRRRRR!!! After nearly 30 years of living here in Ohio I am FINALLY use to the cold to the point where I don't even wear a coast most of the time, just a hoodie HAHA.
Well, it's time to hopefully try to end my day by taking some Melatonin and watching a movie so I can fall asleep before 1am for once.

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MYBULLDOGS 1/2/2013 9:33PM


it is never to late to start.

my sister lost 105 pounds at age 63 walking 15000 steps a day.

i have lost 44 pounds by giving up grain and sugar products at age 60..

i walk 15000 steps a day.

i use a salad plate as my dinner plate.

i keep mandrtan oranges in the fridge. when the sweet tooth comes on i grab one or two tablespoons of the fruit.


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New Year=A New Me

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I'm really going to work my ass off to lose the weight I gained and maybe even lose even more than that emoticon
I started using the spark coach to see if maybe that will help me with the motivation I need to get started and stick with it. I gained about 35 pounds emoticon So I'm hoping to lose 40-50 by this time next year. I did it once before so I should hopefully be able to do it again. Although the last time I lost most of the weight because I went through a bout of bad depression and barely ever ate.
Now I'm also going to be using my boyfriend as my motivation. He likes me just the way I am, but I want to look good for him and also for myself. He saw me before I gained the weight and he still stuck around when I gained it back emoticon
I didn't get the chance today to workout because I was out of town for New Years Eve. So starting tomorrow I'm going to break out the Wii Active Personal Trainer yet again and work my ass off (literally!!!)
So wish me luck on my journey to find perfect happiness in myself.

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DEZZIEJAMES 1/2/2013 8:38AM

    So how do you like SparkCoach?

And you're right in your comment on my blog. It would be so nice if things were simpler!! You can do this! WE can do this together!!


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