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End of September has arrived

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Heeeyyyyy!!!! I've been missing a few days. Really haven't felt like blogging. Nothing has really changed with my journey so why write about it....nooooo that's the time to write out and hash out my thoughts so I'm back today.

I'm back in a week long training session this week. I pretty much have my foods planned out. I've had a strong craving for fried chicken and although I got some on was burnt or fried in burnt grease so I was not happy. The craving remained so I got some Popeyes last night to quench that and I'm now satisfied. It was a sacrifice but I know that I can now move forward with my right eating the rest of the week

Yesterday I got lazy and well I didn't do my cardio. I did however do my weight lifting. I just wanted to go home and get out of my clothes and chill. It was raining and after that long boring class yesterday I was ready to do anything but focus. So I ate dinner, relaxed and then got up and did my weights. Other than the Popeyes and no cardio I did good on everything else. The scale has not been my friend lately. I've gained another pound and right at the edge of going back up to the 270s and I caught to hard to get to the 260s. So I can't let that happen. I will get in my entire workout today. I'm dragging this morning but I won't be defeated again today.

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TRUE-NESS 10/1/2014 11:13AM

    I like that, "I won't be defeated again today." Say it! emoticon

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SUGAR0814 9/30/2014 11:01PM

    emoticon Re-read previous blogs to remind yourself of your goals! emoticon

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LADYGSC 9/30/2014 8:19PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HMBROWN1 9/30/2014 8:03AM

    You can do it! Have a great day!

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Day 22 ...almost there

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I've had such a hard time getting spark to load on my iPad that I just gave up waiting. When I'm at work I'm using a MiFi so it's slow sometimes. But I'm back today

As for last week I continued my plan although I wasn't feeling well. I didn't get in any workouts. My weigh in on Saturday showed I gained a pound. Not bad...

This week I'm continuing on my plan. Trying to stay within my calories and carbs. This is a hard thing to learn. Food is so complex I see why so many people eat the same thing. Yet I haven't given up. I didn't workout yesterday but I did everything else I needed to do. I finished my gallon of water, ate well and stayed focus.

Yesterday I created a daily check list to be sure I did/do everything I need to 100%. I have set up the list to be sure I do the following: drink my gallon, morning prayer, stay within my calories and carbs, evening prayer of thanksgiving, at least one household chore, moisturize and seal my hair, knee stretches and strengthening, cardio, weight training and journal. At the end of everyday I ask myself two questions. How did I do today towards my goal? What can you do better tomorrow. I do an end of the week recap also. It will hopefully make me more obedient to my plan, knowing at the end of the day I have to hold myself accountable. I want more check marks than "x"s.

My knee has been feeling really tight lately probably because I haven't been doing my therapy exercises. I know, I know...I've placed it on my to do list so that I get it in daily. I did manage to wear a low heel to church on Sunday, but was not feeling confident when walking in them. I put a household chore on the list so I'll stop leaving all my house duties to the weekend. Not that I have much to do with only me in the house, but it does add up. This will also include my bill management time too.

So that's my update. For today I'm on high carbs. Got my gallon ready, food on deck and I will workout tonight before church. Like my spark friend Sugar said my honey will be home before I know it and right now I got 20 days until he's back. What can I accomplish on this journey in that time? I'm working towards a whole lot...if I don't let things get in my way. My two biggest foes....laziness and excuses

I think I'm going to take out a hit on both of them...laziness and excuses must die

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SUGAR0814 9/24/2014 12:05AM

    I like the idea of using a check list! emoticon emoticon

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Day #18 ...month half way over

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yeah time is flying by. Soon it'll be Thanksgiving, then Christmas and New Year!!! Seems like yesterday I said we have four months left.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I didn't workout though. I really felt blah by mid day so I went home after going to the store to pick up a few items. I'm sitting here forcing myself to eat my omelet. My appetite right now is blah. I feel better today as far as the cold is concerned.

I ordered some new workout DVDS a while ago and they were still sitting in their packaging. I unwrapped them this morning and brought them to work with me to review the workout. I hope to start them today and make a schedule of my workouts.

Honey has been gone since Saturday for what initially was a two week training session that has now been extended to middle of next month. I made a decision after hearing that go hard on this journey while he's gone. Hopefully when he returns there will be noticeable changes in my appearance. So with the help of these videos and hopefully purchasing a bike I'll get my mojo back and strengthen this knee. My diet plan is going good. I'm still recording daily so that's a plus.

I got 7#s I'm hoping to lose by end of this month and definitely before he returns. I will be so close to my lowest weight loss weight at that point. My lowest that I have recorded was 251#s. At that time I had loss 40#s. I plan to surpass that weight this time around. I'm believing for good weigh in Saturday morning.

So for today I'm hoping that I continue to feel well and workout. Eat on plan today, journal and complete my gallon of water today.

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SUGAR0814 9/19/2014 12:33AM

    emoticon Get busy (if you're feeling better) because he'll be home before you know it!!

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Day #17 it got me

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The cold that I was denying last week. I went down but not without a fight. I stayed home resting all weekend and just came back to work today. I feel better but the cold is lingering. I'm still fighting...

Went to gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. That's all I had mojo for. I'm still working on lowering my carbs and recording my intake daily. I haven't finished a gallon of water in a few days. Something about having a cold that I just didn't feel like drinking. Which is opposite of what I should have been doing.

I'm back at work today feeling about 75% better. Ready to continue to make a dent in this weight loss journey. Last week my weigh in was the same. Nothing gained and nothing loss. Hoping to see some different numbers this Saturday. Downward that is.

I keep believing I can and I will change my life! I believe...

Excuses or choose

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SUGAR0814 9/17/2014 11:50PM

    Hope you feel better my friend! emoticon

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    If you continue to believe, you will DEFINITELY do! Stay on your fitness grind!

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Day 12.... I will not, I am not

Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting sick, no cold, bronchitis nothing....geez. I love my honey but he gets sick and always say it's not a cold but two days later I'm sick too. I drink my emergen C and do my best to not get it but here I am today feeling like dung...if it wasn't for this class I'd be home in my bed. It's suppose to rain all day which makes the office colder because there's no sun beaming in. I'm fighting back...

Yesterday was good with the exception of my dinner. I went over my calories by 100 yesterday. Today I'm low carb and trying to keep on track. I just had my high carb breakfast and got a smoothie and fruit for the rest of the day. Not sure what's for dinner yet but it will be low carb.

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SUGAR0814 9/12/2014 9:34PM

    You can't get sick! The devil is a lie!! emoticon Praying for a quick recovery!

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JAROL7 9/12/2014 7:51AM

    Let your sun shine out in every circumstance.

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GETHNOW 9/12/2014 7:32AM

  Stay healthy!

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