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Counting Game

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The more I swim, the more I love it, the harder it is to keep track of the laps! I play lots of little games, yes I have a lap counter and no I do not like it cuz I forget to click it!
This morning I played the when I was 5 (5th lap) I loved to ride horses. When I was 13 I ran Junior Olympic track....etc. It is a nice way to keep your brain from telling you that you are tired and need to quit. I also found I had a pleasant trip down memory lane. It really helps to be an "old fart" like me if you are going to swim much over a mile in a 25 meter pool. LOL emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SAMODER 4/28/2010 10:13PM

    There are water headphones. If you taped something that was the length of time that it took for you to swim your laps, you wouldn't have to count. Just an idea.

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DEVORA4 4/28/2010 11:35AM

  "OLd fart" I don't think so. Do yourself a favor Look up Dr. Oz and do the Real Age test. It tells the difference between your real age and your body's age. I did it{answered honestly} and found out I was 13 years younger than my body.
Of course, it can go the other way BUT I seriously doubt that will be your resullt.
After taking the test, I fwelt so much better about myself.
Good luck on your bike race and let me know how you did in the race and The Real Age test. emoticon emoticon

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PINKSAINT247 4/28/2010 10:50AM

    true that! I get bored after 300meters in our pool I couldn't imagine doing over a mile. I have ADD so the laps really get to me.
I dunno if you'd be interested, but there is a really awesome sprint triathlon in GA july 25th. It's the tri mountains sprint triathlon. It looks like it would be a blast. I'm sure you're used to longer ones.

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Entered Tour of Gila Bike Race.........

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I did the entire Tour of the Gila bike race last year. Lance Armstrong was in attendance as was Kristine Armstrong (no relation), the number one rated female rider in the world. I was in so much better shape last year. I could use having both knees rebuilt as an excuse but I have been exercising. It just seems a lot harder than it was last year. Of course, I do not want to injure my knees so if I feel any pain I have a tendency to quit. I will get over this!

I entered this year but I am only going to do the citizens races. There is a 2 lap sprint that goes through downtown Silver City. It is really challenging because it has a killer hill and it is a really fast course with sharp corners. The road race is on Sunday and it starts at Camp Thunderbird and ends up in Pinos Altos. It is like 42 miles and about 36 of that is uphill.

My knees will not like the effort and I think I might have to take a couple of days off after the race to recuperate and re-focus for my next triathlon. The triathlon will be the first weekend in June. There is a lot of time between now and then to ice knees, train, stretch, breathe and live! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SAMODER 4/27/2010 10:41PM

    Good luck with preparing for your next 2 challenges.

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Why Must I Change My Lifestyle?

Monday, April 26, 2010

I live outside of the city limits in a small rural area. I chose to live in this area because I love animals: pets, wildlife, birds, pigs, chickens, horses, mules, rabbits, etc. I love to watch wildlife as they learn to live with humans. Afterall, we are encroaching on their habitat. My problem is with people that don't understand the way of life outside of the city.

Silver City is becoming a retirement community. The mines are basically closed down, we have great doctors, a good hospital, low taxes, four gentle seasons, low taxes, lots of available outside activities, etc. We have a large number of retired people moving into the area and buying property outside of the city limits. Mind you I don't care if people do this, but there are a few things they need to realize.

Deer love roses, flowers of most kinds and green lawns. If you do not want the deer to eat your roses, flowers, gardens, lawns, etc...stay in the city. If rabbits "pooping" on your lawn is an issue...fence the lawn or move into the city. If a bird is going to poop in your yard because you have big trees for them to sit in and it is a guessed it, you need to be in town. Lights are meant to shine so people can see. At night I prefer to have it dark outside of my window. If you need a night light so the animals don't creep up to your home, you need to be in the city.

There are many ways of life and many types of people. Get to know the people of an area. Try to understand their ways of life. People can change and adapt but don't assume that rural means stupid. People that move from one place to another, tell me all the wonderful things about Silver and in the next breath, all of the things that need to be changed because it was done another way in the place they just moved from, are VERY ANNOYING!

We can all get along. Respect is a powerful word if the meaning of it is actually used. I have nothing against living in a city nor the people that live there. I have lived in a large city. It has its perks, but truthfully I prefer to live in the country. It is the way of life I am the most comfortable with. I promise to never move into the city and tell you how to change everything. Can you promise not to move to the country and tell me how to change everything? Let's get along and respect each other. Variety is the spice of life!

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SKINNYPAT62 4/27/2010 2:43PM

    I've always wanted to live in a small town but never have done anything about it. I agree with your thoughts. Good for you!

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SAMODER 4/26/2010 6:08PM

    I agree, if you want the amenities of the city move there... I live in a rural/suburban area that has really grown up over the past 20 years, so I know what you are saying.


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KTBRUIN 4/26/2010 12:30PM

    Well said.

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Triathlon and Spark People..Closely Related

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I spend a great deal of time reading articles concerning the sport of triathlon. I am relatively new to Spark People, but I find that the two have many things in common.

Many people that use Spark are trying to lose weight. In order to do so we see people embarking on exercise programs, setting goals, paying close attention to nutrition and good foods, being rewarded for consistency, and trying to remain positive in stressful lives and everyday situations. As a triathlete, I see people in this sport attempting the same things in order to compete in a very time consuming, life-altering sport.

A person new to losing weight often starts with two or three workouts per week. This is great for a beginning triathlete as well. Two or three workouts per week or per discipline is a good foundation that can be built on. Swim, bike, run or walk, lift, stretch or...the combinations are limitless. A good foundation allows people to add more training over time.

A person that consistently works out sees more improvements than the person that works out for a week and then is hit and miss for a week and then starts all over. Your body has to have time to adjust and when it does you will feel better and begin to realize the benefits of your efforts. Setting goals that are reasonable and attainable becomes easier when you are consistent with your efforts as well.

Nutrition needs to be a way of life for most people. The fuel you feed your body is what makes you. Good fuel leads to health and wellness and the ability to do more with your body. If you feel good it is much easier to remain positive, defeat stress and keep accomplishing dreams and hopes.

A big work in progress circle? I think so. Add recovery time into the circle so your body stays uninjured and family time to keep mentally sound and you are on the right track. Spark People provides a lot of motivation, as do family and good friends. "Coaching" comes in many forms and allows us to grow as we circle.

Be, feel, try, accomplish, smile and keep on keeping on! emoticon

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SAMODER 4/25/2010 10:52PM

    Good observations....
Sam emoticon emoticon & emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Selfish, Jealous, Misinformed?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I read an article the other day that was supposed to be encouraging people to exercise. It talked about all the positive aspects of exercise and how people feel so much better, have more energy, relieve stress, etc. Then came a statement that I have thought about for several days.

"One should not spend more than about thirty minutes a day exercising or they are separated from their family too much. People that exercise are often selfish people that think too much about themselves and their endeavors and not enough about their family and friends." My family originally thought this way about me. They resented my long bike rides and runs on weekends, yet they would not accompany me.

If I do not exercise I will be unhealthy and unable to do the things must do for my family and my career. I may be selfish, but it is my life and others are counting on me. I deserve to be fit and happy and to chase my dreams in order to achieve my goals. My exercise is directly related to what I choose to do in my free time, which is endurance sports, mostly triathlon. Exercise is also my stress relief valve and without it I would be a lot harder to get along with.

After numerous family discussions where I pointed out to family members that we all have our own interests, we all agreed that one should be able to pursue their interests. We need to work together and support each other in whatever we choose to do. Teamwork is our new motto! I hope no one in your family or immediate circle of friends and co-workers feel you are selfish for exercising and improving your health and body. Truly, I am saddened by such thoughts and feel these critics must be jealous and misinformed. Let us educate and encourage!

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SM-ARTGIRL 4/27/2010 10:18AM

    I have been so pleasantly surprised that my family is becoming more active as I am learning how to incorporate goals and rewards into my fitness.
It makes us closer as a family.

Comment edited on: 4/27/2010 10:19:28 AM

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CJBAGGINS 4/25/2010 12:26AM

    Huh. I don't think much of the article that tells us we should only exercise for 30 minutes a day. Many people cannot exercise at the intensity needed to burn enough calories in only 30 minutes. I know I find it difficult! Doesn't seem very encouraging to me!

Good for you for finding what works for you and your family.
emoticon to team work!


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SAMODER 4/25/2010 12:02AM

    I totally agree with you. You have to take care of yourself first, but there is a limit too.

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AMANDAJCD 4/24/2010 10:21AM

    Very good point -- I let the "selfish" accusation from former family members keep me from pursuing my health goals for years. To be fair, though, I guess I should take my husband up on his offer to go for walks on evenings when he's home, rather than insisting on my treadmill (in the air conditioning emoticon). I don't *have* to walk on my machinery -- in my particular case, it's an activity I can do with family.

It's all about balance :)

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MONARCHCT 4/24/2010 10:20AM

    And sometimes I think the reaction from a spouse or other adult is from guilt. Pretty much everyone knows they should eercise regularly...but how many actually do it?

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PINKSAINT247 4/24/2010 9:41AM

    You also have to keep in mind if you don't take care of yourself then how are you going to take care of your family. As I explained to a friend of mine (who feels this way about me). I am choosing to be selfish right now and get myself healthy so that when important things come up in my children's lives I will actually get to be there and won't be sick with some disease or dead. If I don't take care of me I might now be around to enjoy the things I want to enjoy with my family.

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MARCYNA 4/24/2010 9:11AM

    Yes...Family members can become healthier as we get more active. emoticon emoticon

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