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Elephant Man

Monday, September 27, 2010

This past weekend I was on a relay team as the bike rider for the Elephant Man Triathlon in T or C, New Mexico at the Elephant Butte State Park. The weather was relatively nicer....after the race, but we still had a lot of fun. There were over 6oo entrants as individuals and there were 37 relay teams.

My team mates and I stayed at Riverbend Hot Springs again in a 3 bedroom suite. It was beautiful and we enjoed the clouds and sunset while soaking in the warm, wonderful mineral baths. This is a fantastic place and I highly recommend it to anyone passing through!

Dawn at Elephant Butte showed the water being relatively quiet and everyone enjoying the layout and ease of setting up their transistion area.

By the time the swim started, the glare from the sun was getting bad and then the wind picked up. By the half-way point on the swim, there were 2 foot high waves and I was definitely glad I was not doing the swimming!

Transition area:

I started the bike in a driving head wind that I endured through up and down, rough and smooth road for 16 miles. Finally, on the bike you reach a point where you turn around for the last 10 miles and you have a tail wind. I sure was thankful for the tail wind. I felt fast and stronger on the bike than I have in over a year. The final results have not been posted, so I don't know what my time was. It doesn't matter because I felt strong again...unimpeded by my knees!

There were several collegiate relay teams and those guys and gals are fierce competitors and very fast. Must be nice to by 19 or 20 years old. The first person out of the water for the individual competitors was a 20 something year old female. I do not know what her name is but I have a picture of her coming out of the bike area. She did the mile swim with 2 foot waves in 25 minutes and she was not happy with her swim time. REALLY??????? If I could swim a mile in 25 minutes, or less, I would be untouchable! Here is her picture.

The run portion covers some tough, sandy rolling hills as well as a 3.5 mile run over the dams. Participants have to sign a dam waiver and the dam is never open to run, bike or drive over except for a couple of triathlons. It was tough on Sunday because the wind died down and the temperature soared into the 90's at the end of the bike and throughout the run. Here is a picture of a section of the run course along the lake.

I'll get the results later this week. It was fun, hot, challenging, windy...Yes, I will do it again! I did the absolute best that I could on the bike. I left it all on the course and I even had a tough time jogging from the bike to the time chip exchange area. I have no regrets on my effort and can't wait until next year.

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JUNEPA 10/7/2010 5:04PM

    Sounds wonderful fun to be part of a team !!! Way to go.

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NUTRIGIRL08 9/30/2010 10:33AM

    Sounds like it was a great race!! Great job on the bike!!! And I agree I couldn't image swimming a mile in 25 minutes. Geez! emoticon

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CZARINA_TV 9/29/2010 10:20PM

    You always find the coolest races! I'm glad you had a good one even with the wind. I'm glad your old injuries didn't act up too. That's an extra victory!

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JUST_TRI_IT 9/29/2010 12:26AM


.. emoticon

.. .. emoticon

This sounds like a blast!

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YW84FRIDAY 9/28/2010 10:10PM

  I probably couldn't swim a mile if I was given a day and a half to do it! LOL! You're doing awesome, sister, so just keep going!


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LINDAKAY228 9/28/2010 2:49AM

    Glad you had so much fun in spite of the difficult weather, As for being 19 or 20, be nice to have the endurance and strength but I prefer the wisdom and self confidence I've got now over when I was 20. Too bad we can't have it all LOL!

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SOCKITTOME 9/27/2010 10:31PM

    Way to go, Pat!!! You are rocking!!!!!!

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MPALMER15 9/27/2010 2:20PM

    emoticon emoticon

Glad you had a great time!

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    Congratulations!!! Sounds like you did emoticon!


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K8NJKSMOM 9/27/2010 1:27PM

    Congratulations! What a great race you had!! emoticon

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BTRFLY08 9/27/2010 12:39PM


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RAWKNRUN 9/27/2010 12:09PM

  Glad you felt great for the second half of the bike! I can't imagine swimming a mile in 25, WOW!

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APIRLRAIN888 9/27/2010 11:54AM

    awesome! great job ! nice pics

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MMS354 9/27/2010 11:54AM

    Way to rock it out! I'm glad your knees are feeling better.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DRB13_1 9/27/2010 11:51AM

    emoticon Isn't triathlon a great sport? I love the crosstraining! emoticon

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TYCA41458 9/27/2010 11:51AM

    sounds like an awesome time! Congrats!

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My Advisory

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yup...all of the kids in my "home room" class are awesome. They are all different, and I think I have one of most everything.
one that always had an excuse not to participate,
one that drinks too much at his tender age of 15,
one that raises several different types of animals and usually is entertaining a different aroma every day.
A mom bettering herself for her child,
one that is negativity personified,
Miss Goody Two-shoes that never does anything wrong (never does much of anything),
the two class clowns that are great athletes but not on any teams because it is just not cool to be smart,
the happy go lucky stoner that has no idea where or (what) last nights homework assignment was,
and the self proclaimed drama queen/movie star.

I deal with these kids and their personalities everyday of the week. I worry about them and what decisions they will make and therefore I mentally take them home with me every weekend and evening. I am mom, dad, priest, doctor, lawyer, confidante, best friend and worst enemy. Sometimes I just want to walk out the door and scream!

Fridays the school always has advisory competitions of some sort. Regardless what is going on with these kids...Fridays they function as one unit! They are kicking the snot out of the rest of the advisory classes and they are always ready to play again (probably to rack up more points). They come from all sorts of home-life situations but they are supportive to me and my triathlons and today they are almost as excited about my competition this weekend as I am. It is Friday....gotta luv'em....Monday, maybe not!

You all have a great weekend. Be safe, active, and above all....have fun!

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DESERTDREAMERS 9/25/2010 10:27AM

    Love the pix - and you've described the range of kids so well! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CZARINA_TV 9/25/2010 8:55AM

    Have fun this weekend!

Those kids are really lucky to have someone caring in their lives. Keep at it!

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YW84FRIDAY 9/24/2010 8:21PM

  Have a great weekend and kick butt at your event!

emoticon emoticon

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LINDAKAY228 9/24/2010 3:51PM

    You are a very caring teacher and they are lucky to have you. Great luck with your triathalon this weekend!!! I'm doing the 5k at Las Cruces Enchilada fiesta. Mostly walking cause of the hip problems that are finally getting better but I haven't been able to get back into much running yet. So we both have something exciting to be involved iwth. My friend from Deming, STRINGI719 will be meeting me there too so that will be awesome. Have an awesome event and a great weekend!

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Lessons Learned Here So Far.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am small but capable of doing anything I want!

I can motivate people for some time and then I need help too!

I know the gym is always there, but some days I am not able to make it!

I can eat what I like and not end up like....

as long as I practice portion control.

My personality does not always have to match that of everyone else.

Challenges often are accomplished, even when the clothing is not flattering!

I can achieve success in my life with effort and tenacity!

Praying is neccesary, but praying for fitness results or for weight loss is no substitute for activity!

The truth only hurts when you accept it without question!

Hiding does not eliminate your fears!

Regardless of how I look, I am loved and I have fantastic supportive friends struggling with the same journey I am on!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NJOHNSTON64 9/24/2010 12:25PM

    Love, love, love it !!!
emoticon emoticon

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PAMAPPLE 9/24/2010 12:15PM

    I can relate to working out in outfits that aren't very flattering and the Cosmo said i was pear-shape...we don't subscribe to Cosmo anymoar! HeHE!

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SOCKITTOME 9/24/2010 8:59AM

    Excellent lessons that apply to all of us! Thanks for sharing!!

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NUTRIGIRL08 9/23/2010 10:33AM


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CZARINA_TV 9/23/2010 9:05AM

    Awww... Thanks for sharing those!

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YW84FRIDAY 9/22/2010 11:26PM


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IMSMILEY88 9/22/2010 9:33PM

    You find the cutest pictures! And, you have learned so much and share so much wisdom. emoticon

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LINDAKAY228 9/22/2010 9:07PM

    I just loved both the pics and the statements about what you've learned. You are so right!

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BIZZYMOM06 9/22/2010 3:48PM

    Hey you.....biking progressing good except the family has been swapping the same bug back and forth for about 3.5 weeks. SO a bit slowed down. Thank you for visiting my page and leaving me encouraging comments. I appreciate it. Love your recent blog with all those funny pics. You are so right.....


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JERSEYDEBBIE23 9/22/2010 12:52PM

    Love the photo's and the sayings...very cute!
emoticon for sharing and making me emoticon and emoticon emoticon

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    AWWWWWWWW... how cute emoticon

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APIRLRAIN888 9/22/2010 12:01PM

    cute! lol the husky one! thanks for the laugh and the lessons

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45 Miler

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I went on a nice bike ride today. It started off a little cool and let me know that winter is just around the corner. You wouldn't know it looking at the plants.

I went with a good friend of mine and her husband. We are all training for the Elephant Man Triathlon that we are doing this coming weekend. The weather should be great. My friend is doing the 1 mile swim, I am doing the 25 mile bike ride, and "hubby" is running. We are going to have a blast!
Hope everyone had a fantastic and active weekend!

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CZARINA_TV 9/22/2010 9:20AM

    Good luck this weekend!

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CAROJONES 9/21/2010 7:37PM

    OUTSTANDING!! Take lots of pictures!!


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PAMAPPLE 9/21/2010 11:52AM

    Sounds like an emoticontime. Enjoy! emoticon

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SOCKITTOME 9/20/2010 11:28PM

    Very cool that you're doing a tri relay with friends. I hope you have a blast!!!

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K8NJKSMOM 9/20/2010 10:39AM

    That sounds like fun doing a triathalon as a team!!

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JUNEPA 9/19/2010 11:27PM

    team triathlons sound like lots of fun

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HOPERISING 9/19/2010 10:21PM

    45 miles on the bike... my crotch hurts just thinking about it!

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YW84FRIDAY 9/19/2010 10:04PM

  Where on earth do you get the energy to do all this stuff??? WOW!


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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today I have been tired...plain and simple. I am exhausted and I am going to bed. My eyes keep unfocusing and I keep reading the same three lines over and over.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SOCKITTOME 9/19/2010 9:24PM

    Good for you!!! I hope you got some quality rest. We all need it once in a while!

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JUNEPA 9/19/2010 2:10AM

    Hope you had a great bike ride and are going to sleep as tight as your pets tonight !!

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DARKMOON1025 9/18/2010 11:38PM

    I started the Official Better Sleep Challenge today, maybe you can check it out?

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HINOTO 9/18/2010 11:35PM

    I hate it when that happens!
Sleep well!

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