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My Must Do List..........

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

There are several things that I have to begin doing again. I have basically been lazy this last month, yes, I know I did two triathlons, but some of the items I need to begin doing again are:
1. I need to sit down on the floor in the evening before bed and start stretching again.

2. I need to re-connect with my riding buddies.

3. I need to tweak my diet and intake patterns.

4. I need to go back to the gym.

5. I need to start using the ARC machine and up my mileage as well as start wearing knee braces and working on jogging.

6. I need to start riding my bike and not the trainer so much.

Tomorrow is another day. I had to take Spanky to the vet today. He has been snorting and sneezing for a couple of days and I was really worried that his heart condition had taken a turn for the worse. So off to the vet we went. Thankfully, he only has a sinus infection so he got a shot in the butt and pills to take for a week. I am breathing easier and most likely I will be in a better mood now.
Have a good rest of the week!

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JUST_TRI_IT 8/7/2010 8:46AM

    So easy to lull back into not doing some of the things we know we ought do.

What is the ARC machine? (Too lazy to go look it up...ok I will!!)

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NUTRIGIRL08 8/5/2010 2:20PM


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LINDAKAY228 8/5/2010 10:27AM

    Glad Sparky is okay. I love my lab Abigail and know how I feel if something is wrong with her. Like one of our kids.

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HOPERISING 8/5/2010 10:24AM

    Great list! I need to stretch regularly too!

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CZARINA_TV 8/5/2010 9:27AM

    Yay for new habits and goals! I hope the doctor can clear up your itchy skin this round. If it's keeping you awake, it's definitely a problem!

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GOHUSKERS2 8/5/2010 2:53AM

    You are such an inspiration! The to do list is a good idea because it seems that if I write things down, they get done a lot faster and better. Take care of yourself. I liked the poem at the end. Never felt that way, even with my husband, but it's a wonderful thought.

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SOCKITTOME 8/4/2010 10:59PM

    It's always good to regroup and get back to basics from time to time. Glad to hear the poochie is doing okay, too.

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TRIXEL 8/4/2010 10:26PM

    I need to make one of those. I've been working really hard at making sure I'm getting my stretching in. I used to have this really great book on stretching, but I left it in Canada when I moved.

I'm going to toodle off and look up what an ARC machine is.

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DEBTOLOSE 8/4/2010 10:14PM

    emoticongreat to do list and cute dogs you inspire me

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DEVORA4 8/4/2010 10:11PM

  That's a mighty big list for anybody. You have helped me and I intend to do an I MIST DO list. So I am saying in your short blog and by setting such an excellent example you can and DO inspire others, most assuredly me. Thanks and thanks again for being there. Love deb

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New Place to Ride?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I got to my class at the college this morning only to find out that once again the pool was closed. How I am supposed to teach swimming in a pool that is closed 9 out of ten times is beyond me. It is so frustrating. I have to go all the way across town to see if the pool is open and I can have class because the people in charge of the pool don't get to work until 8:45 and that is 45 minutes after my class is over. Apparently phones are not to be used!

Anyway..I decided that I would drive to Hurley early and go for a bike ride instead. I rode up and down every street in Hurley and then from Hurley to Bayard and back to Hurley and then to the Grant County airport and back to Hurley. I know this means nothing to 99.9% of you, but I really enjoyed the workout. Rolling gentle hills and I got to do some interval work (speed) and it was great.

Starting Monday, I am going back to the gym at 4 in the morning and I am actually going to take off a couple of weeks from swimming to see if I can get rid of my rash. It is better but still driving me nuts. I believe I am going to do a triathlon in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September so it is definitely time to start ramping up the training.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JUST_TRI_IT 8/7/2010 8:51AM

    A Tri in Spetember ... emoticon

And you gotta love the rolling hills on a bike. emoticon

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LINDAKAY228 8/5/2010 10:26AM

    I'm the .1% that does know where your ride was LOL! Sounds like it was a good ride.
Good luck on ramping up the training and working on jogging. Take good care of those knees!

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    Woo Hoo!! It is nice to find a new fun/beatiful place to exercice!


. Hope your rash goes away SOON!

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NUTRIGIRL08 8/4/2010 10:13AM

    Sounds like a great ride!!! Sorry about the rash still!

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IMSMILEY88 8/4/2010 9:39AM

    Sorry to hear the rash is sticking around! I hope the break from the pool helps.

And, 4 am??? Yikes! I thought I was early when I got up at 5:15... twice! emoticon (Oh, and don't forget to get plenty of sleep, right?) emoticon

I'd love to do a tri in Albuquerque. I absolutely LOVED it. (My background photo on the bike is in ABQ. So is the photo on my sidebar of me 'running'.)

I wish I was ready to compete in a tri! But, my first 5K is coming up in a little over 5 weeks. emoticon

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GOHUSKERS2 8/4/2010 1:30AM

    You are an inspiration to anyone who thinks they might want to do some exercise!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/4/2010 1:31:29 AM

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SOCKITTOME 8/3/2010 11:12PM

    Hope that pesky rash goes away finally! And gosh, another tri. You are on fire, girl!

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DEVORA4 8/3/2010 10:42PM

  Hi Pretty Lady, I am glad that you won't be swimming for a bit.This should help the rash situation as the chlorine is an irritant. Chow baby, deb

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Picnic pictures

Monday, August 02, 2010

I mentioned that I was going to the Elks Picnic on Sunday to eat brisket. I did and it was wonderful! What I failed to mention is the picnic grounds are just about 4 minutes up the road from my house. They are complete with lots of hiking and mountain biking trails. I did not indulge in the trails as the weather of course was rainy.
Following are pictures of the Little Walnut Group Picnic Grounds complete with facilities, horse shoe pits and sand volleyball court. The horse shoe pits were used but the volleyball pit was muddy and most of the attendees were middle to late sixties or older!

I think a good time was had by all in attendance. I did not overeat nor drink because I had to go to work and because I just don't do that much anymore. I am a sucker for a real dark beer but I only have one after each triathlon I do. I figure after competing that I have earned one. LOL

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CZARINA_TV 8/4/2010 9:04AM

    What a beautiful park! Glad you had fun while still sticking to your goals...

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ERPARA 8/3/2010 3:19PM

    pretty pictures - thanks for sharing emoticon

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NUTRIGIRL08 8/3/2010 2:26PM

    Miss the desert!!

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LINDAKAY228 8/3/2010 8:27AM

    Brisket is a weakness for me and I probably would have overeaten LOL!
I love that area out there and the fact that it is so close to town that it's easy to make a quick trip out there to hike when the weather isn't raining. Glad you had a good time.

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GOHUSKERS2 8/3/2010 8:05AM

    Great pictures! As for dark beer, I had never tasted it until we went to Germany ages ago. But I loved it and still prefer it. My insulin intake doesn't allow me much, but I've found that the dark ODouls isn't too bad. And you're deserve it!! What a great place to live as it's so pretty there.

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RUSTBUCKET1 8/3/2010 1:38AM

    Wow, that looks so lush and green! Just gorgeous!

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NAPITOVSFAME 8/2/2010 10:56PM

    Looks very green. I thought you said you lived in the Desert? Oh I forgot, all that rain. Send some our way will you? We need one more cutting of hay.

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DEVORA4 8/2/2010 10:52PM

  You are right. You deserved the beer. LOL Actually, I Hate beer {notice the capital H} for emphasis} emoticonpictures.

I mentioned your name is my last blog. See you emoticonyou are much more than a emoticondeb

Comment edited on: 8/2/2010 10:53:13 PM

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Last night the park in Hurley, New Mexico was a happening place. The Garcia family was having a reunion and celebrating marking their uncle's grave. Many people were in attendance from as far away as Florida and Nebraska. BBQ grills lined the park and numerous kids were in the pool. A DJ was present and the music was wonderful. It took 2 hours and 10 minutes for everything to change.

Needless to say, the lightning got really bad and the rain was awesome. Silver got over an inch of rain in an hour. Everyone had a good time at the party but when I said the pool was one argued at all. The lightning show was better than the fireworks on the Fourth of July. The rain came down in sheets and it took me 40 minutes to drive home. It was raining so hard it was very difficult to see.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HALLALUYAH 8/6/2010 6:53AM

    Good sleeping weather.....I love the pix too.
Luyah emoticon

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NUTRIGIRL08 8/2/2010 12:46PM

    Wow! I miss the desert rains!!!

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JUSTBIRDY 8/1/2010 11:15PM

    Beautiful! I miss rain.

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DEVORA4 8/1/2010 10:44PM

  Hello Pretty Lady, Your pics taken with a cellphone are so so emoticon. I feel like I was there with you folks. Will you send us some rain please? How's that nasty rash of yours doing?

Take care sweety. You are awesome. When I started Spark, I had no idea that I'd have new pals like you. Loads of emoticon emoticondeb

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LINDAKAY228 8/1/2010 6:25PM

    Yeah and the clouds are building up again right now and the Weather Channel is sending warnings out of another storm like that this evening. Beautiful pics you took.

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IRNGIRL 8/1/2010 6:10PM

    WOW...those pics are amazing! It sounds like you mad the best of a crummy situation though.

~Jen emoticon

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ADDI1255 8/1/2010 4:41PM

    I'm sorry that the weather spoiled your plans. Hopefully everyone got out ok.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I love rain. I love living in the desert and the way rain smells when it hits sage. Odors of rain are something I look forward to. I AM Tired of the rain. It can go away for a day or two or three.

Have an Elk's picnic today complete with horse shoe tournament, etc. You guessed it, it is overcast and rainy. Have a pool party I have to work tonight...rainy and I have to stay open unless it lightnings. It has not had much lightning in the last two days, just water.

I'll quit complaining. I have great friends here, I feel good mostly and the green colors are phenominal! Have a great weekend!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SAMODER 7/31/2010 11:38PM

    I too love the rain, but get tired of it when it doesn't stop.

Hope you have fun.


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SOCKITTOME 7/31/2010 5:31PM

    We've had a ton of rain here in Colorado (Denver area) the past couple of days, in the form of heavy afternoon/evening storms. Thankful for the moisture, however.

Hope the rest of your weekend goes better and that you get a break in the rain!

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LINDAKAY228 7/31/2010 5:29PM

    Yeah, I am getting a little tired of the rain too, although I do like the cooler temps because of it, especially at night. It hasn't been good for hiking though and I need my hiking fix soon.

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NAPITOVSFAME 7/31/2010 1:39PM

    I thought you were in the desert. How much rain could you have? I am sure it will go away soon.

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