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Dam It Man Triathlon

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I am home and.........I WON! I am gathering some pictures and planning how I want to write up the report> Tomorrow I will try a blow by blow report. Tonight I am tired, thrilled and icing knees. Thank you to all of you that have encouraged me. It worked!

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BERNADETTEB 7/25/2010 10:25PM


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JUST_TRI_IT 7/25/2010 4:49PM

    This first installment is motivating! Can't wait to read the blow by blow!

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MOMMYFOTLAND 7/25/2010 12:55AM

    Yay!!! Can't wait!

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**JENN** 7/25/2010 12:35AM

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! emoticon

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DEVORA4 7/24/2010 10:53PM

  What? Wow I AM ecstatic for you. I felt you would because before you win anything in life you have to feel like a winner in your heart and mindset. {I think I'll use that in my next blog}

We want details. Love you debby emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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S3XYDIVASMOM 7/24/2010 10:41PM

    This kind of competition intrigues me. I think I'd better aspire to a 5K first. Congratulations.

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SOCKITTOME 7/24/2010 10:10PM

    WOOHOO!!!!! Can't wait to read your report. You inspire me to keep going for my tri's next summer. Woohoo!!!!!

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Triathlon Weekend

Friday, July 23, 2010

I am almost to the point of packing. Have to go teach class at the college and then I will pack. Have a nice place to stay. I hope the weather cooperates. I will talk to everyone late tomorrow or on Sunday morning. LOL, mostly likely both!

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SAMODER 7/24/2010 9:48PM

    Can't wait to hear how you do. Good luck.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Good Luck!!!! I'm sure you are going to be emoticon!

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MPALMER15 7/23/2010 12:44PM

    Have fun!

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PAMAPPLE 7/23/2010 11:31AM

    Good luck!!!!! I know you will do well!!!! Can't wait for the report!!!!!

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CZARINA_TV 7/23/2010 11:22AM

    Good luck on the tri!


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SOCKITTOME 7/23/2010 9:47AM

    Good luck and enjoy!

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K8NJKSMOM 7/23/2010 9:27AM

    Good luck! Looking forward to hearing about your results!!!

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LINDAKAY228 7/23/2010 9:16AM

    Best of luck and hope the weather is good for you! Most of all, have fun!!!!

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NAPITOVSFAME 7/23/2010 9:05AM

    almost ready to pack myself. This tri I am doing in tomorrow. don't know why it's on a Saturday. Getting nervous and excited at the same time. Going to do a light run and swim today and lots of yoga stretching. Then a nice meal of complex carbs and early to bed. Hopefully I will get some good sleep. Good luck.

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DEVORA4 7/23/2010 8:23AM

  Hey Best of luck Anxious to hear how you did. Thanks for goodie but I won't send it to you. After all, you are in training. emoticonme

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I can't be the only person in the world that wears their heart on their sleeve. I kinda feel like that heart is close to being washed off from time to time. I think I am just tired and perhaps misunderstood.
I have a dry sense of humor and I am very stubborn. There are two ways to get things done: 1) My way, and 2) The way I want things done. I am truly working on becoming more flexible and accepting. I know my way is not always the easiest way or the most correct, but it is the way I choose.
Last weekend I wrote a blog on bike ride or walk. I blew out a tire, dislocated my knee cap and walked back to town. A couple of my friends are pretty upset about me doing so. I have been told I need couseling for some "issue". Probably correct, but then again...I had something to prove to myself.
I did what I felt I needed to do. I have scraped several things from my plate, and I am trying to communicate more. Baby steps, time and patience! Know if I am not talking that I might have nothing to say. I AM NOT ANGRY!

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CHATTYMCPATTI 7/23/2010 12:07AM

    Oh my gosh, i read your blog and felt like it came right out of my head! Must be in the name:) I am just like that. I am not sure why people are always trying to fix me, why don't they try and fix themselves? I didn't even know I was broken:)


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LINDAKAY228 7/22/2010 7:13PM

    I am a lot like you and probably would have done the same thing.

I saw this on another person's blog and just loved it: "The only normal that counts is the one that works for me!" SparkPeople member Teeny_bikini
I love it and that's gonna be my motto.

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K8NJKSMOM 7/22/2010 12:37PM

    You should just keep on being "You"!. You are a very kind, considerate person who brings a lot of inspiration, support and friendship into peoples' lives. That is a pretty good thing to be.

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    I guess I don't understand what your "issue" is. You are a tough, strong, determined, independent woman. Is there something wrong with that?!?!? emoticon

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NUTRIGIRL08 7/22/2010 9:43AM

    I saw nothing wrong with what you did! Like you said you had something to prove to yourself not everyone else. In fact may be they should look at the fact that you wanted them to continue on, how considerate! Because I have friends that would have been pi*#ed if everyone had not stopped for them. Be who you are! That is what makes you, YOU! emoticon

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FROMBABY2BRIDE 7/22/2010 9:32AM

    Hope your knee is ok!!!


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CZARINA_TV 7/22/2010 9:16AM

    Which "issue"? You'd had a tough week.

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DEVORA4 7/22/2010 8:59AM

  According to my feelings, you are just fine. I wouldn't change anything about you. Of course, I am prejudiced. Patty, they don't come better. Keep it up girl friend, you are the emoticon.

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Dreaded Letter......

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I got the dreaded letter tha many teachers hate to get. It is the middle of summer and I have to start school on the 9th of August! Don't get me wrong, I love having a job but:
1. I just got out of school
2. It is the hottest time of the year
3. The kids are as cranky as I am
4. The air conditioning will be turned off at the school
5. Can't wear shorts or sleeveless articles of clothing
6. Can't swim 4 or 5 hours every day
7. Have to work out in a gym again............
I have a thousand excuses for not returning to work. I have only gone on three long bike rides with my good friends. This summer has been way short and not as satisfying as I thought it would be. Guess I should just be thankful that I have a job and just shut up and like it. YUCK!

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PAMAPPLE 7/21/2010 11:07PM

    I never look forward to starting school in the fall...maybe fear of the unknown and getting up early and getting out in the late afternoon, five days a week. At least you had a break from the kids, well the school kids, and that can make you feel more like starting a new routine again. God has blessed you with a job even though there are some challenges. Will fans help?

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TRIXEL 7/21/2010 10:55PM

    I understand. It's not really the same, but I miss all of the long walks I took while I was unemployed. There's certainly a different pace now with the 7:30 to 4 grind.

No A/C? I hope you have a ton of fans. :(

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YW84FRIDAY 7/21/2010 10:33PM

  Why does school start so early there? We start after Labor Day. Does your state do year round school??


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PURPLESPEDCOW 7/21/2010 10:31PM

    Yes the summers get shorter and shorter. I return to work next week and the kids start the first Monday in August. Usually I get bored early on during the summer, but this year I didn't get every thing done I wanted to either. Have a great year, and the excitement will be there when it is supposed to be there. I promise.

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DEVORA4 7/21/2010 10:23PM

  So enjoy what you have left from your summer vacation and make the best of it. Most people, if they're lucky, only get 2 weeks vacation. Think of it that way.

2nd time I asked. How is that nasty rash? Enjoy your ride, hon. I am with you on the ride, in spirit.

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SAMODER 7/21/2010 10:18PM

    I start a week after you do. I agree that this summer has gone way too fast - especially with being laid up with my knee.

But I will feel better once school starts. I'm sure you will too.


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Heat Rash

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have a heat rash in my armpits....never had this before and not impressed with it at all. Anyway, I am off to potty the pups and then to bed. No words of wisdom from me tonight, but I am taking suggestions for getting rid of the heat rash.

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ERPARA 7/22/2010 2:31PM

    Vaseline (this is the best thing that my husband has found that works)

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    I get this when my shirt is too tight in the armpits... i just have to wear loose clothing for a while... I'm going to try the advice you've gotten on this blog next time this happens to me! I'm glad you brought it up!!


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SAMODER 7/21/2010 10:00AM

    My hubby had the same problem on his legs. He found A & D oinment helped.


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IMSMILEY88 7/21/2010 9:42AM

    yikes! Hope you are feeling better soon!

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PAMAPPLE 7/21/2010 9:17AM

    Ditto to the cornstarch and cotton t-shirt!

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SOCKITTOME 7/21/2010 12:16AM

    Cornstarch sounds like a good idea, as does the cotton t-shirt to keep the skin from rubbing.

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MPALMER15 7/20/2010 11:53PM

    Try patting a little cornstarch or baking soda on it. Then sleep in a 100% cotton t-shirt. It will wick away moisture and should keep you from chafing more if you get hot during the night.

Comment edited on: 7/20/2010 11:54:26 PM

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DEVORA4 7/20/2010 11:52PM

  emoticonoow that is annoying. Try putting on Baby Powder. Hope I have helped. emoticon emoticondeb

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