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2013...What A Year...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It occurred to me that I haven't written in quite some time. This year has made me very reflective a great deal of things. First and foremost my health, I have lost and gained weight and learned where I want I want to be with my personal goals to be happy inside and out. I know what it's going to take next year to achieve these goals and I realize that there are going to be be some pitfalls, but it's about staying strong mentally and physically. I have seen so many in my family battle some serious issues, like stress, cancer and much more. It takes it's toll on you as a person and family member. So, keeping positive as much as possible is important, although tough at times.

I think in order to maintain a positive outlook, it's time to weed out those that bring negativity or those that are more of acquaintance then friends. This year has taught me that not everyone is your friend and while that has been a difficult pill to swallow; as I take pride in my friendships and base a great deal on loyalty, I've come to realize that not everyone views things the way that I do in terms of relationships and how to maintain them. I cannot pick up the pieces for everyone, when those I held in high esteem do not return the favor. I am learning that actions speak volumes and words are just that. I understand that everyone has things go on in their lives and cannot be there for someone 100% of the time. However, when people fall through a rough patch, it's your real friends that are there to provide at least words of encouragement. Some people I have simply lost touch with and place no blame on them or myself. We get wrapped up into daily occurrences and stop to smell the roses; it happens.

I am trying to be a better person in general and looking at the glass as half full, instead of empty. We all have our bad days and slip up; but I think those moment define you as a person regarding our character and reactions to those situations. There have been issues with family, friends, work, home and health, but I try to move past those as gracefully as possible and with an attempt to smile.

I look forward to 2014 and pray that it brings new positive changes. One can hope right?

I wish you all the best in this Holiday Season and New Year.



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today is a very sad and reflective day. I recently received word that my Great Aunt Alice passed. She was diagnosed with an aneurysm and had moments to live. Well, anyone that knows about my family knows that we are fighters; she hung on for much longer.

I am grateful for the time that I was able to spend with her; including fond memories of my childhood summers on the farm in Stevens Point, along with other wonderful family members and in living in Arizona for a brief period of time, she was always there for me. I will always consider her a phenomenally incredible woman, with great strength, life and conviction.

I know that she is amongst amazing Angels that will welcome her and hug her tightly. Say hi to Grandma and Grandpa for me. You will be missed.

xoxo, Natalie emoticon

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ABB698 7/28/2011 1:52AM

    Hugs, Nat. Aunt Alice will definitely be smiling down on you. Hold your special memories close to your heart. You and your family are in my prayers.

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LILNAT04 7/27/2011 5:23PM

    Thank you very much!

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MR54BLD54 7/27/2011 5:22PM

    God bless you and your family.

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Finally Summer is Here....

Thursday, June 09, 2011

It appears that we are finally having the summer season, I have been looking forward to all winter. Minus the rain and thunderstorms we have been experiencing, I will take the sun and being able to enjoy the outdoors; you have to have some rain to enjoy the sunshine right?

I have so much to be grateful for and being able to walk around and enjoy things is one of them. Two years ago I had a major surgery in which there were complications. I was stuck indoors all summer long. Which has inspired me, along with great people in my life to work out and become more healthy. In highschool, I was always active, healthy and thin. That is my goal now as an adult. Sometimes, we have so much in life that we forget what is really important. I read a Spark article today about being your own best friend, and it rang so true to me. You really have to love yourself and take care of your body, internally and externally. If you don't...who will?

I admit, I have fallen off the beaten path and haven't stayed consistant with diet and exercise, for many reasons. But, I am determined to get back on that horse and get things on track. Yesterday evening, I tried on swimsuits, which in the past hasn't always been a great experience. But last night, I was able to embrace my curves and yes, there are areas that need improvement, but instead of getting down about it; I realized I am a work in progress and results take time. I have gone major sizes in my bra and shirts, and to me that is quite the accomplishment.

I am hoping by next summer, a brand new swimsuit is in order...=)

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CARINAREADS 6/13/2011 1:51PM

    I'm excited that we finally hit summer weather, too (though last week, it was really awful-humid for a day or two).

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SOULOFADANCER 6/12/2011 6:43PM

    I am soo over the rain and snow we had this year. I need the sun !!

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ABB698 6/10/2011 2:13AM

    Happy Summer! Woo Hoo for the sun!
Good for you and the bathing suit victory! emoticon

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WOWCAT 6/9/2011 10:59AM

    I hear you! I live in the PNW and it seems like it's been raining forEVAH! I'm so glad for the sunshine, even though its still a little scattered! I plan to get out and enjoy it as much as possible this summer.

Trying on swimsuits sounds god-awful, I cannot imagine doing it. But I'm going to have to do it too so I can take my kiddos swimming. Sounds like you have an awesome attitude about it, I could learn a thing or two.

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Sunday, February 20, 2011

During this weekend, I noticed that a friend made a remark about my body and it really hurt me; I have moved past it as I know that I am making progress and taking strides to become thinner and more importantly; healthier!

Saturday, I was fortunate enough to attend a live taping of Kathy Griffin. She is amazing and made me laugh so hard. It took my mind off of being hurt and sad. I have learned that surrounding myself with uplifting, positive people help me on this journey. In addition, it inspires me to relax and enjoy; suck up the moments of life that should be recognized. I had a blast on Saturday and I cannot wait for more moments such as these. Thank you Kathy for a wonderful experience. And thank you Mandy; for being there and sharing the moment with me! I had a great time with you!

To all Sparkers reading this; don't let anyone bring you down or try to. We all have personal struggles and I think as friends, and decent human beings we should encourage and uplift! Not discourage and hurt. I believe that words are pretty powerful; so they should be chosen carefully. In addition, lead by inspiring actions...putting your best foot forward makes others want to step in the same direction.

Enjoy your Sunday!

xoxo, Natalie emoticon

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M_F_J_ 3/22/2011 2:18AM

    Laughter is indeed the best medicine Nat!!! Glad you had a great time at Kathy griffin concert!!! Let me know the next time you guys attend a concert, as I would like to join you and share the laughter!!!


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TERRI289 2/20/2011 9:55PM

    Cruel comments and people do not belong in anyone's world. I am glad that you feel better because that comment has nothing to do with you. More to do with that person...

Glad that you are getting healthy for you!! You are exquisite,inside and out!!

xoxoxoxoxoox emoticon

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FITMARY 2/20/2011 8:19PM

    I agree. It really helps to stay positive. Keep laughing!!!

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ABB698 2/20/2011 8:19PM

    I am so happy you realized that one persons thoughts do not define you or measure any progress you have made! You are worth so much more! Glad you had fun at the Kathy. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

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GRACIE1232 2/20/2011 4:42PM

  Being happy is only a thought away

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Making Strides....

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I had a recent follow up appointment with my Doctor on Monday regarding my blood pressure and thyroid. He was very impressed with my weight loss, more importantly, my blood pressure has dropped and not so high. Right now I am a a pretty even plateau and pretty happy thus far. I had to have a blood draw, not too excited about that. As anyone that knows me, knows that I am afraid of needles. But, after awhile, I felt better and was back on my feet. I am hoping that the draw shows great results concerning my liver; just waiting to hear back. emoticon

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ABB698 2/13/2011 4:29AM

    emoticonon the BP! What a great accomplishment! I was able to go off BP meds after 10 years of being on them, after losing the weight. That is so cool! What's up with your thyroid? You know, I had mine removed 2 days before Christmas.
Hope all is well!
Sending sunshine from CA! emoticon

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FITMARY 2/9/2011 6:11PM

    Now THAT'S progress! Awesome!!!!

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LILNAT04 2/9/2011 10:39AM

    Thank you so much!!

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CARINAREADS 2/9/2011 10:37AM

    Great job!

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L_CHANGES 2/9/2011 10:36AM

    Congrats on the drop in blood pressure - baby steps! You are doing great!

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