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Lucky Level 13

Monday, July 07, 2014

Today, I hit Level 13 here on Spark People.

I'm writing this blog to remind myself that in order to see progress, to "level up," all I have to do is show up, drink my water, enter my food, do a tiny bit of exercise. Pushing myself harder and going to extremes does not bring about progress faster. It only leads to a crash and burn.

In one week I have...

1. Lost 2.5 pounds. (Yes I was hungry. Yes I was lightheaded at first. Now I am not.)

2. My skin feels younger. (Water + Exercise = The Fountain of Youth! I don't mind getting old, but I don't want to feel like every time I move my skin is cracking.)

3. My mind is clearer. (The stress and depression that haunts me isn't gone, but I can deal with it better.)

4. I don't feel like a tick about to burst. (Gaining all that weight back is just too much stress on my body. I have tiny bones. They can't carry a lot of weight. I don't want to feel like a water balloon when I walk.)

Keep moving. Keep logging in. Stay focused.

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ICEDEMETER 7/7/2014 3:21PM

    Nice to have the tools here when you want them, isn't it?

Kudos on getting past the hunger and feeling better!

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JLAMING263 7/7/2014 12:31PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Food For Thought

Monday, June 30, 2014

I don't eat McDonalds fries. I don't eat McDonalds anything. However, this picture makes me wonder just how many strawberries I could eat before feeling sick and never wanting to eat another strawberry again. I'm fairly sure I wouldn't make it to 114.

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EGRAMMY 6/30/2014 7:54PM

    Granddaughter drove us a long way. She doesn't stop at McDonalds as something bothers her Chrons disease.

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GARDENQE2 6/30/2014 1:11PM

    I'm crazy about strawberries!
It's easy for me to eat a quart in one sitting...maybe I should count as I go!
Thanks for sharing!

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JONPLANE 6/30/2014 12:29PM

  Good to ponder!

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Water Balloon

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Water weight is so weird. Losing three pounds in three days is deceiving. I usually carry about five pounds of water weight when I'm stressed. I understand biology and metabolisms...but that water weight thing is always baffling to me.

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ALEXTHEHUN 5/25/2014 1:58PM

    It's baffling and frustrating.

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MARYJOANNA 5/25/2014 1:08PM

  Who can understand how the body works?

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KNEEMAKER 5/25/2014 1:08PM

  Water water everywhere and so many drops to drink. That is good though. We cannot survive without it. I wish you much success on your journey. Have a great weekend and a Special Sunday. emoticon

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Pity Party

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Today's my birthday. It's been terrible.

For months now, I've been pushed and prodded into doing more work, into promoting myself, into doing things that make me uncomfortable. I thought that maybe the people who have been demanding would at least show me a little appreciation on my birthday. Nope. Most of them forgot. In fact, today seemed like an after-thought to my husband.

When it comes to everyone else's birthday, I have to be the super-party planner rock star. If I don't bake them a cake, fill their car with balloons, and make them feel like the best person on the planet, then I'm a bad friend, sister, daughter, or wife.

I know there's still time for some sort of awesome surprise, but trust me, there's no awesome surprise. My husand works nights. My family hasn't even called. My friends all forgot (except those on Facebook, but I won't be seeing them in real life today). I have class tonight. So, like I said…there's no chance at all of surprises.

So, I'm just going to sit here and throw myself a pity party. Today sucks.

Also, in the future, the chances of me being the super party planner rock star are, statisically speaking, around zero.

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LASTXAROUND 4/26/2014 6:16PM

    Awe. That sounds like my b'days. But, not to be out done, I always do something or buy something for myself that I have been wanting. Give it a try next time around and watch your spirits soar!

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BANANNAPHANT 4/25/2014 2:33PM

    Lame sauce! Might you have time to do something nice for yourself? I know it's not the same, but you deserve some pampering.


A very happy birthday to you!

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STEVEN_D 4/24/2014 7:28PM

    Happy Birthday!!

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LILLIPUTIANNA 4/24/2014 6:34PM

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. After a bit of Facebook shaming, my husband has figured out that he dropped the ball today. Now he's frantically trying to make it up to me. *sigh*

Oh well. Some birthdays are like this I guess.


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NAJ1965 4/24/2014 6:28PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY emoticon

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EVIE4NOW 4/24/2014 6:24PM

  Happy Birthday to you. I hope your coming year is a joyous one and gives you everything you want and deserve.

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LJOYCE55 4/24/2014 6:13PM

  I know if I really want something, I need to give it to myself. From now on, throw your own party. Make reservations, call up friends and invite them over to help you eat birthday cake, buy yourself a fancy new blouse, etc. No more pity parties needed. You get what you want and everyone else gets to celebrate as well. Win-win.

BTW, Happy Birthday To You.

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NEWLITTLE1 4/24/2014 6:09PM

    emoticon emoticon to you emoticon to you emoticon to you emoticon to you emoticon

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JAPITTARD 4/24/2014 6:03PM

    I'm so sorry to hear about your cruddy day. It's no fun to feel forgotten! I wish there was something that I could do to help make it better. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

-Amy P
Also I host a fitness and accountability group on Facebook. It’s a private group where we check in, keep each other accountable and encourage one another on our journeys! Because it is private what you post in the group doesn’t show up on your regular feed. I would love for you to join us. If you would like you can either message me your email address and I can add you that way (we don’t have to be FB friends if I add you by email….. OR you can find me on Facebook and add me as a friend ( Once you add me as a friend I can add you directly to the group. I hope you join in!!

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LANSELMI 4/24/2014 6:03PM

    You have your spark people! Happy Happy Birthday xo

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WAY2GOCAT 4/24/2014 6:01PM

    Happiest of birthdays to you!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Blessings and emoticon on this special day! No room for a pity party! Rejoice!

Comment edited on: 4/24/2014 6:03:37 PM

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Reality Check

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Twelve pounds. That’s it. Just twelve. That’s all I need to lose to reach my goal. I’ve been staring at that goal for years.

When I log into Sparkpeople, I see articles about people who lost 50, 100, 250 pounds. I read about their horrifying health issues that prompted them to lose that weight. I recognize that my twelve pounds is pretty pathetic. I feel guilty for being so petty. Twelve pounds is nothing.

There are people here on SP, who if all they had to lose was twelve pounds, they’d be deliriously happy. Yet, here I am...beating myself up over it. I just read about a woman who lost 65 pounds and before she lost the weight, walking felt like stepping on shards of glass. I can’t imagine that. That is terrifying. My heart absolutely breaks for anyone who experiences anything like that. Yet here I am, fussing over twelve pounds.

“But twelve is just a number!” you say. (You are a good little Sparker. That is the right thing to say.)

It is just a number, but it’s a number that keeps causing me trouble. It shouldn’t cause me trouble. I should be happy that it’s only twelve pounds...not 50, 100, or 250.

My husband was shaming me in front of a friend the other day. “She thinks she’s fat,” he laughed. “She’s always going on about how fat she is.”

I know he means well, but I felt like crawling into a dark cave and hiding there forever.

Yes, my weakness is feeling like I’m fat, no matter how thin I am. I will probably always be that way. I know it’s irrational. I know that there are people out there who have a much harder time at this than I do. I know that twelve pounds is nothing compared to 50, 100, or 250.

Those of you who struggle against health issues and much more imposing goals inspire me. Your strength amazes me. When you see someone like me whining about twelve pounds, pay us no mind.

Stay strong Sparkers.

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TURBO-GIRL 4/23/2014 5:48PM

    Believe me, I competely understand it. Right now I need to lose probably about 8 or 10, which is nothing in comparison to the successes that others have had...and yet I still struggle with it! Just remember that no matter where you start on your weight loss journey, it is usually those last pounds that the body will fight the hardest to hold don't give up. :)

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UNSWEETMAMA 3/31/2014 4:24PM

    Oh, please. It's a lot because it is yours to bear. I lost half of myself (140 lbs) and I feel the same way you describe when I think of the folks that started out above 400 or 500 pounds.

It's all relative. If that is the number that you need to conquer, then it is your challenge.

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TIME_TO_SHINE1 3/30/2014 4:04PM

    emoticon sorry your husband mad you feel bad. Don't feel bad because you fret over 12 pounds. To you 12 pounds is like someone else's 20 or 25, we all have a number that is the perfect to us. Try not to worry too much and enjoy where you are.

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LILLIPUTIANNA 3/30/2014 3:35PM

    It's a valid point, Trixy. My BMI is officially in the healthy range and it is possible that it simply doesn't want to go any lower. Those twelve pounds are definitely vanity pounds. Again, I feel ridiculous letting those last twelve pounds dominate my life.

Comment edited on: 3/30/2014 3:35:27 PM

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TRIXYMAHOGANY 3/30/2014 2:19PM

    Did you ever think about the possibility that maybe your body is happy where it is? Living a healthy life is what really matters, not some number on a scale.

But still, I think I know how you feel. Try not to let it get you down. emoticon

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VICKI-B-N-FLA 3/30/2014 12:55PM

  Shame on your husband for embarrassing you that way. Twelve pounds can be to you like 100 pounds is to me. If it makes you unhappy, it needs to go. Just try to lose it in a healthy way. Maybe tweaking your diet a little; cutting back on the sodium can make a HUGE difference.
I'm rootin' for you. emoticon emoticon

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