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Asian food dilemna.. way too much sodium

Sunday, May 31, 2009

After a whole day of recording my food intake and workouts, the daily report confirmed a bad habit I and many other Asian-food lovers share.

The daily sodium intake is off the chart. I knew deep inside that I should back off the kimchi, pickled cucumber and the hot and sour soup, but substituting soy sauce for the low sodium soy sauce didn't prevent the inevitable truth: one serving of any Asian food might be enough to meet your sodium daily allowance.

Move to take: stop eating Asian food unless I cook it myself. emoticon


Beginning of a challenge

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My weight always fluctuated over the years. At times I was very angry with myself for gaining in a matter of weeks all the weight I slowly shaved off over months of workout.
Other times I just tell myself, it happens to everyone and that's okay: I will work out and lose it again. But now that I am turning 30 I am worried it might take much more effort and time (.. I guess it was nice to be younger, too bad I never realized it until now..)

Anyhow, here I am ready this time to ... become a healthy grown up. Yes!!! I know .. it took some time to finally merge out of the post teen/young adult phase. But who can blame me (.. beside my parents, of course..) it was such an enjoyable phase.

Today is my first day. I am motivated now, even though I only started because my mom wanted to lose some extra weight and can't really find the motivation on her own. So thank you, mom. Thank you for the push and for trying to stay healthy and be with us for many years, no.. for many decades, to come.