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Workout Schedule (28 Oct-27 Nov)

Friday, October 19, 2012

No more procrastinating, no more taking it slow, no more putting off my long term goals for instant gratification. This time around, I'm here to lose weight, do serious workouts and kick some butt. Here is my workout plan for the next month

Re-evaluated goals

1. Weight Loss- 2 lbs/Week

Week 1-
Week 2-
Week 3-
Week 4-

2. Blue Skinny Jeans (+Photo)

3. Complete Month 1 of P90X/BBL Hybrid

4. Clean diet + Post daily CICO's on team thread (with deficit!)

5. No dinner diet- Worked like a wonder the last time I'd lost weight. It's not about starvation, it's about staying within the calorie range and avoiding midnight binges. I'm an insomniac and I end up having an extra 'meal' at night. No wonder my weight has been yo yo-ing for months.

I'll update the blog daily!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FITAT50 10/19/2012 3:06PM

    Love it!!! Glad to see you're back in it again!

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DIET_FRIEND 10/19/2012 12:38PM

    Looking at your page, I can see that there are no worries that you will give up. Awesome progress!

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DIET_FRIEND 10/19/2012 12:28PM

    If you don't lose 2 pounds every week, please don't be discouraged and give up--that's the worst thing you could do. Good luck with your program.

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GETTINFIT-2014 10/19/2012 12:12PM

Sounds like a great plan!

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Workout Schedule

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm starting P90X from today and I wanted to stay accountable so that I don't skip any workouts. Here is my workout plan for the next month:

I'll keep on editing this blog daily to let everyone know that I'm sticking to my workout schedule.

20 & 21- Done with both TNT and Jump Rope!! :)

22- Done with Chest and Back! :)

23- Didn't go for the run. I slept at 2:30 am yesterday and I was dead tired. Plyo X was brutal though! 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated cardio. I was about to faint after 30 minutes or so. :P
But it's definitely do-able. I'm pretty out of shape right now and if I can do it, so can anyone else who wants to give P90X a try. One can always modify the moves, go at their own pace and take longer breaks.

24- Shoulders & Arms was easy! And time just flew by. I definitely need heavier weights to make this workout more challenging.

25- Done! LCW= Jump Rope (1500)

26- Done with Kenpo X. I could only do half the workout because I was running out of time.

27- Done! :) TNT+ Kenpo X. I don't like to leave my workouts unfinished, so I did it all over again. Loved Kenpo!

28- Legs & Back- Done! It was a tough workout but I liked the variety!

29- Chest & Back- Done! My form was better and my arms felt stronger. It is, however, that time of the month and I have severe stomach cramps. I had popped in a pain killer but it didn't seem to help much.
With that said, I'll be doing push ups like a pro next week! emoticon

30- Plyo X. I think I performed better but it was still a tough workout. In all fairness, if you look at each move individually, it's fairly simple and not very high impact. But with the workout going on for 60 minutes and a handful of measly 30 second breaks thrown in between consecutive circuits- it can be hell-ish. Luckily, I enjoy hell-ish workouts. ;) Once you've done a program like P90X or Insanity, everything else pales in comparison and seems monotonous.

1/10/2012- Shoulders & Arms. Need new weights. The workout was still a killer though.

2- Kenpo X

3- Pure Cardio. It was my day off but I couldn't resist working out. To be really frank, it was pure hell! P90X is a lot easier than Insanity and I'm not used to such intense workouts anymore. Even so, I'd love to incorporate these workouts on my LCW days and do a round of Insanity once I'm done with P90X. I know that it'll do wonders for my cardiovascular health.

4- Kenpo X. I LOVE this workout. It's like taking a fun self defence class. :P +TNT

5- Walk (4 KM) + Chest & Back.

6- Plyo X. It isn't getting any easier but I'm getting stronger.

7- Rest Day. I know the weekend challenge is going on but my body is dead tired. I'll make up for it tomorrow.

8- Seriously didn't want to workout. But I did it. And loved it. :)
Shoulders & Arms. emoticon

9- Legs & Back- Aarrgghhhh!! It wasn't this tough the last time. I was out of breath the whole time!
I'm probably dehydrated (need to keep an eye on my water intake) Still, I showed up and pushed through. emoticon

10- Walk (3.5 KM) + Kenpo X

P.S. I'm not going for the runs right now. Will update as soon as I can start my morning workouts.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

THEMRSH 10/7/2012 10:09PM

    I am impressed that you have stuck with updating this!

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XXMILAXX 9/25/2012 12:59AM

    Awesome plan! I wish I was so organized..but it's really difficult for me to follow a scheduled plan.

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NICKJAROSH 9/24/2012 2:28PM

    great job!

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FITAT50 9/23/2012 1:13PM

    You're doing a great job! emoticon

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NO_SNOW_BODY 9/22/2012 11:10AM

    great plan

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SAASHA17 9/22/2012 8:59AM

    Good going Sannah...u can do this..

Love me some P90X..I havent done in a while..need t do it one of these days...I LOVE Plyometrics with DOm and fav men in p90x emoticon

Take care

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MICHIGANLORI 9/22/2012 8:17AM

    emoticon emoticon

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NORASPAT 9/22/2012 7:25AM

    A great plan where did you find the template. I am not computer savvyt and the trackers are beyond me now. I sat down and wrote my daily needs but I would love to be able to have this at my fingertips. Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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*MADHU* 9/22/2012 5:47AM

    emoticon emoticon

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My goals (BLC 20)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Maybe today is the worst day to write this blog or maybe it's the best one Either way, I'm having a 'fat' day. You know, one of those days when you wake up and feel like a blob of blobbiness (or something to that effect). And none of the clothes you try on seem to fit. And the rolls on your body seem to have accentuated all of a sudden.

Now that I have got that out of my system, here are my goals for BLC 20:

1. Weight- 144 lbs.

I weigh 156-ish lbs right now so it is definitely it is do-able. I am focusing on losing 1 lb/week. I would have aimed for more but I have a lot on my plate right now and I don't want to be so consumed with weight loss that I lose focus on other priorities.

2. 32'' waist.

I have cellulite on my body for the first time ever (OK, I have noticed that I have cellulite on my body for the first time ever ;)) so I am more focused on the inches than anything else. My waist has hit 34 and none of my jeans seem to fit any more. I have the cutest pair of jeans lying around and I can't wait to wear them.

3. 60 Minutes of workout/Day

Right now, I'm discovering my love for working out all over again. I'm running, jumping rope and enjoying the process! I'll basically stick to two chunks of 30 minute workouts done in the morning and in the evening.

4. Nutrition (1500 Calories/Day)

I still need to take out my BMR and everything but I tend to lose weight easily when I eat within this range. Also, no binging during these 12 weeks!

I'll be taking it one day at a time. That's what I'm aiming for- one day. And then another. And then another.

I'll see you at the finish line. emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

THEMRSH 9/18/2012 1:12PM

    emoticon 26lbs?! You go girl! That is lofty for sure but I'll be here cheering you on. That will take some serious focus. Looking forward to seeing your ending picture in those jeans!

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MICHIGANLORI 9/16/2012 4:33PM

    Good luck with the challenge. Looking forward to cheering you on!

emoticon emoticon

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LCDM83 9/15/2012 10:39PM

    A workout plan will help guide you. Maybe find a week to week plan for eating and exercise to keep you focused? Here's to getting into those jeans!

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FITAT50 9/15/2012 10:21AM

    Doing P90x is a great start! You have a very aggressive weight loss goal, I don't see any nutrition plans, remember they go hand in hand.

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    One day at a time is an excellent way to go! emoticon

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SHELLEY81 9/14/2012 12:24PM

    Staying consistent is the number thing with losing weight and inches. Can't wait to hear and see how you like P90X...

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RAIN454 9/14/2012 10:01AM

    Good Luck! Great expectations :)

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RANDOM00B 9/14/2012 9:57AM

    Great goals! emoticon

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SAASHA17 9/14/2012 8:54AM

    I like ur goals..good luck with it all...and rock the P90X and post pix of u in ur new jeans soon:)

take care

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MAGGIEVAN 9/14/2012 6:41AM

    All the best for your journey. One day at a time will add up and you will be amazed at what you have achieved.

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*MADHU* 9/14/2012 5:13AM

    Definitely doable...and try dry-brushing for cellulite - I am seeing some results :)

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BLC Before (... Now)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a food-aholic, just waiting to relapse and fall back into the old pattern- gaining weight, losing weight, binging, purging, eating mindlessly, working out like crazy.
Only today, I was shuffling through my old books and came across a copy of 'How to get from where you are to where you want to be' (a self help book focused on showing you how to achieve your goals) and my scribblings on the pages showed me how far I have come. Even though I feel that I'm stuck, I've actually accomplished a lot of those goals I had chalked out for myself and hadn't even consciously thought about. I have learned French, I've got rid of stage fright, I'm no longer shy and reserved and I'm finally pursuing a career of my choice. I'm in a healthy relationship with a guy and even though it's complicated, I have handled it with maturity. I have started writing, I'm preparing for a half marathon... well, the list is endless.

I over-analyse situations, romanticize about casual relationships, day dream about the wildest things and I have embraced that this psychotic, childish part of me makes me who I am. It is a part of me that is not boring, a part of me that makes me happy, a part of me that is real.

When I started writing this blog, I wanted to cry and crib about what a waste this last year has been. I wanted to say that I have gained a lot of weight and I'm embarrassed at the sheer idea of sharing my photos in public. I wanted to purge out negativity and play the victim.
And you know what, I'm not a victim. I'm beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and driven.

And I'm not embarrassed of sharing my before shots because in a matter of 12 weeks, they'll be accompanied with an 'after' shot. And how it turns out to be is in my hands. :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FITAT50 9/16/2012 1:23PM

    Those photo's are nothing to be ashamed of! To see how far you've come is amazing, think of how many people cannot even take that first step!

I'm looking forward to your pictures at the end of the 12 weeks because I know you're going to ROCK this challenge!


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REDHATSHAPELY1 9/14/2012 5:01PM

    Sanna, I applaud you on your blog. You are definitely an example of how to be an authentic team member. Your before photos are awesome! Thanks for showing us
how to take an honest internal inventory.

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RAIN454 9/14/2012 10:51AM

    You still look amazing so there's definitely nothing to be embarrassed about but I know how disappointing it is to see the number go up after you got it down...Im in the same boat just at a higher range :)
Good luck this round of BLC! I know you can do it and you will!

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MAGGIEVAN 9/14/2012 3:54AM

    You are beautiful. The battle is won or lost in the min. When you belive you can, you will. I vouch for you. Make it happen!

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DOOBRIE 9/14/2012 1:32AM

    Brilliant blog and photos! Good luck with your goals.

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LARIESHA 9/13/2012 11:00PM

    Awesome blog! You can do it! emoticon emoticon

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THEMRSH 9/13/2012 10:49PM

    emoticon What a great blog. I've only known you a week and you amaze me already. I'm stunned each time I come to your page and see your before picture I just say WOW. Looking forward to the progress you make over the next 12 weeks.

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MICHIGANLORI 9/10/2012 2:38PM

    I understand the relapses. I've been there and done it so many times. We are going to rock this challenge.

emoticon emoticon

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SAASHA17 9/10/2012 7:15AM

    baby steps...Ur thought process is going the right way...good luck with the challenge...


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*MADHU* 9/10/2012 5:44AM

    My trouble spots are your too... emoticon emoticon

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GHOSTFLAMES 9/10/2012 5:16AM


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Love, Life and more

Sunday, September 02, 2012

I believe in soulmates. Not your usual 'There is just one person out there who is destined to be with you'. I believe in Karmic Soulmates. I firmly believe that there are people in your life who are meant to be there. People who help you grow, people you push you to be the best possible version of yourself, people who love you, fight with you, irritate you and in the end... help you grow. These people might not be a permanent part of your life. They just do their job and silently walk away, leaving their imprints in your heart and soul. They leave you better, wiser and more mature than they had found you. They can be your brother, your mother, your friend, that random stranger you keep on seeing at the bookstore, that shopkeeper you occasionally chat with. They are there and they are there for a reason.

And I believe in romantic soulmates. People who are in sync with you on a deeper level than what is apparent on the outside.
I spent my pre-teen years engrossed in various copies of 'Mills n Boons'. Looking back, they were probably written to play with the naivety of girls like me- the ones who swooned at the thought of a tall, dark and handsome knight in shining armour who would take us to his castle- away from the banalities of this world.. and we'd live happily ever after. I believed that.
During high school, I was the loner- the fat girl no one wanted to date. In college, however, as the extra pounds started to drop, I was asked out by guys who seemed perfect in the absolute sense of the word- smart, good looking, sweet, witty, sensitive, rich (:P). And I kept on saying no. I didn't contemplate upon it, I didn't have to. Cliched as it might sound, it was almost as if my heart belonged to 'that guy'. Maybe my thoughts had become so concrete over these years that I could almost feel his existence.

And then he came- the guy I'm in a relationship with. He was sweet, intelligent, smart and the best part was that he loved me. He remained calm and composed when I threw tantrums, he waited patiently when I declared that I needed a 'break'. He listened to my pseudo- philosophical ideas with rapt attention and he never failed to tell me how much he cared. He still is... every one of those things and more.
Soon this relationship became a long distance one. The frequency of calls dropped substantially and suddenly our talks were peppered with awkward silences. And with the euphoria of the 'new' relationship wearing off, I could feel that we were drifting apart. He had proposed a couple of weeks before I had left. It wasn't a childish proposal made in haste. It was a serious statement made by a man who I knew would stand by his word. I could see in his eyes that he didn't expect the same commitment from me. I'm glad he didn't. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and suddenly I felt unsure and unsteady.

I waited for years to find love and now I'm wondering if love should have waited- for me to be more mature, less childish.

I know he is a soulmate- I just can't figure out whether he is a karmic soulmate or is he more than that. How do you capture something like love and mould it into a concrete relationship, a cold definition. How do you know when it's love and when it's something slightly less than that? How....?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RAIN454 9/10/2012 10:45AM

    I do believe in soulmates of all kinds...friends, mentors, lovers, etc. I think everything in life is predestined but how do you know when you find a soulmate? I think if you have to ask yourself the question then you kind of answer it. I have a couple of soul the friend sense..but soul mates nonetheless and whenever I decided thats what they were was AFTER the fact...i didnt know it when I met them. It was after "years" (or what felt like years) of knowing them that i, I was meant to meet this person. And I never had to ask myself"was he/she my soulmate...u just realize they are. But in the same sense, maybe you're questioning if this guy is your soulmate because you're jading soulmate with perfection. Even if you have had a few roadblocks along the way, doesn't necessarily mean that he's not the one. I really do hope you come across the answers you need. Just don't feel pressure to do anything because everything seems perfect or turn away from true love because every things not. Find the balance and you'll find your answer :)

Comment edited on: 9/10/2012 10:52:44 AM

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SAASHA17 9/3/2012 10:26AM

    .i hope u figure it all out...take care... emoticon

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*MADHU* 9/3/2012 4:22AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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