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I'm back searching for more..

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I'm back with Sparkpeople, again. Well, I never 'officially' left, I just stopped dropping by. Why? Because, I had reached my goal, I don't need to be accountable, I can do this on my own and a million other reasons. Well, I did lose the weight but, somewhere along the way I've realized that I'm more than a number on the scale. I'm trying to find that balance now of maintaining my weight without becoming overly obsessive about it.

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ELAINEROSE5 10/3/2011 9:13AM

    I just commented on your post about being new to the group, but feel like I understand where you are.

I continue to hope that I have figured this out finally! I am pretty much at goal weight (give or take) and just want to maintain. I have tried to make this whole thing about more than losing weight and read the nutritional info each time I see it! I think understanding nutrition and how important those things are to my body has been my biggest key to success this time. I feel so much better and I believe that eating the right things keeps craving and hunger at bay! I also took up running and believe that we have to properly fuel our bodies if we expect them to run! I wish you continued success on your journey. Congratulations on reaching your goal weight.


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The end of an abusive relationship

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I was going to title this entry addictive relationship but, some how the word abusive relationship seems more appropriate. For over 30+ years Iíve been in an abusive relationship. An abusive relationship with my scale. I know, I know, just throw the da** thing out. But, like all abusive relationships what a person is supposed to do is quite different than what actually happens. For a while I did get rid of my scale. For one year, I did not step on any scale what-so-ever. For whatever reason I bought a new scale. At first I limited the number of times I would get on. It started out just once a week, than it was twice a week and it just got worse from there. That number that I see totally determines the day I will have. If the number went down, I would have a good day. If the number stayed the same or worse went up, my day was crappy. How can three numbers have that much control over me. My self-esteem is often tied to those three numbers. But, today something happened.... I had an aha moment. The light bulb went on! I'm ending the relationship.

For the past three weeks Iíve been at a plateau. Those three numbers on the scale have not changed. Theyíre not going up but, they are not going down. Iím doing everything possible to get the scale to move. Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch. It is not moving. So this morning, I weigh myself and of course, itís the same number that Iíve been seeing for the past three weeks. But, I did something different this time; I took the time and took my measurements. When I first started my weight loss journey over a year and a half ago, I was taking my measurements once a month. For unknown reasons, I stopped and instead was relying on the scale. Well, you know what; I went back to my true friend, the tape measure. This friend tells me the whole truth Ė it told me that Iíve lost close to 26 inches of my body. Holy Frigt Batman, how awesome is that? I need to work on my relationship with the scale. I truly believe that we can work something out together but, for now, Iím thinking Mr. Scale is going into the back of my closet and my new bff will be the tape measure. I also need to remind myself of other things that I can do. I can run 5k's, I have more energy, my skin is clearer from eating healthier, I sleep better at night. I know it will be a struggle to end my relationship with the scale but, for my self-esteem, I need to do it.

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FEADHEAD 12/12/2010 8:47PM

    So true with the measuring. To break a plateau change something or lots of water consumption, exercise, and calorie range. It works! emoticon

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CSYOUNCE 12/1/2010 10:49AM

    GREAT blog.

I have to try to follow your lead and ditch my scale, I am just not ready......

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WAKEMEFRIDAY 11/30/2010 6:41PM

    Great job on 26 inches!!! That is amazing! And great job knowing that its time to switch from the scale to the tape :) Thats tough!

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It's in the mail....

Monday, November 29, 2010

Today, I mailed the registration for the YMCA Frostbite 5 mile run/walk. Thatís right, this coming Saturday Iím running 5 miles! Wish me luck because, Iím going to need it. This will be my first long distance run and Iím a little intimidated by it. I know I can always walk a portion of it but, Iím going to make an effort to run/jog the whole 5 miles. My goal for the run is to finish in under 70 minutes. Just a little under a 15 minute/mile. I know I can do a 12 minute mile for 3 miles but, Iím not sure if I can sustain that for an additional 2 miles. I wonít know until I try.

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DDHEART 11/30/2010 5:16PM

    You are going to do a fantastic job! Start out a little slow...the adrenalin rush tends to make you put too much out there in the first mile or so which can take a toll....if you think you're starting out slow you'll probably still be going at a pretty fast pace. Whatever you do....have fun! That is what it's all about. Remember since this is your first 5 miler, you will automatically be making a PR!!

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NIKKTASTIC 11/29/2010 5:58PM

    Awesome! Good luck! Make sure to get lots of pictures! =]

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TXDREAMSPINNER 11/29/2010 4:23PM

    Good luck!

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SFISHER333 11/29/2010 3:27PM

    Good Luck!

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GIANTMICROBE 11/29/2010 3:19PM

    Congratulations! No matter how you do, as long as you give it your all, you'll feel so proud and accomplished!

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Blessed Sunday

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today marks the first day of the Advent Season. I'm really trying to make an effort to hget back to the true meaning of Christmas. Tonight before we have supper, my husband and I will light the first Advent candle and meditate on the wonderful gift that was given to us by God.

Today was the first mass with our new priest. After 14 years, our former priest was re-assigned to another parish and we welcomed Father Jerzy (the J is silent) this weekend. I will miss Father Al tremendously but I'm sure over time Father Jerzy will find a way into our parish's heart. God bless the priests in our lives.

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SHAPNUP 11/28/2010 9:07PM

    I think it's wonderful that you have an advent wreath at home. I keep meaning to get one every year, and never do.

And yes, God bless our priests!

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Post-Thanksgiving Reflections.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I did great for my first winter run yesterday. I finished the Eastbay Turkey Trot 5k in 32:07. Parts of the course were ice/snow covered and the temperature was a 'balmy' 12 degrees. What a great feeling of accomplishment when I crossed the finish line. And, only in Wisconsin would there be free beer at the end of the run along with the bananas, bagels, etc. emoticon

Spent the remainder of the day at my parents and in-laws. It was great spending time with family and being grateful for the many blessings in my life.

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DDHEART 11/27/2010 11:59AM

    A Big emoticon on your winter run! Isn't it a great feeling?

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KTRIBE808 11/26/2010 8:54AM

    Congrats on completing your first winter's run!


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