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Fitness - if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body. ~Cher

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So today I'm going on act on one of the secrets that I read the other day. I've been stuck in this stupid plateau where I'm just bouncing around 147-150lbs, and I'm SICK of it! One of the secrets I read said that "in order to get out of a plateau I exercise 1 -1 1/2 hours a day for a week"...yea that's not really going to happen, but today I'm going to exercise for an hour and a half. Its weight lifting day, meaning I'm going to be starving but I'll just have to push through it, and I'm going to do a dancing video for an hour.

So that is my workout goal for today. Lets hope that I can stick to it, because sitting here at the computer it sounds really good..

My stress/happiness goal for today is to look in the mirror and find one thing that I'm really happy with in regards to my little bit less fluffy of a body. Its so easy to see the perfect bodies and envy them for not having chunky thighs, or thick arms, or stretch marks just about all over....but today I will not look down upon, I will lift up my body and what I have!

Anyways, happy dieting/working out today everyone!

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MRE1956 11/17/2010 9:59AM

    That's a great quote from Cher!


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LADYJ6942 11/17/2010 9:54AM

    Rock on!!! You can do this. It is hard work, but the investment in self is worth it. Focus on your favorite part when looking in the mirror. Notice the little changes, it helps move things along. I found focusing less on my mid section dislikes and more on my strong arms/legs/back, helped me see the changes starting to come in from all my hard ab work.

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I'm so hungry I could eat a horse..or a cute brown little doggy

Monday, November 15, 2010

Iím completely starving! Like, I think I might eat Mia if she comes too close! -my facebook status from earlier today. I think I may need to up my calorie intake on the days that I weight lift and do cardio. Back to my facebook status...of course one of the ever-loving sisters had to make a comment ďThis might be obvious, but maybe you should eat something...make a sandwich!Ē Negative! By the time I updated my status Iíd just about maxed out my 1,200 calories for the day.

For breakfast I had a Greek yogurt, a 60-calorie pudding for snack, and then a lean cuisine for lunch. And, I was still starving! But, I had enough calories left to have a decent dinner. As I was walking into the kitchen to refill my water bottle, I had already finished over 6 cups and I was trying to do the right thing, I decided that a cookie would probably kick it...normally thatís what happens when Iím starving. Big negative again. Four cookies and 45 minutes later, I realized I was still starving. BING, the golden colored diet light bulb went off and I realized ĎHey, I should eat protein to make me feel fullí. To the fridge I went and proceeded to make ham and bread roll up and drink down my bottle of water. *one piece of bread and 3 pieces of ham, only 100 calories).

Flashback to the facebook status. This is the point when posted my status. Another 45 minutes later and I realize that Iím still starving, yes starving and not hungry. So I go back to the fridge and grab three more pieces of ham and roll them up with mustard in the middle, and of course another refill of water. So with a very full bladder and at my calorie intake for the day, Iím finally not starving anymore. That is until, my way home from the gym where I had to coach three gymnastics classes tonight. I realized that my preplanned dinner wasnít going to cut it tonight. So off to Taco Bell we go. After eating dinner and finally feeling full, Iím 195 calories OVER and that includes the calories burned from my workouts. I normally donít include them in my calories that I can eat.

My question is what should I do?! Should I up my calorie intake on the days that I weight lift AND do cardio? Ryan, the hubby, said that if I up it I should keep it the same everyday. I donít want to. Iím at the point where Iíve hit a plateau. I lost my first 12 by diet alone, and some walking...100 miles to be exact. Now Iím weight lifting and I know Iím building muscle, which is why the scale isnít dropping every week. Some weeks it drops a pound or two, some weeks itís the same, and others its up a pound or so. I know that Iím building muscle and if I stick with it the fluff will start to pretty much fall off....but I donít know what to do about the hunger on the days that I lift and do cardio.

What should I do? What should I up it to on days that I lift? Should I keep the new increased number and use it all week, or only use it for days that I lift? Should I even increase my calories?



Monday Monday Monday

Monday, November 15, 2010

So, I am sitting in my cousins kitchen listening to Sesame Street. On Mondays, as long as I don't have a substituting job, I baby-sit for my cousin. Normally I make plans to work out on Mondays, but never really get around to it. Its hard when your dealing with a baby...and he's almost always fussy for me. But, I was able to get in 30
mins of weight lifting (go me, go me) and once I got to their house I was able to get in a 30 minute walking video (whoop, whoop).

I really wished I had worked out yesterday. I was so sore from an upper body workout that I did on Saturday that I could barely move anything. I'm still super sore, but no where near where I was yesterday. I had all of intentions of getting in a workout, I even got on our air resistance bike (it the pedals are connected to handles which if you use make the pedaling a million times easier, but it really works your arms). But, that only lasted 15 I had the lazies.

So here I am today, sore as heck but I worked out and I still have to teach gymnastics tonight.

And on the plus side of all that is already going good today...I've had about 6 1/2 glasses of water already!

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JIMCROCE 11/15/2010 2:01PM

  no pain, no gain. Keep up the good work

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THEEXERCISER 11/15/2010 1:33PM

    I am glad that you got the chance to workout emoticonfor you! emoticon emoticon

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Lazy Day

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ugh, today is such a lazy day. I strength trained two days ago, but yesterday at the gym, I coach gymnastics, I had some time between a class and a birthday needless to say I decided to hop on the bars and work on some stuff. My upper body is so sore today! I know I need to do some yoga or do light strength on my upper body to work out the sore muscles, but sitting here playing around on the spark is much more interesting right now...even if I have to keep moving my body around every couple of minutes because it feels good to stretch my aching muscles. I have another birthday party to work today, so I know I need to get in 3o minutes of cardio plus something to workout my upper body, but my brain just doesn't feel like getting my muscles ready to do anything.

On the up side, its not even lunch time and I've had 5 glasses of water already! I've noticed that if I don't get the majority of them in before lunch then I'm struggling to get the whole 8 before I go to bed.

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MOUNTALUM 11/14/2010 2:18PM

    I drink several large water bottles of lemon water a day (adding a little lemon juice to my H2O helps get it down sometimes). If I'm not rounding bottle #2 by lunch, then I know I won't hit my totals for the day.

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LOSER05 11/14/2010 11:46AM


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