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Alrighty, let's train for a 5k. and Why not?

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ok, so I've NEVER run before. In sixth grade, when everyone else ran the mile and the test was to get a what-ever minute mile... I rebelled. Totally flunked it. I walked it every time. I wasn't in bad shape, swam miles everyday, played in competitive soccer (where I did small sprints). But, you could not make me run. Sad but true.

I have a really large family on my dad's side (dad has five sisters and a brother), and most of my cousins run. My daughter loves to run. Can you see where I'm going here? Ok, so my gorgeous female cousins (some with four kids) run marathons. Seems like every other day - another pic on FB of one of my cousins completing some half marathon, posting pictures at the finish line, listing their times. With their teenage daughters no less. My daughter is jealous, she wants to run too. Running always seemed so painful for me. Didn't feel natural. But, my daughter wants it, so it will happen.

So, I came to trusty SP to find what I new I would find. A training manual for the 5k. I have a treadmill (hey, its 18-25 degrees out here) and have only used it to walk. I do use it though. Ok, so not so much during the holidays, but I do use it.

I'm terrified of running. See, if I over-exert myself in this state of 'shape' I get punished for it later. Usually the next day I am in traction, painful to move my legs let alone walk for any distance. This is what really scares me. I'm only 35! Why, oh why, would my body react like this? I don't know. But it HAS to change. I thought at first maybe its just all in my head, but I found that its really all in my back and legs. I have been walking again since the First, really trying to push myself without hurting myself. I think its working.

I go online to Biggest Loser. All of those people are bigger than me. Some older, some with blood pressure problems, some with diabetes. And yet, they move, run, then move somemore. All to wake up the next morning and do it again. (I often wonder if they have saunas and muscle massages after that which we are not privy to). If they can do it so can I right? So, each day - I find that little motivation. Really it can be any show which has the people exercising. The Today show has had Kathy Lee and Hoda exercising through the show. I've got to say, that old bird Kathy has some bod. She doesn't even look like its work. That's exactly what I need. I hop on the treadmill and I'm off.

Its so good.

So, yesterday I print the manual. Place it on the TM and went for it. I could only finish two of the first reps. When I woke this am I tentatively stretched my legs. Then I got up and walked for the restroom. A little excited feeling came over me. I felt the need to blog and tell the Sparky world! I, self proclaimed non-runner ("because," I had insisted all these years, "its so bad for your knee's"), ran and lived to tell about it. I know I seems a little over-dramatic about it, but you would be too. I conquered my fear and won. Triumphant! Today, I will complete three, that is my goal.

More to come tomorrow, wish me luck! emoticon

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LIBERTYROSE 1/26/2011 5:09PM

    Jeez! Ok, so I told my mom about the 5k I wanted to do in May - she is in, and now its a 10k. I am not going to run 10k, not yet atleast. So I have decided that I will continue the run/walk train for 5k. Will walk (quickly) the 10k with my daughter, mother, son, father, and possibly a group of friends :) However, that said, I am exhasted & did not eat well today. I didnt eat bad foods, just mostly didnt eat... that adds up to trouble with me, I get ravinous and thats when bad food choices take place. So, to combat that negative nelly inner voice I have told myself that I will only walk (not quickly) my hour today. I feel like I am compromising with myself, could turn into a bad habit - so I need to be careful and aware. Down day today, will bounce back. emoticon

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LIBERTYROSE 1/20/2011 2:32PM

    Oh boy. So I had a set back. Was walk/running successfully at the (4/1)4x intervals, so increased to (3.5/1.5)4x. I got sore (maybe its because I was doing the whole thing twice a day). What's funny is I had to really push myself to run at all. So I took a bath with epsom-salts and a day off & woohoo! I'm off again! Can't keep a good girl down.

I was watching Dr.Oz (gotta love that guy) and he was going over the warning signs that you 'may' be addicted to foods... duh, knew this one a while now. But, it got me thinking. If I have the mindset for addiction, perhaps I can switch addictions? What if, everytime I am Frightened, Lonely, Anxious, or Bored (FLAB, hah! the acronym he gave rang true), I ran? Can I cause a reaction in me that desires (or craves) cardio whenever those situations arise? I know that whenever someone is frightened or anxious the flight-or-fight response is triggered, hypothalamus is stimulated, endorphins are released... the same endorphins that are released during exercise. This release of endorphins are what gives the physiological feel-good response our addictive mind wants.

Hmn... 'food' for thought - boy is that ever ironic.

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LIBERTYROSE 1/13/2011 3:10PM

    Ok, I took a day off to give myself adequate rest between sessions. I worked out yesterday and was so proud of myself I could hardly stand it. This morning it was as if my legs were itching run. I dont understand it but I'm gratefull. I am successfull. I am going to increase the time I run next week... I cant wait emoticon

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LIBERTYROSE 1/10/2011 12:16PM

    OK, day four. I successfully completed the four sets for the first week. I will extend this first 'week' part of the training for two weeks. I'm still tremendously excited with my progress and the lack of pain I am experiencing. I think it was a good move to ramp up the way I did. I know I can do it. My daughter is amazing! She took the training in stride. It didn't seem like it was a challenge to her so I am going to increase her speed and time walking, she is so going to be ready to move on to the next week's training. What a great family activity. I even got my son to do it, though begrudgingly. I think he will come around, he chose to do the one minute run set at '7' emoticon . This is one of the most ambitious exercising projects I have taken on to date and I feel so victorious!

Oh, and btw - I have lost two pound (of the weight I gained back during the holidays) :D

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LIBERTYROSE 1/9/2011 4:42PM

    Day three :) I cannot believe that I have been able to do this without pain! I did finish three reps. I am going for four today. If I did do three, I can do four...

Thank you for your comment Greekgal - was going to soak in epsom salts last night but ran out of time. Despite that I was so jazzed too wake this morning pain free!

I CAN do this!


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GREEKGAL1 1/8/2011 9:07AM

  I know you can do it. After many years of being a walker and doing many half marathons, I decided I wanted to add some running. I still run/walk according to the Jeff Galloway method and it works for me. I just came back from a 12 mile run/walk and feel really good. The best thing after a run is cold water. If you can soak in a bath of cold water ( it isn't easy) for ten minutes, you will be amazed how good your legs feel afterwards.
Good luck with your training.

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I'd like to micro-size that please

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All things - food , stress, housework...
Had breakfast this am (half a Wheat English muffin w/ a slice of cheese (American reduced fat) and a easy over egg (no oil, salt - flavor...) Took the kids to school - had an early parent-teacher conference. Seems my daughter is looking for some EXTRA attention (see how easily that word fits into the conversation) - her work is slacking and she is not bringing home the notes her teacher is sending. To make matters worse they go to a Catholic school with a very strict dress-code policy - she wore a pair of pants with a hole in the knee...
Anyway to make a long story short it was a very stressfull meeting and I left there an emotional mess.
I tried to clear my head and relax so that I could come up with a solution and plan. I started to realize just how hungry I felt, ravenous. A real physical response. Since joining this site I have read several articles about minimizing stress and the effects of 'toxic stress'. Knowledge can be such a fantastic thing - I told myself that I was not really feeling hungry - that I was disapointed and hurt, but not hungry - had a large breakfast for goodness-sakes. I have a lot of weight to loose - but at the moment that my hunger pains went away I felt like I was really in control. I would like to gain control over the amount of stress, guilt, and inadequate feelings that I have because I think that this is going to be the real key to my weightloss success. I know that stress has been a real factor in my weight gain - and that I have a choice - but when you are in the middle of a crisis you dont realize just how damaged you will feel after you rinse down a pint of Haagen Daas with chocolate milk. The sugar rushes in and the chocolate hits your blood stream (with the feel good chemicals that it contains) and for a small break in time you feel better. I really dont like being fat. It doesnt help me feel successful, or beautiful, or healthy.
That is what I need to remember when stress makes me think I feel hungry... it will not make me feel like a better mom - and I cant be the type of mommy I envision for my kids if I am not happy with my success, beauty, and health.

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SHIMMER178 11/15/2006 4:47PM

    You did a great job today realizing what triggered those hunger pains, accepting them for what they really were and doing something about it. Congratulations for fighting temptation of giving in and doing this for not only yourself but for your children as well. Having a mom like THAT is a wonderful thing :) Be Proud.

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