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Normal BMI Wii Jingle

Thursday, June 02, 2011

The most beautiful sound I heard since waking this morning. I think I'm in shock a little, I want to blog about it but am speechless (obviously not usually a problem for me). Oh, man. emoticon This morning, as I climbed onto the Wii board to do my daily body test... the jingle, that sound that says "you've done it". Wish I could add the sound byte to this blog, its lovely.

Icing on the cake? Selling ALL my plus sized clothes in a garage sale this friday and saturday. They have been too big for a while now and just a lot less charming than a little girl trying on mommy's clothes. Currently, I can wear size 'medium', my daughter gave me a pair of PJ bottoms that were too baggy on her! I have just enough clothes to fit into one small hamper (those little round plastic guys). Have to shop so I hope people want my fat girl clothes, because I am definitely done with them. Time to go shopping for a few things, since I'm not done yet, wont purchase too much. emoticon

Just thirty more to go to my goal weight, 125 is just a scant ten pounds more than I weighed before I became pregnant with my son. Though I would be just as happy settling into the low one-thirties. Aahhh, prior to turning 36 I should be at my goal weight. I cant wait, I am going to reward my self with some really nice family photo's.

Hey, just thought of something. I think I will petition the sparkpeople creators or managers to post an award that you can redeem for reaching that BMI landmark... gotta go and work on that. If your reading, see if you can send a message requesting that too. Going from Obese to Overweight is a great place to get an award too. Wish me luck! emoticon

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    That's awesome! I hope that I will one day hear that sound too!

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ARIANERA 6/2/2011 8:52PM


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DEE797 6/2/2011 12:18PM

    That is AWESOME! CONGRATS! Hope to hear that sound one of these days when stepping on the Wii as well.

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KIMFISH76 6/2/2011 11:46AM

    Congratulations! I hope to hear that sound too!

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ANONSI 6/2/2011 11:30AM

    Congratulations!! I can't wait until I reach that point.

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SUNRAY123 6/2/2011 11:13AM

  Thats awesome Libertyrose……lots of luck as you go ahead…..

sunray emoticon

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Seeing things from a different angle.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Ok, you know how guys are typically drawn to muscle cars, with their small sleek lines. While women (who tend to be family oriented) think VW bugs are cute, but for practical reasons seek out the bulky mini-van? I think you know where I am going with this. You've heard how people look like their dogs, well I've notice a similarity to people and their vehicles lately. So many families with those bulky mini-vans and large SUV's... I have a 'compact car', why then am I not compact?

That seems like an odd thing to say, but one of the things you forget is how well designed the human shape can be. I mean sure we all say that the Hollywood stars are unusually pretty people with "really good genes", but secretly long to wear that dress with that body. All while trying to teach our daughters that we are not defined by our weight. We know it can be so much bunk, people judge you, everywhere you go, and in everything you do. The young (especially teens) are especially superficial, so many can't see the inner beauty in a person because they have already dismissed the person because "she's fat". Regardless of how much we are good, kind hearted, hard working people potential employers see a fat= lazy person who will most likely cost more for insurance. So, for these reasons I have not really taken a naked critical look in the mirror for a long time, I figure other people have been doing that for me. As I recoiled into my inner protective shield of "I don't care what people think, my friends know the real me" (which really means "I don't need to be social, I can just stay at home and walk on my treadmill while thumbing through a shape magazine.").

Well, I decided to heck with this, its time to look. This is how it went down:

So, I woke this am with a little itch above my collar bone. When I went to scratch my itch I noticed something out of the ordinary. My collar bone could be felt, easily and without pushing through all that cushion (I have told people the zipper to my fat suit is broken). The bone felt so pretty, ahh I remember, I do have bones.

I felt along the edge of my collar bone to my shoulders. They are strong and square again. My shoulders, which I was proud of while I swam competitively, but a little bummed when I would try on those cute little spaghetti strapped sun dresses. I have shoulders again!

Bolted out of bed to dash to the bathroom to see for myself these newly rediscovered bones I possess. Just as I was turning to go about my morning ritual I was stretching and saw something from my peripheral vision. My head snapped back around, a grin wiping across my face. Tugging up my pajama top I inspected my waist, from every angle. I blinked a few times trying to see clearly. My waist is almost back to pre-kid shape. How is this possible? I know none of my clothes fit anymore, but I have been on a plateau (tunnel vision to the scale's measurement).

Hardly able to contain my joy (its early in the morning for kids who have just gotten their summer freedom and have looked forward to sleeping in) I jumped up and down in silence. My thighs reminded me that I have been conserving gas and doing my errands on my bike. I bent to rub at the sore muscles (I now know as m. rectus femoris thanks to the Spark). As I came back up, running my hands along the side of my body I found them. My hip bones. Standing up, not using pressure, I can feel my hip bones. At long last, I have hip bones again. Its like some surreal home coming.

I still have a little weight to lose, some toning to do, but I feel like a million bucks this morning. Waltzed out to the living room to get on the Wii for my daily body test, that song from West Side Story in my head "I feel pretty, oh so pretty...". Didn't even care that I was, yep, the same weight. I could hardly wait to go onto to blog about it.

Ya baby, this Done-Girl is done seeing that other girl staring back at me through the looking glass. Alice has found her way out of wonderland (which was more like the two-hundred acre woods), fought and conquered my jabberwocky foe. Off with your head!

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BETTA13 5/29/2011 12:29AM

    emoticon emoticon

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DEE797 5/28/2011 4:40PM

    Terrific blog. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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ALASKALILLADY 5/27/2011 7:14PM

    That is an awesome blog! Thank you so much for sharing!

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ARIANERA 5/27/2011 2:12PM


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weird banana experiment

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ok, this is going to sound totally silly and absurd, but I can be that way sometimes... So, here goes nothing.

So I ran out of banana's on wednesday, didn't have them for two days (I usually have them frozen - one a day - in my smoothy). My weight was just stagnating. So irritating. No matter what amount of exercise I do; how "good" I am about my calories -1200 I'll thank you very much (which btw, when you are eating mostly vegetables and fruits (85% raw) is a lot more food than you would think) it just wouldn't budge.
However, in the span of those two days - I lost nearly 6 lbs. Say what??

Bought some banana's yesterday (frozen grapes are good, but they just don't give the same sweet creaminess to the smoothies). Sure as bears like blueberries my weight stayed exactly the same, no change, not even an ounce.

I know, banana's can be binding, as well as carrots and spinach (with its high iron content). I plan on adding some papaya enzymes to my diet, supposed to help digestion. My diet is so fiber rich it makes me wonder. Hmn, anyways. I don't really know if its the banana's or not, but I am going forward with the experiment anyway.

Weird banana experiment hypothesis: BANANA'S though you are 100% natural raw fruit (ie. Hallelujah diet approved), not a processed something from the banned isles, you are bad for my weight-loss. Therefore, I will buy you only for my children - you will get nothing but the cold shoulder from me.

The experiment: Think I will skip two days and see if the same magic happens, and again consume them for only two days a week for two more weeks.

If that is the case, and banana's are a huge culprit for me, I don't need to eat banana's again until I am done with my weight-loss. I mean except if I get leg aches, or something like that. I can get the potassium from other sources. As for creaminess, I can use some avocado ( I tend to always fly shy of my daily fat requirements anyway).

Maybe this experiment will help me in other ways too. Maybe I will become even more regular. Maybe I will discover the perfect weight-loss daily food intake recipe. For me atleast. I will post the results in three weeks.

Current weight: 175lbs.
Daily caloric intake: 1200 (give or take 50)
Daily exercise: 4 mile daily walks (will increase by a mile each week - in prep. for a 10k at the end of the month) as well as heavy gardening (got to get it ready for good growing season).

Wish me luck :)

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LIBERTYROSE 5/5/2011 10:28AM

    Four days late for my update post on this experiment - the banana was inconclusive, however, I did find that if I consume even a small amount of processed grains (bread, tortilla, and noodles,). I will rebound my weight very quickly. Apparantly for me these are a big bad no-no. Couscous and rice seem to just halt the weight change (no movement up or down). The banana's did slow my digestion some, but did not seem to have the same obvious effect. The diet that I am eating is one that is plant-based (vegan) 85% raw (oh, and no sugar/ very little salt) - the more I eat under these parameters the better I feel and more weight I loose.

Banana's, I gave you a bad wrap and Im sorry.

Current weight 163 lbs.
caloric intake: same
completed the 10k (4/30 - it was awesome!)

Though the experiment did not end with the conclusion I thought I would get, I am satisfied with the results. Now I know what I can and cannot eat.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LIBERTYROSE 4/11/2011 7:51AM

    Wow! Thank you everyone for your interest. My mom suggested that maybe I was just not eating enough calories/per exercise. I worked in the garden for those two days in-lieu of walking - moving dirt to even out an uneven yard by the wheel barrow full was still a lot of work and nearly the same caloric deficit.

SassySue2 I have noticed that mango's (while not as convenient) gives me the same very sweet-soft fruit satisfaction, but I seem to have a smoother digestion, if you catch my drift. My mom is diabetic and I think she said that both fruits seemed to hit her blood sugar about the same... maybe that switch will help (could precut on the weekend, keeping it in the fridge ready at a moments notice)?

CarolJean64, I do the brat diet for my kids when they are sick too. Didn't even think about it, just following my vegan/raw diet (so no yogurt in my smoothies).

Since logging everything I eat very carefully, I have been learning so much about my seemingly very sensitive body. I do know that if I eat ANY processed/white flour 'food item' I will gain weight, without fail. Idk. If they are the culprit it will be nice to get them back when I am in the maintenance faze, I like my banana's. Thank you for the encouragement ladies!


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SHASSYSUE2 4/10/2011 6:18PM

    Please let me know how it works out. Since starting Spark and exercising daily the weight is coming off only at a half a pound a week.... I am taking lots of insulin, and that will slow weight loss, but I have been eating at least one banana a day to because they are my "fast" food. I can just grab one when I am in a hurry, or I don't want to fix anything.... Interesting..... Shannon emoticon

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BUBBLEJ1 4/10/2011 6:11PM

    Poor bananas! Maybe your body just needed a shake up. I hope it was a coincidence and you get to have your bananas again soon!

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WENDYSPARKS 4/10/2011 3:54PM

    Let us know what happens.


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CAROLJEAN64 4/10/2011 3:49PM

    It will be interesting to see if bananas are the culprit. When my kids were little if they got diarrhea, the advice give was braty... bananas, rice, applesauce, tea and yogurt. If you are using bananas and yogurt in your smoothie, you could be having regularity issues. Keep us informed.

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PAMNANGEL 4/10/2011 3:48PM


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Ok-dokey reality check!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

So my status today was a bit of complaint. I was feeling frustrated because I don't see any movement of the scale when I have exercised particularly hard or for more than one day in a row (have to skip a day? what a problem to have!).

Anyways, the reality check was when I went to the DGOTD's page to congratulate her. I always look at their page, enjoying the differences in all of us like minded people. If they have blogs I read some of them. Today's DGOTD has been going through some difficult times as of late and was feeling a little down, the blog directly before that was a hilarious anecdote about finding out that even though she had not seen any movement in the scale she saw a difference in her clothing (namely her panties :) hah!). This entry was so light and funny I was thinking back to my daughter and I having the same conversation (my daughter will be 13 in a month and like all girls of that age can sometimes have a negative body image -however, most of the time she likes what she sees in the mirror so I am not too worried). My daughter and I giggled over both of us having loose panties and talked about going to Penney's and getting new pretty replacements.

Its funny what a few days (and lack of sleep - the kids are on spring break) can do. I was in a funky self defeating mindset after the weigh-in... and then BAM! I go to congratulate someone on their accomplishment's and remind them to "keep their chin up, cause something good usually happens right after" (ie. being named DGOTD). Thwap, right in the kisser. Gees, practice what you preach woman!

Ok, so to name five good things (just like I make the kids do everyday after school):

1) I woke up this morning, in my warm comfortable house full of food and healthy happy family.

2) I have, just recently, been able to claim the "lost 50lb." award.

3) I have been able to exercise (outside) more because the weather here has been absolutely beautiful.

4) My daughter, dog, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the greenbelt the last few days. With ducks, sheep, bunnies, and fish; all in a lovely backdrop within just a mile of our home.

5) It's warm enough to start the garden I have been dreaming of since the first snow in November, and the kids are all aboard to help. The yard is almost ready.

There, all better.

We all give good advise to people, advise that we all should follow. I'm gonna go and get into the garden - shaping up to be a wonderful day!

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AMANDADAY63 4/2/2011 10:59AM

    what a great post.....i think its always easier to "help" others than to work on 'us', like ourselves, or feel proud of what we have, chin up, enjoy the beautiful day, and remember..YOU are worth it :)

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Up on my soapbox

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ok, when did using the term 'diet' become a bad word? Why do we have to dumb it down and be politically correct here? Seriously, no matter what way you eat - that is your diet. You go to the doctors office for a check up, she asks "and what about your diet? How and what have you been eating?" You ashamedly admit you go to the drive thru 1 time per week, and indulge in soda's and pizza when its available. Or, you excitedly tell her about how you have been eating a vegetarian meal twice a day, and you have switched from sweetened desserts to fruits. That is a true statement of your diet. Remember the question she asked was not "are you sticking to your diet?" unless you have discussed and worked out a special meal plan. What you eat IS your diet.

True, it is a 'lifestyle' change to take care of yourself. The lifestyle change should not only be to eat properly, but also exercise, and sleep well... but, do we really need to say that we shouldn't call what we are eating a 'diet'?

My suspicion is that this is part of the 'everyone is a winner' mentality, people shouldn't be made to feel badly about their situation... blahblahblah. Win or lose, this is where experience comes from. You will learn something from that experience. Your family, friends, and even health care provider generally wont ask "why didn't you stick to your diet?". The 'everyone is a winner' crowd says this is accusatory, so people try to be overly sensitive (and call this empathy) and not be so direct (but, really that is what they are thinking). Come on and ask yourself this question. Why didn't this work? Was it to restrictive, unrealistic, etc. Learn from it.

Reducing stress about your "physical reality" (rolling eye's) is something you want to do to effectively loose weight, but please don't lie to yourself. You haven't taken care of yourself. Your fat, and it hurts. You have to make these changes. People have a difficult time telling people around them that they are on a diet, because "what if I'm not successful?". This is a defeatist mindset. Its a known fact people generally take more than one attempt to quit smoking. Your going to try again, that is what makes human - we make mistakes. It's good that people around you learn you are working on self improvement, don't be ashamed to tell people. Friends and family will cheer you on, they want you to loose weight and feel better. Oh and guess what? If you start, others will follow... you can support each other and possibly become more successful in your health and weight loss goals.

Oh, and BTW, this is a category I want to be a loser.
Don't be afraid, you too can be a loser.

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LIBERTYROSE 1/28/2011 3:55PM

    Well thank you Scraplyn and Alaskalillady :)Congratulations Alaskalillady - sometimes we go through our daily activities and don't see our own progress... just simply because we see ourselves everyday, but to have that kind of response from family members is the best :) Keep up the good work!

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SCRAPLYN 1/28/2011 12:52AM

    Applause! Applause!! I agree with every word you said. "Win or lose, this is where experience comes from." Best sentence I've read all week.

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ALASKALILLADY 1/27/2011 2:40PM

    What a wonderful blog post. I have found great support from my family by telling them about my healthy diet and weight loss efforts. Some of my family that I haven't seen in a long time didn't even recognize me when I saw them the last time. That was one of the best rewards I could give to myself was the thought that all the changes I have been making were worth it.

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