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Day 203: Blackbirds, Notebooks, Snow and I built a fence!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Just a very quick blog...

I've found out where all the local blackbirds live. I've been missing our pair and their young. I think they've moved into this bijou block of Ivy Flats just down the road from us...

There's the Hubby doing a fly-by! :-)

Seriously, though, I must have counted 9 separate blackbirds while I was walking through this small alley yesterday. :-)

Today marks the end of my second exercise notebook in 8 months!

I started this one on the 6th June 2011:

It was an A5 notebook, and I'd filled it up by the 23rd October.

Then I started using this one on 24th October 2011:

Today I filled its last page, so tomorrow - Day 204 - I start another new notebook:

I wonder how long this one will last! :-)

Here are a couple of photos of the snow we have so far outside the house:

It is about an inch deep at the moment. They are telling us we will have quite a bit more than that by morning.

And finally...

Last Monday at the Big Garden, I built a little fence from scratch! And here it is!

I may not make it to the garden this coming Monday if the snow hangs around, but we'll see.

Maureen Lipman is in my bathroom! LOL I always keep a book in there for those slow fibre days, and her 'I Must Collect Myself' is the latest in my collection. :-) I got the idea from a friend many years ago who kept books by Thelwell and A.A. Milne in her bathroom, among others. :-) I spent many a happy few minutes in her bathroom whenever I visited.

So, what do you read in your bathroom?
Lex xxx
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CARLA-216 2/6/2012 9:40AM

    I really love that fence, Lex! Great job!

I'm quite impressed at how you've filled up two notebooks in less than a year. You'll have this third one filled up in no time!


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SENATOR9 2/5/2012 2:03PM

    Fence looks awesome

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MAURIZIA 2/5/2012 9:31AM

    Okay, Lexie, if I win the lottery either I have to come there or you here to teach me how to build that fence. BEAUTIFUL!

Love the notebooks...They are so pretty. Do you decorate them? Sometimes you just need to see things in b&w!

Hope you don't get too much sn*w...of course, you know how I feel about it! :)

Enjoy your Sunday!!

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NEW-CAZ 2/5/2012 3:40AM

    Great job on the fence Lex! Looks great.
I can't say that I read in the bathroom.
i just use the Spark fitness tracker.

Happy Sunday! emoticon

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_LINDA 2/4/2012 9:40PM

    Great job on the fence!! Looks awesome!!
Wow! Everyone's getting snow except me!!
I don't have time to read in the biffy. My problem is the opposite -if I don't get there fast when I have to go, I may have a problem in my pants!! I guess all those fruits and veggies I eat give me more than enough fiber -quite often I am over in fact, according to my tracking and I rarely eat grains!
Love your notebooks! Though I do wonder why the waste of paper, cute as it is, when Sparks tracks all fitness for you?? Doing double duty? I don't do extra work if I don't have to, but recording the same thing in two places, or you don't bother to track it with Sparks?
Have a Super Sunday!

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ANNIE924 2/4/2012 8:31PM

    Hope you don't get too much snow. I love your little fence, looks like it took a bit of effort to get made.

I also have books in my bathroom, for the same reason. emoticon

What do you put in your exercise notebooks? I presume it's a record of all of your exercise each day, what you did for how long etc. Is that correct. A good idea to keep the notebook. I may steal the idea if you don't mind, might be quite motivating for me since I like to see things in "black and white". Comes from being such a concrete thinker.

Have a great day tomorrow. emoticon

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GRACIE4ONE 2/4/2012 7:55PM

    Love it !!!!

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Day 200: The Dog Poo Fairy Strikes Again!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

As I hit a magical point in my Land's End to John O'Groats walk - namely the 200 days mark - I share a little fairy magic with you all by way of celebration, that you can play with and then pass on to others. :-)

And you will want to play with it if you have a dog. LOL

This is the latest anti-dog poo littering campaign poster at Highwoods:

I noticed after uploading the photo to my computer that there was a website address at the bottom, so I typed it into my computer, and this is what I found:

My Sophie is a Country and Western star!!!



Lex xxx
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  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SCREWIE 2/2/2012 9:19AM

    Brilliant campaign, and lovely Sophie :)

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    Loved it. Had to turn our Carlton into a country singer too. (He's quite into Dolly Parton, having a dance whenever she's on the radio).

Like the campaign too. As a responsible dog owner I find it pretty annoying that there is so much dog muck about.

Thanks for the chuckles this morning.

Comment edited on: 2/2/2012 4:00:01 AM

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_LINDA 2/1/2012 8:02PM

    Too cute!! Go Sophie!!
Thanks for the chuckles!
I just looked up Probus Club and saw that its origins started up in the UK! Then I saw what it meant, and oh boy, what did I just get myself into?? LoL. More senior retired white collar business professionals, much like the bridge club!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
Oyyy, this is so not me, former factory worker and store clerk.. But they sound like they do some fun things. Think I can fake it??
Have a Terrific Thursday!!
Linda xxx

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BOVEY63 2/1/2012 1:27PM

    Thanks for the laughs!
emoticon emoticon
Congrats on reaching the Day 200 mark!
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MAURIZIA 2/1/2012 1:06PM

    Lexie, this is the best thing for me to find after a 2 hour meeting where lots of folks spoke...but nothing was accomplished! Maybe I need to take that dog waiting line at the "rest room" to the next meeting! :)


Comment edited on: 2/5/2012 9:33:03 AM

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BOE4LIFE 2/1/2012 11:51AM

    A friend of mine had a dog and to show how smart he was he asked him to count to 10. So the dog went to a tee and pooed, went to a second tree and pooed then went to a third tree and pooed. Upon returning the dog received great praise. The person requesting proof of the counting dog asked how that proved the dog could count. My friend told him it was so simple then pointed out the dog had counted tree and a turd, tree and a turd tree and a turd adding up to 10. (3 1/3) emoticon

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PAWSINAZ 2/1/2012 11:38AM

    I love it! I think this is much better than the signs that state the law and the fines.

I'm here is Chandler, AZ, we have these lovely 6 foot high cinderblock walls surrounding every house. What disturbs me more than the person that doesn't pooper scoop....is the people that clean up their backyards by tossing the poop over the wall. There is one yard we walk by and the poop is about a foot deep!!!!!

I think people don't realize the amount of diseases that can be transmitted though poop. One sniff of parasite infected poop can send your dog to the vet with worms It is a little bit more than a poop on the shoe issue.

My dogs have all been taught "No DO-DO" or "EWWWWEEEE DO-DO" and they have been conditioned to stop sniffing and jump away. People must think I am insane when I scream that one....LOL!

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IDLETYME 2/1/2012 11:23AM

    Really cute! Love those early morning laughs. Makes the day better!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 2/1/2012 11:22AM

    I love the video. It's about time there was a campaign, nothing narks me more! emoticon

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SENATOR9 2/1/2012 11:17AM

    That dog line up is funny

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GERIKRAGH 2/1/2012 10:54AM

    Thank was a cute link. You had me roped in with the title!

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CARLA-216 2/1/2012 10:50AM

    I love Sophie's video! I also love the doggy poo campaign. I always carry the pooper scooper with me when walking Charlie. I can't imagine not cleaning up after my dog.

Carla xxx

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ANNIE924 2/1/2012 10:42AM

    This is cute, thanks for the laugh. Have a great day. emoticon

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Day 197: Roadwork Pixies + Mini Diggers = No Power!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

We have a plague of Roadwork Pixies in this area at the moment. These creatures descend on our roads, dig holes, and then disappear, leaving road traffic and pedestrians alike with the most amazingly intricate hazards to negotiate.

This is what a trip between my house and Waitrose currently looks like...

Bottom of my street:

Outside the Co-op:

Opposite the walkthrough to Waitrose (note the newly filled in hole in the foreground as well as the new hole further down the road on the opposite side):

Proof that the Roadwork Pixies do eventually creep back and fill the holes in again... In this case, during the time it took me to get my groceries. :-)

They are sneaky little critturs these Roadwork pixies. Just for fun they like to occasionally take their Mini Diggers and use the buckets to mangle stray cables that happen to be in the hole they dig.

A while ago you may remember me mentioning that works at the other end of our road resulted in a power outtage of some considerable size and duration when a digger went through both electricity cables and Virgin's media cables.

This time the Roadwork Pixie at this end of the street (see pic 1) put his digger bucket through our electricity cable. Sadly, this was not a very smart Pixie. He sat on his digger trying to ring the electricity company as one by one, local residents went down to ask if he was the reason for the sudden cessation of their power.

The reason I say he wasn't a very smart Pixie was not so much that he sat there for all to get aerated at, but that he only managed to take out our side of the street from number 2 to number 26 (my house!) I mean, if you are going to do the job, do it right and take out half the town for goodness sake! ;-) If you don't do a thorough job of it chaos and rivalry ensues! As in this case. :-)

Instead of total cameraderie in our street, I had the dubious honour of having the neighbour on one side as bereft of electricity as me, and the neighbour on the other side happily using his power tools and washing machine, oblivious to the chaos just the other side of his fence. LOL Not to mention the gloaters across the road, smug in the knowledge that they could still watch TV and play on their computers, while waving their nice warm cups of tea at us. LOL

But once we had established that the Roadwork Pixie was at fault, by dint of going down and asking him ourselves what he had done (he must have got heartily sick of us all by the end of it), Tara and I toddled into town for a bit of a mooch, hoping that the cable would be fixed by the time we got home.

This was particularly important to me because I just happened to have a load of Just Dance Bingo's to dance and claim - the largest number in one go that I'd ever had! Five Bingos! Quite the collection! But unless the power was restored I couldn't dance the dances to claim my bingos.

We had a good time. I was broke, but Tara had pocket money, so we strolled around, she bought a couple of CDs and we came back via Castle Park, and were delighted to see the swans close to the footbridge:

And on the way back past the railway lines, I was struck by the amazing red of these branches:

Not to mention that the gorse is in flower - in January!!!

And one of the neighbours had these crocuses nestling in her front garden:

Sadly, we came back to find that we were still power-bereft, and indeed, were settling into the kitchen where we could have the benefit of heat from the gas cooker, and a table for some candles so that we could at least see well enough to play Monopoly in the rapidly encroaching darkness, when the power finally came back on 5 1/2 hours later! So, a mad dash to the TV and the Wii and I did my dances, and was lucky to only lose one Bingo because of the delay. :-)

So that was Friday! :-)

Well, it is late, and I must away, before the hot water bottle loses its heat. It is a pretty cold night tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :-)
Lex xxx

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CARLA-216 2/1/2012 11:14AM

    So sorry you lost power. That is such an annoyance and inconvenience.

The photos are beautiful. I love swans. And those red branches would have caught my eye as well! I need something like for more winter interest around my yard.

Carla xxx

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BOVEY63 1/29/2012 6:22PM

    We have those pixies here too.
The swans are beautiful ~ what a wonderful site to come upon.

Have a wonderful week.

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ANNEMAC5 1/29/2012 2:56PM

    Love your clever blog. Sorry about the disruption to your power but you did get a nice walk. Love the pictures. Hope there was no more problems yesterday or to-day. I woke up to thick freezing fog this morning I went in to work for a 7.30-1 shift but I have started with a stuffy runny nose. I think it is all the changes in the weather,,, must keep my vest on
Anne :)

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SENATOR9 1/29/2012 11:38AM

    Well it was a nice get away Hopefully the're done digging in your street for this month emoticon

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YOYONOMORE1 1/29/2012 10:43AM

    Loved your blog, road pixies, so that's what they are called, lol. I am sure here in the states they are called many names and not so nice as road pixies. The swans are beautiful, we have a bird sanctuary that we like to go to in the spring and fall and I love watching the swans. Glad your power got restored. I overhead a cashier at the grocery store the other day commenting that her crocuses were coming up and she was afraid if it snowed it would hurt them, our Jan. had been a pretty mild one so far, now we have about 3 inches of snow on the ground and may get 1-3 more today. DD and I are meeting my sis and her two DD's to go see a movie this afternoon. Enjoy your Sunday. I like what you posted on Serenity Sunday.


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MAURIZIA 1/29/2012 10:09AM

    Lexie, I love your blogs...I always feel as if I live by you...sorry about your power gone. Happens to me all the time as well...but it is usually auto accidents...or a gale!

Enjoy a serene Sunday!

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ODDLASS 1/29/2012 3:55AM

    Nice photos Lexie, every season has it's colour, I have been struck lately by the deep blue of the frosty sky just before sunrise. perrrty!
Shame about your power going though. I have a friend who lost her power a couple of weeks ago, ONLY her house, and roadworks not that close. and the middle of our town has been having cables laid (for street lights I think) for weeks and made it a pain to drive into town. Them there pixies are naughty !!


Comment edited on: 1/29/2012 3:57:14 AM

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NEW-CAZ 1/29/2012 3:28AM

    What a wonderful way to get away from annoying road works an unwind Lex. Beautiful photos and lovely scenery, bliss.
Hope the rest of your weekend is powered. emoticon

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_LINDA 1/28/2012 10:27PM

    Ahh roadwork, the bain of people who travel by cars, but those of us using our feet can easily navigate these barriers..Never heard of much in the winter time -earth here is too frozen to dig..
Gorgeous photos of the swans and WOW! Flowers in January, what is up with that, is that normal there??
Back to basics, when was the last time you played a game that wasn't electronic -nostalgic fun :)
So glad you didn't lose all your Bingos!
Hope the rest of your weekend is well powered!
Linda xxx

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Day 192: Building Fences at the Big Garden

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well, I'm back at the Big Garden. Yay!


We closed for a month over the Christmas and New Year period, and started back last week. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there last week thanks to being unwell (you may have noticed I wasn't here much either), but yesterday I walked up to the garden, eager to see how it had fared over the break.

The garlic I planted has started peeking up from the soil! :-)

The polytunnels cleaned up beautifully from the vandalism, thank the gods, so no lasting damage there. They also survived the gales more or less intact.

Not everything escaped though. Some of the hazel fencing was bent at angles not conducive to a state of uprightness. :-) So the work was on to replace the sections that were beyond repair.

This is the sort of thing we were woking on:

They had started the work last week, when new stakes for the upright supports were created and hammered into place.

When I got there yesterday morning, Wayne, Bill and Billy were already hard at work coppicing Hazel, stripping the suitable branches back, and sizing up pieces for the weaving. Never having done anything like this before, I was eager to learn, so I dropped my bag in the shelter and grabbed a pair of secateurs before joining Wayne who was stripping the side shoots off suitable large branches with a lopper. Wayne making the thicker sticks for the large fencing panels, so I started trimming his offcuts for use elsewhere.

After creating a number of thinner and willowier sticks, Jo came up and suggested I use what I'd made to get a little practice at weaving by working on the low pieces that surround beds before trying to assist in tackling a large fence, which requires a fair bit of muscle.

She showed me where a row of stakes had been placed ready for a fence around one bed, and described it as being rather like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, and we all know how much I love jigsaw puzzles! :-)

A few sticks had already been put in, so grabbing an armful of the sticks I had already prepared, I completed the section all by myself.

At this point the rest of the Monday gang arrived, and we soon had another willing pair of hands lopping side branches off. Leaving him to it, Wayne and I went for a well-earned cuppa, during which he told me about a free course concerning waste-busting.

I hope it pans out. I've contacted the organiser for details. Apparently you do a one day course on waste-busting


Then you commit to spend at least 30 hours in the next year passing on your knowledge to others at shows and sucklike. Wayne thinks they are doing their next training session on 18th Feb. And the course is held practically behind my house! Talk about a convenient location! :-)

Once Wayne and I finished our cuppas, we went back to work, me still trimming branches and helping Craig, while Wayne went to the big pile to find suitable sticks for the large fencing panels.

I wandered over there a short while later to get a lesson in the building of a large panel.

It is hard work! Apparently, coppicing hadn't been properly managed before the Big garden came along, and as a result we don't have as many of the optimally bendy sticks to use at the moment as we'd like. This means you can have quite a wrestling match weaving long sticks that are up to 1 1/2 inches in width in and out of the upright stakes. You also have to be very careful not to let the stick snap back and whack you. Wayne still had a bruise on his chest from being whacked last week!

So, there were three of us working on this panel. What you do is...

You choose a stick, measure its length, saw off any excess, then begin the weaving process. You start each stick on the opposite side of the first stake from the previous stick, and bend it to and fro round each stake in turn, taking care not to let it slip off any of the stakes you've already wound it round! :-)

Once you have wrestled it into position (and one or two needed a fair bit of wrestling) you push it down the stakes as far as you can, then use a lump of wood to bash it the rest of the way down until it sits snuggly on top of the previous stick.

Then you select your next stick and repeat.

My arms and shoulders are aching this morning, and my right hand too, Can't imagine why! LOL

Hopefully, you can see in this pic the half-built fence panel right in front of the green shed. That is the one I helped with. :-)

I had a chat with Bill about my bramble problem as I was packing up to come home. Looks like I have my work cut out because the only way to get rid, apparently, is to dig it out. He suggested that I work to get it to ground level while the weather is still cold, and once the soil warms up in the spring, rescue my herbs from the space, and then dig the bramble roots out as best I can. Apparently, one of his allotments had previously been used to grow cultivated blackberries, so he knew what he was talking about, having had to clear the space himself before he could use it! :-)

I suspect that I may be lucky enough to have a couple of willing pairs of hands to assist with the digging part in the spring, in return for my assistance on their allotments! :-) Chores like digging out persistent root systems are much easier when done in good company. :-)

I was still on a high when I got home, and as the recycle trucks were due to pick up garden rubbish this morning, I grabbed my gardening gloves and secateurs and filled a couple of sacks with bramble cuttings, while rescuing chairs, a table and tools from the overgrown and intertwined bramble in the process. :-)

I hope you all have a lovely day. I'm going to take it easy today. The weather isn't conducive to further bramble chopping, being as it is raining rather persistently. In any case, bits of me are moaning somewhat after yesterday's hard work. :-)

Catch you all later!
Lex xxx
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  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LINDABENEDICT 1/25/2012 8:27PM

    Glad you are better !!!!!

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SCREWIE 1/25/2012 2:50PM

    That sounds like a lot of hard work!

Glad you are feeling better :)

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BOE4LIFE 1/25/2012 7:31AM

    "at angles not conducive to a state of uprightness" Oh that made me smile so. Thank you. I would like to do something like this at my retirement house I think it looks wonderful.

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ODDLASS 1/25/2012 3:53AM

    Glad your better Lexie! That project sound fantastic. and the fencing looks great! I bet it is hard work and tough on the hands! well done that lady!


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    Fantastic stuff. Glad you're feeling better. Sounds like a very fun and rewarding day too. :) emoticon

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ANNEMAC5 1/24/2012 2:15PM

    Nice to see you posting again. I love your enthusiasm the big garden is lucky to get you. How interesting to learn new skills and mix with a variety of people. Glad there has been no more vandalism. The waste busting sounds interesting too. Good luck with your bramble pruning. Nice and steady with all that out door work. Are you managing to keep your weight stable ? it must get difficult when you are feeling unwell.
Anne :)

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NEW-CAZ 1/24/2012 12:33PM

    Glad to see you much better and getting back to your project learning new skills.
Man ! what a workout LOL, it looks great! emoticon

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CARLA-216 1/24/2012 12:05PM

    So glad you're feeling better! I missed you around here!

I want to work in the Big Garden with you. Sounds like such satisfying work. And it makes me want to build a little fence around my new garden like you were working on. I may have to to keep the rabbits out.

Good luck clearing the brambles out. It is hard work but will be worth it in the end.


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BOVEY63 1/24/2012 11:22AM

    The fence looks awesome and like a lot of work. Thanks for sharing the link.

Happy to hear you're feeling better.
Have a wonderful day Lexie!

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SENATOR9 1/24/2012 11:03AM

    emoticon Looks great Glad your feeling better

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_LINDA 1/24/2012 10:14AM

    So glad you are better and what a way to jump right back into it all! What an old fashioned way of fencing, such hard work, but so very attractive!! Enjoyed reading the links! That program to get people into reducing waste sounds like a real winner, free meal included as well as transportation, win win all around there! I sincerely do hope you get help with those brmables, that is very tough work..
Have a good week my friend, missed your blogs!
Linda xxx

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ANNIE924 1/24/2012 9:42AM

    What a busy but fruitful day. The fence looks great. Glad you will get some help with your brambles when the time comes.

Glad you are feeling better.


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MAURIZIA 1/24/2012 9:27AM

    Oh, Lexie, thank you for sharing your day. Lots of hard work filled it but that fence is beautiful! So much nicer than the pre-fabricated fences most houses here in the U.S. sport. Enjoy a day of rest - let those muscles heal so you'll be ready to get that bramble out of there!

BTW, reading your blog brought back lovely memories of times spent at the Dunbar Tea Room on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. It was begun by the Bell family from England - and I loved it then. I would walk through the door and imagine I was in jolly olde England. Mary Bell would make scones and crumpets served with strawberry jam and clotted cream - along with a perfect pot of English Breakfast tea - my favorite now. For lunch they offered ploughman's and farmer's lunches. I still get the ploughman's lunch because I am addicted to the Branston pickles they serve with it. Though they've moved to Montana, it still is in operation. The American woman who now runs it has kept some of the original on the menu but they have expanded with a sunroom. I still prefer sitting in the converted carriage house part - only a few tables there...and John's favorite dessert is Queen Anne's cakes but mine remains the bumbleberry pie!

Thank you for starting my day with such warm memories!

Glad to read you are feeling better! Hugs.

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ZURDTA- 1/24/2012 9:08AM

    What a fantastic day - lovely.

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Day 186: Tool Identification For Dummies

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the corner where nothing could get to it.

WIRE WHEEL: Cleans paint off bolts and then throws them somewhere under the workbench with the speed of light. Also removes fingerprints and hard-earned calluses from fingers in about the time it takes you to say, 'Oh shih-tzu'.

SKIL SAW: A portable cutting tool used to make studs too short.

PLIERS: Used to round off bolt heads. Sometimes used in the creation of blood-blisters.

BELT SANDER: An electric sanding tool commonly used to convert minor touch-up jobs into major refinishing jobs.

HACKSAW: One of a family of cutting tools built on the Ouija board principle ... it transforms human energy into a crooked, unpredictable motion, and the more you attempt to influence its course, the more dismal your future becomes.

VISE-GRIPS: Generally used after pliers to completely round off bolt heads. If nothing else is available, they can also be used to transfer intense welding heat to the palm of your hand.

OXYACETYLENE TORCH: Used almost entirely for lighting various flammable objects in your shop on fire. Also handy for igniting the grease inside the wheel hub out of which you want to remove a bearing race.

TABLE SAW: A large stationary power tool commonly used to launch wood projectiles for testing wall integrity.

HYDRAULIC FLOOR JACK: Used for lowering an automobile to the ground after you have installed your new brake shoes, trapping the jack handle firmly under the bumper.

BAND SAW: A large stationary power saw primarily used by most shops to cut good aluminum sheet into smaller pieces that more easily fit into the trash can after you cut on the inside of the line instead of the outside edge.

TWO-TON ENGINE HOIST: A tool for testing the maximum tensile strength of everything you forgot to disconnect.

PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER: Normally used to stab the vacuum seals under lids or for opening old-style paper-and-tin oil cans and splashing oil on your shirt; but can also be used, as the name implies, to strip out Phillips screw heads.

STRAIGHT SCREWDRIVER: A tool for opening paint cans. Sometimes used to convert common slotted screws into non-removable screws and butchering your palms.

PRY BAR: A tool used to crumple the metal surrounding that clip or bracket you needed to remove in order to replace a 50 cent part.

HOSE CUTTER: A tool used to make hoses too short.

HAMMER: Originally employed as a weapon of war, the hammer nowadays is used as a kind of divining rod to locate the most expensive parts adjacent the object we are trying to hit. It is especially valuable at being able to find the EXACT location of the thumb or index finger of the other hand.

UTILITY KNIFE: Used to open and slice through the contents of cardboard cartons delivered to your front door; works particularly well on contents such as seats, vinyl records, liquids in plastic bottles, collector magazines, refund checks, and rubber or plastic parts. Especially useful for slicing work clothes, but only while in use.

SON-OF-A-B**** TOOL: (A personal favorite!) Any handy tool that you grab and throw across the garage while yelling 'Son of a B****!' at the top of your lungs. It is also, most often, the next tool that you will need.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ODDLASS 1/21/2012 12:53PM

    Hmmmmm ..... have you been watching me in the workshop? emoticon

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SHARJOPAUL 1/20/2012 9:14AM


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WILSON425 1/20/2012 4:45AM


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CRYMENIA 1/19/2012 11:54AM

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!! As the daughter of a mechanic THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! Love the SON of a B**** Tool! So useful! Oh, also love the background too!!!

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CARLA-216 1/19/2012 11:52AM

    ROFL!!! I'll have to share with Tom, who has almost all the tools mentioned here.

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SENATOR9 1/19/2012 11:33AM

    My favorite tool The son of a b... one emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
BOE4LIFE 1/19/2012 10:27AM

    I so understand all of these. Thank you for making me laugh.

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHEVY63 1/19/2012 9:44AM

    Thanks for making me laugh!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ZURDTA- 1/19/2012 4:47AM

    Ha ha!

Report Inappropriate Comment
NEW-CAZ 1/19/2012 2:56AM

    Tools have a life of their own and can be so unpredicable Lex.
How's The Big Garden doing?

Keep warm emoticon

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ANNEMAC5 1/19/2012 2:03AM

    Very perceptive. So many multi-purpose tools and we have damaged lots of screw drivers by using the for alternative things.

Hope you are well in this strange climate of ours
Anne :)

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BOVEY63 1/18/2012 11:54PM

Love it!

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_LINDA 1/18/2012 10:17PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
Would love to send this one to a guy at the bridge club. He is missing various parts of his fingers from working in his shop. His wife says its lucky he doesn't lose his head ;)
Thanks for sharing!
Have a Terrific Thursday!
Linda xxx

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