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Day 37. Had a week's Holiday ... kind of :-)

Monday, August 22, 2011

It was lovely having Bryony here all last week, if a little exhausting. :-) I tried to keep up with my exercise routine of 45 mins Cardio daily plus my 6 days of strength training, but...

Well, it turned into a bit of an unexpected holiday! :-)

She arrived on Sunday, early evening, safe and sound, and sporting a terrific new haircut!

We had a pleasant evening eating curry and catching up.

Monday was chillout day for her, so we messed about with the Wii Fit Plus, Zumba, played board games, and munched steadily through the kitchen cupboards. Or rather, she did while we watched! LOL She has the metabolism I used to have, where you can eat and eat and eat and not put on an ounce! :-)

Tuesday was Best Friend Day so Claire arrived around 11 am, stayed for a cuppa and a chat, and then the two of them headed off for the afternoon while I did some clearing up. They came back around 6pm and I cooked us all a nice meal of Chicken in Soup - a family staple with a twist as I can't use the oven at the moment, so I modified it for the cooker top.

Wednesday was an invitation to more friends to lunch at our place, courtesy of Bry, who cooked Bangers and Mash and Peas for us all. Well, cooked bangers and mash anyway. The peas were forgotten but we managed to fast-cook them before it was too late. Can't say they liked me very much, being practically raw. They did the same thing to me that sweetcorn does, and I'll go into no more detail than that they were totally identifiable at the other end. ;-)

Anyhoo, Alice arrived first, with her recent acquisition - a black and white Springer Spaniel pup (now 8 months old). Sophie was most thrilled to have a friend visit, although after a while it was clear that she wasn't getting a lot of attention as everyone was oohing and aahing over Alfie! But they got on well together, Alfie being most confused when Sophie got on the sofa as he isn't allowed on the furniture. :-) He chewed his way through a couple of Sophie's old tennis balls, but to be fair they were ready for the bin even before he got his teeth into them, and Alice kindly donated one of Alfie's balls to make up for the fact that we only had a selection of remnants left when he'd finished. LOL

Adrian arrived shortly after Alice and Alfie, and after lunch was all munched, we had a game of Monopoly.

I am not playing Monopoly with Adrian again. He won't do deals with me!

I got so bored that I threw a pretend tantrum in the end and quit the game.

Truth be told it was only so I could play with the dogs before Alice left! LOLOL Much more fun than Monopoly to my mind, and it confused the gang no end, because they didn't realise at first that I was mucking about. They thought I was really miffed with Adrian! LOLOL

Around 5 pm Tara and Adrian were the only players left and she resoundingly thrashed him, which pleased me no end! Evil LOL

Ade left about 6pm to meet up with friends in town for a meal and to see the new Harry Potter film, and Bry left for a friend's house for a Harry Potter Quiz Night. I was left dealing with a disappointed Tara who had wanted to go with her sister, but aside from the HP thing it wasn't her cup of tea, what with the Mexican food and them all being a lot older than her. She was soon over it though, and we did our own mini Potter night because Who Do You Think You Are was featuring J.K. Rowling, and it was really interesting. :-)

On Thursday morning we were up bright and early because it was Mum's Day Out time. :-) I got to choose where we were going, and I chose … Drumroll …

Constable Country!

And I'm blogging separately about that because, well, it is a long story with pics galore. :-) Suffice to say it was a wonderful day, and we all slept soundly that night! :-) We amassed over 20,000 steps that day, which was well over 9 miles!

Bry and I were up at the crack of dawn Friday morning because she had to walk into town to catch a coach to go home, and she said to me, “Do you want to walk in with me? Like you haven't walked enough already yesterday!” LOL What could I say? I walked in with her.

And were my legs screaming at me! But I managed it, and was a little disappointed to realise that the coach had dark windows so I couldn't wave her off. Whose bright idea was that, huh? Now we all get to stand and wave goodbye to total strangers because we can't see who we're waving to!!! LOL

So we hugged goodbye and on my way out of the coach station I remembered the ball situation vis-a-vis Sophie, so popped up into the precinct to the pet store. I grabbed a pack of four balls, and tried to pay for them but the owner had no change in his till, so I went to the corner shop, gasped at the horrific prices of everything from polos at 50p a packet upwards, grabbed a magazine I was reasonably likely to read, and bought that so that I could give the pet store guy the right money for the balls. (NOTE TO SELF: Add magazine to 'To Read' pile by side of bed or it'll sit where you left it, gathering dust until next millennium!)

Then I went home via Waitrose for a few bits and pieces, knowing that I was unlikely to want to leave the house again once I got back. And boy, was I right! My legs gave up on me and so did my consciousness! I was so tired that I was doing a passable imitation of a zombie for much of the weekend. That is why it has taken until now for me to blog. :-)

How I stayed awake for the rest of Friday is a mystery to me. :-)

So, how did I do with my Fitness and Nutrition last week? Remarkably well, as it happens. :-) I did a minimum of three miles / 6600 steps every day for the week. I ate a little cream, on a large slice of Tarte au Citron. Nom! :-) Other than that I ate mostly my normal foods and in sensible quantities. :-)

Exercise Breakdown:
Sunday: 1 hour Cardio - 8554 steps
Monday: 30 mins Cardio, 28 mins Zumba, and an upper body video – 10444 steps
Tuesday: 70 min decent speed walk at Highwoods, and 30 mins Cardio – 9506 steps
Wednesday: 30 mins Cardio – 6978 steps
Thursday: Constable Country Day Out – 20217 steps! 9.19 miles!
Friday: Town and back walking – 7650 steps
Saturday: 55 mins Cardio and some Wii Fit Plus games – 7999 steps

Weight dropped as low as 12 stone 6 3/4 lbs by Saturday, although on Sunday morning it was up to 12 stone 7 3/4lbs. The joy of variables. :-)

Oh yes, and for three days in a row (Wed, Thur, Fri) I didn't get on Altzie first thing for my daily Body Test. Altzie, in case you are wondering, is the name Tara and I have given to the animated balance board in the Wii Fit Plus game. Short for Altzheimers, he has earned this name - according to Tara – because he is always forgetting what he has already told us and is forever repeating himself! LOL

I have completed Route 66, but to be honest, I did a shoddy job when it came to checking in daily and missed several days-worth of postcards several times, so I plan to do it again and pay more attention next time. :-) Part of the reason for doing it was to learn a bit about the area, so breezing through the way I did would be like walking through Constable Country with blinkers on! Not the best way to see the sights! :-)

As far as the land's End to John O'Groats walk is going, I am doing well. I am currently on stage three of the journey, and am 4.6 miles from Exeter. I have walked 140.4 miles in 37 days, which is an average of 3.79 miles per day! I am approaching my aimed-for average of 4 miles a day goal quite nicely. :-) And as this is literal steps taken, I feel very accomplished. :-)

And that is about it for news, apart from the Constable Country day out, which is going in a separate blog partly because there is so much to tell you, and partly because we are being threatened with a storm-filled, weatherfront and may well have to shut down the computers fairly soon, for the night. :-)

So I will leave you in peace for now. I'd better go and get our dinner started. :-) Also, this week I will try and catch up with how you are all doing, and read your blogs. I have a mountain of emails in my inbox! Nearly 400!!!
Lex xxx
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SILLYHP1953 10/12/2011 9:22PM

    I'm glad you got time with both your daughters, sounded like fun.

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MNOT2THICK 8/23/2011 6:54PM

    Busy,Busy, Busy. Sounds like you had a great week and no slouch on the working out. Looking forward to your pics. emoticon

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CARLA-216 8/23/2011 1:33PM

    What an awesome week! Sounds like such a great time was had. And it looks like you still got in a respectable amount of exercise every day.

Looking forward to the Constable Country blog. Over 9 miles of walking...amazing!


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SCREWIE 8/23/2011 8:22AM

    Wow, what a week! It sounded like you all had a great time, hopefully the weather helped too!

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ZURDTA- 8/23/2011 4:09AM

    What an amazing week - simple family pleasures and what fun :) Lovely xx

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_LINDA 8/23/2011 1:08AM

    What a fantastic week!! have a good rest -you have certainly earned it! Looking forward to your next blog and photos of your big walk about!!
Linda xxx

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BOVEY63 8/22/2011 9:57PM

    That sounds like one awesome week with your daughter - great job on all the exercise you got in.
I love how you and Tara name you workout equipment!
Anxious to see your pics of Constable Country.

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Day 26: I just got a new Cardio toy...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

His name is Kendell Hogan! LOL

He is free to play with you too, any time you like, at:


This morning I did his 10 minute Cardio Shape Up, which includes lots of squats and stuff, followed by his 10 minute Cardio Burn, which was so much fun that I immediately did it again, so I got my first thirty minutes in before breakfast. Later in the day I couldn't resist, put my trainers back on again and did his 30 minute Slim Down Cardio Burn. I was laughing so hard and enjoying myself so much that time flew by and I hardly noticed how hard I was working!

Go on, give him a try! :-) British friends, think Mr Motivator on Speed! LOL

In other news...

This blog was almost finished when SP somehow or other ate it, so I'm doing my best to remember what I'd written. *sigh*

I have officially lost two stone since the day I stood on my brand new weightwatcher scales and saw 14 stone 7lbs between my toes and swore to do something about it! In fact, the scales are saying 12 stone 6 at the moment, so I'm a pound in hand just in time for TOM to play havoc. :-)

I have run out of holes in my belt! :-)

I still can't sit comfortably in my new size 16 jeans, but I can do them up with ease now. :-)

I have used 5lb weights for the first time this week in a couple of my upper arm exercises. I've come a long way from starting my SP journey with 1lb weights. :-) I'm using mostly 3lb weights now, with one or two exercises still only using 2lb weights, so the 5lb was a real boost to my ego. My shoulders are feeling it tonight! :-) But I am really glad that I have paid close attention to what i can manage weight-wise with each exercise. I think my strength training will be more effective now.

Have quit using the nutrition tracker. I seem to be doing fine without it for now. :-)

However, I have been playing a great deal with the fitness tracker. I was excited to find a lot of the Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports have been included in the Cardio list at SP. So I decided to stop tracking miles and use the 'add cardio' button instead.

But here we are a few days later and I'm back tracking mileage. First of all, SP forgot the cycling game, which I use a lot. Secondly, I couldn't see any way to accurately save things like some of my cardio videos without translating the steps into miles to gauge the speed of the workout. I have decided that I like accuracy on my tracker and some general 'dance, fast' comment doesn't cut the mustard when I have several different dance types I use and they vary in intensity. I want to be able to see exactly what I did on any given day, not have to try and guess from a vague description. :-)

Just call me a control freak! LOL

My lovely older daughter is popping up for a few days next week, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her. It may also be the last time we get to see Adrian, family friend and 'adopted' son for a while. He has finally had his interview for getting a visa to live and work in the USA, with his American wife. The interview went well, and it seems that once the last couple of bits of paperwork are in place, he'll be away!

Sadly, my lovely Son-in-law can't make it due to work, but he has had some good news too. He is a driving instructor and has applied to be a Test Examiner. Well, an opening has come up and he get to do the course at the end of October. if he passes that he's in, which will be wonderful, because in the current economic climate, much as he enjoys teaching, the income isn't regular. Examiner comes with a salary. :-)

So, it is good and late thanks to the chew-it-up-and-spit-it-out SP Blog Monster, and I needs some sleep, so I'm off. Looking forward to the morning so that I can play with Kendell some more. emoticon

Have fun!
Lex xxx
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  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SILLYHP1953 10/12/2011 9:18PM

    I can use a five pound weight for some things, three pound for others.

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MNOT2THICK 8/23/2011 6:55PM

    Thanks Lexie, I think I want to visit with him for a while.

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CHERIRIDDELL 8/17/2011 1:03AM

    As usual your blog brightened my evening and congrats on the weight loss!

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FISEFTON 8/16/2011 12:55PM

    Congrats on the 2 stone loss and the wonderful achievements.

Good luck to son-in-law with the driving examiner thing. My husband is a driving instructor too and I *know* how sporadic the income is. My husband thought about applying to be an examiner but decided against it as he would get really P**d off having to fail/pass borderline learners (it happens and we know it does) and he likes to concentrate on fleet driver training rather than learners anyway.

Here's to the next achievements.

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SCREWIE 8/14/2011 5:55PM

    Thanks for the links, and congrats for your weight loss :)))

Report Inappropriate Comment
ODDLASS 8/14/2011 5:24AM

    Hiya, All good stuff there Lexie!! I will give Kendell a test drive later this week. I am hoping that after the next couple of weeks I SHOULD have a bit more ME time back and will have a proper look at my sparking (which has had to take a back seat for a little while)

As to the bolg monster .. ahh I know him well! But I have a cunning plan! I never do my blogs or mail messages right onto the spark page (unless the are short ones). I write them on a word file on the computer (that way I can keep it and add to it if I want to before posting) Then I just copy and past it into the blog, SO if the monster eats it, i just copy and paste it again. I have lost nowt and the monster has to open a tin of beans for lunch.

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SENATOR9 8/13/2011 12:19PM

    Sorry not my kind of toy I like more the opposite ones emoticon

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CARLA-216 8/12/2011 11:48AM

    Awesome, awesome progress, Lex!

Enjoy Bryony's visit and best of luck to Rob on the Examiner position. Nice photo to go along with that! Best wishes to Adrian, too.


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CHEVY63 8/12/2011 9:58AM

    Wow - that sounds like an awesome workout if you keep wanting to do it over and over!

Congratulations on all your success - you've been doing great!

Enjoy your visit with your daughter and friends emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
ZURDTA- 8/12/2011 6:30AM

    Brilliant - Mr Motivator on Speed! OMG, lol lol lol!

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_LINDA 8/12/2011 1:42AM

    Well done on your progress! I will not give up the Nutrition tracker, keeps me honest, but if you tend to eat the same things over and over again, it really wouldn't be necessary. Shame about the Fitness Tracker not able to be accurate for your needs. You are supposed to be able to enter your own workouts in it but it sounded too technical for me, needed to measuring HR and know all your stats etc to calculate your actual calorie burn performing any exercise. But maybe that is something you need to be doing to satisfy yourself and make sure you are getting a continued calorie defecit based on what you are eating ;)
That's awful losing the blog :( Do you not have a word program you could work on it before copying it to Sparks page?
If I didn't have such a lousy slow conncetion, I would be very intersted in checking this dude out, but not ready for any jumping around yet any way :(
Enjoy!! Have a fabulous Friday!!
Linda xxx

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LIBBYFITZ 8/12/2011 12:50AM

    Kendall sounds like fun! emoticon emoticon

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BOVEY63 8/11/2011 10:13PM

    Have fun playing with Kendall! You are doing so awesome!
Enjoy the time with your daughter and the others. Best of luck to SIL on getting the promotion at work.

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LINDABENEDICT 8/11/2011 9:32PM

    Thanks for posting the exercises...Glad to hear you are doing so well !

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Day 22: Photo for CHERIRIDDELL and Chopper, plus some other stuff.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hi Cheri,
Thought you'd like this pic after reading about yours and Choppers antics at the library. Tara found the pic so gets due credit too. :-)

In other news...

Had a good week with the steps I did. :-)
As I said yesterday, I'm up to a minimum of 6600 a day now, which equates to three miles on my particular system.

Sun. 7135
Mon. 8194
Tue. 13728
Wed. 9232
Thur. 8403
Fri. 11861
Sat. 8269

Total: 66822
Average per day: 9546

And if you think that was good, I lost a bit of weight too........

Drumroll please:

Last Sunday I weighed 12 stone 9 1/2 lbs
This Sunday I weigh 12 stone 7 lbs

And today I had a Wii Exercise day:
I did 33 mins on the Wii Fit Plus, 18 mins with Just Dance and Just Dance 2, and 26 minutes of Wii Zumba. :-)

It was a Wii-ly good day! :-)

So, I am a firm believer in things coming in threes (she says, changing the subject). A lot has to do with all the threes and multiples of three in my date of birth. there are two 3s, a 6, a 9, and three 1s - not necessarily in that order. LOL So three has played a big role in my life.

And when something happens, good or bad, it tends to happen in threes. For instance, one memorable weekend at college I found money on the ground three times:

The Friday evening I was walking home from a disco in Plymouth with a mate and spotted a twenty pound note, soaking wet, in the gutter. The next morning in Exeter, I opened the car door, put my foot out, and quite literally stepped on a five pound note, and that same evening, I found a fifty pence piece underfoot. Ok, so the amounts tended to shrink as I went along, but you have to admit that was not a bad haul, plus no one claimed the cash (I was brought up to turn money bigger than coins into the police station in case the owner wanted to claim it) so I was nice and rich and able to treat my friends and I to a great night out when I got the money back. :-) Disco entry for 4 and drinks all night (£20), a taxi home for all of us (£5), and a 50p tip for the driver! LOL Memories of a wonderful night ... priceless!

Well, these things happen all the time to me, and this time it has been a weird twist of a threesome event. Three things in my home going partially wrong but still being serviceable.

First, you may remember a couple of weeks ago that my oven packed up, although the rest of the cooker is working just fine. :-)

The following week my bedside lamp gave up the ghost as far as lighting up my life was concerned. However it is also an alarm clock and radio, and they still work just fine. :-)

This week it is the turn of my Brita water filter jug. the electronic gizmo that indicates how long the filter has left to live just died on me. But I can, and this is absolutely astonishing... I can still ... fill the jug up and drink the filtered water!!!

Amazed? So am I! Who'dathunkit?

This three fetish has overflowed into every area of my life...

Favourite kids story?
Three Little Pigs

Favourite Film?
Three Coins in a Fountain

Favourite song?
Three Times a Lady

LOL, I'm kidding, thought they are on my list, and I love Trilogys. LOL

Even my mild OCD where safety is concerned has a three element, in that I check stuff three times when I'm stressed.

And three is a powerful number in Druid Circles, so it isn't surprising that I fit right in there either. :-)

And you can't have failed to notice that almost every blog has three emoticons followed by three LOLs at the end, rarely more than or less that three. :-)

And talking of which, I must leave you in peace and go find the threes to complete this blog.

Happy Sundog!
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon

In the mood for more WOWs?

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SILLYHP1953 10/12/2011 9:16PM

    I finally did some Wii fitness and Just Dance tonight. Took a break cause I think I had gout in my foot. Actually went to a doctor, but she couldn't say for sure. It is better finally.

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CHEVY63 8/11/2011 11:48AM

    Congrats on the weight loss - glad to hear all is going well!

As always, absolutely love your pictures!!! (I almost only did 2 ! but then realized that I needed to make it 3!)

Report Inappropriate Comment

    3 is my lucky number!! I just love your corgis. They were my mum's favourite dog. We had two - a boy and then a girl.

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_LINDA 8/9/2011 12:14AM

    I have heard the saying good things come in threes, must be true! I am still waiting for the first thing though LOL.
Love the corgi cartoon :)
Keep up the great work!
Linda xxx

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CARLA-216 8/8/2011 3:14PM

    Congrats on the weight loss, Lex!

I agree about things coming in threes, too. Along the lines of finding money, on our 3nd trip to Ireland, I found money three times during that trip. Hmmm... :-)


Report Inappropriate Comment
CHERIRIDDELL 8/8/2011 11:41AM

    Oh I adored the corgi pics.Thank Tara too! Things come in threes in my life too.

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LIBBYFITZ 8/8/2011 9:31AM


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BOVEY63 8/7/2011 9:37PM

    Thanks for sharing your threes - I enjoyed reading about them.
Congrats on the working out and weight loss!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SCREWIE 8/7/2011 5:35PM

    Ok. So, my internet packed up two weeks ago. My home telephone went on the blink earlier this week... I'll expect my mobile to mess up soon!

I've never noticed if it's threes, but yes, usually I don't get one offs, good or bad. I get runs of the things!

And is Eugene the Hutz? emoticon

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Day 21: Chilli, Yogurt, and a Hula Hooping Sparker

Saturday, August 06, 2011

I decided to go with a baked potato with my veggie chilli last night, rather than chips, and had a thought, as you do. :-)

I thought, "I have half a pot of yogurt left over from our curry night, and I don't know how to use it up."

From there I went to turn the potato, and thought, "Some people like to put yogurt on their baked potatoes. I've never done that, and don't think I want to."

Interesting potato topping:

Then I thought, "If yogurt works in curry to make it milder and less tangy on the tongue, would it work in Chilli too?"

So, I took a tsp of the chilli out of the saucepan, drizzled a little yogurt on it and tasted.

Wow! New taste sensation, and it was nomilicious! So, I waited until I was ready to dish up and stirred a tbsp of yogurt into the chilli portion, then added it to my baked potato and veggies. It made for a seriously tasty dinner!

In fact, it was so tasty that I defrosted another portion tonight and had it with rice this time. That worked too, but I prefer it with the baked potato.

In other news:

A Sparkfriend linked to this videoblog, and you will love it. I'm always saying that the first rule of exercise is to have fun, right? Well, here is a lady who knows her fun when she finds it!

So, 21 days into Route 66 and Land's End to John O'Groats.

I've reached Clines Corners, NM...

and I'm halfway between Bodmin and Plymouth on my UK walk. Being born in Cornwall, I know the county like the back of my hand, and one of my favourite places is the Cheesewring, on Bodmin Moor. A strange ring of rocks on the top of the hill, that are a bit of a scramble, but worth the climb for the magnificent views. It was a regular place to go with my Dad when I was a kid. Happy memories. :-)

And not to be confused with cheese rings:

I've walked 79.4 miles in 21 days, which is an average of 3.78 miles per day, so it is building up nicely. :-) I also made my minimum step count every day this week, so I am now officially aiming for 6600 steps per day, which on my pedometer system is 3 miles! I've been so looking forward to this milestone!

There have been a couple of amendments to my last blog. You remember the list of rules I expect. :-)

Well, I have to change:

Rule 3. Do at least 30 mins of cardio every day.
I have to up that to 45 minutes, because it turns out that I do at least 45 minutes of cardio each day - proper sweat-inducing cardio, and I didn't realise that. Consequently my fitness tracker has been complaining at me. Therefore that has been adjusted. :-)

I also have to change:

Rule 4: Do at least 15 minutes of strength training every day.
I need to amend that to six days out of seven. It just makes life easier when I get two upper, two lower and two core session a week, and a day off strength training.

I have used the last few days to get organised as far as strength training and stretching are concerned, both of which were floundering. I now have all the Sparkpeople exercise demos in easy to find bookmarks, and sorted into upper, lower, core and stretch. I'm hoping that will assist me each day in filling out my Fitness Tracker. I've tried letting the tracker pick my workouts, but it keeps giving me stuff I'd struggle with and I want exercises I can do or I'll get fed up and find excuses to miss it out again. Wish me luck this week as I attempt to develop a little self discipline in this area. :-)

So, is there anything else to share with you? Nope, I think that's it for now. :-)
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Lex xxx
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  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    I love it. And I really love the loldogs and lolcats. Have you seen the ones on my blogs? emoticon emoticon

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CARLA-216 8/8/2011 3:08PM

    Your average miles per day puts me to shame! Great job!
You are making big progress on your Route 66 and John O'Groates walk. One day, I want to visit Cornwall...well, the UK in general. However, I'd have to make it through that strong force field that hovers over Ireland. ;-)


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SCREWIE 8/7/2011 5:38PM

    I tried using yogurt in cooking once, and it curdled! how do you do it so that it doesn't?

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Thank you! You have given me several good ideas, from yogurt to exercise. Great blog.

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SENATOR9 8/7/2011 9:56AM

    Way to go love the cats pictures emoticon

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SENATOR9 8/7/2011 9:56AM

    Way to go love the cats pictures emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
ANNEMAC5 8/7/2011 3:43AM

    I had watched the video blog SF Caz had told me about it. The hula hoop queen I loved her energy. Speaking of energy you are going great recently so active and you really seem to be having so much fun with all your "travels". Glad you enjoyed your experiments with yoghurt all sounds yummy. Love all your cat pictures, makes me smile.
Sunday morning managed an early run and no rain with some sunshine here.
Anne x

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_LINDA 8/6/2011 10:24PM

    Way to go with your fitness! I use yogurt for a veggie dip, and cottage cheese on my baked potato (just like sour cream) I have really got to watch my calories now while being unable to exercise.
This place sounds lovely! Cheese is still my favorite nom..one slice of cheddar a day.
Keep up the great work!! You are doing awesome!!
Linda xxx

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Day 16 - Feels Just Like Starting Over. LOL

Monday, August 01, 2011

Sounds like a cue for a song:


New Month - New Rules! emoticon

Rule 1. All steps count at the end of the day, no matter where I trod them.

So that means walking to the shops, walking the dog, up and down the stairs, strimming the garden, and any exercise. It all counts towards my daily step total!

It counts for getting me along Route 66 (and this is day 16 of that particular trip)

It also counts for getting me from Land's End to John O'Groats!
(also day 16)

I've walked 55.6 miles so far, past Truro, and heading for Bodmin. A current average daily distance of 3.48 miles. As I am aiming for at least 3 1/2 miles a day, and preferably four, that's pretty darned good, specially as I had a few low stepcount days thanks to my silly knee. :-)


Rule 2. Not all steps count towards Cardio!

I can't count steps towards Cardio, unless I've broken a sweat!

So, as Sophie doesn't cope with heat and can't walk at a fast pace, that means Highwoods walks can't count for now. Sweating just cos the sun is hot, hot, hot won't cut the mustard! LOL

Ditto to walks to the shops. I can't sustain a good pace in hot weather, and so, Tesco Extra, Waitrose, Co-op and Town are all out of the equation.

Sounds harsh? Not really. You see, I've been relying on those walks lately to get my cardio in, and as a result my weight has stalled again. So, while I shall continue to walk in the fresh air for a little general exercise and to get in my Vitamin D, I shan't count them towards Cardio.

Which leads me to...

Rule 3. Do at least 30 mins of cardio every day.

It isn't like I'm short of options. I love my Leslie Sansone walks, which do count because they are very fast paced walks, averaging 15 minute miles. I have Tigger (my mini trampoline), and I also love Roo (my aerobic step), and I have a DVD for each plus videos on You Tube to play with for both of those. Plus, of course, I have my Wii, which allows me access to Zumba, dancing, jogging and cycling, not to mention stepping, Hula Hoop, and rhythm boxing, which has a cardio element to it also, plus Rhythm Parade.

And this leads me naturally to...

Rule 4

Do at least 15 minutes of strength training every day.

I am falling down on the job here. My batwings need special attention, and when I work at that on a regular basis, it really helps, but slacking off soon has me back to square one again! Also, my abs are improving but still need a lot of work. Finally, my legs. They have a lot to live up to, with all the cardio I plan, so they too need some special attention. I actually realised that I can feel some muscle definition on the front of my thighs now, and I'd love to be able to feel the same thing elsewhere. :-) So yes, ever day must get a little action in.

and I mustn't forget...

Rule 5.

Don't forget the stretches!

Not every programme I use has stretches built in, and so sometimes I forget to stretch after exercising, only to regret it later when my bod complains. :-)

and finally...

Rule 6.

If you need a break, TAKE one!

There is nothing wrong with taking a break from exercising your little heart out once in a while. :-) I don't believe in taking a day off each week, but I need to not over-push myself when I'm under the weather. My tricky health issues make me push on regardless most of the time because otherwise I'd never get any exercise done. But there are times when my bod screams at me, and those are the times I need to take notice. :-)

So those are my new rules. :-) Let's see how long they last.

Oh, and in case you are wondering where my thousand days of exercise have gone, I've pulled out after 101 consecutive days. I was getting too many things to keep track of, so I'm sticking with Route 66 and Land's End to John O'Groats. However, the minimum 15 mins each day will still be purring along in the background, and at the end of the thousand days, it'll be interesting to see how many days I missed through illness or whatever.

Happy Lughnasadh/Lammas to you all! :-) This is the time of the first harvest, and so my Sparkpage is decked out to reflect that. I hope you like it. :-)

Take care,
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon

P.S. Some local teen has just thrown a large tomato at our sitting room window!!! What a mess!!! Of course, I didn't see who it was, being as it is dark out there, just the neighbour opposite's front door slamming shut, but...


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SILLYHP1953 10/12/2011 9:11PM

    Where in the world do you get those crazy pictures!!! I'm finally going to catch up on your blogs, but it might take me a couple days.

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CJANSEN40 8/5/2011 4:16PM

    Cute! Truro - did you wave to my friend Sarah? It's vool following on the map. I wish I had time for mine;(

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SCREWIE 8/4/2011 5:04AM

    I second rule 6 :))))

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LIBBYFITZ 8/2/2011 8:39PM

    emoticonLoved reading this blog!

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ANNEMAC5 8/2/2011 2:54PM

    Great goals, you can do this. I have been doing 1and 2 with steps.
Love the pictures and the way you do your blogs and has reminded me about stretches. emoticon

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MARYMO22 8/2/2011 2:38PM

    love the blog - I'm with you on the strength training - my bingo wings are not good
off to do some weights!

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CARLA-216 8/2/2011 11:59AM

    I like your new rules! And I also like the illustrations provided with each rule. LOL

Love the new page! It reminds me that fall is coming and that does my heart good!


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SENATOR9 8/2/2011 10:14AM

    You're a real busy person I get tired just reading all your activities

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BOVEY63 8/2/2011 4:25AM

    Great blog - love the pics that went with every rule!
emoticon emoticon

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ODDLASS 8/2/2011 3:04AM

    LEXIE! where the heck do you have the time and energy from?? After reading that lot, I need a nap!! just writing that would be enough for the day for me, never mind doing it all!! cor blimey Charlie!! XXX


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CHERIRIDDELL 8/2/2011 1:02AM

    Heehee Hee I enjoyed this and I loved your first harvest page.I am working on my first harvest here!My favourite Kitteh tonight was Fluffy three steps into his epic journey Fluffy decided it was too much work LOL!

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BRAVERUDE 8/1/2011 5:33PM


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