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Day 49/1000 Doggy Thief! :-)

Friday, June 03, 2011

A good exercise day:

Took Sophie up to Highwoods this morning with our ball thrower, and it was a mistake! First, I had to fetch the ball because Sophie didn't see where it went. Luckily I did though. Then, having adjusted my throw to make the ball run along the path rather than into the long grass, another dog came along and took Sophie's ball and ran off with it! That dog's owner was deaf as a post thanks to her ipod earbuds, and we had to chase after her to get the ball back! LOL

Finally, I managed to get things going better with the thrower and Sophie fetched a couple of times. But by the time we got to the end of the first field, Sophie was breathing very hard and she walked into the shady long grass and laid down for a rest. Realising that the heat was getting to her I put the ball and thrower in my bag and we walked slowly round the field and home, with her gasping every step of the way.

So, no ball thrower unless the weather is cooler and we are only going for a short walk. In fact, I may have to look at getting up really early to walk Sophie before it gets too warm until the end of the summer. She really can't cope with heat at her age. Mind you, it isn't my favourite thing either. :-)

Walked to Waitrose and back to get a few bits for the weekend.

Did my tweaked Yoga and Muscle routine on Wii Fit Plus - 45 minutes and 25 exercises! :-) I'm really enjoying the variety of exercises, and I am aiming for three times a week for that one. Still finding the Tree Pose difficult. Can't get my foot to stay up above my knee. It keeps sliding back down. LOL Anyone know how to stop the slide down? I've tried bare foot on lycra and trainer on jeans and neither is effective, though the trainer on jeans only slides as far as my knee.

Then I did my Just Dance June challenge - week 1 = 8 songs, plus 2 others for fun. :-)

So, not short of exercise today. :-) Well over 10,000 steps managed.

Tara barely touched her meal last night, but today she has done better. She ate a small breakfast - nutrigrain and a glass of milk, three small sausage rolls for lunch, a couple of cakey things, and finally, it took her two hours, but she ate a trout fillet, a small boiled potato and about half a carrot this evening, so things are looking up. *phew!*

Roll on bedtime. We are both pretty tired tonight. :-)
It's the weekend! Yay!
Have a good one!
Lex xxx
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MNOT2THICK 6/5/2011 6:36PM

    You are so inspiring me. emoticon emoticon

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SILLYHP1953 6/4/2011 9:16PM

    I looked at wii's in the store last night but just haven't made the plunge yet. I just know me and I'm afraid I'll get into it for a while and then taper off, but of course I'll buy all the accessories first...

You are really doing great with your fitness.

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CHEVY63 6/4/2011 2:14PM

    Glad you got Sophie's ball back! Hope she's recovered from the walk.

Good job with your fitness - you are doing great with keeping it up!

Enjoy the weekend.


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SCREWIE 6/4/2011 1:16PM

    Considering how unflexible my legs are, the only way I could do a Tree would be by breaking my knee so I can bend it up, and fixing it to my thigh with a rubber band!

Well done for even doing a half tree emoticon

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ODDLASS 6/4/2011 12:51PM

    I would love to advise on keeping your foot in place ... however ... if I manage it with my foot off the floor and don't fall over I class it as a victory!

But I have found I can balance better with the sound off!! Either being told 'you are a bit unsteady' OR ' your balance is perfect' both make me think too much about it and set me off on a wibble wobble!


Comment edited on: 6/4/2011 12:51:49 PM

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CARLA-216 6/4/2011 9:43AM

    I feel you with the warm weather! UGH x1000! LOL

Crazy doggie, stealing Sophie's ball! I must say that I don't get people who can't go anywhere without their iPod. May make me sound odd or whatever, but I really can't imagine being plugged into my own little world all the time.

Great job on the exercise! And so glad Tara's eating better. Her eats sound quite tasty to me! :)


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_LINDA 6/4/2011 1:17AM

    Wow! I can only imagine having warm weather!! I far and away prefer it to cold. I feel so much better in hot temperatures. Can you carry water for Sophie to drink? It should be mandatory with that kind of heat, never mind the exercise. You wouldn't hurt having some either ;). We always carried water for Bendix and ourselves, although getting Mom to drink water is very, very hard -she doesn't even go to the bathroom in the morning after sleeping she drinks so little :(
Love hearing about all the variety of exercising you are doing:) Bare foot on bare skin with this pose? Do you have shorts you can wear?
Keep up the great work and have a fabulous weekend!!
Linda xxx

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Day 38-48/1000 (the long-story-short version) and a Watery + Dental Adventure :-)

Thursday, June 02, 2011

That was the ten days that was! :-) I have been incredibly busy, and more than a little stressed. Ever since Tara was told by the dentist that she needed a filling in one of her top front teeth, things have been fraught. With a two week wait for the treatment, Tara started to lose her appetite, until by Monday of this week she was threatening to be sick every time she started to eat.

This is more than a little difficult to deal with when your child has tactile issues with food anyway, and then can barely eat even the things she likes. To be honest, I was at the point of ringing the dentist and cancelling the appointment, just so her appetite would improve.

It also doesn't help that I had a horrendous experience with a dentist as a child which left me seriously dental-phobic myself. I have done my best not to pass my fears on. Bryony isn't scared of dentists, or heights - my other biggie. Tara isn't scared of heights either, but the dental thing looked increasingly problematic.

I was able to convince her this morning that the reason she is so freaked out is that it is a new thing she has to deal with. Therefore she has no idea what to expect, and that is what was bugging her. I promised her that if she really didn't feel she could deal with it, we would leave the surgery with her teeth untouched, but that it would be best if we at least try to get her as far as the dental chair! :-)

So, off to town we went, popping into Hughes to pay a bill and Robert Dyas to pick up a brita water filter and a new dish brush before heading to the dentist. Tara gave the ladies behind the counter a laugh. I turned round to her and asked what equipment I needed to buy for the kitchen in order to encourage her to help with the dishes. Fast as lightning, she replied: "A dishwasher!"

Tara was close to tears when we arrived at the surgery, but by the time we were called in she was calm, and the dentist and his assistant were wonderful! The dentist decided to try drilling and filling without an injection first, and told her to let him know if she felt any pain and he would stop and give her an injection to numb her mouth. He said he’d go really slowly and if anything worried her she just had to say.

I cast up a silent prayer to anyone who was listening to help her through it, and then the dentist started the drill...

Her first comment a few seconds after he started drilling...

“It tickles!”

Apart from a brief moment of pain part-way through the drilling she was fine, and the dentist finished the drilling and filled the tooth without having to inject her. Yay! *grin* She has to go back in three months for a check-up to make sure she is looking after her teeth properly, because she has a tendency to gum infection so he has given her a regime to follow.

So, I can’t tell you how relieved I am that it all went so smoothly. I was expecting a gibbering wreck of a child to be practically carried out of the surgery, and instead, she was smiling broadly, and practically skipping out of the door. *blows kiss to everyone who helped!*

So, I’m two for two! I didn’t pass my phobia on to Tara either, thank the gods. *phew! mops brow*

The other biggie this week was getting a water meter fitted yesterday. It was a right palaver, but will be worth the hassle because it will save us a lot of money through the year. Thanks to a heap of confusion between inspectors, phone operators and contractors, they ended up turning my kitchen upside down to fit it under the sink instead of outside, but it will be more secure that way, and it did force me to clean the cupboard out, which was long overdue. LOL

The contractor had to cut part of the cupboard backing away, which they aren’t allowed to do apparently, in order to get at the pipes. As it was either that or get the concrete drill out and start making a hole in my garden path he got his stanley knife out and started cutting. I told him I would happily sign something to claim responsibility if necessary, but he didn't take me up on the offer. :-) It isn’t like anyone will see the back of the cupboard anyway. I would have chopped it out myself, but I didn’t have the tools.

So yes, bit of a stressful time recently, but a decent meal tonight and a good night’s sleep will do wonders for both of us I think. We bought salmon and prawn sarnies on the way home, and Tara wolfed her share down, so that’s a great sign that her appetite is back. Thank the gods for that! A quiet few days would be nice too. :-)

We were so psyched when we left the dentist that we went to the Gamestation store for a mooch and Tara found a game she wanted. It is a real shame that they're closing the store on Saturday. The staff aren't even being absorbed by other branches. Sickening! It also means we have less choices in town for game shops now. Gamestation also stocked games for old consoles that none of the other shops stock, so an even bigger loss. :-(
I really hope the staff will be ok.

Then we popped into the pet store opposite to get a ball grabber. This is a plastic thing that you use to pick up and throw tennis balls for your dog. It was only £2.50, and I'm looking forward to taking Sophie up to Highwoods with it tomorrow to see how far I can throw a ball with it. LOL

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

So, the 1000 day exercise challenge. Yes, I have exercised on all of the days covered by this blog post. :-) But I won't bore you with a load of detail. Instead, this is the long-story-short version:

Day 38
Highwoods walk, Waitrose, Games on the Wii Fit Plus

Day 39
Highwoods, Wii Fit Plus games which included an hour of cycling

Day 40
Wii Fit plus games, including 35 mins cycling.
Danced to 11 songs on Just Dance 2.
Tennis and Baseball on Wii Sports - LOVED that! I have never played baseball in my life and the nearest thing we Brits have to it - rounders - well, I was hopeless at it as a child! :-) But playing on Wii sports actually made me go and look up the Baseball rules after to see why some hits weren't counted and stuff. Plus, I used to play tennis a lot when I was younger and I got so engrossed in the game on the Wii that at times I forgot I was swinging a remote instead of a tennis racquet. Really enjoyable. :-)

Day 41
Wii Fit Plus games and a trek to Tesco Extra and back via Highwoods, being chased by rainstorms (and caught too, LOL), plus danced to 12 songs on Just Dance.

Day 42
Wii Fit Plus games, plus 7 Zumba fitness routines which completed all my Just Dance and Zumba challenges for May. Yay! :-)

Day 43
Wii Fit Plus:
10 yoga and muscle exercises on Wii Fit Plus - the only ones I hadn't already attempted (and for some of them it was obvious why! Yowser! ouch!)
Jogging - 1 hour and 12 minutes in total!

Day 44
Wii Fit Plus:
Created a routine of 26 Yoga and Muscle exercises which came to 46 minutes, and did them all. They were all the ones I could do, or do sort of. :-) Needs juggling! :-)
Did 30 mins of cycling too, and more jogging.

Day 45
Loads and loads of jogging using Tigger on Wii Fit Plus testing out different routes. It was a lot of fun! :-) 1 hour and 19 minutes in total

Day 46
Highwoods walk
Wii Fit Plus: tweaked the 26 Yoga and Muscle exercise routine and did them all again - 47 minutes this time
Also did some real gardening - not on the Wii! LOL

Day 47
Wii Fit Plus:
30 mins cycling
plus walked to Waitrose and back

Day 48 (today)
Town circuit walk via Castle Park
Hoping to get a little Wii-ing in later if possible. Was planning to do the latest tweak of my Yoga and Muscle routine, but that will depend on how tired I am after all the stress. Usually I do a major droop after something like that, and the stress also bought on my Tietze's somewhat - after an extended break from it - which doesn't help. But we'll see. :-)

So there you go - loads of exercise done. Lost weight last week, put about half the loss back on this week, but TOM was in town, so not a surprise. :-) What was a surprise was that I didn't gain more! :-)

I'll finish with some cloud pics from Thursday's race against the rainstorm on the way home from Tesco Extra. We got soaked on the way there, but almost made it back without a second soaking. Just started to rain about a minute from home. As Tara pointed out, if I hadn't kept stopping to take photos we'd have beaten it back! LOL

I have posted them in the order I took them. The brighter shots were facing the direction we were heading, and the dark clouds were behind and to the right of us:

Hope you are all doing well. I'll try and catch up with everyone over the weekend if I can.
Lex xxx
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MNOT2THICK 6/5/2011 6:32PM

    Gorgeous pics! So glad all went well with
Tara. You are doing an awesome job on moving and losing. emoticon

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SILLYHP1953 6/4/2011 9:21PM

    I don't like dentist's either, so I'm sure glad everything went well with Tara. You are doing so great with all the fitness!

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BOVEY63 6/3/2011 3:44PM

    So happy all went well for Tara.
despite all the chaos, you did great on the exercise!
emoticon emoticon
Great pictures of the sky - it sure did get dark when the clouds came over. Love the cartoons - as usual. Keep sharing them.

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ODDLASS 6/3/2011 4:51AM

    Good on Tara!! I am so pleased she coped so well with it. It must be a big relief it is all over with!
and very well done you on all that activity!! It was wearing me out just readin' it all. and the photos were great too. they looked pretty full did them there clouds.


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SCREWIE 6/3/2011 4:36AM

    Well done to Tara for being so brave at the dentist! I also have a dentist phobia and it's not a good thing. Congrats to you for not passing it on :)

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_LINDA 6/3/2011 2:27AM

    So great Tara got through the dental appointment so well!
Awesome keeping up the fitness minutes!! Wonderful photos! The clouds are spectacular and sure look like they would dump a load of rain on you too!!
Have a Fantastic Friday and a great weekend!
Linda xxx

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LIFEISSWEET2 6/2/2011 4:36PM

    Glad that Tara made it through....and without an injection!? now that's something else!!

I have a "ball grabber" that I use when I play ball with Bud. It works like a charm, especially since I throw "like a girl" according to my brother and if Bud could talk he'd agree. Sophie will love the distance you'll get with it.

The photos are absolutely spectacular!

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ANNEMAC5 6/2/2011 3:53PM

    Wow what a blog. Stressful time for both of you. Glad the dentist trip was ok in the end such a worry when Tara was going of her food.
So sad about shops shutting and people loosing there jobs.
I love weather pictures. Weather is wonderful.
You have done fantastic with your fitness and I am sure the lbs will come off.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CARLA-216 6/2/2011 3:37PM

    So glad Tara came out okay at the dentist. I can imagine the stress she felt. I am not phobic of dentists but I would terribly dread having a filling like she did. She's a trooper!

I hope the Tietze's stays away. XX XX fingers crossed for you!

Great job with all the exercise and being down on the scale. Bet the little TOM gain will be a goner next week.

I LOVE all the cloud photos! LOL at Tara saying you'd have beat the rain back if you hadn't stopped to snap the pics!

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Day 37/1000 Completing my Wii Fit Plus Only Exercise Weekend. Bladder control anyone?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I did it! Purely using Wii Fit Plus I got in another hour and 21 minutes of exercise today, with an unusual twist from yesterday I neglected to mention. TMI to come? You decide! :-)

And... I lost a pound and a quarter this week! Maybe the Wii helped? :-)

Of course, just cos I lost it doesn't mean I won't find it again. Most things I lose stay lost, no matter how hard I look for them, but my weight? No such luck! LOL

So, today, from the Wii Fit Plus Routines section I completed testing out the following routines:

Youth – Posture – about 6 minutes
Yoga – Tree
Yoga – Half-Moon
Balance games - Zazen

Youth – Mind and Body – about 7 minutes
Training Plus – Perfect Ten
Balance Games – Table Tilt
Training Plus – Obstacle Course

Youth – Legs and Hips – about 6 minutes
Aerobic Exercises – Step Basics
Yoga – Chair
Muscle Workouts – Rowing Squat

Form – Hips and Behind – about 8 minutes
Muscle Workouts – Single Leg extension
Aerobic Exercises – Step Plus
Yoga – Standing Knee

Form – Arms – about 6 minutes
Training Plus – Rhythm Kung Fu
Muscle Workouts – Tricep Extension
Muscle Workouts – Balance Bridge (for advanced users)

Form – Figure – about 7 minutes
Aerobic Exercises – Super Hula Hoop
Muscle Workouts – Sideways Leg Lift
Yoga - Triangle

Then, to get my steps in because that lot only came to around 1300 steps...

Cycling - the Island View Course - 19 mins and about 2000 steps

Jogging Plus 3 minute short course. 5 attempts! The reason for this? I was trying to unlock the next level and I couldn't figure out why the game wasn't moving forwards.

Also, my first attempt was interrupted by the phone ringing. It was Bryony and we hadn't chatted for ages. So, after a few mad moments of trying to jog and chat at the same time, I remembered that Tara was in the process of running a bath for herself and if I didn't give the phone to her straight away she'd miss the chance to chat with her sister. So I paused the game, ran up the stairs, and handed the phone over, then took the opportunity to empty my bladder before getting back on the trampoline.

I then completed that attempt and did two more before the phone came back.

Then I had a lovely long chat with Bry, during which time I moaned that in spite of my best efforts I hadn't been able to unlock the next level of jogging. I concluded that I couldn't jog fast enough on Tigger and that I'd try on the floor instead.

So, after Bry rang off I got back to the jogging and tried on the floor. I got off to a good start following my cat as usual, and as a second cat passed us I remembered reading somewhere on sparkpeople about passing cats to go on different routes, so I sped up, passed my cat, and lo and behold, the game told me to follow the second cat instead! So I did, and it took me on a different route! I poured my arms and legs into that three minutes, and was I pooped by the end! I was amazed I managed to do that on the floor and so fast! :-)

I liked that a lot, so I had a fifth go, starting on the floor again to start, and this time a different coloured cat overtook us, so I sped up, followed him, then leapt on the trampoline to complete that jog and new route at a more sedate trampoline pace.

At the end of that jog - and the cat took me to some very strange places for a human to jog *grin* - the game moved me on to the 'long' length jog...

So I had to try that once too. :-) 7 minutes

But after that I was pretty worn out, so I called it a day, and I'm having a well-deserved quiet evening watching TV (in between typing this to bore you guys silly, LOL).

One problem that has come to light this weekend is my bladder control. I suffer from a little weakness in that area, so that I have to be careful how I sneeze, for instance. Come on ladies! Some of you know what I'm talking about. :-) Well, yesterday, during the 30 minute jog on Tigger, I had to stop partway through ... because I wet myself! *hides behind hands all embarrassed*

Turns out that ... how to say this delicately ... fast jogging on Tigger makes me ... leak. Seems not all damp patches are sweat-related! *oops* So I guess if I want to carry on jogging I have to do two things. I have to add pelvic floor exercises to my routine to try and strengthen the area ... and I have to be a big brave girl and go peruse the Tena aisle! :-)

Oh boy! *oh no...*

I was about to say, "It never rains, but it pours!" Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... LOLOLOLOL

So, with the sound of bladder icicles tinkling away - yes I did just say that - I will wish you all a very happy last of the weekend, and hope that Monday is kind and gentle to you all. :-)

Lex xxx
(what, no bladder emoticons?) LOL
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MNOT2THICK 6/5/2011 6:12PM

    emoticon emoticonGreat working out with the Wii. I need to get one. Sounds like fun.

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ODDLASS 6/1/2011 2:54PM

    They don't call it the wii for nothing! emoticon

Don't worry, I have comfort breaks and T ladies on long sessions


I take it the next level in running is on the wii plus not the old wii? I have unlocked the wii free running and it allows me up to 30 mins so far. but I am on the C25k now, so will cut back on the wii running a bit.

Keep it up Lex! XX

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TRINA001 5/25/2011 5:18AM

    my physio therapist (Treating my split rectus muscles, from big pregnancies) told me to always remember to engage pelvic floor muscles at the same time as the core muscles.
She said that not doing so can weaken the pelvic floor. It made sense to me though (and it may just be me being dizzy) I hadn't thought of that before.
Just thought it may be worth looking up on the internet if you do a lot of core exercises?

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RAINBOWCHOC 5/24/2011 10:19AM

    Tena ladies r us....perhaps we need a new group!

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_LINDA 5/23/2011 5:38PM

    You sure are getting a lot of exercise out of this Wii! These games sound more like fun then work! Know all about the bladder stuff. I have it mildly, but my Mom has a prolapsed bladder. What a nurse suggested to strengthen it up was: When you have to go to pee, let some go about half way, then hold it for five long seconds, then do the rest. It should help if you do this on a regular basis, every time you need to go.
Keep up the great work!!
Linda xxx

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BOVEY63 5/23/2011 1:44PM

    I feel just like the cat in the second cartoon today!
You are doing awesome on the wii!
I understand the bladder issue - jumping jacks (as well as sneezing and coughing) can get me.

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SCREWIE 5/23/2011 11:20AM

    You can do pelvic floor exercises while you watch the telly, or a movie, or whatever. In fact, you can do them while you're out shopping, talking on the phone, doing the washing up... that's why they're brilliant, you can do them any time you remember it :)

Well done on unlocking the thing!

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CARLA-216 5/23/2011 8:13AM

    My mom has the bladder problems you mention. She told me that even as a young girl, she'd be running and wet herself.

Great job on your 1 hr 21 minutes of exercise!

Great pics for today, Moanday. I told Tom when we woke up I was bummed for it to be Moanday already! LOL


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SILLYHP1953 5/22/2011 8:36PM

    Some more TMI maybe.
Umm, yes, after five kids and being 58 I do know of what you speak. I'm not sure what Tena is, but Always pantiliners are small and work well.

You are getting some serious exercise in on that Wii, and it sounds fun!

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BEVIAM 5/22/2011 6:53PM

    Hi, I also have wii fit program at home. I had a total knee replacement done last November. Do you know if there is a place to add my surgery in the health, so I don't injure my knee? I am doing the exercises the dr gave me. But I wanted to try to do more.

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Day 36/1000 A Wii Fit Plus Day

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I managed to get a lot of exercise done today as part of my experimenting with the Wii Fit Plus. I decided to play with the Wii Fit Plus Routines today, and also to do half an hour of jogging to help get my steps in.

First, though, I did three attempts at the balance game Ski Slalom... ODDLASS's Wii Fit challenge choice. Have to say she and ANANDINI are way better at that than me, but I'll improve now I realised that I wasn't leaning forward enough to get the speed. It is all in the detail. I was so focused on the flag gates that I didn't notice the window to the right showing the area I needed the centre of my gravity to be for optimum performance. It was Tara who told me what I was missing. LOL Ah well, better luck next time. I had three more attempts afterwards and nailed it on the last one! :-)

So in the Wii Fit Plus Routines section, there are 12 categories, with three challenges in each one, so I tried half of them today:

1. Lifestyle - Shoulders and Back - 6 Minutes
Muscle - Torso and Waist Twists
Yoga - Palm Tree
Training Plus - Big Top Juggling

2. Lifestyle - Relax - 7 minutes
Yoga - Deep Breathing
Yoga - Sun Salutation
Training Plus - Rhythm Parade

3. Lifestyle - Warm Up - 6 minutes
Yoga - Warrior
Training Plus - Bird's-Eye Bull's-Eye
Yoga - Downward-Facing Dog

Then took a break, but did Bird's-Eye Bull's Eye again to see whether my score from the last segment was recorded. It was! They don't tell you as you work through the routines, but if you are in the top ten for that exercise it gets recorded, so that is great because I scored 111 and it was the first time I didn't drown or lose my way. LOL

4. Health - Tummy - 5 minutes
Muscle - Jackknife
Muscle - Single leg twist
Training Plus - Snowball Fight

5. Health - Over-Indulged - 9 minutes
Aerobic - Jogging
Aerobic - Rhythm Boxing
Muscle - Lunge

6. Health - Leaner Mii - 8 minutes
Aerobic - Hula Hoop
Training Plus - Cycling
Training Plus - Skateboard Arena

Then after a further break, and only having amassed about 2000 steps at that point, I decided to try the remaining 6 sections tomorrow, and instead do a 30 minute Free Jog on my trampoline to see how far I can jog in that time when I don't keep stopping to transfer music. :-) I did 5.122 KM. Very nearly twice round the island! :-) If the music I was playing had been a touch faster... LOL

At this point I had amassed 1 hour and 21 minutes on Wii Fit Plus, and I deemed that a good day's exercise, so stopped there. Oh, and the piggy bank that holds my minutes and calorie count changed to a glorious copper colour because I have exercised over ten hours in total! :-) He glows, and sparkles. Really attractive! I love these little touches. :-)

Then Tara and I played a few rounds on Mariokart. Daft game, but strangely addictive. :-) I also caught up with Sparkfriends today, so it has been a lovely time.

So that was Saturday. Hope tomorrow is as nice. :-)
Have a great weekend!
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SCREWIE 5/22/2011 12:06PM

    Hyperactive, you?


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SILLYHP1953 5/21/2011 9:31PM

    Your pictures continue to be hilarious. I feel left out, I still don't have a wii.

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Days 34 and 35/1000 Highwoods in bloom

Friday, May 20, 2011

Exercise first:

Day 34 (Thur 19th May)

Highwoods 40 minute walk
Waitrose and back 30 minute walk

Zumba Challenge, May week 3:
7 routines - approx 28 minutes

Wii Fit Plus:
Perfect 10 - three attempts for a challenge - Drew for first place. :-)
Bird's-Eye Bull's-Eye - flapping your arms like wings and trying to land on targets. What a riot! LOL
Big Top Juggling - standing and balancing on a large ball while trying to catch and juggle other smaller balls. Impossible! :-)
Obstacle Course - finally made it to the second section of this one. I am baaad at this! *grin*
Snowball Fight - 9 hits. A lot of fun I thought.
Tilt City. Tricky as you are tilting three platforms, one with the remote and the other two using the balance board in order to match dropping balls with their same colour baskets. Trying to get your hands to move one board in one direction while simultaneously trying to lean in the opposite direction to tilt the others is conflicting, but fun. :-)

Day 35 (Fri 20th May)

Boy, has today been busy! :-)

Highwoods walk for 50 minutes.

Basic Step - three attempts for today's challenge with my two Sparkfriends. I won! :-)

Then I had a mad moment and went to the online Wii Fit Routine Generator and told it to give me a Hard 60 minute Wii Fit Weight Loss Routine.

I worked through the following list over several hours, taking a number of breaks, including lunch, in between sections:

Sideways Leg Lift (muscle)
King of the Dance (yoga)
Warm Up:
Sideways Leg Lift (muscle)
Triangle (Yoga)
Single Leg Twist (muscle)
Crocodile Twist (yoga)
Sun Salutation (yoga)
Free Jog 20 Minutes (aerobic)
Free Jog 10 Minutes (aerobic)
Skateboard Arena (balance)
Free Jog 30 Minutes (aerobic)
Bird's-Eye Bull's-Eye (training plus)
Jogging 3 minutes (aerobics)
Snowboard Slalom advanced level (balance)
Cool Down:
Tricep Extension (muscle)
Single Leg Extension (muscle)
Tricep Extension (muscle)
Palm Tree (yoga)

During both the 10 and 30 minute jogging sections, I combined the jogging with working on my Wii Jogging playlists, so I didn't get the distance or pace in and lost a total of 6 minutes exercise as a result, but the multi-tasking was really helpful, and in spite of that the total time on Wii Fit still came to 1 hour and 30 minutes!

Yes, my legs are complaining! No, I think they'll be fine after a good night's sleep. :-) I hope so, anyway, because I have more experiments planned for tomorrow. :-) It seems there are a couple of ways to put routines together on the Wii so that you can move from one item to the next without stopping to click through from one screen to the next. One combines Yoga and Muscle. You can just do one or the other, or both, and the game will even put a selection together for however many minutes you want to work out in five minute increments up to an hour. The other way seems to have a dozen different 'collections' that can be combined up to three together to create a routine to target areas you particularly want to work on. I really want to work on trying those out over the weekend I think, and maybe even risk another 60 mins hard labour with the random routine generator.

I was dubious about Wii Fit Plus at first, worried that I may have spent a lot of money on something I'd get bored with quickly, but the variety of games and routines and all the challenges and things available are making it an endless source of fun. I am so pleased with it. :-)

Add to that the Zumba Fitness which is a fast paced aerobic workout that is challenging, and yet a total joy to work at, and the Just Dance games, and I am in electronic game heaven! :-)

But I still get out and about too. In spite of a little rain, and it really has been little more than light spitting, I've been up to Highwoods, and it is developing it's latest change of clothing. The greens of the trees are just stunning - verdant - and the grass is high, and filled with Buttercups and large Ox-Eye Daisies. In Boat Field there are thistle plants everywhere you look that should be a riot of purple in a week or two. To put the icing on the cake, the clouds have been quite spectacular lately too, as you will see. :-)

Here's a selection of photos from the last week or so:

In other news...

I managed to avoid Mr. Petrol Head and his flirtacious come-ons yesterday. He was in Boat Field when I was walking on the other side of the hedge. *grin* I have decided to go with the 'I'm flattered' option, in spite of the fact that I have no interest in him whatsoever. As far as I'm concerned, decorating shouldn't come with strings attached, but it is nice to actually have someone flirt - however clumsily - with you. I'd given up on that sort of thing. LOLOL

On the plus side, I've met someone else... A chaming older (than me) man, gentle, chatty, with a lovely old dog that has similar issues to Sophie, and who is a complete sweetheart - both dog and owner are sweethearts actually, if it is allowable to call a man a sweetheart. :-) We've bumped into each other a few times recently, and I really enjoy the chats we have. This is someone I'd like to get to know better. From our discussions, though it hasn't been said in so many words, there doesn't appear to be a Mrs. Sweetheart.

Mr. Sweetheart is one of those people whose whose face lights up when he smiles or laughs, and we've been smiling and laughing a lot. :-)

He is also into Nature, and we chatted today about the devastation of the nearby cobnut tree - something has eaten all the leaves and there is a lot of insect activity around it. We also chatted about the way things have been developing out of whack this year - the early blooming May, and the early blooming Ox Eye Daisies we were standing surrounded by.

And we have Cuckoos up there for the first time in a number of years! Not only are we hearing the male cuckoo's distinctive call in a couple of different parts of Highwoods, but I even saw one! Never in my life happened before, but a few days ago, there he was, as large as life, on the grass in front of me. I didn't click that it was a Cuckoo at first, not till I heard the call a few minutes later and put two and two together, went home and checked the field guide for a picture. :-)

If Mr. Sweetheart hadn't had to head to the doctor's for a scrip refill, we would probably still be stood on the hillside chatting. LOL That was a nice bit of mutual flirting. :-) I'm still smiling thinking about it.

Oooh, to change the subject... Yesterday, a rep from Virgin Mobile rang me about renewing my contract with them. I opted to keep my current phone for a further twelve months, and because I am a good customer - loyal and pays her bills on time so not costing Virgin anything - they have switched me to 200 any network minutes instead of 100, and unlimited (up to 3000) texts for... *drumroll please* £5.21 a month!
Am I pleased? Absolutely delighted! *big grin*

On top of that I got a call from British Gas. Turns out the meter reader made a mistake in Feb and said I'd used more gas than I had, so my current bill has shrunk, plus I have their apologies and an assurance that if I want to switch back to quarterly billing I can do so. :-)

Sadly, my Tax Credits have also shrunk, for reasons I can't fathom. I lost nearly three pounds a week, which doesn't sound like a lot, until you discover it has made you overdrawn so you can't get any money out for the weekend. *sigh* When you live day to day, week to week, and hand to mouth, this can be quite an issue! However, we had enough food in the house, so it could have been worse. :-)

So, as I listen to The Burns Unit on Later with Jules Holland, I'll bid you all goodnight, because we are off to bed in a few minutes. :-) Been a busy day and my legs want their beauty sleep! LOL

Lex xxx
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MNOT2THICK 6/5/2011 6:25PM

    Ummmm, Flirting, Mr. Sweetheart. You have been a busy woman. emoticon emoticon

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CARLA-216 5/22/2011 10:22AM

    Mr. Sweetheart sounds like a dear. Made me smile real big reading about this! He'll have a treasure in you if things were to work out in that way!

Beautiful pictures of Highwoods! Our clouds were a lot like that this past week. We had weather much like Ireland, rainy part of the day, sunny part of the day, with those lovely, interesting clouds.


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SILLYHP1953 5/21/2011 9:27PM

    Mr. Sweetheart? Flirting is so much fun, though I work hard at never doing it, except with my dh!! I'm glad to hear about your fun-filled days!

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WINE4GIRL 5/21/2011 9:25PM

    You've been a busy girl! Like the idea of Mr. Sweetheart! I do love your descriptions of your walk and all the plants/flowers!
Keep rocking the WII!

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LINDABENEDICT 5/21/2011 5:02PM

    Mr. Sweetheart, eh ?

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SENATOR9 5/21/2011 11:56AM

    WHAT delete cookies

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TRINA001 5/21/2011 11:28AM

    Can Mr sweetheart decorate?

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ZURDTA- 5/21/2011 6:08AM

    Doing awesomely well on the Wii... brilliant. Beautiful photos - Highwoods is a lovely area and you are very lucky. Mr Sweetheart does sound like a sweetheart :)

Tax credits - I am lucky to be out of that game now - but I could never understand how they worked it out - why it often changed (even though my circumstances hadn't) and then be told that I had been overpaid Tax Credits at the end of it all... gah! So, yeah, I feel for you over that one!

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CHERIRIDDELL 5/21/2011 2:56AM

    Mr.Sweetheart sounds like a much better option! It is Kayleigh's birthday party tomorrow so I am in whirling dervish mode but I am definitely going to check on further developments with Mr. Sweetheart LOL!

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_LINDA 5/20/2011 10:58PM

    Quite the awesome workout there! The variety of games on that thing has my head spinning. Its been so long since I touched a video game, I would probably be very clumsy with them.
Gorgeous photos! Some of it reminds me of the fields here..
So glad you have met a much nicer gentleman, bonus that he is a dog lover too.
Hopefully, you will get a photo of that cuckoo next time around..
Enjoy your weekend!
Linda xxx

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CHEVY63 5/20/2011 8:52PM

    Wow - that sounds like an awesome workout on the Wii! I also love the pictures of your walk.

Mr. Sweetheart sound quite interesting!

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