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Days 12, 13 and 14/1000 Spoilt for Choice Exercise-wise. :-)

Friday, April 29, 2011

1000 Day Fitness Challenge First. :-)
I know Spark Guy said 10 minutes, but he meant as a minimum! *grin* I am so spoilt for choice as to what to claim for my minutes each day!

Day 12 - Wed
Waitrose walk, Pet store walk, and danced to several songs from Just Dance 2! Then, at lunchtime, the Wii Fit Plus arrived, and I played with that too! :-)
Made 11,322 steps!

Day 13 - Thur
All my fitness steps were Wii-related - Just Dance arrived in the post, so I played Just Dance Bingo and Just Dance 2 Bingo, courtesy of sparkteam JUST DANCE, plus tried a few other songs - 12 in total. Then, after that I played on Wii Fit Plus on and off for the rest of the day. Made a total of 8821 steps - that's 4 miles on my pedometer system. :-) Quite a surprise to me, getting that many steps essentially out of playing games. :-)

Day 14 - Today
Walked Sophie at Highwoods for 55 minutes,
JD and JD2 Bingo - three songs each
Zumba - 20 minute Beginner level no.2
25 mins Wii Fit Plus - hula hooping, bashing mushrooms with my hips to add numbers up to 15, Boxing, Kung Fu and Jogging. LOLOL
Made 10,764 steps.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Never thought I'd see the day when I thought boxing was actually fun! Or Kung Fu for that matter. LOL But the Hula Hoops are killing me! *grin* The jogging I do on Tigger, but yesterday I got off and jogged faster on the floor for about a minute, and the game told me off for going too fast! ME??? Too Fast??? But the real amazing thing here is that I jogged fast - on the floor!!! And didn't feel uncomfortable with it! I am also doing other moves I never thought I'd be happy with, like single jacks included in one of the Zumba routines.

Could I reach the point where I will actually jog jog? That is certainly something I never expected myself to do. :-)

I keep seeing more active games for the Wii, but I am being stern with myself for now, unless a real bargain turns up. I have Wii Fit Plus, Just Dance, Just Dance 2 and Zumba Fitness. That is plenty to be going on with, no matter how much I want a Wii Cyberbike! LOL

One thing that is a little irksome is the fact that you don't get rechargeable batteries and a charger with Wii stuff. I've just had to fork out an extra 50 to cover that for the remotes and the balance board because if a remote is used a lot, 2 AA batteries barely last a week!!! And the balance board takes 4 batteries! That is a lot of money each week if I don't get the rechargeable goods for them. I guess they'll pay for themselves quite quickly, but I do think it rather smacks of a company deliberately squeezing more money out of its customers. Shame on you Nintendo! *wags finger*

In other news...

Highwoods trees have burst into leaf:

And the Bluebells are out in full force:

My girls!

And one of the reasons I decided to forego calorie counting over Easter:

I wasn't passing that up! A giant chocolate cornflake nest. *grin* It was beyond nommy!

Oooh, and today dear family friend Adrian dropped off a boxful of Terry Pratchett books. He is moving to Ohio to be with his wife if all goes well with the immigration department, and knowing I wanted to read the Discworld Novels, he asked me to look after his collection until he can afford to ship them over from the UK. :-)

Who has her bedtime reading sorted out for the next few months at least? I have!!! LOL

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Well, that was fun! I just got hit by that damn virus that's doing the rounds - the one that panics you by telling you threats have been detected on your computer and if you click on the link it forces your computer to play up. Thank th gods I already knew about it and had the sense not to click on it. I posted what I had completed of this blog, then shut down the computer and restarted it. Kaspersky has done a quick sweep and my PC is fine, but it is late so I'll do a full scan in the morning to be safe, but it certainly appears to be that one from that hicky company that tries to force you to by their security software for megabucks!!!

Although Sparkpeople was open at the time because I was writing this blog, I was actually searching through Google images and clicking on Discworld pics to find a suitable one for this blog when it hit, so I think one of them must have been a trap. Thanks you evil scam artists!!! The air has been blue here, because the first time I switched the computer back on it tried to con me again, but I immediately shut down, and this time it appears to have gone away. *Phew - mops brow* The rules of Sparkpeople forbid me to tell you what I would do to these mobsters if I got them near a rusty knife! I am still shaking! That is so scary when it happens!!!

So, on that, somewhat shaky note, I'm going to say goodnight and shut down for real this time and go to bed. I feel a little sick to my stomach after all that. I don't work well in post-panic mode. :-(

Sorry, no Pratchett Pics tonight.
Lex xxx
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Not being stopped from adding my LOLs though! :-)

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SILLYHP1953 5/9/2011 5:37PM

    OK, I'm going to have to invest in a Wii...

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CARLA-216 4/30/2011 3:12PM

    Yeah, I think the Wii was a very good investment for you! So glad you're enjoying it so much!

LOVE the photos, especially of the bluebells!

And that virus? I had it happen to me at work once. Yikes!


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NJMATTICE 4/30/2011 10:57AM

    Your activity level is extremely tiggerish! I got out of breath just reading about it. Loved the spring photo journal. Especially the bluebells. They are beautiful and so are your two lassies there.
Have fun with your toys this weekend. I look forward to more reports.

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WANDAH3 4/30/2011 9:26AM

    I love the hula hoop on the Wii. There are so many great ways of exercising that put the fun back into doing something healthy for your body. So glad that you are enjoying it too.

Spring has finally arrived here in my part of the world. Still going down to almost freezing at night, but sunshine during the day has finally melted all the snow in our yard. I'm anxious to get out and get working in the garden. It's still too cold to plant anything out there yet, but my mind is working overtime getting it all planned.

Watched the Royal wedding from start to finish...very classy.

Have a great Saturday,

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_LINDA 4/30/2011 2:08AM

    That is just too awesome the variety of activities you can do with that game!! Sounds like something that might interest me!
Gorgeous photos there! Nothing green or growing here yet although the grass is starting to go now.
Sorry about the virus :( That is why I stay away from downloading videos or photos its the most likely place to catch them..
Hope you have a great weekend, ENJOYING your exercise, I mean games ;))
Linda xxx

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SENATOR9 4/29/2011 11:38PM

    I don't like to venture in unknowed site Hope everything is fine

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Days 8,9,10 and 11/1000 Been a Wii-lly Great Family Weekend! :-)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hi, I'm back! :-)

1000 Day Fitness challenge first:

Day 8 (Sat):

Zumba Beginner Workout no.1 - 20 mins (plus also did a number of Just Dance songs, and walked the Town Circuit) Beat my previous best step count for the day. New best step count is 15654 steps! Just over 7 miles on my system. emoticon

Day 9 (Sun):

Zumba Beginner Workout no.2 - 20 mins, and we also went for a two hour hike around Highwoods, played Swingball with my Son-in-law, plus had a Just dance competition in the evening with Tara, Bryony, and Claire (Bry's best friend)

Day 10 (Mon):

Took it very easy cos I wrenched my shoulder playing all those games on Sunday!!! LOL Don't know why I'm laughing. I could barely raise my right arm to the level of my shoulder yesterday, and it hurt like seven kinds of fun, but never mind. We had a whale of a time and I knew I was pushing my luck, so no one else to blame. I iz sucking it up! *grin*

I did manage to get my step minimum doing two of Leslie Sansone's Miles - the Cardio Slimdown mile in the morning, and the Walk a Mile in the afternoon. I just modified the arm movements to allow for the dished shoulder. :-)

Day 11 (Today)

Right shoulder being a little better I went for my 20 minute Beginner Zumba routine (no.1) and nailed it, aside from a couple of arm moves I felt it prudent to avoid. :-) Plus I have walked to Waitrose and back at a fast pace and done a little stepping to music to make my minimum steps. I may try some Just dance 2 later, if my shoulder is ok with it. :-)

So, we had a wonderful weekend, the hardest thing being the incredible heat. We had a real heatwave over the entire Easter Weekend. We weren't just sweating from exercise! LOL I also made the conscious decision not to track food over the weekend. Firstly I knew I would have the odd beer, and some chocolate and planned to enjoy it all guilt-free, and secondly I knew I really wouldn't have time to fill in all the details and figure out what was in all the dishes on curry night. I wasn't cooking that day, just eating. :-)

The Wii was a big hit, though Rob isn't into dance games. We cajoled but he wouldn't attempt Just dance or Zumba, but he played a fair bit of Mario Kart, and when Adrian came over for Curry Night he brought Lego Star Wars with him (big kid! LOL), and he and Rob played together while we girls chatted in the kitchen and kept an eye on the cooking.

It was Rob's idea that we went into town on the Saturday. He offered to buy a copy of Wii Sports Resort if we could find a pre-owned one. So we walked in and found copies, but they were nearly 30 used!!! He checked online as soon as we left the shop and he said he could get one for a tenner, so he'll order it and bring it up next visit! :-)

Sunday, after the hike around Highwoods, Rob challenged us to Swingball. He hits HARD!!! How hard does he hit? Ask the side of my head! LOL. He got me a beaut right above my left eye! Good job that was his backhand. If it had been his forehand I'd have likely gone into orbit! *grin* Hands up all those who can claim to being whacked by their Son-in-law! LOL

He beat everyone (including Claire and Adrian) at Swingball. Bry beat everyone at Mario Kart, and I beat everyone at Just Dance 2 (apart from one song Bry was impressively adept at). I was still raring to go when the others were puffing and panting on the chairs. What's up with that? LOL

Never known a family visit go with such a swing. Can't wait for the next one. Curry and Wii night was a huge success, and next time it is going to be a Sushi and Wii Sports Resort night. :-)

Bry and Rob left bright and early Monday morning to visit Rob's Mum's Mum on the way home, and I spent most of the day playing jigsaws online (Jigidi.com - best jigsaw site ever!) and trying not to fall asleep. I was shattered!!! Did those two miles with Leslie Sansone out of sheer stubborness! *grin*

But I feel more my old self today after a good night's sleep in my own bed, plus the temps have plummeted back to a more normal level today, thank the gods. :-) Got my steps in, have cleaned the kitchen and now I'm heading for a late lunch followed by some work hours.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. :-)
Lex xxx
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What do you get when you put Wii into a LOL search engine?


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SILLYHP1953 5/9/2011 5:40PM

    I don't think you're supposed to wrench your shoulder playing video games!!! Even if they are extreme versions. It really sounds like a fun family weekend...I'm glad.

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BOE4LIFE 4/29/2011 3:43PM

    Awesome! Glad you had such a great weekend. I may have to try the WII game night. Blaze On!!

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TRINA001 4/28/2011 6:41PM

    Hope your shoulder and head feel better :)

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TIGGERRD 4/27/2011 10:58PM

    Your Wii kitties are great! Thanks for the goodie - it arrived on my birthday - really fun!

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LIFEISSWEET2 4/27/2011 8:52PM

    Absolutely love the Wii kitties! (I have a soft spot for cats doing goofy stuff). Wow, a 1,000 days of fitness! Now that's a goal! And you know what, I'm sure you can do it! emoticon

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SENATOR9 4/27/2011 10:31AM

    You sure had a full weekend emoticon

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LINDABENEDICT 4/27/2011 6:14AM

    WOW ! That sounds like so much fun !!!!! emoticon

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ALIONHEART 4/27/2011 1:59AM

    Wow, that sounds like a fabulous weekend, and it was great that you managed to get all that exercise in! I'll remember a Wii and curry night, as an idea for next time i've got a few people over, it's a great way for all the age groups to mix well together. emoticon

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SCREWIE 4/26/2011 7:28PM

    Right, we've had our summer, we can forget it now until next year :D

Temperatures plummeted here today :(

Sound like you had a great BH weekend, and everybody had a ball. Great job with the Wii!

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NJMATTICE 4/26/2011 2:19PM

    You're on a roll!
Have a wii'ly nice day. (I liked it and thought I'd borrow from ya)

Report Inappropriate Comment
_LINDA 4/26/2011 2:09PM

    What a fun weekend you had! No surprises there guys like the car racing and no dancing lol. Could it be? You are in better shape then the young uns? Sounds like a gold star to me! Well done!!
Keep on enjoying!
Linda xxx

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CARLA-216 4/26/2011 1:51PM

    What a wonderful and fun sounding weekend you had, Lex!

Great job on all the moving and Wii'ing! It sure makes exercise sound like loads of fun!


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BOVEY63 4/26/2011 11:52AM

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
Great job on all the exercise!
emoticon emoticon
The cats are just too cute!

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Day 7/1000 and I am loving Zumba and Just dance 2

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 7/1000 20 minutes Zumba!!! Yay!!!

I am really starting to see the fitness possibilities with this Wii thing. :-)
I leapt out of bed first thing this morning, despite having spent 45 minutes - count them - playing Just dance 2 after midnight last night. LOL Never in the field of my exercising have I been even vaguely interested in moving that fast that late at night!!! It is a phenomenon, that's what it is! Of course it could just be a phase and I'll get bored soon enough, but in the meantime I feel energised! I hope I don't get bored actually. it would be a shame to have finally committed to the expense only to get fed up with it, which has always been what has made me keep my distance from the Wii until now. You have probably noticed by now that I am a 'flitterer'. I get bored easily, so I need plenty of variety to keep me interested. That works in pretty much all aspects of my life I think. :-)

So, yes, this morning I leapt out of bed hungry, which is unusual, and munched down a nutrigrain and filled a bottle with water, then switched on the TV, the Wii, and inserted Zumba Fitness. Put on my trainers, and then my Zumba belt which came with the game (you wrap this around your waist to hold the remote so you are hands free) and I was good to go. It is so quick and easy to get started using the Wii. :-)

I set up my exercise diary on the game last night and decided to try the 20 minute beginner workout again. There are two, so I set them for alternate days. Today was workout 1.

And I actually completed the workout! All twenty minutes! I will admit I was less than technically perfect for the second half, and flagging badly approaching the cool down routine, but for the first half I was lighting up the instructor like a Christmas tree! LOL She goes green if you are moving properly. :-) The workout incorporates a warm-up and a cool down, and you get reminded to drink water after each routine within the workout. Some of the moves are easy to pick up, and some are a little tricky, specially the fancy footwork. LOL Plus some of the really fast moves are beyond me so I do those at half speed. The cool down for this workout was belly dancing, and really did cool me down too, as well as including stretches before you finish.

You can practise specific moves in a separate part of the game, or do individual 4-5 minute routines, but after trying those I decided it was best today just to plunge in to the beginner workouts and just do what I could, and I could do more than I thought! :-)

All in all I am immensely impressed with Zumba Fitness. Best thing? In the twenty minutes I did *drumrollplease* 2935 steps, which translates on my system to 1 1/3 miles! And I wasn't fully up to speed during the second half od the workout! It fair boggle the mind how many more steps I would cover at full pelt! LOL

Hopefully I'll get to play Just Dance later.

I am going to mull over my exercise routine in the next week or two. With Wii Fit Plus joining us in a few days, I'm now thinking that I can use the Wii for my first thing exercise, then have breakfast, and then walk Sophie at a more leisurely pace some days. I know some people use the Wii for all their exercising, and I can certainly see that would work. There are games that are fun first but that also give you a bit of a workout, like Just Dance for instance, but there are also games that are specifically exercise oriented, and I am looking into those options too. I know I am more likely to exercise if I am enjoying it, and I suspect that I'm not the only one who feels like that. Basic strength exercises bore me quite quickly, but give me squats as part of a dance routine and watch me go!!! *grin* And my upper arms have had so much exercise the last couple of days. I am stunned by how effective the Wii is at getting my whole body moving. :-)

Well, I have a full day ahead of me - catching up on Spark a bit and I am off for a nice soak in the bath shortly. Bry and Rob get here this evening. Let the fun begin as I introduce Bryony to Zumba! LOL

Sophie has new balls - she says completely changing the subject at a moment's notice. *grin* I was buying six packs of dog tennis balls from Wilkos but she was chewing them up in a day. When we were in town getting the Wii I popped into a pet store and got a four pack of balls for 2. I was a bit miffed at how much more they cost (as opposed to 6 for 1.50), but here we are on the third day and Sophie hasn't managed to chew any of them up yet! Turns out cheap and cheerful was a false economy. Think I might go back and get one of those grab and throw gizmos they make, then we can take a ball up to Highwoods with us. Sophie will like that! :-)

Can't forget that she needs exercise too. And regular weigh ins. Apparently you can weigh your pets on the balance board! If I can get Sophie to stand on that it will be interesting. She hates the scales at the vets! *grin*

Well, off to do what needs to be done!
Have a lovely Earth Day everyone!
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SILLYHP1953 5/9/2011 6:46PM

    You really explain the excitement, I think Nintendo should put you in an ad!!!

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LIFEISSWEET2 4/25/2011 12:10PM

    Zumba is the best exercise ever...no matter how exhausting it is I always feel like I can take on the world at the end of class...read face and all! Didn't know Wii had a Zumba option so now I might have to get serious about buying one!

Hope you have a great week! and that you don't get bored with your new found love of Zumba!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CARLA-216 4/22/2011 3:59PM

    ROFL fat the cat pics!

I love how much you're loving the Wii! Have fun teaching Bry to Zumba! One of my good friends keeps bugging me to join her to a live Zumba class. I think I'd like to practice first. ;)

Have a nice visit with Bry and Rob!


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_LINDA 4/22/2011 1:26PM

    I used to love playing my video games, they are very addictive. I can see how this Wii might get some previously sedentary people off their duffs and move. I will miss my Zumba class here when I go back home. Wish I was closer to a gym with classes like that.
Keep on having fun and playing (its not exercise if its fun ;))
Have a great Easter weekend!
Linda xxx

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BOVEY63 4/22/2011 11:50AM

    So glad you are doing so well with the wii!
emoticon emoticon
Love the sit-up cat - I feel like that a lot!

Report Inappropriate Comment
NJMATTICE 4/22/2011 11:34AM

    seven down, 993 to go, but who's counting?
Sounds like you are having fun with your wii! Keep up the good work.
Have a great weekend.
Nancy emoticon

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BOE4LIFE 4/22/2011 9:58AM

    WOW! You are on fire! It has been awhile since I have seen a blog with such energy and enthusiasm about working out. Holy Smokes. You are getting me fired up just reading the blog. LOL I am glad you found it and that it is working for you. Blaze On!

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SENATOR9 4/22/2011 8:28AM

    You took a picture of my exercise bike

Report Inappropriate Comment
WENDYSPARKS 4/22/2011 7:13AM

    Love the big cat on his back!! lol...have a fun day and Happy Easter Weekend!

HUGS Wendy

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Day 6/1000 and I get to claim Zumba for my minutes!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am very proud to claim approximately 13 minutes of Zumba as my ten minute minimum today. I had to do it in three shifts, but I did it!

The actual minimum routine to follow on the inbuilt game fitness calendar seems to be 20 minutes at Beginner level, but I tried that yesterday and didn't even get halfway through. So today I tried individual beginner routines, which are around four minutes each, and I did a routine, then washed a few dishes and put the next lot in to soak, then repeated twice. :-) I did try for a fourth one but my legs started to shake about a minute in, and at that point they weren't supposed to be, LOL, so I took it as a sign to call it a day. :-) I checked my step counter afterwards, and those 13 or so minutes amounted to over 2000 steps, or close to a mile!!! I am seriously impressed!!! :-)

It may be a while before I can manage twenty minutes in one sitting. But I don't mind because it is such good fun and I love Latin dance music, so it is a real pleasure to use even if I am sweating like fun within minutes. *grin*

I Zumba'd around tea time, but first thing this morning, before I did anything else, I switched on the Wii, popped in Just Dance 2, and danced to SIX songs!

I did one Sweat which is the easiest catagory, and realised I am actually better than beginner with this game. So I went on to dance to It's Raining Men because it was the first song on the selection, and then let the game randomly choose for me three times. It gave me Sympathy For The Devil, Sway, and Hot Stuff. Finally I attempted The Monster Mash to try and beat yesterday's score, which I got as 'Baby' (we hadn't figured out at that point how to set up a profile). I failed, so Baby still gets the credit. Nobody puts Baby in a corner (or beats her score apparently) *grin*

I then spent 5 1/2 hours working, shopping and making lunch - not necessarily in that order - while Tara played Mario Kart! I kid you not! I finally dragged her away at three to eat lunch and then help me get the house ready for Rob and Bry's arrival tomorrow. Currently she is back playing Mario Kart again! I may have to haul her off in a while to get a last bit of Just Dancing in before bedtime.

I was also about as naughty as could be today. My Littlewoods catalogue debt has considerably shrunk since the wedding - basically everything Wedding related has now been paid off - so I decided to order Wii Fit Plus with the balance board seeing as it was 20 less than usual. I spent days reading reviews, looking through sparkteams for input etc, and I really think that I will get a lot out of it. Not only that but a number of other games are also compatible with the balance board and a few of those are on my wish list too, so all in all I think it will be a great investment.

Even more exciting - I can use Tigger with the Wii Fit Plus for the jogging bit of the game from what I've been reading.

I also ordered a cover for the balance board and the Just Dance game, so we have both JD and JD2 to play with. The original may be a little differently set up from what I gather, but it has loads of songs I like on it, and I really wanted to have both to choose from.

Slight disappointment - I really really want a copy of Walk It Out (known as Step to the Beat in the UK) but I can't find it anywhere! Apparently I have to get the British version because American games won't play in British Wiis and vice versa. I can't even find out if they are still making the game. The only thing we can do, I think, is keep an eye in the pre-owned sections of the shops and hope for the best.

The reason I so want Step to the Beat - apart from the obvious passion I have for walking as exercise - is that it is another game where you can utilise the mini trampoline! And you all know how much I love my Tigger! :-)

If it was meant to be one will turn up somewhere sooner or later. :-) That's what I'm telling myself anyway. :-)

I am woefully behind here at SP again! I am hoping for a rest-ish day tomorrow, a nice soak in the bath and a relaxing time at the computer in sure and certain knowledge that it won't be an option over the rest of the weekend. We have a lot lined up to do while Rob and Bry are here. I'll try and catch up with some of you tomorrow, but there is a good chance it will be at least Tuesday before I get back to sparking properly.

I hope you know that I am with you all in spirit at this time. Honestly, it really is family and friends keeping me away, not my new fixation with the Wii!!! LOL

Hoping the coming weekend will be good to you all. Don't munch too many eggs, but enjoy what you do munch without feeling guilty! Promise? :-)
Lex xxx
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  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SILLYHP1953 5/9/2011 7:30PM

    That Wii sounds amazing, I need some fun so I am really considering getting one. I weeded tonight, but it's the flower bed filled with crabgrass, my nemesis.

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CARLA-216 4/22/2011 3:53PM

    Well it certainly looks like the Wii was one very wise purchase for the two of you! That is great! I hope you can find Step to the Beat one day. Fingers crossed for you!


Report Inappropriate Comment
SENATOR9 4/22/2011 8:25AM

    Your having too much fun wit your wii Good for you

Report Inappropriate Comment
_LINDA 4/22/2011 2:02AM

    So glad you are enjoying your Wii! Breaking it up and doing it throughout the day is a good idea, it will keep your metabolism going!
I love Zumba too and will miss it when I move back to my apartment from Mom's. That and all the wonderful trail hiking..
Enjoy your company!
Linda xxx

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CHERIRIDDELL 4/21/2011 11:49PM

    I loved the hatched Easter eggs.So glad you got your Wii .And glad you are having fun.I have the zumba but I have a spring cold too so my head would likely fly off if I bounced about !

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHEVY63 4/21/2011 8:46PM

    Congrats on all your hard work - I got tired just reading! I also love the pictures, as always.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
SCREWIE 4/21/2011 8:44PM

    I'll have to check this Zumba thingy out, it sounds like great fun!

As for the Step to the Beat thingy, have you tried your local Freecycle?

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Day 5/1000 Wii Wii Wii all the way Home!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We haz Wii!!!

We don't have the Wii we expected though. It turns out that Game stores change their deals every week, so we couldn't get Just Dance with the console. In fact the secondhand console was still 80 but with nothing thrown in at all, which is crazy seeing as they are selling brand new ones for 100 which include two games (ones we had no interest in sadly or I might have been tempted). So we went to the other store in town - Gamestation - and they sold us a used Console for 70 with one remote included. They also had a new copy of Just Dance 2 on special offer at 19.99, and they threw in a nunchuck for free when I asked them to, so it ended up costing ten quid more than I planned but we are very happy with what we got, and we also get it guaranteed for a year for free too.

We haz already played Mariokart, which is INSANE fun, but not overly active, unless you count madly turning the steering wheels. LOLOL Turns out I'm a Biker Chick! Who knew! *grin* I played as something called Koopa Troopa - a tortoise I think (I'm not familiar with Mario characters). And he has a motorbike that is really good to steer - leans properly and everything, which is a delight compared to the pushchair I had him in at first. Insane, like I say! *grin*

Yes, he IS a tortoise! Look!

I had to drag Tara kicking and screaming off Mariokart after several race challenges so we could try Just Dance 2. Had to promise we'd try it again later though. :-)

We tried three dances on Just Dance 2 - The Shoop Shoop Song, Big Girls You Are Beautiful and Walk Like An Egyptian. I'm claiming those as my ten minutes for day 5/1000 by the way! :-) New default exercise maybe? We'll have to see. LOL

Glory be you don't half move, specially your arms! I felt like an overactive windmill, but it is really good fun! Had to stop there though, to give myself a fighting chance of trying the Zumba Fitness game later - assuming I don't seize up from all the town walking and JD2 first. LOL My only complaint? With two of you dancing at once in the small space we call our sitting room, we hit each other a few times. Also, one of the remotes doesn't seem to be working properly - fine with Mariokart, but doesn't like HP at all - but hopefully we can figure out the problem and if necessary get it exchanged. Would you believe it is the brand new one that is faulty?

Currently, Tara is playing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and I am hearing loads of "I love this game"s from behind me as I'm typing this. :-) She feels a bit more like she has a wand in her hand. You can imagine that makes her pretty happy! :-) Actually, it looks so interesting that I may be tempted to try it myself.

I hope to get to play a little Zumba later - or at least try to. LOL Tomorrow we need to clean the house and then clean us, ready for Rob and Bry's arrival - on Friday I think. Ade seems to think they are arriving tomorrow, which is news to me! So I've just texted Bry to check.

Right - work hours - focus woman! You haven't done a stitch today! *shakes finger at myself* Think I'll dig out another Norman Wisdom film to crochet to. Watched Man of the Moment yesterday. :-)

Hope Wednesday is being wonderful to you!
Lex xxx
emoticon emoticon emoticon

Been so hot today we are all panting! :-)

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SILLYHP1953 5/9/2011 7:36PM

    I've been catching up on your blogs from newest to oldest, and you've convinced me, I will be getting a Wii. My granddaughter is spending the weekend in four days, sounds like a good time to get one!

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CHERIRIDDELL 4/21/2011 11:53PM

    Sounds like a blast!

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_LINDA 4/20/2011 8:50PM

    Sounds like great fun! Enjoy!!
Hope you are feeling better now..
Linda xxx

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SCREWIE 4/20/2011 7:26PM

    I've never thought I wanted a Wii, but hearing about how much fun you're having I'm kind of tempted now :)))

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TRINA001 4/20/2011 6:29PM

    I love the wii.
My favourite game is ea active, I got the "more workouts" version, was about 7 quid on play and its got loads of workout options. I already has one of those elastic band resistance things, and use a crape bandage to hold the nunchuck to my leg instead of buying the special leg strap.
I use mine with the balance board, but thats optional.

I might look out for a special offer on just dance 2, it sounds great.

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NJMATTICE 4/20/2011 4:40PM

    I always choose Koopa Troopa when I play Mario Kart because of his "hoopa hoop" noise. It just is too cute for me! Lots of fun to be had with your wii and they have lots of games for fitness too. I thought of you Ms Tigger when I looked at a mini tramp today, but there was no price and the legs were missing from the package. I'll look again at another store.
Congrats on your new toy. Have fun!

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CARLA-216 4/20/2011 3:41PM

    LOL at the title of the blog!

Sounds like much fun. So glad you two got the Wii!


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ANNEMAC5 4/20/2011 2:34PM

    glad you are happy with your wii despite your hassle. You seem to have done a lot of fitness mins already. Glad you are both having fun, emoticon

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BOE4LIFE 4/20/2011 2:24PM

    Good deal you have found a way to make fitness fun. WooHoo Blaze On!!

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ZURDTA- 4/20/2011 1:45PM

    Sounds like fun!

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SENATOR9 4/20/2011 12:50PM

    It can be fun and tiresome at the same time great exercise.

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