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Counting down to the big 3-0!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've been kind of sad and kind of relieved that my fiance and I are pushing our wedding plans to next year instead of this September like we originally planned. Saving money and losing enough weight are the two biggest concerns I have at this time.

But now that I don't have the wedding in near future, I needed another upcoming event to really kick my @ss into high gear. I have always been a huge procrastinator, but I do work well under pressure. In school I almost always did my homework right before class or wrote big papers the night before, but I always managed to get A's.

So what better way to help my weight loss goal then by putting a huge amount of pressure of myself, right?

Well I'm turning 30 in a few months. 30! And I am not quite embracing that fact. I hate it actually, and I wish I could stop time. I wish I wouldn't have to utter those words..."I'm thirty!", but I will have to, so I decided that I'm going to try to look and feel the hottest I've felt in a long time. And that, my friends, is gonna take a lot of work.

I can't remember feeling really sexy or hot in a reeeaaaalllly long time, and I want to feel like that on my 30th Birthday this year on June 26th. So I'm starting the countdown today. Right now. I have this short term goal, and even though I know I won't ever get to my goal weight by then, I know that if I am consistent in my eating and exercise, I will definitely look way better than I do now.

So today starts the absolute no tolerance for excuses. No skipping workouts, and no junk food whatsoever. I only have 94 days to get this right. Please wish me strength and motivation to do this finally!

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BAREFOOT-LISA 3/24/2010 10:00AM

    Good for you for finding another motivator! My mini motivation is Lollapalooza. We go every year and every year I am uncomfortable, hot, my thighs rub and I am all tapped out on dancing energy by 1pm! NOT THIS YEAR!

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IPATRICIA 3/24/2010 7:45AM

    I am sorry that you feel so bad about reaching 'Thirty'. It's a fanastic age to be. I wonder whatyou are going to feel like when you reach sixty? I think the trick is to embrace fully whatever age you are fortunate to reach. emoticon and tr to make it the best year ever. I think you goal to look your best on June 26th your Birthday is great. Go for it. emoticon

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Changing Bad Habits

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have accumulated a lot of bad habits throughout my life; especially when it comes to eating.

I used to sneak food when I was little, and even lied when my mom or grandma asked me if I'd already eaten something so they would make me something again. It seemed like I was always hungry, and I never turned down yummy food.

I was also taught to always finish my plate no matter how full I said I was, and that was probably because I always left the vegetables to the end and then say I didn't want to eat anymore. When that stopped working as an excuse, I got used to shoveling down the veggies as fast as possible so I could enjoy the "good stuff" like pasta or dessert.

I often times had second helpings, and sometimes even thirds, and no one ever stopped me from eating my fill. Even if what I was eating was healthy homemade food, I was eating way too much of it.

So as I became an adult, I found myself to still be sneaking food when no one was watching, stuffing food in my face at record speeds, and finishing what was on my plate no matter how full I was.

Now habits are extremely hard to break. It's really easy to say, "well, stop doing that." I know it's a work in progress. So I am celebrating each time I break a bad habit in hopes of reaffirming that I am making true progress.

So today I tried this microwavable Indian spiced vegetable dish that sounded good, but definitely was not tasty at all; it had a funky taste and it was really oily. So I was about to just shove it down my face because I didn't want to be wasteful. Then something magical happened. I stopped!

I don't like this stuff, it's not even that healthy for me, so why should I waste the calories and eat it anyway? And then I threw it out. Yup. Gone...into the garbage. And that may not seem like a big deal to some people, but it's taken me a long time not to feel guilty about throwing away food.

I still couldn't tell my mother I did something like this, because till this day she would never waste anything, but that's a whole other story for a different day.

And so one bad habit is gone, and only 98 left to go! Wishing you all the strength and motivation to break one bad habit at a time.

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TEAM-SARAH 2/17/2010 7:54PM

    I can definitely relate! It's hard to break those habits. I too feel rather guilty just getting rid of food but you're right... why eat it if you don't even like it?? ESPECIALLY if it's not healthy!

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LAURAKOHORST 2/17/2010 12:09PM

    Congratulations! First time I didn't eat something even if I didn't like it just about floored me. Then I fell back into old habits but I will throw out food now but I still hate being wasteful. lol ( emoticon) My mother had well ingrained my actions and it's still hard for me to throw out food no matter what it tastes like. emoticon

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MAGODANO 2/17/2010 9:34AM

  That's great and I can relate since I too belonged to the "clean plate club". emoticon

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I turned down eating out!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My fiance J and I are on a crazy schedule again, so we were at the gym at 3:30 a.m. this morning. I love going to the gym at that time - there are less than 10 people there - and for XSport Fitness, that's really rare.

So anyway, I'm having a FANTASTIC workout, doing jumping jacks between lat pull down sets, listening to "I gotta feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas, and then J asks if I want to eat at the Golden Nugget after we work out. Um...no?

This was a HUGE milestone for me. I love going out to eat. When J and I first got together we would eat out almost every day. No wonder we both gained so much weight. It's been really difficult to stop going out. Mentally I feel that I "deserve" going out whenever I want to, even though I know it's horrible for my weight loss goals. Even if I choose healthier items, I know it can't be healthier than what I make at home.

So saying, "No honey, let's just go home" was crazy to hear coming from me! Usually J is the one giving in to my request to go out, but today I was telling him I'd rather go home and eat. It felt great; so empowering, and one step closer to feeling that I can really do it this time!

Wishing you all strength, motivation and the feeling I'm feeling right now!

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DAYBRITE 2/15/2010 10:14AM

    Ohh my i can relate! We ate out allllllll the time too. When we moved in together i gained 10lbs in a month! Then as i started losing weight he was so great..he always held strong whenever i wanted to go out..but when he suggested it..i just didn't have the willpower lol. So we came up with a method to save calories AND money. Each month i get two "tokens" and he gets two "tokens" If you want to eat somewhere other than home.. you have to use your token. So it really cut out my impulses to grab boston market or panara because would i really rather have THAT then a nice dinner out? Oh, and tokens definitely don't rollover month to month!

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GETYOURSHINEON 2/12/2010 11:38AM

    Oh my heck I can so relate to this!!! I have the HARDEST time with this aspect when it comes to me and my fiance. We go out to eat a lot and it is making my weight yo yo. I always feel bad afterwards but before I make so many excuses and justify going. I hope one day I can be that strong!!!

emoticon emoticon

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BALANCEDLIFE4ME 2/12/2010 11:23AM

    Woo hoo. You can still eat out, but a buffet is hardly ever a good option. Great choice! emoticon

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CAROLINAGIRL377 2/12/2010 10:28AM

  awesome will power!! send some my way

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Tough Love and Advice

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This following article is AWESOME! This is the kind of hard truth that I need to hear whenever I feel whiny about my non-weight loss. It is MY fault alone, and I am the only one who can make the change happen. If you need some Tough Love/Motivation right now, read on:


By Alwyn Cosgrove

This week I’ve heard more excuses as to why people are not losing fat than I have ever heard in my life. I have literally heard people tell their trainers, “I’m following the nutrition program exactly, but instead of an egg white omelet for breakfast, I have a muffin and a latte.” Hmmm…not “exactly” the same thing, is it?
So I thought this would be a good time to share some of my ‘wisdom” with those of you still looking for the magic pill.

Having worked with hundreds of individuals over the years and as a trainer, magazine writer, and lecturer to other fitness professionals, I’m amazed at how often I am asked, “What are the secrets to fat loss?”

I can vividly remember doing a photo shoot at our gym with a male client who had lost 85 lbs of fat and now had a nice six-pack to show off for his efforts. My own gym members came up and asked me what his “secret” was. The answer—THERE'S NO SECRET.

They seemed to think that I'd given him the “real” information and had withheld it from them! He's been given the same advice that I give to everyone else. He just chose to follow it a little more closely. Fat loss isn’t under the control of the magic fat loss fairies. It's based on simple changes in behavior.

I thought I would take this opportunity to launch into an Alwyn Cosgrove rant. Those of you who are politically correct and easily offended, stop reading now. And if the rest of you are offended, I'm sure there is a new diet book that will tell you exactly what to do to achieve fat loss nirvana. (Here’s a hint—“You have to eat less, fat boy” tends not to fill up a 300-page diet book). So put down your copy of “Eat Right for Your IQ” and listen up.

To lose fat, eat less calories than you burn. Yes, there are some factors that can make this a little more difficult such as metabolic type, medical disorders, food sensitivities, medications, sleep patterns, etc. However, these are the minutiae—the small details. Even if you adjust or control for every single other variable in your body and your environment, if you consume more calories than you burn, you are going to gain fat.

Here are a few basic truths that no one really wants to hear:

• Think about the foods that you are about to consume. Are they going to bring you closer to your goal? Or will they make you feel like cr@p and take you farther away from what you want? Yeah, I know that when you were younger before you had kids you could eat blah, blah, blah and not gain weight. Too bad. Times have changed.

And I know your friend can eat whatever he or she wants and is in great shape. Yay for them. That stinks for you. But no amount of whining will change the fact that you need to work to get your booty in shape.

• Stop rushing your meals. Eat slowly. This will give your body a chance to actually realize that you've eaten and register that you’re full. It takes 20 minutes for the satiety mechanisms to kick in. Give your body a chance to tell you that it's full before you cram another 500 calories in your pie hole.

• Eat smaller portions. Unfortunately you can’t eat unlimited amounts of the food you would like and still get lean. Sorry. Second helpings? I seriously doubt it. Appetizers, main course, and dessert? You're kidding me.

• Make correct meal choices that contain appropriate servings of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. I love the new “low carb diet” options at most restaurant chains now. A steak with melted cheese on the top. That's not a diet food people. I also saw a low carb buffalo wings option. The difference? No carrots to dip in the blue cheese. Like that's your problem…too many carrots in your diet. A big @$$ bowl of pasta? That's what marathon runners eat the night before the race. If you have a marathon planned tomorrow, go ahead. If not, you don't need the calories.

• “You are what you eat” is a true statement. And it wouldn't surprise me to find out that some of you have eaten a fat b@st@rd or two in your time. Are you a lean serving of protein or a saggy nasty sausage?

• If certain foods are a “trigger” for you and you can’t eat them sensibly, then you have to give them up. I have known very few people who can eat their “trigger” food and not end up blowing their diet. Once you “pop” you can't stop, right? Usually one cookie means the whole bag. You can't be trusted so don't have them in the house.

• You do not need something sweet to finish your meal. This is a conditioned response from your childhood days when cleaning your plate meant ice cream. “Need” something sweet? Do you realize how much you just ate? You don’t need anything. Dessert is not a physiological need for survival. It is just a bad habit. Habits can be broken. You do not need the cheesecake.

• Do not buy junk food. If it is there, you will eat it. If you have a craving for candy and there's none in the house, it's highly unlikely that you'll get up and go to the store. You'll just sit you’re @$$ back down and finish watching American Idol. Oh and buying the junk food “for the kids” is an absolute Bull$h#% excuse. The kids do not need the cheezy poofs either. In my opinion, the childhood obesity epidemic has been caused by parents buying Sh#% for their children. It's essentially child abuse, plain and simple. Depriving your kids of cr@p is a good parenting decision.

• If you screw up a meal, do not, I repeat DO NOT try to adjust the next meal to “make up for it.” All you’ll do is screw up two meals. If you overeat at meal number one, just get back on track. Immediately. Because thinking, “Well, I’ve blown it now so I might as well REALLY blow it” is akin to getting a flat tire as you drive down the freeway, getting out, and totaling your car.

• Cookies, doughnuts, and muffins are cr@p food choices. You can't ever justify eating them on a regular basis. And low carb, fat-free cookies, doughnuts, and muffins are still cr@p. Don't kid yourself.

• Yes, you can eat fast food. It's called grilled chicken sandwiches or a turkey sub, Jarod. Fries? No. And you do not need to “super size” for an extra 50 cents.

Yes, it's hard. Do you want to look great? Nothing tastes as good as lean and buff feels. It's true. This week I've heard, “It's too hard. I want an easier diet.” What that means is, “I'd rather eat cr@ppy foods than look or feel any better. I have made a conscious decision to get fatter because my love for junk food is a more powerful love than my desire to get lean.” It's unfortunate, but you will have to work for the body you want.

Little changes add up. Switching from a glass of orange juice every morning to a cup of green tea will save you 100 calories per day. That adds up to over ten pounds of fat loss per year. Little discrepancies add up too. A Big Mac meal is about 1500 calories. You'll have to walk 15 miles to balance that out.

If you aren't a fat loss expert, hire one. Or follow a plan written by one. I wrote a 16-week all inclusive fat loss program called Afterburn that includes nutrition, cardio, and weight training. Using this approach means you can’t fail. You just need to follow the program. I'm amazed at how many people STILL ask me how they can get single-digit lean. The information is out there people.
This is by no means a complete list, but I think you're probably getting the point. There is no secret to fat loss. At any one time, your body is either getting leaner or it's getting fatter. You just need to adjust the balance. In today's world, it just takes a little effort on your part.

However, if you want to eat whatever you want, you have two choices.
1) Move a lot. A LOT.
2) Gain weight, get fat, accept it, and stop complaining.

And if you want to look great, the keys to fat loss are (from my politically incorrect colleague, Lyle McDonald):
• Change your eating habits so that you're eating less.
• Change your activity patterns so that you're expending more calories.
• Repeat the above two. Keep doing this over a long period of time.
• Forever.

You don't EVER get to go back to your old eating habits unless you want to get fat again. In order to maintain weight loss, you have to maintain at least part of the changes that you made in your eating habits and activity patterns.

It really is that simple. If you are not losing fat, it's YOUR fault. It's not mine, it's not your trainer, it's not your husband, wife, kids, or your boss. It's YOU. There are 168 hours in each week no matter who you are. Maybe you train for three of them. That leaves 165 for you to completely blow it.

If you are not good at self discipline, hire someone who will make you accountable. Until then, realize that the choices are yours.

Getting really lean is not difficult in terms of knowing what to do. It's doing it that makes the difference.
Wasn't that the best advice you'd heard lately?

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LAURAKOHORST 2/9/2010 12:17PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

Sometimes people need a kick in the pants to get their attention. Thank you for mine.

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TEAM-SARAH 2/9/2010 11:52AM

    Straightforward and a little rude, just how I like it! ;) thanks for sharing.

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ALESHABEE 2/9/2010 8:57AM

    Absolutely the best advice I've heard. I agree that we all want it the easy way. Right now I have a friend whose doctor put her on a 600-700 cal diet...wtf?!?!? The doctor should have his license taken away. We were actually at a superbowl party and she fainted...ahm...yes...she passed out!! I tried to convince her that she needs to eat and exercise to lose weight but she wants it he easy way. I have gotten myself from 210 to 166 by eating healthy and exercising and I tried to convince her that in the long run she is going to gain all her weight back and then some if she does not do it the right way. Sometimes people just have to learn the hard way. I know that I have tried to just cut calories and not exercise but I ALWAYS gain the weight back. The only way to do it is to eat right and exercise.

Thanks for the advice...hard to hear but absolutely true!!!

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HMELOY1 2/9/2010 6:09AM

    This article is so true and straight to the point! Thanks for sharing it with us

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New Attitude

Monday, February 01, 2010

Starting out New Year's Resolutions never works out well for me. There are still family parties and left over food, and well, a million other excuses that I come up with that prevent me from really sticking to a new plan. So today, February 1st, is the start of my new year's plan. Here is what I'm not going to do anymore:

1. Whine and complain that I am fat and blubbery.
2. Eat something bad just because someone keeps offering it to me.
3. Eat something bad because I am starving because I waited too long to eat.
4.Eat the rest of whatever is in the pot because there isn't much left and I don't want to put it away.
5. Feel like a loser because I struggle with my weight.
6. Make excuses to why I can't workout - because they are just excuses.
7. Feel that I am just meant to be fat.
8. Feel that it's unfair that I have to try so hard to lose the weight while others seem to do it effortlessly.
9. Feel depressed because I am so far away from my goal.
10. Stop putting off setting a wedding date in fear I won't lose the weight in time.

I am going to take this one day at a time. I will look at each day that I stay on track a big accomplishment, not just the end goal. If I eat the right things and exercise, I will be moving towards a better body. I know it's not going to be easy. I know it won't happen overnight. But I know I will get there if I never give up.

Today is day one, and today was a good day.

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THE_SILVER_OWL 2/6/2010 9:50PM

    I applaud you for your goals!

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