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I did what?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I know, I don't really believe it myself...

I never thought of myself as a runner. I still don't. Back in school I used to run a little, and I was pretty good as a short distance fast runner. But it was never serious. Then as school ended so did my running. I never really missed it. Never seemed to care too much for it. Even on my countless trips to the gym I'd use all the equipments except for the treadmill. Running was not for me. I could do an hour easily on the elliptical, but could never even do 30 min on the treadmill. I just didn't feel like that would be my type of a workout choice. But two days ago this little though occurred to me - it has been so hard lately to make time for the gym, and even thou I love to Zumba, I am finding it hard to coordinate my schedule with gym's class schedule. So i could try doing workout videos, or I could try RUNNING for a change. And then it hit me - why NOT try running? the weather has been really nice lately, and i could do it early in the morning while others are still getting their z's in. So today morning I finally did it. And it felt awesome! Granted, I could not run all the way (I ran some and then walked some and then ran some again), but that is expected considering I am out of shape and have not worked out for few months already. Still I felt accomplished. And much better afterwards. And I am actually looking forward to tomorrow's run. And that is just unheard of for me. I have decided to just "go with the flow". Take advantage of this weather while it's still not too hot, and see if running may be for me.

Also, on another note - someone who has not seen me for around a month, had asked today if I lost some weight. If that is not motivation fuel to my soul, than I don't know what is!

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CANES4EVER63 5/1/2012 6:55PM

    Congrats!! I believe anyone can be a runner, they just have to believe in themselves!

And that's awesome about the comment, keep up the great work!

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**RENEE** 5/1/2012 5:51PM

    Congratulations on such a milestone in your health and fitness progress. Keep it up, runner girl! emoticon emoticon

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TRISSIDAAE 5/1/2012 5:49PM

    Very awesome, I am still working my way to the run, hoping I get there soon, walking 10 miles a week so far! Keep up the great work emoticon

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have been feeling super motivated lately. But today I think I've reached my peak. I have browsed through SP's success stories, looked at some awesome transformations and found some really fantastic motivational pics. In fact I have decided to make this blog all about those motivational pics. So here they are. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did and maybe they'll motivate you just as they motivated me.

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JACKALACK 4/30/2012 8:32AM

    Thank you for this!!!

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ZIGGYSTARSHAY 4/29/2012 11:47PM

    You should see my desktop screen, it basically looks like this too! I have been ridiculously motivated lately myself, and I love all of these quotes and photos - especially the 'it's easier..' one, I hadn't seen that one before. Actually got chills! Well, it is now saved on the desktop with the rest of my motivational clips! Keep up the positivity, it sure goes a long way :)

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Zumba Toning and other stuff

Friday, January 06, 2012

Well, I didn't make it to my Zumba class on Thursday, but I DID make it to a Zumba this morning. And it wasn't just any ordinary Zumba. It was Zumba Toning. I was kind of nervous as I was leaving home, cause I remembered that the child watch at the Y tends to get full real fast this time of year (Januray), but in reality, it was pretty empty. The class also wasn't as full as I thought it would be and I knew most of the people there (the same familiar faces I saw last year). Only a few newbies. Not too bad. I kinda contribute the smallness of this class to the fact that it's at 11 on Friday. I'm sure there are a lot less people available that time then on the afternoons/evenings I usually like to go to.
But back on subject. I knew Friday is Zumba Tonic. It's the only day they offer it. I've been to it before, but I gotta say, it was like maybe one or two songs using the zumba tonic sticks, and that's it. I even purchased my sticks at some point last year, but haven't used them much because of it. Today's class was WAY different. We did cardio (dancing) with weights for about 40 min and then we did some core workout on the balance ball. I felt pretty energized and awesome after. I am ok today, but I have a feeling I will wake up sore tomorrow....we'll see..... Anyhow, I liked it. And if I find time and I;m not extremaly sore I might go to the Saturday Zumba too - this one is just a regular class.

Also, learned today that the Y will be introducing the spinning class as of February. Good news as I always wanted to try it and they never had it before. Will try it out for sure! And hopefully, by February, the gym will get somewhat back to normal....
Now if they could also offer a hot yoga, I'd be good to go! And we could really use an indoor pool (we have an outdoor pool only), but somehow, I am not seeing them doing anything about it.

On the last note: I just signed my daughter up for another semester of ballet at our local rec. center. She loves it and I love that she has something outside her preschool to do. I just reminded myself that once her class resumes, I'll be able to work out the rec's centers gym while she takes the class. Score for both of us!!!

How was your day???

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LENKA763 1/11/2012 10:09PM

    I love zumba. I go as much as I can.What I like the most is that the class varies so much.
One of my fave instructor incorporates core, weighst and bands to the routine as well.
and you are right you can feel it, mostly the other day.

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MEGS4148 1/8/2012 2:18PM

    Sounds like a great class! I hope you enjoy spinning, that is something I've always wanted to try.

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XRSIZE18 1/8/2012 12:56AM

    :) I've never tried Zumba toning. I suppose I should probably melt this fat off before I try to actually tone any muscles, huh?

Glad to see you made it today! Yesterday I accomplished one of my major goals - to complete a Zumba master class. My Z Studio has one per month but I've always been to chicken to go. This time they were offering it for free and I did it! It was really crowded, though. There were like 50 people packed in there. I have no rhythm so, naturally, a few of my fellow Zumba-ers probably have sore feet today...

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today's recap

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I was going to make it to my Zumba class this evening, but I had so many errands to run, I found myself out of time. I went to Target to pick up some stuff for daughter from the dollar bins, plus got a hair clipper for hubby (more about this later...). Then I went to Aldi to get my usual share of groceries (you know, milk, eggs, butter, veggies and fruits). Lastly I hit Kroger to get the meats and some pantry items. Got all dinners figured out:

Today was capelini pasta with shrimp in tomato/garlic sauce (yum!)
Wed: We are going to have steaks (tbone) with baked potatoes (I know, gotta watch the calories in those, but I got a fantastic deal on the steaks, and the weather has been unusually nice for outdoor cooking lately...)
Thurs: Making my fave - pork chops sans bone or fat, with mashed potatoes and beets
Fri: Seafood time - Gorton's lemon fish fillets, small macaroni shells with grated cheese and early green peas.

Also bought strawberries, bananas, apples, and plain yogurt to make some yummy and nutritious shakes. Only didn't get the whey protein powder I was hoping to buy, since Kroger didn't have one I was looking for (gotta go to a health store).

So by the time I was done with all that grocery shopping, it was 10 min, till my class and I still had to go home to drop off the groceries. I've decided to skip on it this time (also remembering that this month the gym tends to be SO extra full of people who recommit- and also due to fact that Y offers "pay the day" program all January. Besides, my throat hurts a little and I don't want to make it worse...

The good:
- ate lightly and avoided sweets
- drank all my water
- had a light dinner
- had an after dinner walk
- ate an apple and 3 strawberries instead of cookies!
- weighted in at 198.6

The bad:
- missed my Zumba class
- didn't have enough veggies
- my throat hurts a little (please, do not get sick - not now..)

Oh, and about the hair clipper: my hubby meant to cut his hair on mon, but everywhere he went it was a 30 min. wait so he finally got discouraged and decided we will buy a hair clipper and cut hair at home. I must say, I was a little nervous about it, as the closest I've ever been to cutting har was to trim the end with scissors and sometimes watch my hubby's hair being cut in a salon. It took a little practice and time, but I am very happy with how it turned out and most importantly, hubby likes it too! Not bad at all, especially for the first time. Considering that the cliper was only $25, I sense we'll save a lot of money on his haircuts :)

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XRSIZE18 1/6/2012 12:54AM

    Great job planning out a healthy meal plan for the week. Hope you make it to your Zumba class next time - I love Zumba! Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a 2-hour class. We'll see how it goes.

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BUCKLEBERRY 1/5/2012 1:36AM

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. Just stopped in to read yours and I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. I bought a hair clipper for my husband from Target also. He insisted that I help him with the area around his ears but I was wary. Anyway, I pretty much cut a big chunk of his hair off. It looked very funny so he cut it a little shorter. He was very forgiving and sweet about it but I felt really bad.

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Why scale alone is NOT a measure of your progress

Monday, January 02, 2012

As I was taking a SP quiz this morning, one thing really stood out for me. It was an explanation to a question asking if the best way of seeing if your program is working well is seeing the results on a scale. Obviously, I knew this was not true. There are so many non-scale ways to measure progress. But what it did say was that there are several reasons why the scale may be the LEAST reliable measure. And here is what the explanatin said specifically: "For most people, the goal isn't really losing weight at allóit's losing fat. It's very common, for example, to gain or maintain weight, even if you're actually losing fat. This is especially true during the first few weeks of a big change in diet and exercise. (The inverse is also true: you can lose weight without losing much fat at all, and this is what often happens when you try to lose weight too quickly.) Simply put, your body doesnít work like a bank account. Your calorie "deposits" (eating) and "withdrawals" (exercising) donít always affect the "balance" (weight) the way you'd expect because many other factors can affect your weight" This statement is so true, and it is something I NEED to remind myslef everytime I weight in and don't see the results I am hoping for. Just because the scale doesn't move, does not mean that all my hard work is in vain. In fact, this is one of the worst thing one can do for self - believe that all the efforts are wasted. This is what happened to me in previous years. I would lose weight and then come to plateau, and instead of working out through it (no matter how long it takes), I'd give up thanks to not seeing any scale related results. I would feed my brain the esxcuse of: "well, maybe my body is JUST comfortable at this number which is why no matter how much I work out, or what I eat I can't seem to lose weight." Well, flash news - even if my body "thinks" that it likes it at the higher number, I know I don't like it there. And I will prove my body wrong! Mind over body - and that's just one little battle that I need to win in this weight loss war. So bring it on!!!!

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BHIGGINS25 1/10/2012 11:49PM

    I get scale obsession! I weigh myself waaaay too many times a day--or at least I used to! I no longer own a scale. I use measurements and weight myself once a month at the gym! Not worth stressing over emoticon

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SILENTJANE 1/2/2012 7:55PM

    I loved reading this, because I do the same thing too. I give up when I start to plateau. I'm determined not to do that this year.

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LINDAJ0621 1/2/2012 4:23PM

    I have found this to be true also. I have gone down a whole jean size without losing an ounce and look much leaner.
emoticon emoticon

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CATLADYX8 1/2/2012 2:38PM

    How true! I put too much stake in what the scale says and most of the time it is a number I don't like. I fail to look at me as a whole. The change in eating habits that are positive, the fact that I can do a little more exercise than when I started, that I can change my binge eating for the better and things like that. My waist has gone down an inch and I am in a size smaller jeans even though I haven't lost any weight.

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