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Chinese buffet = bad idea!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

We ate lunch at a Chinese buffet today. Evidently I overdid it because I have felt lousy ever since lunch. I know there is lots of salt but I thought I did better. Oh well. There's always tomorrow. Meanwhile I am having a hard time being hungry for supper. But i know I need to eat something so I will figure it out. I started some Sparkstreaks in hopes of getting myself back on track. So check my page and bug me if they don't start making a long streak!

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PUTTITAT 8/31/2009 3:04PM

    I know the feeling. I enjoy an occasional chinese meal, but my weight is always up afterwards. UGH! I'm still hoping for a trip to PF Changs during Happy Hour to have some lettuce wraps...
Lets keep each other on track--we CAN do it!

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FRANDOWDSOFA 8/30/2009 6:46PM

  Oh dear - for me it's not just the salt but the sugar as well. If people insist we go, I try and stick to fruit and veg and plain rice, maybe some meat with as little sauce or coating as possible. We try and get people to go to restaurants where we can have those Big Soups with fresh veg and noodles. The salt is still bad, but the fat is lower.

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Gotta get it together......

Monday, August 24, 2009

Well, I went back and read my blog from May. Obviously, that idea didn't stick. I let the summer consume me with all kinds of issues. So this morning was my doctor's appointment.

Good news - the decrease in medication has not affected my blood sugar levels. I can stay at the lower dose.

Bad news - I have gained 5 pounds in six months. My blood pressure is back up higher than he wants it to be. If I don't drop the weight back and get that blood pressure back down to something better, we will be putting medication for that back on the table. I managed to escape that once before with simple changes in food, exercise and supplements. Needless to say, I have not done what I was supposed to be doing. Therefore, I have no one to blame but myself.

So it's a new day and time to get things back on track. I will be discussing this with my family in hopes that they will support me in this. But ultimately, I have to get it figured out and do it myself. If I don't, I have to deal with the consequences.

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PUTTITAT 8/28/2009 12:12PM

    I know it is frustrating to back slide--I'm sitting in that boat along with you. But we did it before, we can do it again! And the new season of BL is coming, just in time to help us along--GREAT MOTIVATION! Hold your head up high and march right thru this battle--we WILL conquer!

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GRFXGIRL 8/24/2009 9:44AM

    Congratulations you are making the first step back to a healthier you !!!
You can do this and we will support you all along the way !!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Another epiphany....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well, I don't know how many times one can have an epiphany but I certainly had one yesterday. My scale is going in the wrong direction and my exercise hasn't been happening regularly. I started thinking about how I was successful the last time I dropped weight. I was a member of Curves and was doing the circuit at 6am every weekday morning. Why did I stop? My husband's work schedule changed and I couldn't leave the children at home alone. Thus the Curves membership with its odd hours was over. Eventually so was my weight loss.

Nowadays, I want to get out and take walks. I want to train to be a runner. Again, that requires someone to have the children and that doesn't always work out for me. So I have been having a quiet little pity party about not getting exercise. Someone suggested I get out before my DH got up and walk so he had to be here. I didn't think that was the best idea since I would feel guilty (never mind whether I should or not). But then I got to thinking about what I could do at home for exercise with the children in bed. I used to do aerobics while they took naps. Gee naps ended and so did my exercise. (see a pattern here)

So this morning I got up at 6:45, put on workout clothes, and did a 20 minute Richard Simmons tape. I would have done more but I wasn't sure how much time would have before kiddos got up. Well, they still aren't up, I have had some exercise, and I am going to take a shower. I plan to schedule this time each morning to get aerobic exercise. Goodness knows I have enough tapes and DVDs. I may be able to work with the children on having some time during the day where they agree not to fight while I work out. At the very least, I'll have something under my belt every day of the work week. I also plan to get up earlier so I can do longer tapes. Dropping weight in any way will help when I can train again.

Here's to hoping this change makes a change in the scale as well! Just remember, no one is going to exercise for you! I know that no one has for me!

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MSHBAVEN69 5/28/2009 9:48AM

  Hey there Less....
I understand completely how you feel but if I could give you one word of advise that would be don't ever feel guilty about you taking care of your children's mom. The one that puts the most guilt on us is "US" and that's not a way to live. You kids have play time I'm sure or a show that they like to watch, so that you can take the time for you. Don't ever put yourself second in line for anything because if you do then everyone else will do the same and you will begin to wonder what happened and why am I not a priority. This is truly coming from a woman that knows. You're the mom and if you need time for you then regardless of what age your kids are you need to have them start to respect the fact that for you to be a better mom for them "longer" then you need to start being able to do something for yourself. Again this is coming from a woman that has two children was pretty much a single parent and my boys are now 12 and 18. So kinda been there done that one. I used to be some what atheletic but now I'm not and I have no one to blame but myself, for that, because I just got lazy and it got easier to make excuses as to why I shouldn't rather then making the time to just do it and get it done. You know it all kind a goes hand in hand with how long can I use the excuse of "its just baby weight" (again take a look at how old my kids are). I wish you the best of luck and please keep me posted. emoticon

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BREDDING 5/28/2009 9:47AM

    Hey there! Seems like you have the formula figured out, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get your exercise in. That sounds like a way that will melt the pounds a few at a time. As you know, this too is my weakest area, So, missy, I'm going to challenge myself to find a way to get the 15 minutes a day or 30 minutes/3 times a week in.


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ZVER1028 5/28/2009 7:59AM

    emoticon emoticon

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A taste of success...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today I had my quarterly checkup with my doctor. Last visit he had said that if my A1C was good today, he would consider decreasing my medication by 1/3. Well, today I had an A1C of 5.4 and the doctor said that was just fine. So tonight I get to decrease my medication! My ultimate goal is to be healthy enough that I no longer require medication. This is a step in the right direction toward that very goal.

Now I have to remain motivated and on the right track!

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PUTTITAT 5/27/2009 4:23PM

    emoticon That is a great accomplishment! I would love to see mine get that low. If I stayed away from the sweets and desserts, it would probably help. LOL It is all in the pounds going down and the determination to eat the right things and the biggie-- exercise. Keep up all your good work. I have the same goal in mind--get off the meds...

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THENEWKAREN 5/26/2009 11:13PM

    WOW! That IS Good News! Keep up the good work and I am certain you'll reach that goal.

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I may be nuts but.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

I signed up for another half marathon! This one is in the fall at a state park and will be a smaller event than the last one I did. However, it's still 13.1 miles and the terrain will be variable instead completely flat. My husband and children are going to do the 5K at the same event. I wondered about whether I should do that with them. He said "you don't need to drop back with us - we need to aim at catching up with you." That sounded very strange but it was encouraging.

So I'll be training again and hoping to do better this time!

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THENEWKAREN 5/12/2009 12:22AM

    Good for you! Sounds like your DH has a terrific attitude...tell him to "Catch me if you can!" and just go for it. He will be there to make sure the kids make it and still have time to cheer you to the finish line...great idea! Plus you can all still train together. You should post some links where we can find local events, I know I had one but can't seem to find it now.

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KLOE23 5/11/2009 10:50PM

    Rebecca that is awesome!!!! I know you can do it! I'm considering doing the same thing this fall. The half marathon in San Antonio is in November and I'm seriously thinking about training for it. You are inspiring me to go for it! Thanks!!!

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JENSVICTORY10 5/11/2009 11:06AM

    Great job!!!! Awsome motivational blog! Your doing it! have a great day! Jen

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PUTTITAT 5/11/2009 8:56AM

    That is great! And the fact that your hubby & kids are supporting you and joining in is double great! Keep working towards your fitness goal and your weight loss goal will follow.

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