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Measurement Update

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Okay! I like having this info available for me to glance at if I ever feel down.
So, here goes.

SW April 09: 167.5
WEIGHT June 09: 157.9
WEIGHT now: 145.5

SW April 09: 33
WAIST June 09: 29.5
WAIST now: 28

TUMMY April 09: 37
TUMMY June 09: 34
TUMMY now: 31

HIPS April 09: 39
HIPS June 09: 37
HIPS now: 35.5

BUST April 09: 36 - 38 C
BUST June 09: 36 B, 32 inch under bust
BUST now: 36 B, 31 inch under bust

THIGH June 09: 23
THIGH now: 21 (thickest part)
19 (mid)

BICEP June 09: 12
BICEP now: 10.5

CALF now: 15

PANTS June 09: 8/10 (more 10)
PANTS now: 6/8 (more 6)

Still doing good. :)
Just over 10 pounds to my "holy carp, I weigh HOW little?" goal

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HEZLIZZIE 8/17/2009 8:47PM

    This is a great reference of awesomeness! Way to go on all your successes :D


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JLITT62 8/17/2009 5:41AM

    Our numbers are the same, but the dates are totally different! Except a few weeks ago I was almost at 140 . . . sigh. Still can't really figure out what's happened.

Anyway, you're doing great!

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Foot stuff and Picklefest 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Had my PT meeting today.
He says what I'm experiencing sounds like all soft tissue stuff and not serious injury. So that's good. He thinks the heel stuff could be due to either overcompensating for the injury OR just a change in my mechanics either due to the new shoes, being slightly stronger and using muscles differently or all of the above. I can still run though he doesn't want me increasing mileage or runs per week just yet.

He did watch me run on a treadmill for a few minutes today and says I'm turning my right foot slightly funny. He asked about prior injuries to that foot (none that I know of) and says that my hips and my knee are in alignment, so it's something lower that's causing the turn at least.

He says that it's not a huge issue and I shouldn't work really hard on changing it just yet. He said we'll work on it later if I come back in two weeks and still have issues. He's thinking it'll improve as I adjust to the shoes and continue to strength train the glutes and such. Here's hoping!

Have some pain on the top of my foot today from being on my feet so long yesterday. We walked a lot and then I cooked and was on my feet in one spot for hours in the kitchen.

We went to the Farmer's Market yesterday and got talked into a HUGE bushel of pickling cukes ($8!) so we grabbed some fresh dill at the market and then went out and got some big mason jars and made homemade pickles. :) If I never peel another thing of garlic, it'll be too soon. Oy. We used the fresh local dill, cukes, tons of organic garlic and the brine was organic apple cider vinegar, spicy pickling spices from work, kosher salt, water and we omitted the sugar. In a day and a half, we can try them. It's like Picklefest 2009 in our fridges. We each have six big quart jars of pickles a piece. Hope they are good!

I also made us stuffed peppers with local green bells from the farmer's marker and we got some of the first local sweet corn of the season at work. MMMMMM. The peppers were stuffed with organic brown basmati rice, Smart Ground veggie meat, tomato sauce and organic criminis and garlic. Very good.

We also had a nice breakfast of homemade whole wheat waffles. I sort of killed my calories for the day due to a reading error. *facepalm* Yeah, flour is 110 calories a 1/4 cup, not a cup! I figured the waffles at 100 calories each when they were actually about 200. EEP. I ate 2.5 of the those guys thinking it wasn't too bad. Yeah, it was. I was within range (barely) but I didn't notice the error until I tracked AFTER we'd had pizza for lunch. SIGH.

Oh well, I usually eat very low on my ranges. Having a high day a week will just keep my body guessing! Plus, it motivated me to do Tae Bo last night. So, all good. :D

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DOLMADEZ 8/12/2009 12:01AM

    My uncle makes his own pickles. Unfortunately, he lives far away so I can't enjoy them very often, but homemade pickles are certainly the best! You make it sound kind of easy. Maybe I should try them myself?

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HEZLIZZIE 8/10/2009 2:55PM

    So much yummy food; you're making me hungry!

Good news from the PT, too. Whew! (hey, that rhymed :D)

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SCHWINNER! 8/10/2009 12:52PM

    Ooooh, I've never had as good a pickle as a homemade one!! :)

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LINDAMARIEZ1 8/10/2009 11:19AM

    ya gotta love pickles! Did you know they are supose to suppress the desire for sweets! It works for me!

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Inserts = less pain(!)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

So, I went to Run n' Fun (yes Becky, that's really the name! Cute huh?) and a young guy was helping me with shoes. He was a bit disgusted when I said I only wanted to look at New Balance since the Asiacs he was getting would be better for my heel. I just can't give money to companies that have such horrific working conditions, though! I know NB isn't perfect but at least they are trying to avoid sweatshop stuff and make some shoes in the US. But I digress.

Cute jailbaity running shoe guy gets me another pair of NB and tells me to go run outside on them. I get a few feet when my heel just starts screaming. Probably not the best shoes. :/ Though, to be fair, my heel was hurting a bit in my day to day NB that I wear to walk around in. After he told me that was probably the best I could do in NB I sheepishly asked about inserts. He brightened and went to go grab a pair. We plopped them in my shoes (which I do really like! I don't have pain while I run in them, just after) and I took them for a spin outside. Dramatically less pain while running with the inserts in. Mild discomfort but not much else.

So, 18 bucks later (thanks, 20% PT discount!) I had something I hoped would help me run pain-free. Took them out for a spin last night. We did 2 miles on asphalt (it had rained all day and I didn't fancy running in mud and grass!), pretty flat terrain. Nice and cool due to all the rain but a bit humid.

During the run the stress fracture site ached a tiny bit which could have been the asphalt pounding. I'm thinking, however, that it's partially due to the insert making it so I'm using my whole foot. It's subtle but I definitely feel like it's straightening my foot out and making it harder to overcompensate onto my heel. Run went great. We stopped at 2 miles (doing easy 11 min mile pace) still feeling that we could have kept running. Tired but not exhausted. This is yay.

I really think we've gotten our endurance back amazingly quickly considering how long we were off running. It was so much worse when I came back from that calf pull - and I was only not running for five days that time!! Maybe it's all the biking or the amount of weight I've dropped? Who knows. It's sweet, though. :)

I had some pain last night at the usual time, though it was milder than any post-run pain has been thus far. I iced the heel and the top of my foot and then took a hot shower with arnica bodywash. Then we ate dinner and I got some beer.

Side note* HOLY COW, I found a beer I just LOVE. Yes, Hez, you read that right. I love a beer. It's a lambic which basically means it's wild yeast fermented (they leave the barrel of stuff near an open window and wild yeasties float in, basically) with no added sugar. Lambics don't tend to have the bitterness I hate in beer... you know, that part that tastes like bile? Yeah, that part. They do, however, add a massive amount of fresh raspberries to this guy and it's WONDERFUL. Basically, it tastes like that sparkling juice but less sweet and with a beery alcohol bite. I love it. Plus, if the internet is right, it's 95 calories for 12 ounces. Holy cats. Too bad it costs $6 a bottle since it's an imported Belgian beer. Mmmm. Delish.

This morning I woke up and got out of bed and it didn't feel like I just stepped on a broken bottle! I've got some very mild soreness in the heel and a very mild ache in the stress fracture site but it's like night and day to the morning after my last run. Wow. Hopefully things will continue to improve using the insert. :)

Also, I'm happy to announce that even only running short mileages 2x a week these past 2 weeks I'm already experiencing how running quickly changes my body. I swear, other stuff works but running works so quickly. My legs already are looking better, I actually managed to measure my waist at 28" one day this week (haven't tried again so I don't know if that's official yet) and my size 8s are getting a bit losey goosey. I also dropped another pound at my weigh in this morning DURING TOM. Could be a fluke, but I'm happy. *wiggles*

Okay, this is long.
Lots of good news. Fingers crossed this insert keeps working.
I'm really interested to see how my gait analysis goes on Monday.
I'll keep you posted if anything intriguing is revealed. LOL.

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LEONALIONESS 8/8/2009 8:39PM

    "Are you talking about the Frambois Lambic?"

I am indeed!
I tried the black cherry last night and it was also very good. I like the raspberry best so far but really want to try the peach. Mmmm.

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SPEEDWACER 8/8/2009 2:57PM

    Are you talking about the Frambois Lambic? I love that stuff so much. I tasted it at a beer tasting at Total Wine, and I completely forgot I was drinking beer. It's more like drinking a raspberry soda. Have you tried any of the other flavors? I know the peach one is incredible, and there's also apple and cherry varieties.

Sorry, I'm a beer nut. I just got really excited.

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HEZLIZZIE 8/8/2009 2:15PM

    This is all great news! And I'd like to try this fancy beer you speak of - what's it called? Hopefully they have it at my Whole Foods (yay, team member discount on beer!) :Dô

* hug *

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I hate my stupid right foot.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

So, I've done three 2 miles runs in the last, oh, 10 days(?) and have no pain in the site of the fracture. Which is yay(!) and makes me happy. I also have no pain while running. Also yay!

There is a new not fun pain, though, that has me really upset.
My dang right heel hurts like *crazy* a couple hours after a run, hurts the worst right away in the morning and hurts when I get up after sitting for a bit. Sigh. These are all signs of plantar fascitis and I am So Not Pleased to possibly have ANOTHER freaking stupid injury! I'm completely livid right now, actually, and want to punch something. I didn't run for FIVE weeks! My stupid stress fracture is basically healed, why oh why is my stupid, idiot body doing this??!

The best case is that it's due to the new shoes not being exactly right. The right arch feels uncomfortable when I first put them on and this heel pain didn't start until I began running in the new shoes. I also have been running on dirt/grass to avoid pounding the stress fracture on pavement, but apparently uneven ground is bad when you have heel pain. Where the heck am I supposed to run, then?

I'm taking the new shoes and heading back to Run n' Fun today after work to tell them what's up and see if they can tell me if it's a shoe issue or a foot issue. I've been icing the heel, resting a minimum of two non-running days between runs and only doing the short 2 mile distances my PT suggested. I also have some ideas about exercises I can do to strengthen my foot and help healing.

I'm just so f*&%^# pissed off. If this makes it so I can't run AGAIN and I miss the 10K, I'm going to have a tantrum. Part of me is thisclose to just saying 'screw it, I'm obviously NOT supposed to run' and toss in the towel. But part of my just wants to cry. This sucks.

I hate my stupid idiot broken defective body.

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MINNESOTATT 8/6/2009 11:39AM

    I still wear inserts when I wear tennis shoes. I used to roll my ankle because the heel hurt, which stressed the achilles, etc. All the muscles are related. Make sure that you stretch the calf/achiles/ham/quad muscles.

I'm sure that the PT will have some good suggestions

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REBASO 8/6/2009 9:27AM

    I totally understand how sucky it is to have an injury - but try not to be so hard on your body! It's working hard! Change your mantra - I LOVE MY WONDERFUL AND AMAZING YET SOMETIMES BROKEN BODY!!!! It's a part of life. Part of me thinks - if I hate my body, it's just gonna hate me back. But if I love it, it'll love me right?! I'm still working on the love part...a work in progress.

Not to totally veer from this subject - but is the running store really named "Run n Fun"?!!! if so, I wanna shop there just for the name emoticon

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HEZLIZZIE 8/5/2009 7:37PM

    Overcompensating for the stress fracture sounds very, very plausible. I hope you get some good feedback/insight at the running store today, and that your PT is able to help on Monday. Call me if you'd like to talk, or vent, or whatever, okay?

* big hugs *


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JLITT62 8/5/2009 2:56PM

    I agree with Sage -- don't hate your body! It's trying to tell you something. I can't tell you what that is, but it's getting your attention the only way it knows how.

Never give up, but don't push yourself too hard. Easier said than done, I know.

I hope you're able to do your 10k -- without pain or reinjuring yourself.

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LEONALIONESS 8/5/2009 2:00PM


Your name is very appropriate in this case, Sage. ;)
I am just very frustrated and upset so I'm lashing out at myself.

It is possible that I'm still afraid to put pressure on my foot normally and am overcompensating onto my heel. I know that when I first was injured my heel hurt a little from walking on it to avoid hurting the metatarsal stress fracture. I could be instinctively babying my foot. That's a good suggestion. The fracture is on the right side of my right foot, the left side of my heel is what hurts and only the left outside part of my heel. Hrm.

I'm thinking of getting an insert to help cushion my heels and see if that helps. I'm not sure how to train myself into walking properly, though. Something to bring up with the PT next Monday for sure. Thanks for the insight.

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    I hear your pain, I would be feeling exactly the same if coming off an injury and then possibly facing another. I actually to some degree live in fear of not being able to run. Don't hate your body though, it may just be trying to ask you to take it a little easier on yourself. I know when I took time off running for an injury it took a bit to get back to where I was, and now I am trying to get the hang of excersie induced asthma which I only just found out I had. I know its cleche but - Remember to be a friend to yourself, after all who knows you better? You will make your 10K one way or another.

If it isn't your shoes or too much too soon are you still compensating in any way for the injury? Holding your foot/leg differently when you walk or run without knowing it.

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Jack and the GIANT peach ... or, why the kiddos are good diet aids.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"I can haz peach?"

Yes, Jack you can have some of my peach.

"I can haz peach, too, Jack?"

Jack, share with Eddie.
"Yes, Eddie can haz some of my peach. *grumble*"

"Eddie iz too big. Eats too much peach. Is mine!"

"Fine. Take peach. I haz hammock all to myself!"

"We haz a cozy, too!"


Minus side, while taking cute pics of Jack eating my peach, Jack was EATING my PEACH! The little bugger nommed half the dang thing, then flopped down on his belly and took a nap. Sheesh, men! They are all the same. ;)

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HEZLIZZIE 8/4/2009 9:18AM

    You should write a children's story featuring the ratties. You know, if you could wrap your mind around considering that ;) It was a fun story to read and watch unfold.
Also you made me want a peach!

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KVARNLOV 8/2/2009 1:39AM

    Those are the some of the cutest pictures of the guys!!! I would have fought for the peach, however, I know their cute pleas would weaken me and I would give it back. *sigh* emoticon

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    You can haz cuteness!!!
Oh, Jack's little black eyes!

When I first adopted bunnies, we had quite a few bonding sessions sharing salad. There is something wonderful about fur-children who share one's love of vegan foodstuffs.

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DATAQUEEN 7/30/2009 10:30PM

    Great pics!! I enjoyed this :)

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LEONALIONESS 7/30/2009 4:43PM

    Well, I may have hyperbolized a bit.
He ate a goodish chunk of peach! Plus, the others ran in and grabbed what he'd let them. Hee.

My cat is a freak weirdo.
She likes soy ice cream, non-dairy milks, vegan cheese, tofurky, veggie hotdogs.
She's a nut! If I'm eating anything with milk in it, she stares at me intently and tries to grab the spoon.
Silly cat. She also LOVES nutritional yeast.

I've had fosters devour bread/buns/bagels that were left on the counter before.
It's odd what cats will eat!

EM, I'm making you think that rats ARE scary or AREN'T? The only thing scary about my kids is the feeding frenzy whenever I bring them treats. Little fuzzy landsharks. Oh, and their vet bills can be terrifying!

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EM4488 7/30/2009 4:21PM

    Bahahahhahahaha! You're slowly making me think rats are the scariest little creatures ever :) They're adorable w/ personality!

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JLITT62 7/30/2009 4:12PM

    Good lord, a rat can eat half a peach? Wow.

Chester will eat literally almost anything. He seems to have trouble with broccoli & lettuce, but other than that, I've yet to find something he won't eat (peppers, cucumbers, avocado, strawberries, pineapple, apples, bananas are a particular favorite).

Simba is a very weird cat & likes a lot of veggies, too. He likes broccoli stalks, but not the florets, for instance. Oh, and red bell peppers are an absolute fave of his. How weird is that? I once left the pet sitter a chocolate chip scone, only Simba got at it (but thankfully only nibbled a little -- it was in a ziploc bag after all).

They can definitely be entertaining!

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