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Running again ... and attack of Flyzilla!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So, did my first run after the injury on Monday (in my shiny new, half size bigger NB 769s!). Aaron and I went up to Summit and ran on the grass/dirt paths in the median of the road. It's not a hilly route and the grass/dirt is supposed to help your feet and joints take less pounding.

Foot felt fine during the run. I was hyper-aware of any sort of stiffness/pain/discomfort in it, since I REALLY don't want another injury(!) but at worst it just felt a little stiff and a little thumped from the pounding. Ran 2 miles at my old normal pace, which shocked me, quite frankly. I expected to have dramatically lost endurance and speed after such a long rest from running. PT said to shoot for an easy pace, 10-12 min. miles, and not kill myself. This was a good clip and we both were feeling pretty tired for that last half to quarter mile, but we didn't feel exhausted or dead. So, that's a good sign. Recovered very quickly after the run, no muscle soreness. Thank you, ridiculous amounts of uphill biking I've been doing!

The foot was a bit sore after the run but the area I had the fracture in went away quickly. My heel, on the other hand, hurt quite a bit more. I iced the top of my foot with a bag of frozen peas (which, coincidentally, are the number one choice for icing after a vasectomy, I informed my SO... LOL) and any swelling I saw went down and all that was left was very mild stiffness.

Next morning the heel was pretty bad(!) not sure why. It wasn't ever horribly excruciating or anything like that. Just sore. Iced it and the top of my foot again last night (this time with corn, not sure where that ranks for the big V icing) and this morning I'm basically pain/discomfort free again. Planning on running another short easy run tomorrow or Friday. Probably around a mile and a half, maybe two miles with a walk break in between. We'll see how my foot feels during the run.

In other news, my apartment has been overrun with enormous(!) flies. Like BIG horror movie flies. I have NO idea how they are getting in or what but I had to kill like a dozen of the big buzzing bastards last night. Yes, I'm a vegan who kills bugs. You would too if Flyzilla and his family moved in to your place. In my defense, I have a spider buddy who lives in my bathroom and whom I don't bother at all. He's a guest. He also caught a fly for me, good spider buddy! I think my cat ate a few flies, too. Good girl.

I think there are only about 4 left in between the glass and screen on my windows. I left one side open for air flow today, so we'll see if it's a Flyzilla explosion there tonight when I get home. Sigh. I had nightmares all night about flies. I hate killing stuff (and walked around shuddering every time I swatted someone) but these flies have to go! I guess they are all over the place outside in MN right now and are sneaking into homes and such. I've got no food out they can eat and the place is clean, so hopefully any I don't swat will starve or leave.


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HEZLIZZIE 7/29/2009 7:25PM

    Great news about your foot healing and your fantastic endurance level in running, speedy gonzales :D

When I read the title of your post, I was anticipating a story about you walking around in jeans that are waaaaay too big and the fly going down on them, possibly involving indecent exposure! I'm not sure if that would be worse or if the flies are! :/

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Foot is healing. YAY.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So, I did Tae Bo last night. 40 minutes of serious bouncing around on my feet, jumping jacks, you name it. No pain! OMG YAY. I was told by the doc that I can start running again when I walk pain free (check!), do stairs pain free (check!) and can hop pain free (check!). I also am not having the inflammation/pain in my foot in the morning anymore. I'm hoping hoping hoping that I'll get the go ahead to run again on Monday at my PT session. :D

Pay day is tomorrow, I'm getting new shoes in anticipation of the running go-ahead!

I've also made some serious improvements just in the last week and a half of doing my PT exercises. I went from being unable to do more than 10 wicked leg lifts without extreme burny pain to being able to do 50 on each leg. And then I curse a blue streak afterwards, because OW. I'm doing 50 reps of the standing leg abductions (and not falling over near as much when balanced on my weaker leg) and I'm up to 30 sec planks, 6 or 7 reps. Still on my knees but I'll try toes today since my foot feels so much better. :)

I've been doing well on my exercise, too.
I actually was a bit over my goal calorie burn by last night. Hee.
Anything I do now is just extra goodness - and I've still got the three days of this week left.
Been eating well within my calories, usually just a bump past the low end. Still having treats each day - this week I'm all about my Neapolitan So Delicious ice cream. Mmm... 120 cals, 3.5 fat in a half cup. Not too shabby. Plus, it has iron! ;)

Things are going pretty well.
I do feel like my legs have lost some definition since I've been unable to run for 4-5 weeks but I know I'll get it back once I start running again. The flip side is that my butt and sides of my legs/hips are really developing well and toning up. I can definitely feel a difference in the firmness of the muscle there. Once I add running back into my PT strength, kbells and biking for x-training, I'll have a really well-rounded program that'll hit a lot of different places. So, that's exciting.

I'm hoping I can get my mileage up enough that running the 10K in early October won't rend and destroy me! I do tell myself that no one said I have to run the whole thing. I can do intervals or walk if I need to. The goal, however, is to run the whole thing - even if it's just "shuffling" as Hez puts it. ;)

I can do it! Just need to start slowly building up again. I am only allowed to run 2x a week for the first two weeks and only low mileage, no more than 2 miles a run. I can then bump it up to 3x and start building back to a 5k distance... and onward. I need to avoid running in the hilly park more than once a week, PT says, and do most of my runs on flats. Luckily St. Paul is a runner's mecca, so I'll have no problems.

Okay. This is getting teal deer.
Hopefully I'll have a good weigh in this week and a positive running update on Monday!

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LEONALIONESS 7/23/2009 11:45PM

    LJ is Livejournal. An online blog site. :)

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JLITT62 7/23/2009 4:44PM

    Ok, now I'm wracking my brain about what LJ is. :)

As to having a life, not so much. And I've been around on forums a long, long time, but that's a new one on me. I like it tho!

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LEONALIONESS 7/23/2009 3:26PM

TL;DR is a common comment on LJ.
Means "too long, didn't read" and folks have just started saying this or that is "teal deer" instead of typing out TL;DR.

You only are confused because you actually have a life.

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JLITT62 7/23/2009 3:25PM

    I, also, have no idea what teal deer may mean.

I took out the book "ChiRunning" from the library. I'm finding it an interesting read.

Altho when I read the comments about it, I do get very confused! It's hard to figure out what is the best form. Sort of like it's hard to figure out the best way to eat!

Sounds like you're doing great.

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HEZLIZZIE 7/23/2009 2:51PM

    1. What the heck is teal deer? I feel out of it!

2. There is no shame in shuffling - that's all the "running" I can do :D

3. Hooray for all the positives and for your continued success!

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FUN Day Yesterday :) (plus over 1000 calories burned!)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Had an awesome day off yesterday.

Did my first physical therapy session and like my therapists a lot. He's a very nice guy and was impressed with all my research/work I've been doing with running and eating healthy. So, that was nice to hear. :)

He says my body is doing a good job healing up on its own so we don't need to help the foot much at all right now. He gave me a couple exercises to do and one of them is WICKED. You lie on your side next to a wall with your butt and the heel of your top foot pressed to the wall, then do side leg lifts. OW. It's super concentrated right on the hips in a spot that rarely gets worked so it's really hard to do. I start really feeling it at 10 reps, he wants me to do 20-50. O.o I got to 20 at home by the skin of my teeth and only with extreme effort and whining to my cat.

After my therapy session, I biked over to Aaron's and then we biked to Khyber Pass for lunch with his mom, sister and sister's friend Erin. Had some lovely lentils, mung beans, rice and didn't eat too much at all. Then we (minus his mum) biked to Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis to go swimming. It was a nice temp but WINDY like whoa. The bike ride was really hard due to the wind pushing us around so much. The water temp was great but we had to stay completely submerged or die of cold in the wind. Hee. We had a good time splashing around for about 25 minutes. I did some treading water and some water jogging off and on and enjoyed it.

MILESTONE: I wore a tankini in public and didn't feel bad about myself or self-conscious! Admittedly, we were the only ones on this particular beach but plenty of folks biked/walked/rode past while we were on the sand and I didn't care. Holy. Cats.

Then we got out of the water (ZOMG COLD WIND) and frantically ran around in the sand trying to dry off before we froze to death. Heh. Then we biked back home. All in all I did about 20 miles on the bike and rode for about 2 hours (so many hills, so much wind...), plus swimming. We had tons of fun AND I had a really great calorie burning day. Pretty much the coolest.

Of course, I woke up with a ridiculously sore throat and am a bit ill now. I was working on a sore throat before yesterdays run in with the wind but maybe the combo pushed me into Summer Coldville. Lame. Taking Umca and I'm sure that'll help.

ALSO: I signed up for a 10K in early October. My goal is to be running again and able to do that race, even if I have to do it in walk/run intervals. I'll tell Dan (the PT) at my next visit and we'll work on getting me race ready in time for October 4th! And if I have to walk part of it, so be it. But I'm hoping I'll be fine with 6+ miles by then. *positive thinking*

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HEZLIZZIE 7/17/2009 12:42PM

    Of course! :D
I think that when one of my kitties walks under me when I'm trying to do a plank pose, he or she is trying to be my trainer because I end up holding it longer to avoid crushing a cat!

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LEONALIONESS 7/17/2009 11:39AM

    If by 'good cheerleader' you mean 'puts her butt in your face and likes to lay down under you while you're trying to do planks' then yes, Molly is a great cheerleader. LOL.

Comment edited on: 7/17/2009 11:39:48 AM

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HEZLIZZIE 7/17/2009 11:26AM

    Holy kittens, so much great stuff here! How fabulous for you :D I especially liked the part with you in your tankini on the sand and not feeling self conscious. Just WOW to that. * pauses to take in the awesomeness *

I'm so happy for you! Yay for signing up for a 10K - I need to do that too. I'm losing focus on the jogging stuff lately and that just might be the trick for me. Great job with sticking with your physical therapy exercises. Molly the kitty makes a good cheerleader, right?


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I love my new neighborhood - keep finding cool things!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Going to take the bike out for a quick spin tonight. I found out recently that I'm REALLY close to Como Park where there are running/walking/biking paths around a big lake by the zoo/Japanese Gardens. I'm going to head over and see how easy it is to get to the zoo. I know (I think) that I found the gardens when I was biking the loop but I'm not 100% sure. Exploration!

I also found a bunch of biking/hiking trails through the woods in a city run forest about 10 minutes on my bike from my place. It's hilly like whoa in there in some place (really really hilly, almost painfully hilly on my heavy Speedster) but so gorgeous and still. It's nice to find out I'm so close to some semblance of wilderness!

Also near the forest is a huge beautiful lake! Lots of docks on the water, gorgeous houses on the hills overlooking the lake. Really nice, smooth asphalt path to bike on. PLUS, there is a public beach at one end of the lake! I can bike there is 15 minutes and splash around if I want to. How cool is that? Super cool, that's how cool!

I've got tomorrow off and all I have planned is my first physical therapy session at 9 am and dropping off some supplies at the home of my rescue coordinator around 11 am. I think Aaron is off as well so I may be dragging him to the woods and beach! Just got to find a good time in the day where chance of screaming children is lessened. Hopefully he's willing to do a picnic lunch, play some frisbee and splash around in the lake. Fingers crossed for sunshine!

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JLITT62 7/16/2009 4:38PM

    Oooh, I hope you have a nice day tomorrow -- sounds just wonderful. It hasn't been hot enough here for most of the summer to swim at all. But just being by the water soothes me.

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HEZLIZZIE 7/16/2009 9:52AM

    How wonderful is having all of those cool places to get some fun exercise in? I hope you have a relaxing day off with Aaron with lots of sun. :D

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Sigh - Feeling off.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I feel off.

I know I've been eating more calories and that's got me a bit worried. I'm still within range but, while I'm usually low-end to middling, I've had a few times in the last week and a half where I'm up near the top. Once I've gone over by probably 200 calories, too. To be fair, I did go over my calories burned by almost 500 last week, so that's still a net difference of -300 extra calories, in addition to the usual 2500 burned a week, and that's not too bad.

I think part of it is feeling a bit tied down by my foot injury. I haven't been able to do much but bike lately and biking is limited, for me, by weather. I refuse to bike in the rain as my brakes slide and I don't feel safe. I don't have access to a gym to spin or anything. On days I can't bike (or on my off days of biking) I've been doing kbells and I just now can finally do them without feeling worried that I'll snap my foot at any minute. I can't really walk any distance since that's considered an impact thing and I'm not allowed to do impact anything with the foot.

It also didn't help that last week was TOM and I was feeling especially uninspired and down/lazy.

I think the difference is that when I was running I was looking forward to going out and doing my runs. I was motivated and inspired. While I like biking and I feel great once I'm out on the bike, I just don't have the same drive or desire to do it. Instead of wanting to exercise because it's something I like to do lately I've been feeling like I do it just to hit my calories burned for the week. I didn't have that issue with running and it's the first time in this journey that I've felt this way. It could totally be just down in the dumps type stuff related to hormone levels going all wacky as I come off TOM but it makes me feel really worried.

I wish I could be healed so I could run again.

Haven't weighed in yet this week. Thurs. will be two weeks since my last weigh in and I hope to see some movement. Lost another half inch off my waist, so I know I'm still changing my body and I don't feel like I look bad or anything. I just feel blah.

It's a pretty gray, gloomy and grumpy day and I didn't sleep well.
Maybe that's part of it. Dunno.

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ARARAIDER 7/14/2009 4:25PM

    I'm not doing so well either. I was on track for a little bit..then I was eating more than 1,000 calories over my daily...It's pretty hot and muggy, but all cloudy and gray. Maybe it has something to do with us feeling so low energy?

Oh well, keep your chin up, we all have our bad days and we can get back on track.

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JLITT62 7/14/2009 1:39PM

    This too shall pass -- really, it will. If you're still losing inches, then no matter what the scale says, you're doing well.

I've been hungrier than normal lately too -- nothing to do with TOM, either. A few people suggested to me that maybe I wasn't getting enough protein -- could that be part of your problem? I was going to make some roasted chickpeas today, but I don't think I'll get around to it. Such a great protein snack tho!

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HEZLIZZIE 7/14/2009 12:56PM

    I think you're right about not sleeping well affecting your motivation. You're making so many improvements all the time - I'm proud of you! Congrats on your waist measurement success :D I'm also really, really glad to hear that you're able to do your kbell workouts without making your foot feel worse. It's great how seriously you're taking the recovery process and really watching how you're feeling.

* hugs * Wish I could be there to do a low-impact workout with you so we can both feel happy and motivated and proud of our successes!


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