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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I hope my mom doesn't read my blog! Mom, stop reading if you're there...
Honestly, go away.

So, I'm heading home the first weekend in November for my folks 30th anniversary (the sibs and I are throwing a big surprise shingdig!) and I know that a local bakery makes vegan kringle. If you haven't had it or heard of it, that's not surprising. Racine, WI is like kringle central, USA. It's a round, ring shaped pastry that's flaky and buttery and filled with fruit or nuts and then iced. Yeah, it's pretty much insanely awesome. Insanely.

This same bakery started making trans fat free, all natural, whole grain vegan donuts, too. I guess the have a special "whole grain" Thursday thing where they offer the vegan donuts and kringles. I emailed them asking if they only served them on Thursday, explaining I was from MN. I was a bit of a crackhead in the email (so! many! exclamation! points!) and really super excited.

They just got back to me and they can make me a special order for Friday! And their huge, tasty kringles are only $5 each so I got one of each flavor- cherry, raspberry, almond, pecan and apple. They freeze super well so I can ration them out easily. Freeze them up and then cut a little piece off as I want it and defrost just that piece. I'm good at portion control so I'm not worried. ;)

I also got ... and THIS is the source of the glee ... a dozen VEGAN BOSTON CREME DONUTS. For 75 cents each. OMG OMG OMG!!! These were my favorite donuts and I haven't had one in at least 7 years. Seven. Years. People, this is epic. I might cry at the first bite. Hopefully these guys are freezeable, too. If not, I'm in for some serious carb loading. At least I'll be up to running about 12-13 miles a week by then. I think my body can handle some extra sugar.

It'll be worth it. Plus, Aaron will help me with some of them. I may end up with just 6 (which would also be fine.) And I'll bet that I'm good for another 7 years without a donut, too, after eating that many. LOL. I'm completely freaking excited right now. Yeah, I know, it's a healthy lifestyle site and getting super jazzed about food is a no-no but... * makes emphatic hand gesture * seven years!!!

Yeah, Larsen's Bakery pretty much is the best thing ever.

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LEANVIXEN 11/4/2009 4:25PM

    Haha, I love the message to your mom. I hope she doesn't read the blog. We surprised my parent's for their 25th anniversary. They really had no clue because the party was at our house, two days after we all got back from vacation together. Their reaction was priceless. Congrats on finding those kringles!

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JLITT62 10/29/2009 5:54PM

    We surprised my parents on their 50th anniversary. We didn't throw the party, but friends of theirs did, and we were the big surprise -- and yes, they sure were surprised.

I like donuts, but cookies & brownies are much more my thing. I very rarely eat donuts -- couldn't tell you the last time I did (altho that's probably because I worked from home for so long).

And, btw, your bikini pics are awesome!

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HEZLIZZIE 10/25/2009 2:30PM

    Oh, enjoy the vegan boston cremes - super, super yummy!!! If they don't freeze and you start feeling forlorn about the lack of vegan donuts in your life (although it sounds like you'll have a nice supply of kringle for a while!), just remember all the yummy vegan baked goods we'll be eating in May when we're in Portland for the half marathon!! :D


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I know the super-crazy-excitement of finding special vegan goodies (and inexpensively at that!). lol

People often say that being vegan must be what keeps my weight down. I have to say, it sure does make it easy to avoid desserts at parties! hehe :D

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CRANBYRRE 10/24/2009 2:02AM

    Oh yes, I know these krinkles! They are indeed wonderful! But WHERE are the transfat free ones made with whole grains?? I don't know where to buy any!

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GLENDAJ5 10/24/2009 1:53AM

    I understand. Donuts really weren't my thing, but if I ever find fat free, no cal cheddar cheese I'd be orgasmic, lol. Hope that they are as good as the original.

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Deep Breaths! (bikini pics for "at goal - before 30DS")

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ooookay. So, I hit goal last weekend and decided I needed pics. I have trouble seeing the changes in myself and have this idea of how I look that isn't very accurate. I feel bigger than I am and like I take up more space than I do. I still feel 45lbs heavier than I am. I had a good friend take some clothed shots (mostly to show off the crochet shrug I just finished! Love it!) and some bikini shots that will act as my "befores" for the 30 Day Shred.

So, I posted bikini pics on my page and that's all well and good.
It's semi-hidden and only folks who friend me will maybe see them. Maybe. If they think to browse my pics some day.

Since I'm suffering some relatively wicked body issue stuff (like so many of us!) I decided that hiding them in my page wasn't going to fly. To REALLY start to get over this stuff I need to be more open. No one here is going to call me fat or point out my flaws. We all know what it's like and we all are so busy finding our OWN flaws to want to hurt someone else. I know that. So, I'm being brave and posting these here in the blog which is, IMO, much more 'public' feeling.

Deep breaths!
Starting with the clothed ones and heading into scarier territory afterwards!

Me in my old size 10 "skinny pants".

Man, those things are huge on me now. I couldn't even fasten them when I started sparking. I mean, it was dire. Look at how saggy the bum is on them! This means, my friends, that my waist used to be bigger than my hips/butt are now. Holy. Carp.

One of me and Teal'c!

He's so huge he makes me look smaller. I can't believe he's a 4 month old baby. LOL.
Even with my arms squished to my sides, I don't want to cry looking at this. That's a huge leap for me!

*NOTE* Bikini pics were taken post-supper. We had delish homemade pizza but I was definitely not hungry in these guys. Plus, taken at about 10pm which = bloat! Okay. Now that that's out of the way...

Soooo. Yeah. Not as bad as I'd feared nor as good as I'd hoped.
The fact I'm willing to post them at all is insane. I've come really far in learning to accept my body but I still have a way to go. I still see all my flaws - wide waist, mostly ... I just don't nip in like I envision I ought to. I'm flat in the torso and wide/broad in the shoulders/ribs. It's just the Native American blood and I can't change it. * repeats to self * I CAN, however, work with my build and tone up what I've got. * repeats to self more *

Going to hit post before I lose my nerve.

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PAMNANGEL 10/18/2009 5:31PM

    Fabulous! emoticon

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HEZLIZZIE 10/18/2009 12:11PM

    First of all, YOU LOOK SO, SO HAWT! Hooray for you, Pook! I can't wait until I see you in Jamaica so I can jump up and down and freak out about how strong and gorgeous and healthy you look/are!!!!! :D :D :D

Second of all, no more disclaimers before posting pictures about the meal you ate and what time of the day it was! :P

But most of all, WOOOO HOOOO for you, dear. I hope you're feeling beyond proud of yourself!

emoticon emoticon

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DEB_IN_NH 10/17/2009 7:39PM

    You look so good! And the shrug is really cute (so is the rat, pets ROCK). I'm so glad you posted pictures. It's inspiring.

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SCHWINNER! 10/15/2009 1:34PM

    Lookin' good, hot stuff!!! You are brave! But seriously, you look great, better than you give yourself credit for!!

I really need to do the same since I really intend to buff myself up for a beach vacation I'm planning to take in 2010!

Love that shrug you made too! Where did you get the pattern? I dont' crochet, but I'm a seasonal knitter and it's about time to pull out the needles :)

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THEKWONGDZU 10/15/2009 1:08PM

  You look wonderful! emoticon

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MANDYCOOT 10/15/2009 12:58PM

    You look AMAZING! Flaunt it! You're going to have such a great time in Jamaica and you should most DEFINITELY feel confident in your bikini!

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LAFEMMEDELALUNE 10/15/2009 11:57AM

    You look GORGEOUS!

I read somewhere that it takes 6 months for our minds to be able to see the changes that have happened to our bodies, so you have at least that long to even be able to "see" that you are at goal. ;)

To be honest, even owning two bikinis is brave in my book! hehe You are bolder than you give yourself credit for! :)

I love the silver shrug, what great drape!


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At Goal - I cried.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So, the scale read 133.8 this morning. I weigh in with clothes on and have the Wii remove 2 lbs. I told myself once I was under 135 I'd weigh in nude and have the Wii take off no pounds. Actual nude weight: 134.9 - my goal is 135-132 but I consider myself in maintenance mode now. I still have my tracker set for 132 just to keep my calorie range at a "still losing slowly and a small amount". But, for all extents and purposes, I'm done focusing on losing and am going to focus on toning and losing some fat.

In NSV news, I bought my first pair of size 4 jeans yesterday. As I've tried on 6-8 pairs of jeans in size 4s, different styles and brands, I'd comfortably say I'm a 4/6.

Is it any wonder I called HEZLIZZIE crying happy tears today?
What a day!

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EMILYJEN 11/10/2009 11:09AM

    Congrats Leona! emoticon I saw your post about the ice cream and all the cruelty to the cows which I so believe and agree with so I came here to check out your page and I am so inspired! Way to go reaching your goal and keeping going with getting in shape and moving ahead with your running. I'm starting to make some headway with my weight loss but I have 10-15 lbs to lose and it seems impossible. Your story reminds me that it is not impossible. Thanks for sharing and I added you as a friend, hope you don't mind. emoticon

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MELISSR 10/13/2009 11:14PM

that is amazing! good for you! :) emoticon

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SUEBEE42 10/13/2009 10:56AM

    CONGRATS!! WOOO!!!! :D

Not much changes between maintenance and losing... just a couple hundred calories. *thumbs up*

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DOLMADEZ 10/11/2009 12:16PM

    Congrats! What a wonderful feeling!

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MANDYCOOT 10/11/2009 10:13AM

    Eeee! Congratulations!!!! That's so awesome. I'm so proud and amazed. I'm sending some pants your way tomorrow. They'll probably be too big now! :)

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MSDIAMOND600 10/10/2009 9:14PM

    Totally Awesome!!!!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HEZLIZZIE 10/10/2009 6:12PM

for you!

I can't express how proud I am of all your awesome successes.
You have been working so, so hard for this.
Make sure to bask in the glow and celebrate now, okay?

* big squishy bear hug *

You ROCK, my friend! You rock!

* sound of crowd cheering in the background *

emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 10/10/2009 6:14:08 PM

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    You have worked so hard and come so far!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
I am sooooo proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MAXFOCUS 10/10/2009 2:12PM

    emoticon emoticon
I'm so excited for you. Congrats on reaching your goal and your size 4 jeans!!

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JLITT62 10/10/2009 1:08PM

    I am so proud of you!

Hey, do I get to say I actually weigh 137 since it's not an option to weigh in at WW without clothes?

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NOW with video! Twin Cities Medtronic, My First 10K - Success!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


We finished and didn't have to walk any of it. Hip held out pretty well though I'm walking like a Gramma currently. Heh. Mostly just soreness, though, not sharp pain.

The weather was atrocious (when you weren't actually running) cold, spitting rain, windy. Once we got going it was actually quite nice for running, no chance of overheating and low humidity. So, that helped. The worst part was how cold my hands were after the run. I guess I didn't notice so much while I was moving. ;)

It was actually a really good run. We both felt great the whole way through, started slow and then increased speed after the three mile turn around. We really kicked it at about 5.5 miles in and finished strong. Probably did our kick a bit too early but we still managed to find some extra to do an additional kick at 6 miles. I passed all the folks I had in my vision and had set as my passing targets, including a fellow coworker. I am evil. Eat my dust!

Finished in what I think is a GREAT time for a first 10K running on an injury. Chip time was 1:07:15, average pace was 10:50. Woot! I'll take it! I was shooting for under 1:15 and hit that easily. So proud.

We came in, took a hot shower and then scurried off for a delicious tofu scramble, fruit and toast brekkie at one of the cute little neighborhood cafes. Later, we're seeing Zombieland. :D It's going to be a fun filled day. Though, we may need a nap! WOOT! I feel like a rockstar. I'm so proud and feeling strong and fit and excited. I did it!!!


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    Great job, Leona!!! emoticon
The video is great, and I love the familiar theme song, hehe!

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HEZLIZZIE 10/4/2009 1:59PM

    HOORAY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hat is all.


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MANDYCOOT 10/3/2009 5:15PM

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's so freaking awesome. :) Wow, I'm so impressed!

Edit: I just watched the video. That music made it super dramatic and moving! You guys look hot in your spandex too. :) Who else ran it with you from WFM?

Comment edited on: 10/3/2009 5:19:01 PM

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EILAROSE1 10/3/2009 3:19PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PRINCESSNURSE 10/3/2009 2:26PM

    Awesome job! You are a rock star!

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JOANNDAVIS1 10/3/2009 1:19PM

    Great job!!!

Have an awesome weekend!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SCHWINNER! 10/3/2009 1:13PM

    AWESOME JOB!!! You can't hear it, but I'm clapping for you :) My race is a few hours away yet... sorta nervous, but I'll survive. I wish I had a partner to run with though! Enjoy the rest of your day - sounds fun! AGain, way to go on your 10k!

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The one downside to being smaller... and a bunch of upsides!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feel free to ptthhhh at me all you want. Hah!
It's driving me nuts how my calorie burn has dropped WAY down as I've gotten smaller. What used to burn a ton of calories is now like ... "meh, you burn 89". Darn it.

To hit my weekly goal of 2500 I have to do SO MUCH more in terms of time. I'm doing over an hour 5-6X a week most weeks to hit that amount of calories out. And it's fine, I like exercising, but it is quite a time suck. I'm working on a big crochet project - a batwing shrug! LOVE! - and want to do that at night instead of 90 minutes of exercise to burn 450 calories. Grumble grumble grumble.

I wish I could run again. Sigh. 100 calories a mile, give or take, regardless of if I'm 150 or 135. Those are the days. Good times. Good times.

I can't complain TOO much, though, as I'm about 3 lbs away from my goal of 135. I may or may not stick there. 130 puts me at a 21-22 BMI, depending on if I'm actually 5'5˝ or am, in fact, only 5' 4.5˝ (or, gasp, only 5'4˝! I have no idea!) Honestly, though, it's depending on how my tummy looks/how my body fat is doing.

I'm already seeing a lot of improvement in my tummy area and my backs of my arms are really trimming down/firming up. I can SEE the inner thigh definition for reals on my left leg now (Why just the one? I mean, really.) and there is a faint but less noticeable definition on my right one. My hip muscles have really toned up, too, and you can feel the bones in my butt(?) when I lie down. I'm really pleased with how I look nekkid, currently. Not so much clothed (I know, whaaat?) due to having shirts be mostly too big/jakey on me. They hide my shape and I look bigger in them.

I need some new jeans, too. My 8s are getting big. I can pull the jeans off without undoing anything and the capris are nearly there. They have no stretch, though, so they are a bit smaller. My 6s are getting loosey goosey, too. I went to Kohl's for bikinis (and got another new top, looks cute! and it's got PINK in it. ACK!) and on a whim tried on some jeans. Two different brands, both 6s were too big and 4s fit great. Sadly, the washes/styles I liked the best had no 4s available so I had to pass. Bummer!

Also, I'm still wicked pissed/bummed that my wonderful bike was stolen. Since I'm not running up until race day I was really needing to get some long rides in to keep my endurance high. I guess I'm boned there since I can't afford another bike. I've been doing a lot of Tae Bo/ kickboxing /jumping things since they feel more hardcore and really raise my heart rate. Raised heart rate = cardio health. I just hope it's enough!

I'm still running the race (in a WEEK, OMG) but I intend to listen to my body and go painfully slow if necessary. It's not a race (well, buh... it IS a RACE but it's not a race race... you know like... what I'm saying is... oh, never mind) and I won't get a medal by killing my groin to finish in X amount of time. I'm just going to go slow and steady and walk if I need to.

Blah blah blah.
I'm ADD today in this post.

Bottom line: smaller body = smaller calorie burn = darnit!
Smaller body = more muscles = smaller clothes = WOOT!
Bike theft = bad = sad = mad = if I see that little punk *mumble mumble*

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MANDYCOOT 9/29/2009 10:29PM

    I need to send you those cute jeans that don't fit me! I think they'll be perfect . :) Email me your address, lady!

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JEREZA 9/28/2009 7:16PM

    I need to love to exercise... I have yet to learn to love/hey even like... I maybe... Tolerate it.

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JLITT62 9/26/2009 3:19PM

    Oh, that is way too bad about the bike. Whoever took it WILL get theirs, but that doesn't really help you right now, I know.

Definition in the thighs? I can dream. Probably never -- I'm just not built that way. But that's ok, I can wear knee length skirts/shorts & jeans, and my lower legs aren't too bad. But forgettabout the thighs. Will always be a trouble area for me.

There are downsides to getting smaller, much as some don't want to hear it. I say you really need a shopping spree. If money's tight, how about thrift stores? You feel so much better with clothes that fit. Funny, my size 8 jeans are almost falling off me now, but the size 6s are still too tight in the belly. I hate being in between!

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