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For All You Mom's, Happy Mother's Day! From Me To You!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Love To All My Spark Mom's, And love To All My Other Spark Families!


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STARPEACE 5/14/2009 11:02AM

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. emoticon

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2BHOTNTONED 5/11/2009 8:43AM

    Thanks Lee for taking the time to do this special blog.


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DOGWALKER215 5/10/2009 8:05AM

    Thanks Lee for taking the time and sharing with us! Suna It was very nice. emoticon

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 5/10/2009 3:57AM

    Beautiful Lee
Thanks for taking the time to construct that and shating it

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Happy Mother's Day, To All Of My Spark Family!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I want to wish all you Mom's, a wonderful Mother's Day. May you all have a day filled with love
and happiness! Hang loose & let the rest of the family spoil you today.
You all deserve it!

Love to all you Mom's,


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JUSTME75 5/11/2009 11:17AM

    Lee, this page is beautiful for all mothers. It was very nice & time consuming for you to do all this and everyone who looks at it and reads will agree. Thanks for doing this, We all appreciate it very much. Happy Mother's Day to you and everyone on here. Hope you had a wonderful day. I certainly did......


~ Cathy ~

emoticon for making this page wonderful!!

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Day 5, Of The Swimsuit Bootcamp Challenge 5/7/09

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I completed Day 5 of the Swimsuit. It consisted of ,lower body /W/ bands: I did 3 Sets X 20 reps.

Squats /W/ bands //////Squats //W/ leg Abductions/////////Lunges////W/ Band/////

I also did: Kickboxing Day 1 : 30 minutes
walking lunges: 100 ///////dips: 60 reps//////Step-ups: 100//////Hammer curls /W/ leg lifts &
weighted gloves: 130 reps////push ups ///on bench: 130 reps////single leg squats: 60 //////
Jacks: 500 /////crunches: 500/////planks: 3 X 2 minute holds////modified plank /w/twists: 3x1 minute per set.//////Hip flexor: 75 reps///& Extensions: 60 per leg

Walked: 10,000 steps
Spinning: 60 minutes


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JOLINAR 5/8/2009 4:17PM

    Wow, that is hardcore! You get my hero of the day award!

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MYSPECIALKS 5/8/2009 6:50AM

    KEEP IT UP!!! emoticon

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 5/8/2009 4:01AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Day 4 Of The Swimsuit Challenge! 5/6

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I guess for the month of May I'll be sounding like a broken record. Well I completed another day of Bootcamp. Today was a 15 minute Core workout, no CRUNCHES, PILATE workout.
The core workout was terrific. I could feel my ABS really working.
I Did ( 3 Sets X 20 reps per set ) There were ( 11 different exercises )
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I did some crunches on the ball: /////350 Done
Hammer curls /W/ band: 60 reps
Dips : 60 reps /////Step- ups: 150///////Single leg Squats: 60 reps per side/////////
Dead lifts ///W/// Barbell ////45 REPS//// I did Jumping Jacks //On//My//Trampoline//////500 Done

Sweatsuit To Swimsuit Bootcamp Challenge Day1 : Kickboxing 30 Minutes
Walked early this morning and walked 12,000 steps//////////////////

Well that was my day! Tomorrow I might run out to do some grocery shopping, since it suppose to rain again. Wednseday the sun came out in the afternoon, & I walked in the drizzling morning. So if it rains Thrusday, I might go shopping & get that over with.
When I get back, just in time, for yes, "Desperate Housewives" & I'll do spinning.

Have a wonderful day my SP Friends.
Love to all,
Lee emoticon

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SHI-TOODLES4ME 5/7/2009 7:25AM

    I am soooo jealous! Thanks to my back, all I can do right now is the treadmill!
I AM thankful for that, but I am chompin' at the bit to do more!!!!
Oh well...soon enough I guess!!
Keep it up, do a crunch for ME!!
GiGi emoticon

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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 5/7/2009 4:07AM

    Hi Lee
You make it sound so great I might just give it a try for variety

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RAJ8406 5/6/2009 11:43PM

    great job!!! you are doing wonderfully!! so now i have a question for you! the exercise video today...do we complete it once or do we have to do it a certain amount of times??


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Sweatsuit To Swimsuit Bootcamp Challenge

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Well another day of, "The Swimsuit Bootcamp Challenge" Day3, completed.
This consisted of a "Upper Body Workout" with resistance bands again, for toning.

I Did for all: ( 3 Sets X 15 Reps Per Set )

1. Seated Rows
2. Reverse Flyes
3. Seated Bicep Curls
4.Kneeling /Circles /W/Band
5. Tricep Extensions
6. Push-Ups /W/ Band around the back
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Cardio Today I Repeated " Sweat suit To Swimsuit Bootcamp Challenge" Day 1 Kickboxing
( 30 Minutes )
Jacks: 300 ///// Step - Ups : 100 ///// Hammer Curls /W/ DB: 4 sets Of: 8 reps/10 /12 & 15 reps
Dips: 80 REPS /////Close Wall Arm Push-Ups: 80 REPS ////// Crunches : 400
Side Planks /W/ Reach : 3 sets X 80 second holds //////Planks //W//Hip Drops : 3 x 2 minutes per set //////Tricep kickbacks : 45 Reps//////////////////////////////////////
Walked: 75 minutes

Spinning : 45 minutes ///////////////////Later morning watching "Desperate Housewives" Yes this
has become my "SPINNING HABIT" while watching the reruns of this program!


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2BHOTNTONED 5/6/2009 8:52AM

    emoticonLee great workouts. emoticon

Plus great way to get in a workout while watching Desperate Housewives.


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CAZ_NR_HEATHROW 5/6/2009 5:29AM

    emoticon Lee
I can tell just how much you enjoy your workouts-

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