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My Son's Wedding Day

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Hope you enjoy our family's special day!
This is Taylar's Mother's wedding dress---a lovely tradition!

She needed the high heels so Michael could kiss her at the end---LOL
During the ceremony, they poured the colored sand into the box to signify the blending of the 2 into one.
Watching the guests arrive. My mom being escorted down the aisle. Hard to believe that a month later she was in the hospital with a stroke---she is doing better---coming to my house this weekend to stay for a while.
This is ME! and my dh is behind me---LOL
Walking down the aisle
No tears---which was a surprise---and they both looked so happy saying their vows.
This is something new---guests coming in put their thumbprints on a tree and then signed the bottom.
I will do a another blog of the reception and the bubbles another day. Hope you enjoyed our event.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 4/1/2014 11:00AM


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    Oh I love weddings...anyone's wedding and your son and daughter in-laws day looked very special. Thanks for sharing all those lovely pics.
Hugs Janet

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LOVESLIFE48 3/31/2013 10:49AM

    Looks like a beautiful day!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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FENWAYGIRL18 3/14/2013 10:59PM

    You looked beautiful , what a wonderful day!

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TRI_BABE 3/13/2013 2:59AM


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GRACEISENUF 3/9/2013 2:18PM

    I love your suit..the pics are really great. Love the bible and ring shot.

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GGCHET 3/9/2013 6:55AM

    Cathy, you look lovely!
The kids joyous....
Wonderful to see our kids happy!

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TERRIJ7 3/7/2013 3:20PM

    Lovely photos, Cathy! I adore your dress and I WANT it! Purple is a good color on me and that style too :) FYI--I love hand-me downs too! ;)))))

I want to see the group shot too, as soon as you get more pics posted.

Your mother looks great and who'd have suspected that she was soon to have a stroke? My grandfather attended my brother's wedding and then passed away in his sleep a week later. We really need to cherish every day and not take anything for granted.

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MAXFOCUS 3/6/2013 5:28PM

    What a beautiful wedding dress. You looked wonderful too! Glad your mom is doing better after her stroke.

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INDIANOAKS 3/6/2013 2:25PM

    You got some AWESOME pics!!! SO great that you're able to share them with us -- and that you took the TIME to do so!! I KNOW it's hard to upload all those photos!

LOVE the shot of her/her mom's dress on the door! Really shows off the train etc...

Those shoes are quite something! Does she have any trouble walking in heels like that?? Or is she used to it?? I would have been worried I'd end up falling on my face if that were me at my wedding!!! LOL...

And that box is BEYOND cool! LOVE their names being on it -- and hadn't seen anything like that before! I've heard/seen of people using sand into a bottle or vase type thing -- but never a box -- and such a neat one like theirs!!

Wonderful pic of your mom! And isn't THAT true -- about who would have known a month later what you'd be facing??! Sadly, that was the case with my wedding also -- my one grandma died the Monday after we were married on Friday....then my OTHER grandma died within 6 months of my wedding... Just never know -- better NOT to know I think!! In the meantime you can be SO grateful you have that beautiful pic -- and the memories of that happy time -- prior to your mom's stroke!! Good reminder to NEVER take anything for granted, isn't it??

YOU were one GORGEOUS mother-of-the-groom!!!!! Beautiful dress -- great color and it looked WONDERFUL on you! Who is that escorting you and DH down the aisle??

Do you have any family pics you're going to be posting??! Can't wait to see the purple shirts etc!! Or didn't anyone but DH wear one of those??

Neat idea about the "fingerprint tree"... I've actually seen that before -- but as a "keepsake going away" gift... Someone arranged to have something similar done for a person that was retiring from my workplace... Were the fingerprints blue and pink?? Couldn't tell for sure.. If so, were they supposed to use pink if they were Taylar's friend/family then blue for Michael's "side"?? Or not?? Was curious...

THANKS again for sharing your special day with us!!!!

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MAURIZIA 3/6/2013 12:07PM

    Beautiful, though we're you hiding something orange under that dress? Hehehe...

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LINDIEMAE 3/6/2013 10:54AM

    You look beautiful in your dress !! And yes hard to believe your mom is dealing with her medical issues as such. Beautiful pics, the sand ceremony was done at my niece's wedding - but the tree with prints and signatures kewl !! Can't wait to see more !

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DIANNEMT 3/6/2013 10:18AM

    I love the photos!! And I haven't heard of the sand thing--we did a special candle with one wick higher than the other two--we were two people still but part of a whole. I like the sand as well.

YOU are beaming in the photo--and look just lovely!!

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BUSYMOM911 3/6/2013 8:47AM

    Wow, what a day. Proud mama.

That is some dress. What a train! Look what Reagann has to look forward to! And I love the pink shoes! Too high for me now though. Maybe that should be a goal for me to lose weight.

My son had the sand, but they poured it into a vase. And I love the thumbprint thing. Maybe you should have the police check it to see if anyone is 'wanted'. LOL. Actually, I hope everyone there was wanted by someone.

Thanks for sharing. I'll have to keep that tree in mind. I still have 2 at home, although Pete would love to find someone. And I want Mic to concentrate on college, not boys right now.
emoticon emoticon

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The wedding Rehearsal

Monday, March 04, 2013

Well, I finally have more pictures to share of the wedding---figured the first blog will be the rehearsal. this one is inside the church.
Being told what to do by the Pastor.
Okay, here I go!
the ring bearer was so funny---he kept tossing the pillow up and catching it. And the flower girl was a dear---really sad that Reagann could not be in it though.
Practicing their vows.
Guest book
'all the stuff for the wedding all organized. Food all ready to eat---Come and get it!
And the back of their wedding program---they included the names of family members who have died as they would be missed on this special day.

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GRACEISENUF 3/9/2013 2:17PM

    Beautiful, why wasn't Reagann in it? Thanks for sharing.

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GGCHET 3/9/2013 6:52AM

    Very Nice..
Such wonderful memories!

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INDIANOAKS 3/6/2013 2:09PM

    What NICE pics of the rehearsal!!! Sometimes it's hard to get decent pics inside a church I think...(too dark usually)

THANKS for taking the time to post the pics and share this with us!!

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BUFFALOGAL1952 3/5/2013 9:42PM

    Nice Job LeCates! Hope the kids appreciated your efforts.

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RUFREE4T 3/5/2013 9:02AM

    These pictures will bring back great memories. They are good. Can't wait for the rest.

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DIANNEMT 3/5/2013 7:35AM

    Beautiful ! And about time! LOL

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DJ4HEALTH 3/5/2013 12:08AM

    That is so sweet that they included loved ones that passed

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MAXFOCUS 3/4/2013 9:37PM

    Great pics!!

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TERRIJ7 3/4/2013 8:53PM

    Yay! Love the pictures and really appreciate the remembrance of the missing loved ones.

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Question Blog

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Borrowing this one from my friend, Kaseycoff who borrowed it from someone else---LOL---love these kind of things. Enjoy---and feel free to borrow.
Where is your cell phone? On my desk right where I am.

Spouse? Shaving and getting ready to take a shower(Thankfully--LOL)

Your hair? on my head where it belongs---heehee

Your mother? at her home

Your father? have no idea where or if he is still alive

Your favourite thing? Sparkpeople

Your dream last night? none that I remember

Favorite drink? Pepsi(but being good and not having it)

What room are you in? my dining room

Your hobby? gardening

Your fear? being stuck in a crevice

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Disney World

Where were you last night? Walmart

Something that you aren't? Skinny

Muffins? Pumpkin---low fat and low calorie!

Wish list item? To go to Disney World

Last thing you did? laundry

What are you wearing? PJs

Your pets? 3 cats---well, none are really mine, but I am stuck with them---LOL

Friends? all over the place

Your life? fair

Your mood? okay

Missing someone? Joy and Lindie---wish they were here!

Drinking? Water with a splash of punch in it for flavor

Your car? Kia Rondo

Something you're not wearing? Bra

Your favorite store? Walmart, Hobby Lobby

Your favorite color? Orange

When is the last time you cried? When I heard of the school shooting

Where do you go over and over? Walmart and the school where I work

Five people who email me regularly? Lindie, Joy, Nancy, Jojo

Favourite place to eat? Chick-fil-a

Favourite place I'd like to be right now? Disney World

Bottom line: things're okay. Feeling a bit of stress about the wedding but that is to be expected.
Hope you enjoyed this!

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LOVESLIFE48 3/31/2013 10:56AM

    Where is your cell phone? On my dresser

Spouse? At the family cabin

Your hair? long

Your mother? at her home

Your father? at his home

Your favourite thing? reading, sparkpeople

Your dream last night? none that I remember

Favorite drink? Pepsi - water

What room are you in? my bedroom

Your hobby? reading

Your fear? getting cancer, spiders, heights

Where do you want to be in 6 years? In onederland!!!

Where were you last night? home

Something that you aren't? a grandma

Muffins? not much of a muffin eater

Wish list item? to be at goal weight

Last thing you did? make a gooey butter cake

What are you wearing? night gown with sweat pants LOL!!

Your pets? 1 dog

Friends? a few

Your life? fair

Your mood? okay

Missing someone? too many to name

Drinking? coffee

Your car? Grand Marquis

Something you're not wearing? Bra

Your favorite store? Gordmans

Your favorite color? purple

When is the last time you cried? yesterday

Where do you go over and over? go to Schnucks

Five people who email me regularly? Mom, Chris, Carrie, Shirley Jan

Favourite place to eat? too many to mention

Favourite place I'd like to be right now? Smokey mountains

Bottom line: Life is good!!

Hope you enjoyed this!

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon That is good stuff!!!! emoticon emoticon

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GRACEISENUF 1/16/2013 10:33PM


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TRI_BABE 1/14/2013 1:01AM

    LOL! Interesting!

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JOYSGARDEN 1/10/2013 5:57AM

    LOL Maybe we'll have to put Disney World on our travel list, as I'd like to go back sometime, and DH could care less.... Have a timeshare there?? May try and copy this and see if I can do it so I can fill it out too. And watch what you wish for.....hee hee hee

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DIANNEMT 1/8/2013 8:40AM

    Great, Cathy!! I hope you get to Disney World soon!! Maybe right after the wedding--that would be nice!!

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SANDYB223 1/8/2013 7:20AM

    This is fun. I tried to copy it in my comments, but it kept freezing up. I will try again later.


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INDIANOAKS 1/5/2013 12:27AM

    Love these kinds of blogs -- can really learn alot about a person -- think they're really interesting!! Thanks for taking the time to do it and sharing it with us -- even THOUGH I didn't make your "missing" list! emoticon

Hang in there with the wedding stuff!!! emoticon

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

My son is going to graduate this year from UMES and somehow got me tickets for the big gala tehere---this is the major fund raiser for scholarships at the college so it is quite a big event. Here is what we had to eat with comments about what I liked and did not like and the famous people who spoke there. Hope you enjoy reading about it.
Shrimp Cocktail---Taylar tried this one but not me
Bacon wrapped Scallops
Bacon wrapped Pineapple
Season Fruit platter---this was a nice change from other stuff---there was pineapple,
strawberries, grapes, blueberries
Collard Green Puffs---the girl said spinach but menu says collard greens----but they had a nice
taste and I am not a greens lover
Catfish nuggets
Cajun Chicken----now this was spicy---let me tell you , it cleaned my sinus cavity out---LOL--
but I liked it
Steak crostini---never did see this one
Butterfly Coconut Shrimp
Tomato Bruschetta----bread was too cold----it was okay---but think because this is not
tomato season, not that good
Jerk Pork Skewers----I think this was my favorite----piece of pineapple, the jerk pork
practically melted in your mouth, and a half cherry tomato---nice combo
Coconut Toast----this was delicious---they should have served this as dessert at the dinner
Antipasta cups---did not see these either
We had to stop eating the appetizers as figured we would not want dinner----enjoyed trying all the different tastes.
Now for the main meal----lots more comments on this, I think
Started out with Champagne Lobster Salad---with a lovely edible flower---which no one ate---but I knew it was edible from the Gourmet dinner as Michael said you never put anything on the plate that cannot be eaten--it was in a cocktail glass. There was also baskets of bread----like french bread and maybe a raisin bread or it might have been cranberries in it---I ate the fruit bread---one thing was there was too much time between courses because of number of people there---and at first our table seemed to be one of the last served---and we were not back in a corner. Next course was a Cream of Collard Greens soup----interesting taste---I ate about half of it----but it was quite a bit salty---not sure if that was because collard greens might be naturally salty or they used sea salt or whatever---I was really surprised about it being so salty. Taylar did not care for it. She finished off my lobster stuff---I tried it---it was okay but I really don't care for seafood taste. While we were eating this we heard from Tippy Hedron(she starred in "The Birds" , Alfred Hitchcock's film---she was okay. Then we heard from Larry King----he was funny and we all enjoyed his story about growing up and a prank he and his friends pulled at their school. The main course was Mushroom Stuffed Filet Mignon(this was very good and very tender---but the Sauce Jus Lie was again salty) and also a Tia Curry Seafood Cup(puff pastry cup filled with crab meat and probably something else---I gave mine to Taylar and she said it was her favorite part of the dinner)---these 2 items were served with Princess Anne Sweet Pepper Corn PUdding-----it was not bad---ate about half my serving but Taylar did not like it. For dessert we had Blackberry Lemon Tart with HRM Famous Raspberry Sauce----I was not impressed by the dessert at all and ate only a small part of it----I think most at the table left part of it. We also heard from Billy Davis, Jr and Marilyn McCoo----okay but did not sing---shame about that-----and also from S. Epatha Merkerson from Law and Order.
Jacklyn Smith was supposed to be there but she is in the middle of filming a movie so the movie company and her sent a donation of $20,000 to the college for scholarships.
We also had the school's jazz band playing during parts of the dinner---very pleasant evening overall.

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    emoticon emoticon Sound's like a wonderful wonderful time. It is so emoticon that you got ticket's for that reading this made me think that my son would have gotten me ticket's also he would have loved to have had me there and that is what make's motherhood so great and the good jobs that we have done. He would have wanted to share the trying of all the food's just as you did. I am so happy you had this day I would have been so proud and smiling ear to ear not sure if I could have eaten. Now that would have been a shock!!!!! emoticon

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MYOWNHERO 4/29/2012 5:13PM

    Sounds lovely! What a proud mama you must be. But also...now I'm hungry!

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SHERRY257 3/28/2012 2:15PM

    Well, It sounds like you really had a great time! I am a picky eater and would have left most of it on the plate! The entertainment sound wonderful!

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TRI_BABE 3/22/2012 6:33AM

    Wow! I'm hungry now Lol! Sounds like a great night.

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BUFFALOGAL1952 3/11/2012 1:16PM

    Sounds like a nice time and nice way to spend time with the future DIL. I think I would have made the same choices as you did although I would have kept the shrimp cocktail. Love that!

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MAURIZIA 3/11/2012 4:17AM

    Sounds like a lovely evening! I would have saved you from eating the seafood...hehehe...love it! That dessert sounded good...too bad it didn't deliver. Wonderful of Michael to get a ticket for you to enjoy this special night.

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BUSYMOM911 3/5/2012 6:23PM


Glad you had a great night, and good food. Wouldn't you love to eat like that every night! But then they'd have to wheel you around with all that weight you'd gain. LOL.
emoticon emoticon

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NANCY_ICANDOIT 3/5/2012 5:21PM


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    Quite the elaborate event -- enjoyed reading about it!

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WILSON425 3/4/2012 11:09PM

    Did anyone take pictures? Way too much food. Makes you wonder how much goes into the trash. I was raised in the clean your plate era and feel like whatever is left is going to waste. Or should I say it is all on my waist, hips, and thighs. LOL

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JOYSGARDEN 3/4/2012 10:20PM

    Sounds like quite an evening.... Lots on the menu I couldn't or wouldn't eat either, but it all sounds interesting.... What did Taylar wear? Glad you had a good time....

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DONNYE2008 3/4/2012 9:31PM

    I liked Tippi Hedren in "The Birds" and have followed her career because she is Melanie Griffiths mother. I'll bet it was great to hear Larry King in person.

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HEATHERNL 3/4/2012 8:22PM

    Wow! What a night!!!

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IAMNOT61 3/4/2012 7:58PM

    Sounds lke you had a great night and that you need a comment card to help them improve for next time!

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MAXFOCUS 3/4/2012 4:49PM

    What a fun experience being able to listen to those speakers and try the variety of foods. Thanks for sharing your evening with us.

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DIANNEMT 3/4/2012 4:06PM

    How wonderful that you got to go! Sounds like it was fun -- I'd love an excuse to get all dressed up and "hob nob" with folks! Glad you got to go and I love your descriptions!

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TERRIJ7 3/4/2012 2:44PM

    Everything sounds scruptious! I don't think there's anything on that menu that I wouldn't like. I didn't know you don't care for seafood--what a shame.

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Spark Friends Supporting one another

Sunday, September 18, 2011

One of the best things about Spark is the number of friends I have made on here. And I do mean true friendship---there when I have needed them---and hopefully, I have been there when they needed me.
Today's sermon at church touched a cord in me today---and I think, shows how you all supported me during the time my friend, Alice Davis, was missing and then found---murdered by her husband. I was devastated by this and you all supported me thru the pain and worry wondering where she was.
A friend of my family---Tom Brumbley---a missionary to Haiti--was the quest speaker and he spoke on Exodus 17--verses11-13. The Israelites were fighting the Amalekites and as long as Moses kept his arms upraised, they were winning---but Moses arms got tired and could not stay up. 2 Friends found a stone for him to sit on to rest, and as his arms got tired, they held them up for Moses---in this way, the Israelites won. And that is how I feel about all the friends who sent me Spark goodies, left a comment on my page, or on my friend feed. All of you were taking turns keeping my arms upraised and helped me get the victory. As much as I will miss Alice, this tragedy has taught me the importance of friendship. That we should never take one another for granted--and we should cherish our times together---whether they be in person, on the phone, or here on the internet. Friendship is important---and being there for a friend should never be a burden but a chance to hold up their arms til they have the victory. And our victory here is striving to live a healthy lifestyle and keep moving thru all the turmoils in our lives.
So to all my Spark friends--- emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I truly appreciate you, one and all.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TRI_BABE 3/22/2012 6:35AM

    Thank YOU for the support you give! Being in a transitional/temporary arrangement right now, it's been hard socially. I love your posts as you have great comments and advice.

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TERRIJ7 9/30/2011 12:54PM

    Brava Cathy! Well said, my friend!

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GRACEISENUF 9/29/2011 2:06AM

    We appreciate and love you too. I missed this blog as we were gone for hubby's birthday, glad I saw it tonight.


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    Very well put Cathy. Why be on a team at all if you're not going to be there for one another? And I also agree with all the comments that cyber friendships can be just as important as if we've actually met! emoticon emoticon

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MAXFOCUS 9/21/2011 10:15AM

    Such a beautiful blog. You have been a great sparkfriend to me and I thank you for it.
emoticon emoticon

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MAGICKCAT 9/19/2011 4:29PM

    How beautifully said Cathy. I was very moved by your blog and I too feel that I have made some wonderfully supportive friends on SparkPeople. I always appreciate the uplifting done by all these good people, and hope to return the blessing.



Comment edited on: 9/19/2011 4:30:25 PM

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HAWAIITOES 9/19/2011 1:24PM

    What lovely thoughts and said so well. Bless you......friend.

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TBWELLS01 9/19/2011 11:39AM

    Your friendship is appreciated too.


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SEDONACAT 9/19/2011 11:07AM

    It is really amazing how sometimes you just "click" with another even tho you haven't met face-to-face. It's one of those blessings.
I hope that we may continue to hold one another up as need be...all of my Spark Friends, that is.

emoticon emoticon

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WILSON425 9/19/2011 9:46AM

    Yes, the friendships on Spark are a real blessing. And you are always there for all of us.

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DIANNEMT 9/19/2011 9:34AM

    Cathy--we may never meet in the "real world" but you guys have been such a support to me in WHATEVER world. Thank you for all YOUR support and I hope that I have returned it in some small way. We were all praying for a different outcome but at least things are now known...

Blessings to you!!!

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IAMNOT61 9/19/2011 8:22AM

    You are always here for us so of course we are going to be there for you; we wouldn't have it any other way!

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TRI_BABE 9/19/2011 4:40AM

    Thanks so much to YOU, and the support you give to everyone. And I agree Spark is a place you can really gain great, supportive bonds with people.

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TERRIJ7 9/19/2011 2:24AM

    Cathy, I agree with your comments about friendship. We can't quantify friendships based upon how they are formed--our cyberfriends are as important as any others and are sometimes more available than those in real life. God bless you, Dear.

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INDIANOAKS 9/18/2011 11:05PM

    WOW Cathy -- got goose bumps when I read your blog!! I DO think THE best thing about Spark is the friendships -- through thick and thin - in more ways than ONE! LOL...

You DEFINITELY have "been there" for me ALOT -- sadly I've needed it ALOT... I was blessed to have been able to "be there" for you during this traumatic, unbelievable event in your life... My heart just breaks for you -- sure wish there was more I could do... Please continue to share your feelings with us as you journey down this path of grieving the loss of Alice...I'm guessing there will be hard days as well as "little bit better" days and I'll be here for you -- ANY TIME -- whether via the team, via texting or if you need to chat, via a phone call, OK?!!!

YOUR friendship has touched my life in ways you can't EVEN begin to understand... I'm SO fortunate to have found you and the team.... THANK YOU for ALL you do for SO many here on Spark... You TRULY are a wise and wonderful woman -- I'm so grateful to have you in my life!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LINDIEMAE 9/18/2011 9:35PM

    Amen sister, I agree with you, and although our roads to travel may take us down different paths and we may get busy, I know you are never far from my thoughts and heart - our pic is at work and I look at it every day and you know when I see orange I think of you. I hope you have finally found peace about Alice, I know what friendship means to you and how devestated you are when you loose the friendship that means so much to you either at work, church, spark, or other places. huggzzzz emoticon

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