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Oct 18 Goals

Monday, October 18, 2010

Well I didn't exactly follow through with my goal of blogging this weekend. Guess I will put it as a goal for next week. I have just been on the go or doing all weekend long, I hardly got on SP at all.

So here is a hopefully quick recap:
Thursday--I didn't get all the laundry done, had about 2 loads left and I didn't get my scrapbook stuff cleaned up. I did get everything else done including helping everyone else.

Friday--I went to Orlando for a couple of hours and then did some scrapbooking. I got my scrapbook stuff cleaned up (for the time being). I stuck to my eating plan (but didn't track), but didn't get any exercise.

Saturday--I cleaned house all morning. Helped me begin to not feel so overwhelmed. Stuck to my eating plan (but again didn't track), I got my water in. I ran a 3k around our block in 24:34. Trying to build up my endurance. I was able to run .8 without stopping and then walked around .2 (not exactly sure on the distance there) and ran another .2 before stopping and walking for awhile. Then I did the walk/run thing for the remaining .6 miles. Pretty happy about that. Just gotta keep practicing. I made my Halloween Party invites to hand out at church.

Sunday--We had church, I think my food was okay, but certainly not the best and not sure I stayed in my calorie range. I got all my water in and even took a nap! woohoo! Put my avon order together so I can deliver it today. Also researched and researched to see if I could find some mortgage calculators to help me decide if we should refinance or not. It forever because of the way our current mortgage and payments are vs how the new one is. Current is a simple interest but much higher and we can pay bi-weekly. New one would be much lower interest but it is a fully amortorized and can only make monthly payments. If I could make bi-weekly on the new I would have NO problems making the decision. I am going to check the interest rate this morning and make the decision.

So today's goals:
1. Drink 10 glasses of water
2. Stay under 1400 calories
3. Go to BodyPump class
4. Household chores: Clean off nightstand, get to bed by 9pm (I am so tired anymore and need to get more sleep on days I work).

Have a good day/week everyone!


Oct 14 Goals

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Okay I am not going to let today pass without putting down my goals. It may be 5pm, but at least I am blogging.

Yesterday's report quickly--I think I only had 9 glasses of water. I think I may have been low on my calories again today. I may have only gotten a little over 1100. I accidentally skipped my snack yesterday afternoon and that put me too low on my calories. UGH. I was not able to go to Zumba because I was called to the church to speak with someone. But I did get to BodyFlow. I got the pwk faxed for our mortgage (which we heard from today and we were approved). I got the two batches of porcupine meatballs made. But I did not get the scrapbook stuff put away.

This morning has been crazy busy already...ugh...I am frustrated because I feel like I can't get anything done. Maybe I should quit getting on here and start getting things done, but today I didn't even get home until 3pm after leaving at 7:15. I went to DS's school for 1 hour to help in his classroom. Then I went to my PEP appt at the Y. Then I went and helped a lady clean her house (oh my it made me want to come home and throw everything out!) Then went to (are you getting tired yet?! lol) a girls house and we had lunch and practiced a song we are going to sing for church on Sunday. Got DS off the bus and did homework, luckily it only took 1 hour total instead of the usual 1 1/2-2 hours it typically takes AND there was no crying or hollering! WOOHOO (we had already done both this morning before school! UGH UGH UGH!)

So on to today's goals:
1. Drink 10 glasses of water
2. Stay under 1400 calories
3. Go to PEP appt
4. Household chores: Help in DS's class, help lady clean, practice song, get laundry done, clean up scrapbook stuff.

Okay gotta go! Dinner time! :-)


Oct 13 Goals

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another day, and I am blogging, let's hope I can continue the rest of this week! lol

Yesterday's report is decent...I got 12 glasses of water, I stayed way under 1400 calories, I actually ended up with only 1182, I didn't realize it until this morning, but the girl who was doing the food for card club tonight didn't bring anything but brownies, so I was short on my calories. Oh well at least it isn't by much. I didn't get any exercise though, completely ran out of time, I barely got my card done for card club, in fact, I was finishing it up and was late to card club! UGH! Which also means I did not get the meatballs done.

So for today:
1. Drink 10 glasses of water
2. Stay under 1400 calories
3. Go to Zumba and BodyFlow if possible, but at least go to BodyFlow
4. Household chores: Fax pwk for mortgage, make porcupine turkey meatballs and clean up scrapbook stuff from my card making.

Okay off to have a great day I hope! :-) You have one too okay?! :-)


Oct 12 Goals

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Obviously it was a weekend because there were no blog posts from me again. One day I will remember to take the time to do this over the weekend. This weekend, well I didn't even have time to exercise, much less take the 10 minutes to do a blog post. So with that said, here is a report of the last couple of days...

Thursday--I got everything done, except one load of laundry.
Friday--I got semi derailed with my food plans because first I forgot my snack and water to take with me when I worked the book fair for my DS's school. Then my friend had told me she was having her birthday party and was going to have chili for dinner. Well at the very last minute she cancelled the party and I had no backup plan for dinner. Luckily I had a Kashi mediterranean thin crust pizza in the freezer so I pulled that out and had it for dinner.
Saturday--This was supposed to be my super hard day, but I think I compensated well. In the morning we had a blood drive and women's meeting at the church which included breakfast. I had a 1/4 of a muffin and some fruit for breakfast. Then I had a piece of coffee cake and a banana for lunch. That night we went to dinner with our friends at the melting pot. I felt like I had pigged out, but the scale was good to me Sunday morning and I had actually stayed the exact same from Saturday mornings weigh in.
Sunday--we ate lunch at the in laws house and then dinner at our own house, left overs (Kashi pizza for me). Took it easy the rest of the day.
Monday--I woke up to a .2 loss so the melting pot did not take over!! WOOHOO!!! Not sure how that happened, but my guess is because I didn't pig out the rest of the day too. Monday I was back on track 100%, tracking everything and getting in some exercise (30 mins on the treadmill and 60 mins BodyPump-Strength Training)

Now for today:
1. Drink 10 glasses of water
2. Stay under 1400 calories--only have one serving of whatever is being served at card club and ONLY if I REALLY want it.
3. Get 10 mins of exercise (maybe the gazelle)
4. Household chores: Get card done for card club and if possible get porcupine turkey meatballs made and put in freezer.

That's it besides helping DS with his homework! lol I am sure that will be more than enough.

Have a good day!


Oct 7 Goals

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Okay I am really late doing this today, but it has been non-stop since I got up this morning. So I am going to make this short and sweet.

#1 and #2 met. I realized today I forgot to track my afternoon snack and I have no idea what I had. So my calories without adding that in are 1078. I am sure it was around 150, but not sure. Oops! I went to bodyflow....love that class!!! I went through the mail and mostly cleaned the table off. Not entirely, but mostly. I did get a scrapbook page done, but not for the creative team I am applying for. Still gotta do that. Oh and didn't get the halloween decorations put up...I guess I forgot I had that on my list. Not too bad, but not the best either.

For today:
1. Drink 10 glasses of water
2. Stay under 1400 calories
3. Go to PEP appt (personal trainer).
4. Household chores: Laundry, grocery shopping, Election pollworker training, and decide on food for tomorrow.

As I was driving to my PEP appt I was thinking about why am I failing on the weekends and while I kindof knew the answer I didn't want to admit it, if that makes sense. Because of course once you admit it you SHOULD do something about it. Well I know the answer is because I am not tracking. I have no idea how many calories I am chowing down on from Friday-Sunday. Sooooooo when I spoke with my trainer about it she suggested I track everything this weekend and also bring it to her next week during our appt. So I figured that would help me have some accountability. As I said earlier, it is going to be hard in the eating because I have the party tomorrow night, and then we are going to the melting pot on Saturday. BUT I am going to do my best on every other meal. So we also talked about one of my Thursday chores being to decide on my food for Friday. So then everything was taken care of and I am not eating mindlessly. I am going to try it and see if this won't help me out. :-) So better go get tracking!! lol


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