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May 23 Goals

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I almost just want to ignore this for a day or two and then start again, but that is one of the many reasons why I used to be 230+ pounds, ignoring the facts. Yesterday I did not meet either goal completely. I did only have 2 pieces of pizza and one cupcake at the party. However, last night after dinner I had another one. I did not get all 10 glasses of water in and I didn't do the ST. :-( Bummer day.

For today:
1. 10 glasses of water
2. Set up church visits appts

Okay out of here, I will have better goals and be more focused again tomorrow. :-)


May 22 Goals

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is going to be short and sweet. Too late really to matter, I should have posted it last night, but you know. Sometimes things don't happen when you want them to or when they should. Yesterday #1 almost met, I think I was just over 1400 but not by much. #2 did the wii fit, #3 done #4 done!

For today:
1. 10 glasses of water and only have 2 pieces of pizza and one cupcake at DS's birthday party
2. Strength training--50 situps, 50 squats, 50 wall pushups and 25 each leg of leg lifts

That is all I am focusing on today because of the party. :-)

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DREAMWEAVER1637 5/23/2010 8:29AM

    Hey Michele-Keep up the good work. I made a new profile for fitness Coach yesterday so the intensity was much lower and did 15 minutes of upper body.

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May 21 Goals

Friday, May 21, 2010

First of all, I lost 1.9 pounds from last week (but I gained 1 over the weekend, so from Sunday to today I have lost 2.8 pounds!!!) I am very excited and I met my goal of getting under 164 this week! :-) Now to set the goal for next week, I am not going to let this weekend derail me like I have every other weekend. So with that said I am shooting for under 162 for next week. :-)

As for my goals yesterday, #1 was the only one that was entirely met. #2 I didn't do at all, #3 I did exercise, when I had to walk from Walmart to Cracker Barrel for Lunch Bunch because my tire was flat and I had to have it fixed (luckily just a valve stem and only cost $2.14!!!) and then I also walked down and back from picking up DS off the bus. I guess I probably got about 20 mins in, but not the 30. #4 I did the sit ups, wall pushups, and leg lifts, but did not do the squats my knees were aching, worse than last week and I told myself "it's going to rain". Sure enough about 15 mins later it started raining. lol #5, ummmm not even close I think I went to bed about 11:30 Shame on me! #6, I didn't get any completely done, but I got 2 of the 3 parts cut out for 18 of them!

For today:
1. 10 glasses of water and stay under 1400 calories
2. Exercise for at least 30 mins
3. Get the goodie bags put together for DS's party tomorrow
4. Finish all the shapes for the shape swap

I think that is good for the day. It is my scrapbooking day, a day for me to do all scrapbooking and not have to worry about chores or cleaning or anything! Well I did do a couple of chores this morning before I got on my scrapbook chat, but nothing now that I am on it!! hehehe :-) Enjoy the day, and the weekend! Make it count, don't fall off the wagon because it is the weekend (this is TOTALLY for me, I always do it and I have to stop!) Bye!!


May 20 Goals

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am late posting this, but again I had goals in mind, just need to still put them down. I got almost everything done yesterday except for the meal plans. I totally was feeling like crap and really didn't care about anything besides relaxing. I ended up getting on the gazelle for 15 mins and that was more than enough for me. I got to bed about 10:07, close enough for government work! hehehe And the party plans are pretty much done. I just need to get the goodie bags filled and probably will try to wrap at least a gift or two in the next couple of days after DS had gone to bed.

Oh and another good thing...I lost another 1.1 pound from yesterday! And yes, don't freak out, I am still getting at least 1200 calories every day so I am not starving myself. I am just doing what I should be and I haven't commited myself to doing that for a very long time (well I did it the month of January and that was about it).

Anyway, goals for today:
1. 10 glasses of water and stay under 1400 calories
2. Plan meals for tomorrow
3. Exercise for 30 minutes
4. Strength training--50 sit ups, 50 wall pushups, 50 squats and 25 each leg for leg lifts
5. Be in bed by 10:30pm
6. Get at least 5 of my shape swap doggies cut and put together

I can do this! I can keep on track and hopefully loose a bit more before tomorrow! :-) Or at the very least stay the same as I was this morning. Then maybe, just maybe I can claim to have busted this plateau. :-)

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KDEDID 5/21/2010 9:41AM

    Go Girl!

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May 19 Goals

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hmmm, well I don't know if I should say I did good or did bad! lol Goal 1 and 2 are met (guess they are the most important). But 3-5 were not completely met. I got part of my meals planned (breakfast, AM snack and lunch, and I have an idea for dinner), but did not get it put in the tracker or checked to see if it will work with the calorie range. I totally spaced the strength training until this morning, I think I mentioned a few days ago that I am trying to get sick, well yesterday was pretty rough and I ended up taking a nap in the afternoon and just felt blah the rest of the day. Guess I wasn't thinking clearly yesterday. And again I was IN bed by 9:30, but watched Lost and participated in a scrapbooking speed scrap that didn't get over until 10pm and then I realized that I had not gotten my breakfast or lunch ready for the day and had to do that. So it wasn't until about 10:15 that I was ready to go to sleep.

With all that said here are today's goals:
1. 10 glasses of water
2. Stay under 1300 calories
3. Plan meals for tomorrow
4. Exercise for at least 15 mins (not sure if I can go much more than that with how cruddy I feel)
5. Be in bed by 10pm (no work tomorrow but some extra sleep will be good for me)
6. Make final preparations for DS's birthday party on Saturday

I think that is more than enough. Oh and I weighed in this morning with a .8 loss from yesterday (yesterday I had an 1.1 loss)!!! I am hoping not to jinx myself but MAYBE, just MAYBE I can get below 164 this week AND finally break this dang plateau. Here's to staying on track and meeting all my goals for today and for this week, month and for my life! :-) I can do this and I AM worth it!! So are you! Make today count! Do your best to reach your goals! You can do it! :-) Have a good day everyone!

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FOOTBALLTRENT 5/19/2010 6:18AM

    Sounds like you are a planner! Looks good, no GO GET THEM ALL!

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GLOWORM1963 5/19/2010 6:05AM

    Sounding good.....keep it up!!

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