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Oct 27 Goals

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I made it through one of the crazier days this week. I was able to drink all my water, plus some extra, I did only have 1 serving of each of the desserts (lol..that was all she served, so I had one mint brownie, one chunk of peppermint bark, one cakeball thingy--not sure how to explain it, and one pumpkin chocolate chip cookie). I REALLY wanted at least one more of all of them! lol But I told myself no and when she was offering to send it home with everyone, I declined, not that my DS wouldn't like it but because I didn't need it in my house. lol I did not get any exercise other than doing household chores. I got through the mail and got the coffee table basically cleaned off, lol, I have two things that just need to be moved to the card table with the rest of the scrapbook stuff. I did not get the boxes unpacked so I will have to do that today.

These are the things I need to get done today. Luckily I only work until noon since it is early release day for DS's school. After I pick him up I will work on some chores and then I go to see 9 to 5 the Musical! SOOOO excited and it is going to be fun because I am going with my friend. Not that it isn't normally fun, but I usually go with my MIL so it will be a change to go with a friend instead. :-) I am not sure if we are going to go out to dinner before or not, in some ways I would like to and in other ways I probably really shouldn't! lol

So back to my actual goals! lol
1. Drink 10 glasses of water
2. Stay under 1400 calories
3. Get at least 10 mins of exercise (One thing I am bummed about is that I have to miss bodyflow tonight and it is the release of the new programs, bummer! Oh well a good excuse.)
4. Household chores: Grocery shopping, unpack boxes, and work on one pile of crap that is on the couch! lol

Luckily Thursday, I don't have to watch the baby until around 1:30 so that is VERY good and I can get lots of house cleaning done that morning without being stressed and crazy about it on Friday while I have the baby. I will have enough craziness to worry about that day trying to get the food ready.

Speaking of food here is my menu, tell me what you think!
Chili (Spark Recipes 15 minute chili recipe)
Tastefully Simple Beer Bread (made with sprite though)
Popcorn chicken for the kids
Tastefully Simple Cheesy Chive Warm Dip with Ritz and club crackers
Tastefully Simple Nana's Apple Cake made with pumpkin instead of apples
Costco's Apple Cider
My friend is bringing Bakerella's cake ball things (we call them Troll Boogies! lol)

Do you think I need anything else? Thanks for your help! Have a great day!


Oct 26 Goals

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I did pretty good yesterday considering the craziness. I met every goal except for getting the coffee table cleaned off. I was tired by the time I got home from Body Pump last night and basically laid down to watch some TV and go to sleep.

For today I have to get things done quickly since I will be gone all evening. So here we go:
1. Drink 10 glasses of water
2. Only have 1 serving of whatever is being served at Bunco and only if I REALLY want it. Do my best to stay under 1400 calories and definitely under 1200 for what I can actually track.
3. Get at least 10 mins of exercise
4. Household chores: Get the coffee table cleaned off, go through mail, unpack a couple of boxes that I have received in the mail the last couple of days. :-)

Okay gotta run! Have a good day everyone! :-)

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NANCYBFULLER 10/26/2010 10:49AM

    I wanted to tell you how your blogs motivate me. I know that I don't write comments every day, heck, I don't read them every day, but seeing that each and every day you have a goal and you come back and report is motivating me to do something similar.

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REILLYGIRRRL 10/26/2010 6:00AM

  Good luck on your goals.

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Oct 25 Goals

Monday, October 25, 2010

Well everything fell apart starting Wednesday night. My DH hurt his knee in judo practice on Wednesday night. Thursday we spent at the doctor and the brace place. Then Friday was MRI. They should know at least by tomorrow what exactly the problem is...dr thinks it is either a bad sprain or a torn maniscus (not sure how to spell that). We are hoping and praying that it is a sprain. Which means I have had to do everything including taking care and being the maid and waitress for my DH. It takes me forever to get a meal together! I am just not used to doing everything for everyone, my DH does parts or if we are not eating at the same time he can take care of his own! lol On top of that we have the HUGE women's craft night in a little over a week and we have to have everything pre-cut for people to just put together so it won't take so long. Luckily two other ladies are helping with that and I think I am going to turn a bit more of the paper cutting over to the one girl to do.

This week is just going to be crazy, I will be able to blog again the next two days but I HIGHLY doubt I will have even a CHANCE to do it the rest of the week or even be on SP much at all this week. Tonight luckily I don't have anything major, so I will be trying to get a bunch of chores done (in addition to DS's homework, hoping and praying it will take less than an hour to complete today including reading.) Tomorrow night is Bunco which means I will just have a couple of hours after work to get DS homework done and dinner and hopefully at least 1 chore done! lol Wednesday is kindof the same as tomorrow, except I am so excited I am going to see 9 to 5 the musical!!!! Thursday is the free day and so I will be like a tornado especially in the morning whipping around cleaning and doing laundry and grocery shopping hopefully all before the baby gets there as he is always wanting to be entertained when he is with me, not condusive to getting stuff done! And all of this is so that on Friday evening we can have our Halloween Party. I will have the baby that day too, so hopefully he is cooperative, lol, and I can get all the last minute cleaning done and get the food made for the party to start at 7pm. :-) Then Saturday is a Pumpkin Patch at one church and then the Trunk or Treat at our church. CRAZY WEEK! Have I mentioned that?!?!?! UGH! (And I hate to say it but next week isn't going to be much better! lol)

So for today:
1. Drink 10 glasses of water
2. Stay under 1400 calories
3. Go to BodyPump and do some running if I have time
4. Household chores: Do some laundry and clean off coffee table

I am sure that is all that will be accomplished today, just hope I can get at least that done. Feeling pretty stressed right now and don't have anyone that can help me like I normally would. DH really is a bigger help with things than I realize sometimes! lol :-)


Oct 20 Goals

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am really trying hard lately and not letting the weekend get to me or maybe I should say get away from me. I try my best to track every day and so far the scale is reflecting it. This morning I woke up to being below 166 and it is only Wednesday. If I do get below 166 it is usually on Friday, so if I can be good today with our birthday food day celebration at work I am HOPING I can be closer to 164 by the end of the week! That would be awesome!

Yesterday's report...I did not get the 12 glasses in, but I did get 11. I believe I stayed under 1400...I was at 1135 from what I could track and then after dinner I had a slice of cherry chocolate bread that I had made, but I never figured out the calories on it, I just know the recipe made 14 servings, but I can't quite figure out how to cut it into 14 servings equally so I cut it in 8 and then cut those in half the other way (easier than having a razor thin slice that just falls apart! lol) So I am sure that slice was not more than 265 calories (at least I certainly hope not!! lol) I made it to the BodyCombat class...oh my that one put my knees in pain after, but it is a good pain, cause it is only when I am going to sit down!! lol So some muscles in there are working differently! lol I got the last pile on the nightstand cleaned off!! YAY my bedroom is actually starting to look presentable. I only have a few more things to tackle in there and then it really will be looking great! I got the show caught up, but then it turns out last night was a rerun, so I guess good to be caught up, but did it to the detriment of something else! lol I got to bed around 9:30 again. Not the best, but better than had I not said I wanted to get in bed by 9pm because it probably would have been at least 10pm! lol AND it wasn't all my fault! lol Part of it was DH, he has this giant wound from judo practice where he tore off part of the skin off his foot. He was debating whether to put a new dressing on it or leave it off for the night to breathe. He kept asking me all these questions and I kept giving him answers but he couldn't make up his mind...worse than a woman sometimes!! Not to mention a big baby! lol So overall I accomplished a lot!

For today I hope to accomplish:
1. Drink 12 glasses of water
2. Only have a 1/4 serving of my chili for lunch, some fruit, veggies, salad and a little of the spanish chicken and rice. And unless it is chocolate or hummingbird cake I am going to try to avoid it! lol The rest of the day I can manage just fine. :-)
3. Go to BodyFlow and try to do some running before that.
4. Household chores: Clean up guest room (since I am baby sitting tomorrow I want to be able to get him into his crib for naps!! lol), finalize stuff for women's meeting--get sign up sheet made and start on the invitations and get homeroom parent letter printed to send with DS to school tomorrow.

I think that is more than enough! Talk to you tomorrow!


Oct 19 Goals

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yesterday went really well in every department except exercise. I was going to go out for a run after we got home from running an errand instead because it was going to be too late if I went to BodyPump. We had decided to go get Halloween costumes, but I didn't think it would take that long but when we got to the store they didn't have my DS's size of the costume we had decided on. CRAP! lol So we had to go to another store and of course that took more time, by the time we got home it was dark. So that went out the window and I was sooooo tired, I should have gotten on the gazelle instead but didn't even think about it. Also I got most of the nightstand cleaned off. I have one more thing I need to deal with and throw out and it will be done. I was IN my bed by 8:45 but didn't actually go to sleep until around 9:30ish. I was just lounging and watching a couple of shows I was behind on. (The list is long for that. I NEED to catch up on one more show before it comes on again tonight! lol)

Today's goals are:
1. Drink 12 glasses of water (I know the things I have planned to eat today are a little high in sodium, so trying to offset that throughout the day).
2. Stay under 1400 calories
3. Go to Body Combat class
4. Household chores: Finish last pile on nightstand, watch show that I need to catch up on, make food for the birthday celebration at work tomorrow and get to bed by 9pm.

Okay gotta go! Have a great day!


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