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My Scariest Blog Ever...!!!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Well Here Goes....What's so scary? Posting my July Goals! If I post them -- what happens if I don't make them happen? People will know and I will look foolish. Oh well, this is an attempt to motivate myself to get going on some ordinary type things. I visited a couple of Spark Pages this morning that have motivated me toward this insanity. One girl was posting her own July Goals and another gentleman shared a quote from South Pacific that really motivated me! "If you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?" I think that was Bloody Mary. Well said -- funny the things that motivate us.

At any rate, here are the my July goals:

1) Lose 5 lbs.
2) Clean 2 refrigerators (don't laugh - I hate to do this)
3) Find a part time job
4) Clean out and sell some stuff on ebay (I still love ebay)
5) Paint an old table
6) Add photos to my cookbook

Well, that's it. I will let you know at the end of July what I actually accomplished. This way I am holding myself accountable. Gulp! I have really been working out hard since returning from my trip of wanton unhealthy diet debauchery. I have been eating healthy and hopefully I can lose the 5 lbs. Even if it is only 4 lbs. -- I will be really pleased. At my age a pound a week is good. Since I did the trip I am short on funds so need to get out and get some -- after all Christmas is coming and grandma has bills to pay. Living on a fixed income is the pits. As for the table. I bought an old antique wooden card table and I need to paint it dark red (my favorite color) to use as a game table. I may even decoupage something on the top -- we'll see. As for adding the photos to the cookbook, it is time consuming as you actually have to cook the items to take their picture. So it will be a process. Goal is to do 1 per day!

All for now, I wish you great success in your healthy lifestyle journey and stop by to let me know how you are progressing!

Blessings to you and yours,
Sheila emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WILDONION 7/7/2013 7:07PM

  I like the one clean out and sell some stuff. We just had an estate sale for my MIL and belive me its never to soon to downsize!

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    I loved your goals. They were unique and interesting!

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SHADOWGHOSTY 7/6/2013 7:43AM

    Good for you emoticon

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    That is pretty normal to think if you don't achieve your goals you will feel silly. Maybe that is even one reason why sometimes people hesitate in telling others their goals-just incase they don't happen.
I think by writing them down we are more likely to really try to achieve them. I have -so many times over the years told my family I am going to do it this time-regarding losing my excess weight. And most times I never achieved it. Although I have yo yoed for many years now.
I think it is good you have written them down . Just like you said "if you don't have a dream-how you going to make a dream come true". If you don't make some goals-then how you going to make them goals come true. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Well I know for a fact that you've already conquered the refrigerators and it's only July 5th! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LETHA_ 7/5/2013 1:55PM

    OK, I've marked my calendar to check back on you at the end of July.

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CALLIECURTIS5 7/5/2013 1:22PM

    I loved this idea...being accountable to us. Pretty brave.....Id say.LOL I KNOW you will do it emoticon

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LORI2562 7/5/2013 12:59PM

    I can very much relate to the "putting it out there" is scary!

Good for you for doing it!

I have been thinking about setting myself some goals (NSV) as well, BUT I hate the idea of not being successful and then getting down on myself.

Perhaps you taking the plunge will help me to take the plunge as well.

Best of luck with your success!

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RIGEIN24 7/5/2013 12:25PM

    I'd never think you look foolish! But kudos for putting it out there and making it public. Sometimes accountability is the push we need. BTW, you are making amazing progress on your weight loss. I'm always excited for you when I get the status updates!

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TINY67 7/5/2013 12:15PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Vacation Photos..What Its All About...Family & Friends

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Leangirl with Grand Daughter Anna in Nashville

My Gorgeous Grand Daughters in Nashville - Anna & Hailey

Leangirl Swooning Over Keith Urban's Star in Sidewalk

Country Line Dancing at Crazy Horse Saloon in Nashville

My 93 Year Young Dad with My Sister in Law, Paula and Me

More of Dad & Family - I'm in There Somewhere

Streetcar We Rode Around Memphis On - It Was 105 Degrees!

DH and Me at Cock of the Walk Restaurant (They serve mac N cheese veggies)

Outside Grand Ole Opry

My Daughter Kelly and Me

Son in Law, DH and My Grand Daughters Hailey and Anna

We had a wonderful time and I just wanted to share these! 3000 miles in 7 days was a lot, but it was worth it to see Dad. I would go back to Nashville in a hot minute! Loved it!

Later Guys,

Sheila emoticon to all of you!

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    I love your pictures!
What a fun time you must of had.
Are there still horses hanging from the ceiling at the Crazy Horse Saloon?
I'm sure your dad was excited to see all of you.
Thanks for sharing!

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    I loved the pictures of your family. Especially the ones of your dad. They gave me hope that maybe I can make it there. Such a handsome man who does not look his age.

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HAWTGRANNY2014 7/4/2013 3:11PM

    Beautiful family and great pictures. Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing with all of us. Have a great weekend. Pam

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    Thanks for the pix, you skinny thing!

I wanna eat in the land of Mac and Cheese veggies emoticon

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CREEKLADY1 7/4/2013 1:04PM

  Looks like you had a great vacation with the family. Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

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CALLIECURTIS5 7/4/2013 12:55PM

    Thanks for the pics. You look beautiful and happy ....like you were having a great time and gaining only 3# on vacation is a great accomplishment. emoticon

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JUST_BREATHE08 7/4/2013 12:55PM

    emoticon emoticon so much for sharing. I love the pictures! emoticon emoticon

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Backtracking but Back on Track

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Well, the moral of the story is don't eat out for this girl! We just got back from vacation and I found that I gained 3 lbs. A friend said to set that as a goal to gain no more than 3 lbs. and was she ever right! For one thing restaurants serve very few vegetables! When I asked in one restaurants what vegetables they had the answer was "macaroni and cheese". Wow! Everything they served there was fried. In the future I will plan a lot better when picking where to go. This time we did 3000 miles in a week going to Dallas TX and back to VA. What an exhausting trip! Today is get back on track day...and has been a good food day. Doing laundry, etc.

Tomorrow will be even better with more accomplished to getting back into normal routines. Learned a few lessons, and got to see my 93 yr.old Dad so it was worth it from that perspective. Had fun with my kids and grandkids and that was great too.

So here's to getting back to good healthy habits that I so miss! Tomorrow Ill upload some photos!

Sheila emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    I don't think 3 lbs. is bad I'm sure they'll be gone in no time.

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KARUNK 7/4/2013 9:42AM

    Welcome back to reality - Glad you had a good time.......And 3 pounds is not bad. You can whip that off.

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CALLIECURTIS5 7/3/2013 9:28PM

    I can`t wait to see photos......OH, BOY!!! another vacation I would not have got to see.

Let`s get back and on track.......together.

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    ROFLMBO!! - Macaroni and cheese? LOL. I know exactly what you mean and hate to have to eat out any more. Most places are "How do you want your potaoes?" And if not that they have white rice or pasta. Or some other starch like corn, baked beans, sugary coleslaw. You can't win.

Sounds like a great trip otherwise though I'm not sure I could handle 3000 miles in a week. LOL.

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    I was laughing about the mac and cheese veggies just today. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

Ok, vacation is over and 3 lbs isn't that bad. Now we can all get down to business, as our bodies allow. emoticon

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Why I Want to Lose the Last 15 Pounds!

Friday, June 21, 2013

emoticon emoticon Spark Coach has asked that I write about why I really want to lose the last 15 pounds! So here goes: I have always been the tallest girl in my class -- not something I enjoyed. I towered over the boys and all my girlfriends. As I got older it wasn't as bad but I always felt self conscious. One thing that I did have going for me is that I was thin -- so thin in fact, that I had to eat to try to gain weight. I was the proverbial bean pole. That added to my self consciousness even more. I would hunch over and try to seem smaller and that just gave me poor posture. At age 25 I finally had achieved an average healthy weight. I loved it -- feeling like everybody else and looking nice in my clothes. I felt healthy and had energy to burn. As I got older I married, had children and went through the biological changes that brought with it. Each time I managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I walked a lot to do it, but I managed. Somehow over the years I lost that healthy weight range through focusing on my job and not taking care of my body. Being tall, my friends would say. "Oh with your height you can carry the weight. You don't need to lose any." But I felt like crud and walking a mile I was out of breath -- ridiculous! I was out of shape and I knew it. When I retired I began to sit around and do almost nothing physically and now I knew I was in trouble. I just don't ascribe to the tenet that it's just a part of age. No, it's just a part of not living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of myself!

Since I have been on Spark People I have lost 9 lbs. and will continue to lose that last 15 pounds that some people would say I don't need to lose at all. Those people are in fact at least 50 pounds overweight and want to feel better about being overweight I suppose. At any rate, I feel better already, my skin and nails have improved and who knows what else might improve that I can't even see? I know when I feel sluggish and out of breath, when my joints ache worse and when my sleep patterns improve. I want to be able to continue to play tennis with my granddaughters and take hikes with the family! Those times make it all worth it! I will not give up my weight loss goal until I reach the finish line! Why run the race if you are going to stop before the finish line? That would be self defeat for sure. Even when we pass the finish line this is a lifestyle and maintenance may be less intense but the lifestyle changes are the real goal -- the real prize if you will. One thing I will be working on next is how to exercise more doing activities that I truly enjoy because I am in this for the long haul!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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EYRUNINGA89 6/21/2013 3:02PM

    You can do it! I have had a similar thing happen to me, when my co-workers would ask if I was trying to lose weight (they saw me eating healthier and that I was working out more) they would tell me that I'm fine the way I am and I didn't need to lose weight. Most of the people who said those things to me are overweight themselves, so go figure. I'm not really mad at them for saying it but I think they are trying to make themselves feel better.

You CAN lose the last 15 pounds! I believe in you!

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    I was the short bean pole growing up. LOL. I didn't get fat until after menopause but like you I want to get this back off and be a normal weight.

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LOSE4LIFE47 6/21/2013 1:27PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Day 54 - Pushing It Today...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here I am at Day 54 - almost 8 weeks into this. The first 2 weeks were sort of just figuring out what to eat and how much I needed to move the body. After that it has been a matter of consistency. All in all it averages to a little more than a pound a week - 9 lbs. so far.

I am more confident in my knowledge of how to fuel my body. It is a little complicated as I am gluten intolerant and I can't do any whole wheat products at all. Gluten free oatmeal is an important component to my diet. I don't do a lot of breads and quinoa is so high in calories it just isn't worth it to me. Once in a while I have a gluten free wrap or piece of bread and I do a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and I have learned to keep my protein level up if I want to lose anything. I do get dairy into the mix with some non-fat milk every day and plain Greek yogurt. My sweetener is stevia - a natural plant based product that satisfies what little sweet tooth I have. (My food weakness is salty crunchy foods, especially potato chips! However, I have been able to avoid them successfully and move on as they aren't worth stagnating the weight loss. )

Today was a day to push the cardio and I managed to work out twice for a total of 60 minutes. I was motivated to do an extra 5 minutes inspired by a friend and an extra 25 minutes in honor of one of my Spark Friends going through a painful medical procedure today. If she can get through that I can get through an extra few minutes of cardio. I just wanted to acknowledge her bravery and strength in getting through something unpleasant.

I think it is important to stand with our fellow Spark Friends who are going through some tough days and need encouragement. If you are reading this -- today find someone who needs your support and make sure they know you are there for them and will help them through. It could be a Spark Friend, a neighbor, a relative, or a friend who needs a boost. Let's pay our Spark positivity forward to those around us!

I am grateful today that I have the ability to work out and good health. It is a gift that I appreciate. I am also grateful for the encouragement, wisdom and support I have received from all you Spark Friends that I have met. I never expected that when I came to the site, and I know I would not have been successful without your part in all of this. Thank you one and all.

I especially want to give a shout out to my Spark Sisters on the No Cheat Weekend Go Boom team who have been so wise and caring. It is a small team but a close knit sisterhood of love and support. You are all very special people and I respect and care for each of you. Thank you for having me on your team. (This in no way diminishes the other friendships I have found here. )

Take care and make it a great day!
Sheila emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    You are doing great! 9 pounds in 8 weeks is fantastic!!

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CALLIECURTIS5 6/20/2013 7:57AM

    I agree...Sheila....SP is a great site and I have made great friends. I would love to have everyone of them live close by me...what a "heaven" that would be. I am happy for you that you have found SP to be so encouraging to you and supportive of your journey. You are such an inspiration and I love that you are so upbeat. I know you will attain your goals and learn along the way of what works for "you".
Blessings, Callie emoticon

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JOHGLO2011 6/19/2013 6:23PM

    Sounds like you are doing well with your lifestyle changes! Congrats on your weight loss and also your exercise. Friends are such a great support no matter where they come from. Best wishes to you!

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FAITH80 6/19/2013 5:27PM

    Keep up the great work. I am trying to get more serious about all of this and you have motivated me.

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