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South Beach Diet?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

OK, so tonight I was at my very last Made To Crave Bible Study meeting. My Pastor's wife (and good friend) struggles with sugar cravings, in particular cookies and it's been a BIG problem for her for years actually. She announced tonight that she was going to start Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet tomorrow because it is going to take something drastic like that for her to rid her body of the intense sugar cravings that always seem to undermine her healthy diet plans. She expressed a lot of worry about how difficult it was going to be for her and how much extra support she is going to need for the next two weeks and, even though I didn't know a thing about the South Beach Diet, I said, "If you want me to do it with you so you don't have to do it all alone, I will." She was overjoyed. I left there an hour later thinking, "I wonder what I got myself into?" Haha.

Luckily, came home and did quite a bit or research and it looks like a sound and healthy plan. It's actually kind of exciting. Thankfully, I've already made a lot of changes to my diet over the past 4-5 weeks, so I kind of have a head start on my friend....I don't expect that this 2 week period will be AS difficult for me as it will be for her. Thank God for that. But, I also don't expect it to be a cool breeze and totally simple either. There are some things I LOVE that I won't be able to have for two weeks. But, you know...two weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of life. And the idea that I'm doing something to support my dear friend and help her become healthy is very encouraging. Not to mention the health benefits it will bring to me as well.

Another cool thing is that I told my husband how I'd volunteered to help our friend and he said he'd do it with us!!! And then there were three. emoticon

So, we will see how this pans out! Anyone ever had success with South Beach? I hate to say South Beach Diet b/c I really don't like to do fad diets. However, from what I've read, it seems to be less a "diet plan" and more a "set you up for healthy eating for life" kind of plan.

Thoughts? Tips?

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PIPPAMOUSE 4/3/2012 9:15AM

    I have done the SB plan. I have PCOS, so my body doesn't metabolize or respond to carbs the same way other people do. For me, it is amazing the difference it makes, not only in my weight, but how I feel. I still allow myself to have occasional carbs, I just avoid processed and simple carbs in favor of complex carbs. The first phase can be totally tough. How wonderful you are supporting a friend in such a tremendous way!

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EBLOOMING 4/3/2012 1:49AM

    I have a friend on another team that is doing the SBD and she likes it very much. I think it sounds like a basically good healthy way to eat.
I do agree with FLORIDAJOE that SP has a good healthy approach by following along as you track your food unde " My Nutritional". There we can choose a type of plan as I did. I am trying to stick to a Healthy Heart food plan.

I think it is great that you are encouraging your friend. You are the best!! emoticon emoticon
What a great dh you have that he will also go on the SBD plan. emoticon

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RELISA4HEALTH 4/2/2012 4:49PM


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MARVEEME 4/2/2012 6:00AM

    Good for you! Go for it!

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ILIKETOZUMBA 4/1/2012 10:13PM

    Never tried South Beach, but my impression is that it's essentially a low carb/low sugar diet, right? When I was eating a doctor-recommended low GI diet, my instructions basically said I could have anything labeled as a South Beach diet food, I think. So I think it's actually one of the healthy ones. I mean, I think there's a gimmick aspect to it (isn't there always for these brand-name diets? with the South Beach brand pre-packaged foods you can buy at the store and so forth), but I think it also emphasizes fresh produce and lean proteins, and you can't really go too wrong with that. (If anything about the diet strikes you as off, though, I'd trust your own judgment about whether to continue with it.) Anyways, a low carb sort of diet can produce fast initial results, but then you might find that you kind of stall out, progress-wise. At that point, I think I'd revert back to eating a less restricted diet and just count calories instead. But I think South Beach could give you a little boost. Good luck with it! :)

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FLORIDAJOE1 4/1/2012 8:46PM

    I have never ever been on a diet. I just do the SparkPeople thing and I've lost 35 pounds and I'm getting really close to my goal. If your friend needs this diet to get off of sugar, that's fine but a sustainable diet (like we practice in SP) is what you really want so that you can develop and keep good habits for life. That's what I hope to do anyway.
As for getting off of sugar, I did it in college by not buying anymore food with processed sugar in it and just ate what I had until it was gone to wean myself off of it. I also made sure to eat fruit to satisfy that desire for sugar.
I wish you and your friend the best of success. God bless you both.

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A Blip in the SparkPeople System

Friday, March 30, 2012

I always feel bad when I log something on accident and get credit for it, then I delete it...but I still have the SparkPoints or Fitness Minutes. Like...sometimes I will be SURE that I'm going to do my workout video when I get home...so I log it in my Fitness Tracker (like I did today) before I leave work. That way, all my Spark logging is done for the day and I don't have to get back on the computer later on or mess with my phone (which is not as SMART as it claims to be). The Fitness Minutes and SparkPoints are credited to my totals...but then, as is the case today, I get home and decide that my ankle is really bothering me and I don't feel it's wise to aggravate it this evening, especially since I'm OK on calories today. So, I delete it...but the points and minutes don't get taken away.

I mean, it's no big deal. But...I just didn't know if anyone else has figured out a way to adjust totals or fix this issue?

UPDATE: OK, I just noticed that the Fitness Minutes DO get adjusted....but the points stay. So, I guess...just more points for me. Lol. Not a HUGE problem!

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ILIKETOZUMBA 3/30/2012 11:48PM

    I always feel kind of bad that I still get credit in the form of points, so I just wait until after I'm done with everything for the day before logging my fitness minutes. That means I spend a good amount of time on the computer on SP right before bed though, which I know isn't for everyone. I don't think you can adjust your spark points to reflect changes like that, but I'm glad SP does at least change your fitness minutes appropriately! Good enough. :)

And good for you, for listening to your body and not trying to push through an injury! That can be really hard to do.

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MOMMA2X6 3/30/2012 10:13PM

    I fuss with stuff like that too. I want to "earn" my points.

Hope your ankle feels better. I've been off my exercise because my shoulder has been bothering me. . . . . I hope next week that we are both back on track!

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UMMSULAYM_NOVA 3/30/2012 9:42PM

    You know I never even noticed they don't take back the points because that happens to me too sometimes especially with logging my meals. And yeah its not really a huge deal :) I hope your ankle gets better soon!

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The Natives are Revolting

Thursday, March 29, 2012

When I began my health journey anew a little over a month ago, I did so not wanting to be the "health police" in my house, but simply desiring to change things about myself in order to increase my overall sense of well-being and self-confidence. I knew that if I nagged my husband and kids about every calorie or forced them to work out with me, it would only serve to stir up rebellion and wouldn't necessarily give them the desire to do the things I was doing. If there is one thing I've learned with my struggles with food and overeating, it's that no one will force you to make changes toward health. It has to be a desire that comes from within and there has to be a moment when you realize that the only thing harder than changing is staying the same.

Still, the family is always watching. Especially kids! My house has long been a Dinner Warzone. Even when I wasn't cooking "healthy", my kids were ridiculously picky and, for pretty much always, I have been cooking nice dinners for myself and my husband and in-laws (they live in their own separate apartment in the basement of our home) and my kids would have no part of it. Most of the time, they won't even try the things I make. My solution to this has been either:

A) Make them a separate dinner (but only something easy like mac n cheese or Ramen noodles or something they will eat)

B) Tell them to fend for themselves and have cereal or something I don't have to cook.

You would be shocked at how many nights my kids have cereal for dinner. I don't feel guilty about that. There IS food available if they want a delicious meal. They won't eat it. This is their loss.

Something is subtly changing in our house, though. You see, for the entire school year, my kids have always asked to have their lunches packed. They just don't like school lunch. I don't understand why because it's so much easier (for me!) if they just get lunch at school, but as the school cafeteria has come under scrutiny the past couple years, I suppose I should be thankful that my kids naturally want me to make their lunches.

But, I've been busy. What can I say? I'm a full-time working mom. All year, my father-in-law has packed their lunches. And I was always so thankful for that. The only problem is...my father-in-law is a certified junk food junkie. I'm not even kidding. If my mother-in-law and I never cooked for the rest of the household, these people (including hubby) would all be morbidly obese within a year. The ONLY food they make is Pizza Rolls, frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, cookies, cakes, pies, JUNK!

So, as my health awareness has increased, I've noticed what he is putting in my kids lunches. Here is a sample lunch from two weeks ago:

Pringles (at least 2 servings worth)
Oreo Cookies (2)
Jello Pudding Cup
String Cheese
Capri Sun

At first, I said nothing. Because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. He tries so hard to help me out in the mornings and puts up with so many tantrums from the kids every day. He gets them on the bus every morning and he's such a sweetheart and a great grandpa.

But, about two weeks ago, I thought, "Enough is enough. I can't allow this anymore. I am their mom and I HAVE to take care of them! They can't learn that this is OK!"

Well, it just so happened that my little ladies came home from school around this time absolutely appalled because there were rumors flying all over school about the fact that the cafeteria uses "pink slime" in their food. This reinforced their desire to pack their own lunches even more. And, I seized my opportunity. Yes, I did.

I woke up last Monday and rushed down to the kitchen BEFORE my father-in-law was even awake. I assembled two HEALTHY lunches, which included a fruit, vegetable, protein and a whole grain. NO dessert. Fruit should be considered a dessert, in my opinion! It wasn't gross stuff....it was GOOD food! Finally!

Father-in-law made his way upstairs and was pleasantly surprised that he didn't have to figure out what to pack in their lunches because I had already done it.

"Oh, well, thank you so much, Leah!"

I have done this every single day for the past two weeks and father-in-law has realized that, without any discussion at all, I have now claimed responsibility over the lunchboxes in the morning. He no longer tries to pack them because one day, I caught him putting Pringles in a box and I said, "Hey. That's OK, but you better cut that serving size in half!" He was OK with it...because he's generally pretty agreeable to conceding to the fact that we are the parents and he is the grandparent and we make the ultimate decisions for what's best for our kids.

A couple days ago, my mother-in-law came to me and told me about a conversation she'd had with my 9 year old that day:

MIL: Anika came to me today and said, "Grandma, my lunches lately have been crappy." And I told her, "Don't tell Papa that...he tries so hard to pack things you'll like." Then, I asked Don what he was packing in their lunches and he said that he hadn't been packing them...you had. And then....I knew what was going on!!! GO LEAH! I support you!

Well, that was great to hear. My daughter is in a full out battle of wills now. She told me yesterday she only ate one thing in her lunchbox. I told her she needs to be less picky. If she is upset about the cafeteria serving pink slime, how in the world could I, in any good conscience, pack food in her lunch that will either make her sick or kill her in the long run? No response. And it really doesn't matter. Because they are kids. They are MY kids. And I refuse to let them down in this area.

I certainly can't force my husband to do anything (although, I'm happy to say he's coming around on the healthy food front), but I WILL impose my food views on my little ones. I'm not talking about outlawing anything sugary or tasty or yummy. I'm just making it a point to OFFER only healthy options most of the time. And let the treats be just that...treats...not MEALS.

My kids still won't eat my dinners. If I am lucky, they might try a bite. Frankly, they have become curious because they see me making changes. I have not made much progress on the War on Dinner, but by golly I will win the War on Lunch. I am winning.

And here's the best secret of all....so are they.

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ON2VICTORY 3/29/2012 11:37PM

    that is such a tough place to be and it doesnt get any easier either. my kids are ultra picky too and YES, it sets me on fire. slowly we have been making progress but it is an uphill battle. Frankly, i think alot of it is taste conditioning and frankly, junk food addiction to where that is all they want.... you are doing great, one small victory at a time... keep fighting mom..

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MARVEEME 3/29/2012 7:13PM


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ILIKETOZUMBA 3/29/2012 12:35PM

    LOVE it!! Good for you! One of the things I worry about for whenever I become a mom is how picky my kids will be. I need them to eat my healthy dinners! I make tasty healthy food and I make occasional treats and I already have to make 2 dinners on nights when I want meat in my food (husband is vegetarian), so I don't want to have to do more cooking to cater to picky eaters! I love eating lots of veggies now...I pray my kids willl too (even though I was a pretty picky eater as a kid...uh oh!). I love that you are just focusing primarily on lunch for now and winning that war! They'll learn to eat healthy dinners eventually, I'm sure. Honestly, Chinese food is what taught me to eat a lot of the vegetables I now love. Given a few years, some sugary/salty brown sauce (I know, it's not very healthy but it helped me), and repeated taste tests, I grew to love all kinds of vegetables I used to hate. So maybe it'll just take time to ease them into appreciating healthy foods. Good luck and keep up the great work!

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ADJQUILTER 3/29/2012 12:11PM

    You go, Mom! Stick to your guns! One day they will thank you.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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New Breakfast Obsession!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You guys! I found the most delicious, easy breakfast that you can easily make and eat AT WORK. Have you heard of Better Oats Oat Revolution?


I'm kind of obsessed with this stuff right now. It has flax in it (300 mg of OMEGA-3), 28 grams of whole grains per serving, and 3g of fiber.

It comes in a bunch of flavors, environmentally friendly packaging and here is the COOLEST part: the pouch is a measuring cup for the water. I HATE when I put too much or too little water in instant oatmeal b/c I don't carry a 2/3 cup measuring cup around in my purse. And it's pretty cheap! $1.59 for a 5-pack.

Also, only 160 calories for breakfast!!! NICE!!!

Give it a try! :)

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ADJQUILTER 3/28/2012 2:32PM

    Sounds really great! What store did you find this at? I love hot cereal in the morning.
Thanks for the tip!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IAMFRANSGIRL 3/28/2012 11:25AM

    Looks wonderful. I have muesli or porridge every morning and can't think of anything I like better for breakfast. I hadn't thought of stirring in chocolate yet though...must try emoticon

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CARRKM 3/28/2012 10:45AM

  I just learned about this over the weekend, but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the review! I think the measure in the pouch will be useful!

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MISTYLOVESLIFE 3/28/2012 10:44AM

    I eat this almost every morning and love it! It's one of the best healthy breakfast items I have found in the store in a very long time. I usually pair it up with a fruit and it is tastey!

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Need Inspiration? Check This Out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I absolutely can't think of a better "picture" for a successful health journey than this. When I saw this, I knew it was PERFECT for SparkPeople!

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LDRICHEL 3/28/2012 4:06PM

    Of course you can share it! I stole it off of FB! Haha.

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FORBANDE 3/28/2012 1:58PM

    This is fabulous!! Is it okay to share it with my other Spark Friends??

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LOLOSMOMMY 3/28/2012 10:10AM

    This is great! emoticon

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ILIKETOZUMBA 3/28/2012 9:30AM

    LOL that's awesome! I love it!

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ADJQUILTER 3/28/2012 8:59AM

    You're right. Attitude is everything!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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