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Start of Week 5

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Today is the start of my 5th week. Overall I have been pretty happy with my progress but secretly I can't help but wish it was I think most of us do though of course. I can see a difference in the mirror but not as much as I feel I should though I know that technically I haven't gotten to that point yet in my weight loss to see said results. Wishful and Hopeful thinking for what is to come I

I didn't eat that great this week. I mean it wasn't HORRIBLE but almost every day I went over my max calories. 90% of the time though I was still under my BMR and Exercise Calories needed so I was still doing good there but I just couldn't stop eating! I am hoping this week will be better about that so I will see more weight loss next week. Drinking water didn't even help but maybe I just need to drink a ton more...

Onto Measurements!

MEASUREMENTS 6/29/14 --- Difference from 6/22/14

Weight- 181.6.....(-0.8) ----9 lbs since 6/1/14
Body Fat %-41.2....(-2.8%)
Neck- 13.0......(+/-0)
Bicep- 11.1 .......(-0.40)
Bust- 41.25........(-0.50)
Waist- 35.0 .......(-0.25)
Stomach- 41.5 ....(-1.5)
Hips/Butt- 42.5 ....(-0.25)
Thigh- 25.0 ...(-1.0)
Calf- 14.75 ......(+0.25)

So that makes my inches lost this week -3.65 and since my first measurements -9.65 inches lost! Woohoo.

I am going to go and spend some time with my buddy now. He turned 7 years old today! Hard to believe it has been 7 years already. In 4 days my baby girl will be 1 year old...That sure was a quick year!

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone else has a successful week this week coming up!



Start of Week 4

Sunday, June 22, 2014

So this is the start of Week 4 for me. I am very happy with myself. I wish I would have exercised a bit more this week but I am happy with the way I ate so I can't complain. I will just do better this week.

I wasn't able to post last week's measurements due to my computer being broken (as it still is) so I stole my husband's so I could at least get this weeks posted. I compared it to the start of my 2nd week (ie beginning measurements). Next week will be compared to these measurements.

MEASUREMENTS 6/22/14 --- Difference from 6/8/14

Weight- 182.4.....(-4.6)
Body Fat %-44.0....(+0.7%)
Neck- 13.0......(-.25)
Bicep- 11.5 .......(+/-0)
Bust- 41.75........(-0.25)
Waist- 35.25 .......(-0.75)
Stomach- 43.0 ....(-1.5)
Hips/Butt- 42.75 ....(-1.75)
Thigh- 25.0 ...(-1.0)
Calf- 14.5 ......(-0.5)

So my 1st weight loss goal is 10 lb by July 13th. So far I have lost 8.2 lbs so I am highly sure I am going to obtain my first goal! Excited about that!

I am also happy to announce that I have STILL not had any pop/soda to drink either. Not even a sip!! I thought I would have such a hard time with that but I have been just fine without it. I drink tea but mostly

Well thank you for reading! Hoping I have good news next week also =)


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BITSOFLACE 6/24/2014 4:37AM

    sounds like your doing fantastic :) I really need to kick the soda habit too, any suggestions?

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MIRAGE727 6/23/2014 9:13AM

    Outstanding progress! I remember when I had to break my pop habit. Now, on rare occasions, I might have a diet Dr Pepper and it tastes so much different now. I've so appreciated vitamin waters loaded with electrolytes and vitalmis. I've also embrace iced teas big time. But there's nothing like clear cold water! In any case, that's a tough habit to break so...

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Can't wait for Sunday!

Friday, June 13, 2014

So my 2nd week is almost over and I can't help but be happy with myself. I keep semi cheating and jumping on the scale and so far everyday there is a decrease. I also measured my stomach (one of my weird measure places) and I have lost inches there already! (All unofficial until Sunday though!!) I am pouring 90% of myself into getting healthy and it makes me feel great. I say 90% and not 100% because I still find myself making excuses sometimes when it comes to exercise.

This week I have actually not worked out much at all. Just the walking, recovering, and whatnot around my work. I do make sure I do more on the floor than I used to (have an office/desk job) so that is a plus. I tried to keep as busy as I could. My schedule and kids just haven't made it possible to go down and do my walking/jogging in the basement. I do have the next 3 days off though so that is a plus. Supposed to walk with my friend on Saturday to Cold Stone (don't worry! Only getting a kid size sorbet so only 200 calories which I will account for.) It is about 3 miles. Might try and get some Slim in 6 done today also. I love Debbie's squat and arm exercises.

Speaking of calories...I have been doing awesome with mine. I think only once did I go outside of my calorie range and then it was only by 15. Today is my "splurge" day so I will get an extra 300-400 calories and I plan on getting Chinese!!!!! Yummy! I plan on eating all day (small portions) so it isn't all those calories at once. I think the small meals have been helping me also. I try and eat about every 2 hours....which I am usually pretty hungry by then

Still have not had a sip of pop/soda/coke. I am happy about that. I thought about it Thursday to buy a can at work but quickly realize how disappointed I would be by the taste and wasted calories so I just drank more water.

But yeah....I just can't wait until Sunday to see what my lose for the week has been. I have my prize in mind (a new skinny me!) and can't wait to obtain it!

Thanks for reading!!

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ANDREWMOM 6/13/2014 9:50AM

    emoticon emoticon

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My First Week

Monday, June 09, 2014

So my first week was a success in my eyes. Am proud to say I have lost 3.5 lbs, walked over 15 miles, and didn't sip a lick of pop/soda/coke.

I did cheat a little though because I was only supposed to have 1 cheat day and ended up having 2. My 12th anniversary was yesterday so the inlaws took me and the hubby to dinner. We went to Spageddies which is an Italian place. I only ate half of my meal but even with doing that, the calories still made my day over. But it was a special occasion so that is bound to happen sometimes. I will make up for it this week.

I was also able to get my measurements so here they are!


Weight- 187.0
Body Fat %-43.3
Neck- 13.25
Bicep- 11.5
Bust- 42.0
Waist- 36.0
Stomach- 44.5
Hips/Butt- 44.0
Thigh- 26.0
Calf- 15.0

Those are all WAY higher than they were back in October but I am working myself back down.

I added another non weight related goal. I want to stop biting my nails also. I love to paint my nails but can't when they are stubby so I am going to grow them out.

Quick question for anyone...What multivitamin do you take? I am trying to find out which one I want.

thank you for reading!


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SIOL55 6/9/2014 7:10AM

  What a successful week! Good luck on your journey.

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Excited to have Started, Again!

Friday, June 06, 2014

I restarted my healthy living June 1st. It hasn't been quiet a week yet but I LOVE that I have started. This week has went so much easier than I thought it would. Grant it today I am STARVING but you will have days like that. I am trying really hard to find the urge to mindlessly stuff my face and am waiting until it is time to eat. Iced Tea (unsweet of course) and water are my best friends right

I am hoping the scale (and my pants!) will show me something this Sunday when I do my weigh in (wish I would have measured myself but can't find my darn measuring tape). I will honestly say I will be a little bummed if it isn't at least 2 or 3 lbs because I have worked soooo hard....but I also understand it won't happen in a week or two. I will continue to work hard so that it will keep coming off, even if it is slowly.

For goals I have 2 small ones (weight wise) and 1 main one.

First Goal is to lose 10 lbs around July 13th which is about 6 weeks from my starting time. My reward is to go out with my hubby and our friends to a night on the town w/o having to worry about the kids overnight. We had done this to celebrate our anniversary last Saturday (a week early because I have to work on our anniversary) and it was SOOO much fun. I can't wait to do it again.

Second Goal is to lose and additional 15 lbs around September 21st. My reward then will be to go and have my hair done. I hope to get it professionally dyed and put highlights in it...which is something I have never done before but have been wanting to for a couple years now.

Main Goal is to lose 40 lbs overall by my birthday of December 2nd. That is roughly 26 weeks. That means I would like to lose about 1.5 lbs a week.

Now I know weight is not everything which I COMPLETELY agree with. Along with my weight goal I have a "Clothing" goal. I don't really care what my weight is as long as I can comfortably wear size 11 jeans and Medium shirts. I have an outfit I hope to be able to wear so I can judge how far I need to go. Right now it is VERY

But I am up for the challenge and would love if others would join me. I do so much better with others helping me and cheering me on. Call me weak/needy but it just motivates me and keeps me going. I will also try and cheer you on so if you would like a cheering buddy, feel free to add me =D

Starting Weight: 190 (June 1st)
1st Goal Weight: 180 (July 13th)
2nd Goal Weight: 165 (Sept 21st)
Main Goal Weight: 150 (Nov 30th)

-Plan on tracking all that I eat and drink
-No soda
-1200-1550 Calorie Plan
-1 Cheat Day a week where I can eat 1500-1850
-Working out at least 3-4 times a week
-Tracking all workouts
-Weigh and Measure every Sunday

Wish me luck!

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DANALMILLAN 6/6/2014 5:56PM


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