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I just don't understand people....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I don't know what it is with buyers that they think they can request a showing on a property and I will show it to them within an hour. Why can't people understand that I have other showings set or that I have to call the listing agent? The worst thing I can do is ask if they are pre-approved. They feel it is their right to see any property whether they are pre-approved or not.

Obviously, I am going to have to change what I tell people when I offer to show properties. First off, 24 hours notice for showings. I had a girl that I had emailed on Friday. I offered to show her the house today. She did not respond until 11:00 last night and expected me to set the showing for today? Can we say lack of respect? I told her I didn't set anything for her because she hadn't responded to my email.

Yesterday I had showings with a very nice lady and wrote an offer for her. Then, another buyer of mine who has been driving me nuts, was insisting on seeing a property that I know he can not get financed. I told him that once he had a letter from a lender stating they would finance the property with non working systems, that I would show it to him. At 3;00 yesterday, he texts me and says they are at the property. What part of you need a pre-approval don't people get?

Then to top it off, we went out for dinner with some friends last night. I gave them our piano and they took us to dinner. At the last minute, some other friends joined us. Without even thinking about it, I posted on FB that we went out with great friends. Another friend, who stopped inviting me to anything once I stopped teaching, commented and said, "Well, I guess I'm not a friend anymore." Honestly, she really isn't. She told me I could no longer be included in stuff because I was no longer teaching.

My gosh, we were just having a nice evening. I have asked her numerous times to get together, but she is always too busy. The only time I hear from her is when she is looking for my son to do stuff for her.

Oh well, need to keep the negative out of my life and move on :)

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 11/25/2014 4:38PM

    **HUGS** That is why I'd never make it as a real estate agent... I have a hard time drawing boundaries.

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WILSONWR 11/24/2014 8:40AM

    It definitely sounds like being a real estate agent can be very stressful! It is hard to believe that people can be so inconsiderate! It also sounds like your "friend" is a little insecure if she gets upset at such a positive comment you made about your evening with other friends! I hope things start turning more positive for you!

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GRACEOMALLEY 11/23/2014 11:44PM

    As I say, often, it seems as if 95 to 97 percent of people have neither the brains nor the courtesy of my dog. Unfortunate people are this way much too often, but that's the way it is. What is wrong with them? Way too many seem to feel the world revolves around them and their wishes. It doesn't seem to occur to them to treat others as they would want to be treated.
Hang in there.

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TXGRANDMA 11/23/2014 9:50PM

    Wow! People really don't have any consideration for you when you're a real estate agent! What a rude thing to call at the last minute and expect a showing on the spot! Anyway, 11 PM is WAY too late to be calling someone, especially for business! Where is that girl's head? Also I wonder what is with the guy who can't qualify. He should definitely only look at places he can afford, otherwise, he is wasting everyone's time!

Sorry about the "old friend" but you are right, they are not your friend don't give him/her the satisfaction of upsetting you! emoticon

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WIFE49 11/23/2014 7:41PM

    Sorry you had a bad day. emoticon

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BA5454 11/23/2014 7:16PM

    Yeah, oof. What a day you had--hope the week gets better for ya!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Work has been pretty slow lately. I have showings here and there, but nothing like it was. I remember when I first started in the business and the lulls would drive me nuts. Now, I've decided it is all part of the business. I still have closings coming up and I have met all my goals for the year. My income is up, my sales are way up and my total year end is up from last year.

I have decided that anything more I do this year is just a bonus and I'm not going to fret about having this quiet time. I can't go on vacation right now as we took the trip to Alaska and we have the trip to New Orleans booked for February. Not to mention, my husband only has so many vacation hours he can use.

So, I am taking a stay-cation (stay at home vacation). It has actually been really helpful to have this time to get this house in the best possible shape it can be in to sell. We have removed wall paper from the bathroom, painted my son's room, repaired walls and windows.
I just have to remember that it is slow for me as a realtor as well as a seller and be patient with selling the house.

The showing from Friday had to postpone until tomorrow. I did talk to the sellers of the house we are buying and they are not in any rush to close as they still haven't found a house to buy yet so they would have to move in with relatives until they find a house. I think everything should work out the way it is intended to.

I am going to enjoy the time I have right now as I know it will change soon enough. I'm going to spend time with JC who is loving being back in training and is back to his "star" self. I am going to catch up on reading and just being zen. I've spent so many years feeling like I "have" to do something. I don't have to do anything right now. I can just enjoy some quiet time.

I never get a vacation when I'm on vacation because of all the phone calls. So, I will take it when I can get it!

By the way, on a side note, I WANT GLOBAL WARMING BACK! 13 degrees in November. This is nuts!

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LOPEYP 11/21/2014 8:05AM

I'm not liking the weather much here either.

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THEMFOLK 11/17/2014 9:57PM

    Enjoy your time off!

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JUSTME29 11/17/2014 7:53PM

    A staycation really sounds like just what you need right now.

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 11/17/2014 6:04PM

    Sounds like a great philosophy and I hope you have a fantastic time doing what you want/need to without so much pressure. Enjoy more time with JC as well.

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WILSONWR 11/17/2014 5:08PM

    This weather is crazy!! We're not supposed to have freezes in South Texas this time of year!!! Enjoy your stay-cation!

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ENDUROVET 11/17/2014 3:38PM

    Yep, I was bitterly disappointed that it was bitterly cold for our long-awaited FL ride last weekend! Screw you, polar vortex!!!

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Updates and Such

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Well, my assistant quit. Never talked to me or anything. He met with my office manager and gave her the same story about needing to make more money to support his kids etc. I understand that. What I can't understand is how he keeps quitting jobs that are paying close to $20 per hour for the same reason. Making some money is better than no money. I offered to pay him hourly until we finished the You Tube segments. He said no and that is the last I have heard from him. I asked him for updates on where he was with my buyers and he has sent me nothing. At first I felt bad for him. Now, I am just angry!

A girl at the barn showed JC in the barn horse show yesterday. He won the first class out of 9 horses and was 4th in the championship because she took a wrong lead. I told my trainer that, after the show, the girl could either do a partial lease on him or she was not to ride him anymore. I feel like I am spending the money to train him and my trainer is making money giving lessons on him. Nope not going to do that unless she wants to give me a break on the training. He is in partial training right now. She works him 3 days a week and he is mine the other days. I also get a lesson thrown in there. It is costing me the same as when he wasn't in training and I took lessons on him.

I have managed to exercise everyday since 10/1. If I really don't feel like it, then I walk for 20 minutes or so. I figure doing something is better than doing nothing.

We had a good showing on the house yesterday. The buyers really like the house, but they are worried about the neighborhood. Honestly, our neighborhood is really stable. Everyone has been here 20+ years. The neighbors next door have been good lately. I think we just need to be farther away from neighbors. Our kids are grown now and we would just like a place that is quiet and private. I am completely freaking myself out over selling this house. It is like I want to do daily price drops which is wrong. I did a final price drop last week and I just can't afford to drop it anymore.

We did a home inspection on the house we are buying and it was really good. Everything in that house is updated as far as the systems go. Cosmetically, it needs a lot of updates. If I could pick up this house and move it to a bigger lot, I would be very happy. I am doing an open house on this house today. Who knows, I sold another house off an open maybe I can do it with my own. I feel bad for my son who has to figure out somewhere to take our dog for 2 hours. I'm thinking I should have done my normal 1.5 hour open, but there is no Packer game until 7:30 this evening so I thought it would be a good idea. We'll see what happens.

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LOPEYP 11/17/2014 8:20AM

    Good luck with the open house. I hope that you can sell your house and move on.

Too bad about your assistant. Sounds like he has some issues that he needs to work out.

Yah for JC!

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SVELTEWARRIOR 11/11/2014 11:46PM

    Your assistant sounds like he was unappreciative for the help you tried to give him. You did all you could do to help him but he wasn't willing to do the work.

I am sending positive thoughts that your house sells quickly.

JC is awesome!!!!!!!

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 11/10/2014 1:21PM

I think that you are better off without your "assistant". You did your best to give him a hand up. But it looks like he was looking for a handout. It is always disappointing and hard when you try to help someone and they choose not to be helped.

Good luck selling your home. I hope that you get it sold soon. My parents just sold their rental home and closed last Friday. So it will happen. It just takes time. Which I know you don't want to hear. Hang in there.

WOOHOO! Congrats to JC. Good luck with the negotiations at the barn.

Congrats as well on your exercise streak!

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TXGRANDMA 11/9/2014 3:48PM

    Good luck on the open house! I really hope you are able to sell your home! I don't quite understand what the deal is with JC, is the girl leasing him 3 days a week? Glad that he won his class, though! emoticon

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Poor Me!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I absolutely hate those words! As many of you know, I decided to take on an assistant. I paid for him to take the courses, get his real estate license, his E&O insurance and his GMAR dues. He started out really strong. I warned him that I could only give him so many leads, but, like any real estate agent, he also has to bring his own buyers and sellers.

Things were crazy when he started with me this summer. I was incredibly busy and things were nuts when I left for Alaska. I was confident with him and he dealt with a lot of things that came up. I handed him 3 leads. Two he closed, but, honestly, anyone could have closed those. I had to help him with one and I'm not 100% happy of the location where he sent the buyer.

Fast forward to now. The market has slowed down which always happens before an election. He is doing absolutely nothing for me. He started with the videos on our You Tube Channel and now nothing. He never finished it. He won't work weekends. He won't hold an open house. He won't do anything to get business going.

Yesterday the proverbial shi*t hit the proverbial fan. There were some buyers I got right before I left for Alaska. He has been working with them. They wrote on one house and didn't get it because a protected buyer got it. Then he got them involved in a HUD house. I have been keeping my hand on the pulse of the transaction. I knew this house had issues with the plumbing system. I repeatedly told him to check with the lender to make sure that they would lend on this house when the water couldn't be turned on. He assured me he did.

Now let's go to last weekend. I met with him to see what he has been doing. In other words, what have I been paying him for aside from showing houses? All he would say is that he is not making enough money. He is not making a living wage. REALLY? This is real estate. I warned him all along that you have to put in lots of hours for this to pay off. This isn't an 8-5 job. All together, he decided that the job was from 8 am - 1pm. I asked how he expected to get paid full time salary when he was working part time. Further, he knows he only gets paid at closings. He also knew that he was supposed to bring something to the business.

He said he used to make extra money doing brake jobs. He did go to school on the military's dime to get his mechanics degree and gave up those jobs as well. I told him to go ahead and get the jobs fixing brakes. He has a family to feed and we are in a very quiet market. When I try to get him to do open houses to find buyers, he says he can't afford a tank of gas. I offered to give him money for gas, but he doesn't want to work weekends. I wish I could take weekends off.

I even gave him my house to sell and he has done nothing to sell it.

I have had this nagging feeling for a while that he just doesn't want to work hard enough to succeed at this. He has quit like 7 jobs and some paid over $18 per hour. He said he didn't like the hours. For goodness sake, he has 3 young children to feed.

Back to the couple with the HUD house. Yesterday, the buyer said she would agree to put the utilities in her name and pay for any damage that may cause. He was going to let her do it. I called her and got an earful as to what has been going on. For goodness sake, she didn't understand that the appraiser was there to make sure that the property was worth what she offered and that the bank should lend her the money. She thought the appraiser was going to tell her what was wrong with the water. OMG. I knew right then that she had not been represented fairly and he had dropped the ball. He didn't explain to her that she only had until time ran out on the home inspection contingency to back out because of the condition of the house.

She was very upset. I told her that absolutely I was going to work with her. I met her and her husband at the house they had the offer on. OMG. It was the worst house I have seen in a long time. The backyard looked at the freeway. On either side of it were 4 family apartments. The place smelled like mold. The systems weren't running.

I did talk to her lender yesterday morning who said that they weren't going to lend on it because of the issues with the plumbing system. Thank G-d. I would have felt terrible if I couldn't get her out of that deal.

Her husband reamed me up one side and down the other for leaving them with my assistant. I explained that I told him at the time if there were any issues to contact me number 1. Number 2 nobody can force them to write an offer on anything. Luckily, he and I have very similar personalities so I was able to fix the damage.

I have literally spent 48 hours fixing this mess. The house they originally wrote on came back on the market and I just got them an accepted offer on that tonight.

My assistant wrote an offer for his brother and before he would submit it asked me how much I was going to pay him. Let's see, I have $1600 invested in him and a whole lot of my time fixing his mess. I am so angry I can't tell you and my husband just feels bad for him. This person is 30 years old. I am not feeling sorry for him. I gave him opportunities that no other new agent gets.

Now I am stuck with a Relocation property I did not want because he wanted it, but now is doing nothing with it. He doesn't contact me, doesn't answer me, doesn't do any work, and takes no responsibility.

At my request, he is meeting with my managers on Friday. He doesn't know it is at my request. They are yelling at me because he is supposed to go to mandatory training, but won't. I told them I have no control over what he does as he doesn't listen to me. I have decided I will make no decisions about him or his pay at this point. I am going to wait and see what he does. I just needed to get it out because I am so upset. This is my reputation. I am not comfortable giving him any more leads because I just don't think he cares. I hate to tell you that most of my deals I have to pay referral fees. I get paid very little on the relocation properties, but I do them to get my name out there. I do whatever I can to get my name out there and build my reputation. I spent so much time these last couple days apologizing for his incompetence!

Further, we gave him money to re-build our garage. I knew he needed the money so I told him he could expedite the whole project and we'd pay him instead of someone else. He took the money and did nothing. My husband rebuilt the garage. He still has at least $500 of ours. My husband says that he used the first $500 for expenses for materials. He never gave us any receipts and my son had a lot of the charges on his credit card. I think we were taken for $1,000, but my husband won't see it.

I also offered to pay him to fix our cars, but that was too much work as well. What else does he have to do? He sits at home all day and does nothing. I know this because he lives next door to me.

I was really trying to just give the guy a break. I've known him since he was 7 years old. I guess you can't take the lazy out of someone.

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TRAVELGO 11/9/2014 9:24AM

  Wow!! What a mess! I hope it all works out for you.

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JAZZEJR 11/9/2014 6:30AM

    He is definitely a money pit....and you're in it. Climb out now, and don't look back.

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GRACEOMALLEY 11/7/2014 2:42PM

    This assistanrt sounds like one of those "The World Owes Me A Living" folks. They are nothing new or different, just not like the rest of us who recognize that you need to contribute something to be deserving of compensation. At least you've caught the problem before it really had ugly results.

If he won't do what is needed to accomplish the task - set him free. You get as disconnected from him as possible and let him handle his own life.You've already stuck your neck out (and opened your wallet) to try to help him obtain gainful work. Sounds as if he expects to be paid largely for his charming personality, which is not an acceptable attitude. Ignorant can be educated and trained, but you can't fix stupid and lazy. This is not your problem and not your responsibility. Let it go!

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SVELTEWARRIOR 11/6/2014 10:42PM

    I think the assistant has to go! You cannot afford to have him damage your reputation.
I am hoping your managers back you up and see what a slacker he is.

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TXGRANDMA 11/6/2014 10:03PM

    I think you have been too nice to this guy, he obviously doesn't want to work. Scary, since he has 3 little children, obviously he is being supported by his parents or maybe his wife? Someone has to pay the rent.

You have given him more than enough chances, and have been better to him than he deserves, being that he can't hold a job. If he cant hold a 9 to 5 job that is structured, he won't be able to handle a job that requires him to have the energy and will to work on his own! Fire him! You don't need all the headaches he is giving you!

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 11/6/2014 11:58AM


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JUSTME29 11/6/2014 8:54AM

    Wow - I wouldn't want to be a real estate agent for just those reasons, and because I'd be really bad at it. But if you don't want to put in the hours, find a job with more regular hours. People work, they have to look at houses when they can, and their agent needs to be there then. Than means weekends and evenings - how can he not understand that? Unfortunately a lot of people are like that. They expect a lot for so little.

I'm not sure you can get back the money that you've invested in him, but you definitely cannot allow him to damage your reputation. I really hope your managers back you up.

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WILSONWR 11/6/2014 8:07AM

    I'm afraid that type of help can cost you more than just money - as you said, it is your reputation. It may be time for him to find another line of work...

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2DAWN4 11/5/2014 11:08PM

    Oh my! What a pickle your new asst. has gotten you in. It sounds like he is a lazy guy and expects others to clean up his messes! I can tell by your blog that your rep is everything to you and you work HARD to make it happen! Hopefully your managers will stick behind you and help with the mess he has created! Take care of yourself!

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People Floor Me!

Monday, November 03, 2014

I had to write about this to sort it out in my own brain. I was talking to my SIL last night. We were talking about our last Thanksgiving in this house (we hope). Then we started talking about other things. I don't remember how the conversation got there, but she told me that her son (who is not the most trustworthy person around) told her that my son called the Mayor of where they live the "C" word.

That confused me because, as far as I know, my son doesn't even know that word. She said that my nephew, who is 27 and his friend who is 35, were using that word discussing the mayor before the 4th of July parade. My son and daughter went over there to watch the parade. Ben heard them calling the mayor this name. Remember, my son does have special needs and has been known to repeat what he hears especially if he doesn't know it is a bad word.

In either case, my nephew told my SIL in that my son was shouting this word at the Mayor during the parade. I said that I didn't think Ben new the word. That's when she told me of the other two using it. I said it was inappropriate for anyone to use that word. She said well they are older. I said I didn't care. No male should ever use that word toward a female. I also said that I was surprised that my daughter didn't tell me this happened. (My daughter is the informer on all things that Ben does bad).

I was really upset after I got off the phone with SIL and went to ask my daughter about it. She said that at no time did Ben shout that at the mayor. He didn't shout anything at the mayor. I called my SIL back and told her what Sarah told me. My SIL said that she didn't really ever believe Ben said it in the first place. Then why the h*ll would you tell me he did.

Honestly, I have enough of my own issues with her son, but I stay out of it. He is 27 years old. Finally, got a full time job. He is married with a child and living with my SIL. He is lazy. Doesn't do anything to help her with the house. He weighs over 450 lbs. Won't do anything to help himself. All he does is play video games.

Yet, I don't comment. I stay out of it. Why would she insist on telling me this untruth about my son? I am not going to cause anything with it because, many times, I think she is jealous of us. We travel a lot and eat out a lot and enjoy our lives. Her husband is rather nasty. Not to her, but in general. He is one of those people who stays on facebook posting all the horrible political comments. I defriended him when he put up a post comparing the Obama administration with Nazi Germany. That was it for me. Unfortunately, I just don't think my SIL is a bright person. She loves to point out everything bad about my family and my kids. She even made some statement last night about my sisters and brother ignoring her. I said they haven't spoken to us since my mother died, why would they speak to her.

I don't get it. I am just working on keeping the peace. Only see them a couple of times a year.

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SVELTEWARRIOR 11/4/2014 12:28AM

    It really is a good thing you donít see them often. Keep your contact to a bare minimum.

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SOFT_VAL67 11/3/2014 8:42PM

    I am really unsure what advice to give here. Many battles Honey and I have are over his relatives, only his, because I rarely go around my own and only speak to them when necessary.
My sister is a new grandmother, so she calls very little anymore and my brother is a preacher and well, lets just say I dont necessarily like having those idea pushed upon me.
Family can do things for many different reasons.
But if she didnt think this was true to begin with, why bring it up?
Something in your conversation must have driven her to the point of wanting to cause conflict.
I feel badly for you and like I said I cant give advice, but I will say, I stay out of family business on both sides for this very reason.
One said this and one said that and no one wants to be fully honest.
I look forward to the holidays alot more since I stopped playing into the tug of war games of family.
I havent been to one of his family gatherings in at least 3 years.
And holidays are about the ONLY time I do go around my own.
No cooking for me this year, I will be at the walking track if the weather permits.
Good luck to you.

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TXGRANDMA 11/3/2014 6:02PM

    My goodness, what a mess! Glad that your daughter was able to verify that your son did not shout that word at the mayor. My thoughts on the matter are that your SIL is very jealous of your family and how good your children are doing. Her son is obviously never going to amount to anything. SIL is an enabler of him by giving him and his wife a place to live, probably for free. She needs to kick him out of her home, he had no business marrying if he couldn't provide a home for a family. What kind of woman would marry someone like that anyway?

May be a good idea to stay away from her as much as you can, and keep your kids from socializing with hers. Just a thought to avoid future problems. It is good of you not to say anything to her about her own son and his many problems.......I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut! emoticon emoticon

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 11/3/2014 5:32PM

    I have nothing to add, but **HUGS**
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PICKIE98 11/3/2014 2:54PM

    Egads, thank goodness you DO only see them a couple times a year..Time to be busy whenever they want to get together.. Of course she is jealous of your family!! Very insecure.. Do not feel like the Lone ranger dear. My family on my mom's side is dumber than a bag of hair!! Couldn't scrape a brain together between 20 of them!!
One cousin was at our family reunion(last one we will ever go to!) and she could not even light a bag of MATCHLIGHT charcoal in the park grill!! All you have to do is light a match and put it on the bag!! She blamed everybody for her inability to know how to LIGHT A MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Her son (42 years old) got mad because he could not use his car key to open the power doors on the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My five year old daughter tried to explain how they work and he told me that we all thought we were better than them!!!!!!!! Jealous...

Stay away from those toxic members of your hubby's family.. you CAN get sick at the last minute you know....(wink-wink!)

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EMMACORY 11/3/2014 2:29PM

    Family dynamics can challenging. Glad you do not see her too often. Blessings on your day emoticon

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