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Teaching food consequences

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Everything we put into our bodies produces an outcome. Not just weight gain, weight loss, and I am not talking about what happens in the bathroom. I am talking about the physical reactions that occur. Certain foods make us feel full. Some foods make us feel sick. Frequently eating foods that make us feel sick, often results in us not noticing how sick we feel. We become desensitized to that feeling of BLECK! We can't see it for what it is.

My family has embarked on a mostly organic eating lifestyle. This has had a dramatic effect on me, but even more so on my sweet driven son. The other day he brought in a small chocolate bar and asked if he could have it. He had gotten it for Easter, which was before the big diet change. I told him that he could have half of it, BUT that if he ate it, he and mommy would probably end up fighting within 30 minutes. I told him that when that happened, mommy would tell him, "Remember what I said when you ate the chocolate."

Sure enough, about 20 minutes later, he was having a fit because I asked him to pick up some clothes he had left on the floor. I gently said, (not in the I told you so voice) "Remember what I said when you ate the chocolate." He looked up at me with great surprise, wiped away the tears and said, "Wow Mommy. You were right." Lesson learned? NOPE.

Two days later when he wanted to finish the chocolate bar, which I had kept for just this reason, we went through the same drill. He swore off chocolate. Well, at least for the moment. I told him I would buy him some healthier dark chocolate and he agreed to wait for that.

Under most circumstances, High Fructose Corn Syrup is the culprit in our family. Today at church, the boys managed to grab some of the "juice" that was offered at fellowship. I looked at the bottle to find that I was going to be in a world of hurt soon. I told them what they had to drink had the HFCS in it and reminded my aforementioned son about the chocolate. Sure enough, 35 minutes later he was having a fit. I reminded him and not only did he 'get it' but he also stopped having the fit. I told him to really see how he felt at that very moment. He said he felt "jumpy but not the happy kind of jumpy."

I don't know how many more lessons there will be. But if nothing else, he knows how the food is affecting him.

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BERRY4 5/13/2012 6:10PM

    I will put myself in the same category as your son...I DON'T get it the first time around (nor even the 2nd). emoticon

The good news is that you are guiding your son through this process at a young age--before habits get established over years.
-- Sometime in the past 20 years, I moved toward using food as COMFORT and I chose JUNK. I wish those 2 weren't synonymous in my vocabulary. I wish I had been paying attention when I made that shift...And that is weight when became an issue.

Way to go to do the work to guide your child "in the way he should go"! emoticon

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YENDUCHAKA 5/13/2012 5:55PM

    Good for you for letting him see the results of his own choices. He will learn from this like he never would from denial of the candy and a lecture from mom. You must have a lot of patience to deal with repeat performances of that scenario to make sure the lesson is learned. Your son will thank you for it someday, I'm sure! Thank you for being an inspiration!

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Finding my groove...

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I have been on the spark program for almost two weeks, and I must say that I think I am finding my groove. How do I know that I am finding my groove? Well....

First, I have done at least 10 minutes of exercise each day, thanks to Coach Nicole and her videos. This is really exceptional for me, because I sprained my ankle badly enough to be splinted for three days at the beginning of the two weeks, so I am doing mostly strength training and some seated cardio workouts.

I know I am finding my groove is because when I am thirsty, I want water. I was a big iced tea drinker. Not the fruity or sweet kind, but green tea with a bit of splenda. Now, I just want water. I have a diet coke maybe twice a week usually, but now it gives me a headache and makes me pee every five minutes for an hour.

I know I am finding my groove because it is now easy to get at least 5 fruits and veggies each day. My husband even made me a salad last night because he knows my goals. Some women find it hard to believe that there are men out there who do some, if not all, of the cooking in a house, but my husband has to do the cooking. For him, it is self-preservation.

I know I am finding my groove because I feel full much earlier than I used to. AND I am willing to leave food on my plate even if I just paid a bunch of money for it.

I know I am finding my groove because when I have a sweet, like today when I had a fun size pack of peanut m&m's (In my mind the peanut makes it a healthier choice) I felt physically, yucky afterward. That is a technical term...yucky. It is when every cell in your body quivers and lets you know that was a very bad idea. yucky.

I know that I am finding my groove because ice cream (which is my favorite treat) was served to my M-I-L for her birthday tonight. She didn't want it, so it was passed to my sons to eat. Number one son didn't want it, but number two son dug in. I let him have half of the scoop. I looked at the remainder and thought, "I c-o-u-l-d eat that." But the realizations that I was full and that the ice cream really didn't appeal to me pretty much made it very easy to turn away. I also knew that I had a heavy lunch and was most definitely over my calorie goal today. (Like WAY over) We left the half scoop melting on the table as we left the restaurant.

All of these things make me feel like I am on track. I am not on a diet. I am relearning the right way to eat. I am dedicating myself to small steps that will eventually make changes in how I feel and how I look. They quickly become habits, second nature, automatic. Right now I notice them, but in a few months, I hope it is so ingrained that it just happens... then I won't have to consciously persevere, but instead, consistently persevere.

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    That's wonderful! You're much more precocious than I was! Took me MONTHS to get to the attitude point where you are after two weeks!


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BERRY4 2/2/2012 1:48AM

    Awesome perspective! -- There's that whole mental perspective that sets in motion the choices that we make. (sounds biblical!)

Way to focus in on the specific things you are doing RIGHT. That is the STRONG way to walk!

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Week one.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I have been reading The Spark. I have decided that I should give it a try. Step by step. So the past five days, I have been on my fast break.

I have eaten at least 5 veggies and fruits each day.
I have worked out for at least 10 minutes a day even tho my ankle is not working out with me. (Lots of pilates and upper body stuff.
I have cheered on another member everyday.

The coolest action step I took was to make my vision collage. I used Pinterest to put together my healthy vision. At first I thought this was really dorky and wanted to skip it. But I figured that if I am going to do the Spark thing, I had better do all of it. It took me a while to get my Pinterest invite, but it was so easy to do. I just used Google images search engine.

I am going to reward myself with a pedicure after I am done my fast break. This will be just in time for a vacation too. I am supposed to pick a big reward for finishing all four steps and I really can't think of anything, so I think I will take a week off from work and just hang out.

I have set up shop with weights, a mat, a roller at home and a stability ball at work. I also have some healthy snacks at work. At home, we have gotten rid of anything with HFCS, and MSG. It is amazing where you can find that garbage. In fact, on Friday, I had a Fuddruckers banana milkshake to celebrate my polar bear plunge. I felt so terrible after the shake, I had to take a nap. YUCKY stuff.

I have also been drinking more plain water. At least 1/2 of the fluids I drink each day are just water.

My goals are to:

weigh 150 lbs by June. I currently weigh 168.
play more and work less.
eat more fresh and real food. Less processed foods.
control evening eating.
keep up with my kids and my breath at the same time.
to gain more organization in my life.
listen to music daily.
learn to plan meals for the family, including using all leftovers.

I think that covers all of the action steps, even tho my goals aren't very well defined. I will work on honing them.

I guess I need to start reading the Phase II stuff so I can plan ahead. Wish me luck!

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BERRY4 1/30/2012 11:12PM

    Every step is just that, as long as you are facing forward & headed toward where you want to be.
You CAN do it!!

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YENDUCHAKA 1/30/2012 8:55PM

    Wow, you're doing great! It sounds like you've got a good grasp on how this works and are committed to making it work for you. Keep it up!

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DRAWNTHISWAY 1/29/2012 5:30PM

    Good luck and congratulations. I had not thought of using pinerest to to the vision collage. That is such a wonderful way to use that resource! I need to invest in more objects to accomplish this goal within my home. Good luck as you move forward!

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Missed the mark...but satisfied

Friday, January 27, 2012

Today was my 2nd annual trek into the Chesapeake Bay (38 degree water temperature) for the Special Olympics. My goal was to get out to a diver and high five them and then calmly get out of the water. Yeah, well....not so much.

I got in and looked at my plunge coach and said, "my feet hurt, I am done." With that I trudged, and I do mean trudged, to shore. After a few expletives, I gathered my stuff and headed for the changing tent. I was unhappy that I did not go in further. I did go in up to my waist, but that wasn't the goal. I missed it and I won't have a chance for another year to do it again.

Last year, I ran in and when the cold hit, I panicked! As I felt my feet and legs turn into shards of glass and was nearly in tears, I turned around and bolted for shore. Maybe not so much bolted, but moved as fast as I can with two frozen solid feet. Total panic. Total disregard for anything or anyone but me. I was miserable for days regarding my performance.

But this year, there was no panic. I calmly stated my intent and headed for shore. By the time I got to shore, the rest of my team had high fived the divers and was posing for pictures. As I look at the photos, I am not happy that I missed that. BUT...I didn't panic, and that is progress.

Perhaps next year I will make it to a diver. Perhaps not. But just because I didn't get to a diver this year, doesn't mean I didn't do well, nor does it mean that I won't get there on one of my next tries. The fact of the matter is I raised $2000 for Special Olympics of Maryland. I got to see a bunch of my professional network and pals. I recruited 12 people to my team and together we have raised over $7000. I didn't panic. Also, because I had been there before I knew to get out before the pain got that bad again.

It was a good day even though I missed my mark.

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SGKAYLOR 1/28/2012 2:21PM

    Great job on raising the money! That's also great that you didn't panic this year, means it's one step in the right direction, not a total loss! Next year I'm sure you'll conquer another step toward those divers!

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LARK2144 1/28/2012 10:21AM

    Wet suits are strictly prohibited. But I may buy winter diving boots to protect my tootsies. That would allow me to stay in longer, cuz it is just my feet that wimp out. Thanks for the comment!

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DRAWNTHISWAY 1/28/2012 9:56AM

    Do you wear a wet suit for this activity? Are there rules against doing so? If not maybe you could rent one for the day and then maybe it would make the attempt to get to the diver more bearable?

Regardless of this attempt of problem solving, I am glad you made the attempt. You did well at other parts of this goal and I am sure you will do even better next year :)

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Go figure...

Monday, January 23, 2012

So I have been off work for three days and counting due to this injury. I have been laid up most of the time, keeping the foot elevated.

I am losing weight. Not just the good muscle weight I am sure. I have been doing some mat work and upperbody workouts.

I think stress plays a big role in my weight retention. Without work, I am much less stressed. I am also plain old not hungry. When I am, nothing bad for me sounds good, except chocolate. Instead of having a bagel with cream cheese last night, I had about 1/2 cup of chili. I had roasted almonds during the football games not chips. I am drinking lots of water. I am not eating out for one to two meals a day.

I am now the proud owner of The Spark and The Sparkpeople Cookbook. I have read the first two chapters in each.

This injury is a good thing I guess.

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DRAWNTHISWAY 1/23/2012 8:47PM

    Sorry you are injured, but glad good is coming of it. Maybe next you will find some great ways to overcome the stress eating while at work?

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