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Sad my truck is fixed :(

Friday, July 26, 2013

Well... Yesterday my truck got fixed..

I should be happy but I'm not... I'm thankful that now I can go get groceries and I can go to the beach.. I can get home quickly when it's evening time...

I'm worried that I am going to get lazy... I love riding my bike now... I want to use it all the time.. I was running late for work and couldn't ride... Sooo.....

I brought my bike to work... Now I have an option of still doing 8-12 miles today... Not bad...
I need to be positive and think of how I can use my truck to get more exercise....

Like drive to a new location that I can bike at... Or take it and then go to the beach or go hiking... Maybe take the truck to work and back and adventure to a new location where I can try some new skills.

I am trying to be positive... We will see.. One step at a time.

I need to look at it like now I have options ... I can choose to be healthy and not just forced.

My biggest supporter has to be God.. He encourages me and answers my prayers.. All my prayers have been answered and I now know I need to be more specific... :)

Here on earth my family and friends are my supporters... My co workers who call me now "TyLanai"... Similar to our Triathalon name "TriLanai" it's silly and teasing me for my riding but now I look how I see others who do it and they encourage me.. I hope I can encourage others.

There was a boy one day at the airport saw me getting off my monster bike twice his size and he looked at me like I was a super hero... His eyes all wide and full of excitement... He encouraged me and maybe I sparked something in him that made him want to try to bike too... Never know...

I hope I can be a super hero to others and share my passion... I want others to see me and feel if I can do it so can they!

God is my light and my strength and I want to share His love and driven passion inside of me.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!


3 amazing happy things happened this week!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Since my accident....and God saved me there is no other way! He helped me survived and I have realized how much goodness is in my life!

1. My life is AWESOME!!
I have been so depressed and down on myself.. I didn't like my life and wanted to be away from my kids.. I was yelling at my kids and myself... Taking my anger and disappointments out on others around me. I was so wrong! I love my life and I am working on being patient with everyone around me and not so hard on myself..

2. My children are WONDERFUL!!
I discovered that my children are my world and I can't live without them. I look back and see how fast I could have lost them. I am working on making their lives a bigger and brighter place... I want to be their world also.. I love my babies!

3. I can be healthy!!
I love how my life is open now... I do
Miss having a car really bad. But! This opportunity is making where I need to get healthy and strong... This week I feel like I've don'e an amazing job getting physically active and eating right . Day 2 back on my bike and I did 16 miles!! Longest ever! I'm about to sleep so well tonight
Good night

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BRTRAINS 7/21/2013 10:57AM

    Awesome !!

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To me health means.... Living

Friday, July 19, 2013

To me health means living... Taking care of the life I have means I need to take care of my health.. Exercise, spiritual, nutritional, and emotional... Health is what keeps us moving forward and helps us to live...

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CBLENS 7/20/2013 8:40AM

    it does indeed.

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E1SPAG 7/19/2013 8:17PM

    Very true! emoticon

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Goal for the day...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Focus on what I know about my eating habits ... First I'm like all... I LOVE to eat... I snack too much... I know the right foods to eat and all about nutrition and I could write a book about how to eat healthy... I just don't follow it much... I am an emotional eater and tend to use crunchy snacks when I'm stressed and sweets when. I'm PMSing or moody.. I love to cook and make meals with friends.. Have not done that in a while and I miss it.. Oh and I was raised eating out almost every meal growing up so I love to eat out whenever I can because it brings in emotional ties to childhood... Eatin out isout of my current budget at this time... Hmmmm let's see what else... I love veggies and meat but deep down I wish I was a vegetarian.. I love baking also and bread is my weakness... Haven't baked in a while either... I work early morning and late afternoon so my cooking schedule is all crazy... I need to plan my meals out better and find small quick things for on the run.. I also have kids... My son will eat everything but bread and fruits and my daughter only wants bread and fruits... I love fancy meals... Trying to find a happy medium... I'd rather not give my kids ramen noodles every night I don't have time to cook... This is my status as for myself my life and food is concerned...


Eyes wide open

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yesterday I found myself in a terrible situation... I wasn't appreciating what I had.. I was stressed and up tight... Long story short... My life flashed before my eyes and I can see again... I'm ready to make the most of life and move forward... I want to be healthy but I need to take the first step and find support... My first supporter is God and then myself and I would appreciate any other help I can get... Finding the spark Coach app is awesome! How I can have more a fess to sparkpeople from my phone and no excuses.. Ready to start again...


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