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Day 3 On Track

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wow! 3 days in a row!! I'm so proud of me! emoticon
So, I got to the gym, all ready to get on the treadmill (which I have MASTERED in two days!! LOL) and I see the treadmills are NEW! WTH? How do you use these? Where are the old ones? Dang! I hop on and start pushing buttons... different buttons than before. It's asking me questions I have no idea how to answer! My age - okay, got that... My weight - okay got that.... My resting heart rate... what? dunno.... used the default for now... My target heart rate... HTH should I know? I just started exercising. Okay.... use the default for that too.. belt starts moving.... it's too slow! and it's telling me to slow down!!! WTH??? So I stop the darn thing and it tells me which button to push to resume or push "reset" to cancel. I can't find "reset"!! The belt starts moving again!! I hit "stop" - again it tells me to push the button to resume or "reset". I can't find "reset" still, but I hit the button that had some kind of symbol on it & it worked! WHEW! There was an gym employee wiping down the equipment next to me and I asked her for help, but she just kept working without looking up,like she didn't hear. Then I noticed she had earphones on. Great! There was a maintenance man working on the new treadmills and he heard me asking her for help, and noticed she didn't hear me. So, he explained to me how to use this new piece of ... equipment! Wow! It's complicated! But AWESOME! Got 2.5 miles in 45 minutes for an average speed of 3.3 mph! Good Girl, Lala!

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MEOUTE 1/10/2013 4:26PM

    Good job! Keep up the progress!

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Day 2 On Track

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wow! I actually got some good sleep last night. Perhaps it was all the successes I experienced yesterday!
I ate breakfast today. I really need to get into that habit! What I had isn't exactly what I would call healthy, but something is better than nothing! I had a bowl of Lucky Charms with 1% milk. I just remembered feeling a lil dizzy after my gym visit yesterday on an empty stomach. Felt fine after today's workout.
I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes - 1.5 miles @ 3mph. Felt comfortable. Perfect speed, perfect amount of time. Proud of myself for working out 2 days in a row! That's no big deal to some, but it's a start and that's what matters!
I am hoping to journal my food using the Food Tracker here on SP. It seems to be the most user friendly of all the programs I have been experimenting with since November. Since I just started my workout program, I will be experimenting with different exercise Apps available on my puter and iPhone. I am using the Fitness tracker here on SP, as I am familiar with it and I know how it works. So, hopefully I can find another program to use AS I'm working out... Endomondo is one I'm planning to test.
Anyway..... til tomorrow....


Starting (sigh....) AGAIN!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

How many times do we all do this? Profess our intent to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise on a regular basis.... blah, blah, blah...
Well, here I am - doing it again - only, THIS time, I'm gonna stick with it! My hubby and I joined a gym 2.5 years ago and he has only been a few times and I have been, but not on a regular basis. I just need to DO IT and I know, if I do it, so will he. So together, we are going to succeed on this journey of getting fit(er)!
Today, I went to the gym and ASKED for help with instruction on the treadmill. Once I learned the ins & outs, I got myself situated - earphones on, my iPhone acting as my eReader and my water bottle in the cupholder. I got on and took a deep breath - SCARY!!! Pushed the GO button and.... I didn't fall down!!! LOL I was walking!!! I usually walk a mile outside and it takes 20 minutes - so that's a 3 mph speed - so I started with 2.5 mph for the first 5 minutes and bumped it up to 3.0 and started reading my book. It was feeling quite comfortable & I checked my heart rate. I wasn't breathing heavy, so I bumped it up to 3.5 for 5 minutes, then back down to 3.0 until I finished my mile. At that point, I was just breaking a sweat with my breathing just a bit labored, so I walked at a 2.0 pace for another 5 minutes to cool down.
I'm feeling pretty good about my start and proud that I DID it!


About Me

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hi there! My name is Lala (Hawaiian for Laura). I live in Sacramento, CA. I am married to the most wonderful man and after 9 years of marriage we are still honeymooning! We own and operate an alarm company (Alarm Alliance) providing installation, service & monitoring to commercial and residential customers in most of Northern California.
I have had severe sciatica for 9 years. It just came on, nothing happened to make it afflict me. I was even in a wheelchair at one point. That is how I gained 50 lbs. I have not been able to exercise due to the severe pain. However, just over a month ago, I was at the State Fair and came across a booth selling BionicBands & bracelets. After going through his demo, I found his product helped. I have been pain free since I put it on 7/15/11! I can even roller skate again! If you want more info about this product please let me know. I do not sell them and am not pushing them. I just know firsthand they work!
Today is the day I am SERIOUSLY following my plan of eating healthfully & exercising. I started going to the gym 5 days a week in June with the plan to add the healthy eating part in Sept (today). I lost 7 lbs in July & 2 lbs in August from exercising and no change in eating habits. So I am looking forward to a greater loss this month having added another aspect of my plan.
So, thank you for taking time out of your day to read this and I look forward to "meeting" you.

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IOWARHINO 2/25/2012 8:45AM

    Come on woman let's get some up dates on here. This is more important than playing games. I think I am actually ready to start taking it serious.

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SNOWMAIDEN 9/1/2011 6:03PM

    How fabulous to be pain free! You must feel you have a new lease of life!
Congrats on the weight loss - fantastic!

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