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things not so bad

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last night I must have taken just the right amount of drugs. I still woke up with pain; i'm used to that by now. but after re-arranging myself i was able to ease the pain and go back to sleep. i don't know how much longer pain will continue to awaken me 3 or 4 tinmes per night, but as long as i can move a little and get comfortable and go back to sleep i'm okay with that. I think i woke up 4 or 5 times last night, but never got out of bed. i just carefully re-arranged myself and went back to sleep. i don't think there are any pills that will take my pain away. if the accupuncture doesn't work by mid-sept. then i am def. getting the sugar water shots that will help create a cushion in my knee. went to school today and started cleaning up. everything is all over. the custodians clean but never put anything back. so that is on me. it is a slow process, particularly when it hurts to walk. but i'll get there. i am not scared of school starting now. i'm getting used to the idea.

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KNUTE4477 8/26/2009 6:15PM

    Wow! I didn't know our custodians worked in Wisconsin....gotta be the same guys

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pretty good night

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I didn't eat last night, and I slept a little better. I still woke up with pain 3 or 4 times, but i was able to move my leg and change my position enough to get sort of comfortable and go back to sleep. that is a real improvement. and last night i didn't take any codeine tylenol or any klonopin. yesterday i was sleepy into the afternoon. i think it wasn't just because i got up early. it was because i took so many pills that i sort of had a hangover. i would be emailing and then my eyes would close and my finger would droop on to the keys and when i opened my eyes i would have 3 or 4 lines of "f"s or something. we will see if it is different today. today i got up at 6 instead of 5 so that will probably make a difference too.

yesterday, i drove my lawn tractor into the back yard then tied some branches together with rope then with the mower i dragged them out to the street. i think it must be about 200 yards from the back yard to the street. when i got to the street, i untied the branches and stacked them neatly for the pickup--then drove back again to start over. surprisingly, my knee feels fine despite working like that for a couple of hours. the rest of my body is a little stiff this morning. well, it is 7. i am going to walk the dog then go over to school


did not eat during the night

Monday, August 24, 2009

i slept pretty well last night. i woke up in a lot of pain at 4:30 am and got up. i have been up but dozing in and out of sleep since then. you ask why i don't go back to bed. it is because i ate a piece of cheese at 4:40, so if i went back to bed then i would have eaten during the middle of the night. i have all sort of rulfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff rules. that's what happens when i just kind of drift off. my finger may accidentally hit a key. i was actually dreaming. i awoke with such a start that i don't remember what i was dreaming. i don't have to be at school at any particular time today. these days are called prep days and i am free to come and go as i wish. as long as i am ready for students next week tuesday. friday we have an all day staff meeting and monday a district wide in service. those are the only days where there is a schedule. my body aches likes crazy--all over--from cutting up that tree and all the other work that i did yesterday. but my knee is no worse than usual. it's just my legs and my back. but today right after i walk the dog, i have to start hauling the branches from the newly fallen tree out to the road so the brush collectors can pick them up. that is going to stress my body a bit more, but i don't want tree limbs all over my back yard for another month. brush collection is only once a month. well, i am drifting off into a revery again. i'm getting up and walking the dog now. then off to the branches.

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KNUTE4477 8/24/2009 10:36AM

    Bill....don't get caught up in semantics...if you eat cheese at 4:30 and are tired, go back to bed! Rest your body, your mind and your spirit. I know we want that habit to be gone, but don't let it cause more harm than good. My new motto is "Day by Day...Step by Step" I'm just going to incorporate that into every move I make and the rest will fall into place. I'm bouncing back,
time to feel stronger and healthier every day. Keep up the good work and make progress where you can....your mind knows what is best for you, do it!
If it's clearing a mental hurdle to to stay up at 4:40 then good for you, whatever makes you time skip the cheese and sleep...keep moving forward...tough times with the physical pain, so do what you can there. Take every opportunity to advance mentally and spiritually.
Good luck at school! Our first in-service is next Monday :) mike

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lots of work today

Sunday, August 23, 2009

well, last night i slept pretty well, but i had a codeine tylenol, a valerian, .5 mg klonopin. was that enough? not quite. i woke up three times in pain, and had to sit on the side of the bed. but i was groggy enough so that i could lay back down and go to sleep again. i probably should have taken it a little easy today, but there was a lot of work to do. my EX-foster son ( age 29 now) came over and we cut down a tree that was leaning of a storm 2 weeks ago. i was waiting for him to come over. he was really looking forward to using the chain saw. so i let him he got it stuck in the tree a couple of times. we took a couple of breaks and watched the cubs win. anyway we got the tree down and took off all the limbs, but there is a huge trunk left to deal with. actually, there are a lot of limbs left too; they just are not attached to the tree anymore. tomorrow our brush is going to picked up, so i am going to have to get up early and start to drag (with my lawn tractor)
as much out to the street as i can get out there until the brush guys come. i also mowed my yard about acre and my neighbor's yard about a quarter acre. i vacuumed my swimming pool, and accidentally left the drain open after vacuuming. so when i was done mowing, i looked at the pool and the water was way down. oh my gosh, so now i am still filling it. i suppose i must have lost 500 gallons. i don't know really. the pool holds 17,000 gallons, so who knows how much was lost, but it was quite a bit. anyway, the cubs won and marmol looked great. how does my knee feel? well, to tell you the truth my whole body aches; but my knee is not too bad. but bedtime is the worst.

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LLCURTS 8/24/2009 1:01AM

    Hopefully you will get a goof nights sleep tonight - you had a busy day!
emoticon emoticon

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acupuncture again

Saturday, August 22, 2009

this is saturday. i had accupuncture yesterday and again today. last night i had one of my worst nights in a long while. i did not eat, but i was up 4 or 5 times. my knee hurt so bad. it is weird because it hurts worse when lying down. today during acupuncture i was lying down and after she was done with putting the needles in, she has me wait for 45 minutes with the needles in. by the time i was lying there for 25 minutes i hurt so bad that i had to groan. unlike in bed, i could not move too much or get up. i did arch my back a bit and put my right knee up in the air by bending my knee high. my left knee and leg were needled so i could not move that leg much at all without moving the needles around and that hurt too. believe me i had to move, the pain was so very intense that i just could not leave my leg in any one position. i wasn't sure how long i could manage to lie there and wait for the acupuncturist to return. i lay on the bed wishing someone would at least look in on me so i could beg to be released. i kept moving tiny bits so i wouldn't disturb the needles but that i would hopefully lessen the pain. my whole body started wiggling. then she came in, i said please take the needles out i am in real pain. she took the needles out. but she had to leave quickly because someone else was waiting. i must have mentally called her because she only came in for that 2 minutes and then had to go back to the other patient. i could barely get up. my knee was stiff and also hurt so much. i just stood for almost a minute. then i sat down and tried to put my shoes on. the pressure of trying to put my shoe on hurt my knee even more. then i got up and started walking to the elevator. halfway down the hall, i realized that there was no pain while walking. what? and there hasn't been any pain since. that has been three hours ago. here's the thing. because of that lying down pain, i came to realize that it isn't just lying down at night. the pain comes when i lie down for over a half hour no matter what time it is. and the pain is very intense. so anyway after i got home, i found a needle in my leg still. hopefully the pain doesn't start again as soon as i pull that needle out.

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KNUTE4477 8/23/2009 12:27AM

    Wow! Are you sure this is the best route for you? It almost sounds like malpractice.

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