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reached 5000 points October 4, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I have reached 5000 points. I am getting points but my eating is at a crossroads. I have been eating after dinner, well over a 1000 calories that I am not even putting on the site because I don't need to--I got my 5 points. Besides it happens so late, that I can easily avoid being conscientious. Well, I need to get it together. I have tried control. I have tried saying I won't do it, but that hasn't worked. New plan. I am going to try to remember people who struggle at other things: people with injuries, people with cancer, etc. People who have to really work just to do Normal things. I am going to say "I can do this." Then I am going to stop and pray. Within a week I have an appointment to be hypnotized in order to curb my after dinner eating.

It is so much easier for me to start things then to put a curb on things. I started exercising in the morning--getting up at 6. I have always said I am not a morning person, and really wasn't, barely making it to the coffee and barely making it to work on time--but i overcame that. As I said, I can start things, but have a hard time stopping. "I can do this." will be my watch word. Let's hope I am not like the cubs--starting with hope and ending in tears. No. "I can do this." I am not facing Billingsley or Kuroda.


sept. 11, 2008--hopeful

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Well, today i am feeling hopeful. I think some it comes from getting more connected to sparkpeople. i am actually involved in two teams. I love the cub team. People seem to be very knowledgeable cub fans and open to commenting on games. it is fun. I am also involved in an aerobic challenge. I have added 15 minutes to my aerobic exercise. AND I HAVE BEEN DOING IT IN THE EARLY MORNING BEFORE WORK. that is a miracle. i have always told myself that i am not a morning person. But there i am at 7 in the morning. I use three different machines. I'm finally catching on to the elliptical or cross trainer. I don't burn anymore calories on that than i do on one of the other machines, but it is good for me to change up. keeps my knees from hurting by doing one exercise repetitively. Still i had a little trouble walking today--just at times. i don't want to overexercise and end up hurting myself though. I think i will stick at 45 minutes. In my opinion this exercise is making me feel better. I think it is the proverbial "runner's high" the endorphins kick in after a certain amount of time in aerobic activity. in any case i am feeling good and am happy about it.


september 9, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

i am looking forward to the spark people challenge which starts tonight for me. tonight is when i measure my sleeping during the night and not eating after going to bed. i have been eating during the night just because i knew this challenge was coming. now it will start tomorrow and after midnight for me. so looking forward to it and to changing my behavior and to adding points to my team.


september 6, 2008

Saturday, September 06, 2008

i am happy today because i found out that i was burning more calories at the gym than i thought i was. the equipment which i have been using to measure my calories spent is actually based on the calories spent by a 150 pounder. so being 100 more than that the gym guy told me that i was burning perhaps one third more than the machines said. i always wondered why the spark people calories listed for exercises were higher than the machines at the gym. i guess that explains it.


sepember 4, 2008

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Well, it has been a long time since my last entry. there were several days where i was at my mom's and not near a computer and then and then and then a story that is often told. losing commitment. I have been exercising every day--at least one-half hour of aerobic exercise at the gym. now that school has started i leave home at 7am and get at least 30 minutes in before school starts. i am even able to exercise pretty hard. posting almost as much calorie loss as when i did it mid-day. i am not sure how long i am going to keep it up, but at this point it seems to make the most sense because it seems that a lot of things come up after work. frankly, i wasn't sure if i could go in the morning and exercise. i am not a morning person--and it has only been three days--but it actually feels good to get it done i have to get back to the calorie intake diet and keeping track of everything i eat. i have not gained any weight in the last 2-3 weeks but i have not lost any either. so it is time to work on that. my next step is to eat a measured snack before bed and stop binging before bed. i do that so i don't wake up hungry, but the last few nights i have eaten after going to bed anyway. got to not get back into that habit. i took a big step today signing up to be on an exercise team on the spark people. i need to connect more and i think this will help. the goals to get points are aerobic exercise 45 min per day and putting my points in every day. the extra goal that i made was to not eat after going to bed. i figure this will help me get back on track. so here i am ready to renew my membership.


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