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Hard to start...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Checking out all the of the great info that is supplied on this site, actually kind of overwhelming but one article at a time right?

Printed my meal plan and shopping list for this week and realized that I wont be able to actually follow that until next week because of when I decided to start and when I do my food shopping. So the rest of this week will be me trying to work the foods I do have with the plan that was given and then matching my list to what I already or will still have to the coupons and supermarket ads that I get.

I am hoping to use any skill I have picked up using coupons to help make getting the items on my preplaned list for less.


Day one of a long over due battle.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Well, it is a new year and another resolution to finally loose that 100 pounds that have been slowly turning me into part of my couch. Finding the motivation to actually do it this time has been hard to come by so I am hoping that actually having a blog and a community that will help support me outside of my husband and kids might just be what I need.

To actually be held accountable for each pound and calorie that I put into and take off my body will be the little 'angel' on my shoulder when the lazy 'devil' wants me to do nothing by sit on my butt on my couch and do nothing.

It will be a long hard battle, 100 pounds is not an easy feet, but I put it on and I will succeed in taking it off. I hope that my goals will change as the pounds come off to maybe run a 5K but I think that is being a little too aggressive and just to get rid of my bad habits and losing weight and being healthy is a good start.

Well here is to the start of what I have been trying to do for years. I feel good that this time I will be a success story and not a foot note.

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    Good for you! Recognizing that you're just starting the long journey and have a ways to go is a good start! Don't forget that doing SOMEthing is always better than NOthing! Start with small goals and small successes and you can DO IT! There will be steps backwards and steps sideways but as long as you keep trying to go forward you're a winner! emoticon emoticon

Please feel free to SPmail me or write on my SPage if you have any questions or concerns!

Mary :)

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