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Spring Cleaning

Monday, May 25, 2009

This weekend was carpet cleaning! I have been working on getting stuff in the house moved around for this. The craft area has a new layout of sorts.

Moving furniture and steam cleaning most of the downstairs level of the house is exhausting. Hubby did the living room, and I had to go back over it this morning because it was that dirty. Darn dogs!!!

I am trying to get back into big projects like this since I am fully recovered from gallbladder surgery.

I can only hope my next big project goes this well!


Lack of Exercise

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I fail exercise. =(

The reason is my major joints hurt. Top on the list are knees and hands. They hurt and feel swollen. Less painful, but making themselves known are my hips, neck, and jaw.

Dr. Appt tomorrow, which will hopefully help get something figured out.


Workout with Assistance

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Today was my first workout with the balance ball in like a month. Today I had assistance in the form of Spud (4 yr old boy) and Tova (1.5 yr old big dog.)

It was interesting. When I do bridging, Spud likes to climb under me 4-6 times, which guarantees that I will keep up, as not to squish him. heh. Tova got into the fun, and kept dropping his chew toy on my stomach while I did crunches or some of my PT exercises. At one point I was working on pelvic tilts, and pulling his toy above my head. THAT was fun. lol

The biggest part was I got ALL 30 minutes in! Yay! Now to figure out lunch.