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My Leptin Reset

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

emoticonA short recap of what the program is as I understand it:

For 6-8 weeks follow a strict paleo diet as follows:
Eat 50g of protein (little to no carbs) within 30 minutes of waking
Limit carbs to 50g a day
Eat 3 meals a day, no snacking especially past 7:30pm
Meal timing should be roughly 6:30am, noon and 6:30pm
Stop all aerobic exercise

Begin weight training when the answers to these questions are all yes:
Do you notice you sweat more and have less muscle fatigue when you do exercise now?
Have your carb cravings gone away?
Is your hunger under control now?
And are you waking up more refreshed?

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LADYRAVENWOOD 5/11/2012 9:37AM

    emoticonAte a greater than 50 gr protein, less than 25 gr carb breakfast yesterday and was not hungry for 7 hours! Looking forward to how today goes with same Leptin Reset guidelines!

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Map Route Supermarket Walk

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If ya'll havent thought of it yourselves already, I thought I'd share a great way to taking advantage of walking the aisles while grocery shopping.

What I noticed was most grocery stores seem to average having 15 aisles that are 55 steps long. So, what I did was go to the SparkPeople Map Your Route page:

I brought up my neighborhood block and starting from my house walked 55 steps in one direction and repeated it 15 times. This for me measures about half a mile that takes me 15 minutes to walk.

Here is a sample I created called Trade & Tryon to show you the result:

What I then did was add the Mileage tracking function on my Fitness Tracker, which has a Map Route button that takes you to your personal saved Routes.

Easy Peasy emoticon

Happy Shopping!


My Solution-Focused Approach

Sunday, November 13, 2011


One of my favorite coaches on SP is Dean Anderson. I just finished his Motivational article "A Solution-Focused Approach to Weight Loss
Ask the Right Questions, Find the Right Answers"

I'll be blogging each day with the goal to find out what is happening in my life that assists me in keeping my nutrition and fitness goals and what hinders my success.

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LADYRAVENWOOD 2/11/2012 12:59PM

    emoticon So much for wishful thinking..... BUT

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LADYRAVENWOOD 11/13/2011 5:06PM

    Here are the steps:

1. Look for the exception that proves the rule.
What made it easier? harder?

2. Activate your imagination with the Miracle Question.
What will be different about the day ahead that solves the problem?

3. Find the good intention behind the “bad” behavior.
What was the payoff when I dont reach my goals?

4. Predict your way to success.
What can I do to change anticipated problems?

How can I approach my problems in new ways?


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Thinking Myself Fit

Monday, December 06, 2010

Read this article and working with it. emoticon

"focusing on the positive instead of the negative makes all the difference. "

"Positive self talk can literally help you think yourself fit. "

Develop a Mantra: "I am strong. I can do this!" as long as it inspires and is postiive.

Start my day: Visualize the Positive
Visualize my exercise session before I even go to work out or anything I am about to do. See it.

"As in most of life, your attitude will determine how well you do. Believe in yourself and talk positively to yourself, just as you would encourage a friend or loved one. Tell yourself that you CAN do it! Visualize yourself living healthy and exercising and your body (and actions) will follow. Remember that negative talk will bring you down, but staying positive will help you to think yourself fit!"

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LADYRAVENWOOD 5/24/2011 12:13PM

    Wow! I havent been on SparkPeople for a couple months and this entry I posted is certainly helping me today! emoticon

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Daily Walk 03/12/2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

emoticon Went on a new 1.02 mile route today because I started getting bored! It was overcaste and a little bit cool but I warmed up quickly. New route has lots of daffodils blooming! Those maple tree buds are swelling up pretty fast...was in a bit of a hurry today cuz I had to start work at 2pm but I will take my camera...perhaps tomorrow. I have begun thinking of my daily walking as being...well... my life now... permanently. No hedging around that! I can tell you! just ate back to another 4 hours of work! Catch ya'll tomorrow!

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LADYRAVENWOOD 3/12/2010 7:17PM

    Back before we turned our cable TV off, I used to enjoy watchin the Dog Whisperer and thought how nice it would be to have a dog along with me. I have a friend who makes her living taking care of animals for other people. What a wonderful way to keep fit AND make a living! Thanks so much for your comments! emoticon

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WILLARDE 3/12/2010 7:10PM

  I take a daily walk with my dog every morning before work and then again in the evening. She's an 84 pound black lab, so she looks forward to her walks! We usually go 1.5 miles in the morning, then again at night! I look forward to my walks, they are refreshing and it's just time for me:)

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